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What needs to happen to address climate change?
Переглядів 2,2 тис.День тому
Asbury Park: A Jersey Shore town's rebirth
Переглядів 4 тис.День тому
Saturday Sessions: Black Pumas perform "Fire"
Переглядів 634День тому
The Dish: Greek cuisine from chef Costas Spiliadis
Переглядів 572День тому
Saturday Sessions: Black Pumas perform "Colors"
Переглядів 608День тому
Mentors guide Latino students toward college
Переглядів 421День тому
Up close and personal: Selfies on the campaign trail
Переглядів 556День тому
Thousands attend Area 51 events in Nevada desert
Переглядів 349 тис.День тому
How to protect trees of Pacific Northwest?
Переглядів 1,6 тис.День тому
Millions march demanding action on climate change
Переглядів 1,1 тис.День тому
Dems spend weekend in Iowa
Переглядів 608День тому
Patriots drop Antonio Brown after accusations of sexual misconduct
Переглядів 77 тис.День тому
Catastrophic Texas floods leave at least 5 dead
Переглядів 10 тис.День тому
U.S. to increase military presence in Saudi Arabia, UAE
Переглядів 23 тис.День тому
Trump to hear military options on Iran as Saudis show oil site damage
Переглядів 3,1 тис.2 дні тому
Hundreds descend on Nevada desert near “Area 51”
Переглядів 1,5 млн2 дні тому
North America has lost 3 billion birds in the last 50 years
Переглядів 2,2 тис.2 дні тому
Cedric the Entertainer talks Season 2 of "The Neighborhood"
Переглядів 1,2 тис.2 дні тому
What the science says about the safety of e-cigarettes
Переглядів 5 тис.2 дні тому
Millions around the globe demand action on climate change
Переглядів 9992 дні тому
FDA opens criminal probe into mysterious vaping-related illness
Переглядів 5 тис.2 дні тому
Mysterious whistleblower claim reportedly centers on Ukraine
Переглядів 4 тис.2 дні тому
Historic flooding devastates Houston area
Переглядів 65 тис.2 дні тому
Peter Frampton looks back on his 1970 Madison Square Garden show
Переглядів 1,2 тис.3 дні тому
Peter Frampton talks life after farewell tour
Переглядів 1,1 тис.3 дні тому
How to make the most of your career and move forward
Переглядів 1,2 тис.3 дні тому
Queen returns toy monkey lost in Buckingham Palace to Australian girl
Переглядів 2,7 тис.3 дні тому
Peter Frampton bids New York City farewell with final bow
Переглядів 6 тис.3 дні тому
How a bachelor party hangover cost a Colorado man $12,000
Переглядів 2,3 тис.3 дні тому
U.S. Navy discloses existence of "unidentified aerial phenomena"
Переглядів 18 тис.3 дні тому
Delta probing dramatic mid-air descent
Переглядів 10 тис.3 дні тому
Lyft faces spate of new sexual assault accusations
Переглядів 1,7 тис.4 дні тому
Saudi Arabia ramps up security after oil facility attack
Переглядів 2,8 тис.4 дні тому
Remembering journalist Cokie Roberts
Переглядів 2,7 тис.4 дні тому
Michigan faces worst EEE outbreak in more than a decade
Переглядів 4,6 тис.4 дні тому
FBI raids MyPayrollHR head's home
Переглядів 17 тис.4 дні тому
FAA expects first Boeing 737 Max report by end of the month
Переглядів 15 тис.4 дні тому
Three teenagers killed in potential "stand your ground" case
Переглядів 6 тис.4 дні тому
Democratic donor arrested after multiple men overdose in his home
Переглядів 72 тис.4 дні тому
Ties to Trump and U.S. loom large in tight Israeli election
Переглядів 22 тис.4 дні тому
How Bon Appétit magazine picked its 2019 Restaurant City of the Year
Переглядів 1,1 тис.5 днів тому
The storm-resistant parks that fight the impacts of climate change
Переглядів 4 тис.5 днів тому
General Motors' stock value slides as 48,000 workers strike
Переглядів 17 тис.5 днів тому
Police arrest potential serial killer using genetic technology
Переглядів 3,9 тис.5 днів тому
Some alleged ISIS fighters in Syrian prison say they're American
Переглядів 63 тис.5 днів тому
More than 30 killed in two Afghanistan bombings
Переглядів 2,6 тис.5 днів тому
Antonio Brown accuser reportedly meeting with NFL on Monday
Переглядів 2,8 тис.6 днів тому
San Diego woman swallowed engagement ring in her sleep
Переглядів 34 тис.6 днів тому
Marie Osmond on joining "The Talk"
Переглядів 10 тис.6 днів тому
Studying climate change under the sea
Переглядів 1,9 тис.6 днів тому
Pompeo blames Iran for Saudi Arabia oil attack
Переглядів 61 тис.6 днів тому
Saudi oil attack could impact U.S. gas prices
Переглядів 2,8 тис.6 днів тому
Saturday Sessions: Raphael Saadiq performs "This World Is Drunk"
Переглядів 2,5 тис.8 днів тому
Saturday Sessions: Raphael Saadiq performs "I'm Feeling Love"
Переглядів 1,9 тис.8 днів тому
Saturday Sessions: Raphael Saadiq performs "Something Keeps Calling"
Переглядів 3,1 тис.8 днів тому


  • Linda Lauer
    Linda Lauer 3 години тому

    Almost all information comes from the people and then comes out through the news/reporters/media !

  • Poon Juice
    Poon Juice 3 години тому

    who cares about that kid

  • Kuka Kohan
    Kuka Kohan 3 години тому

    Pedophile followers

  • DoctorWeeTodd
    DoctorWeeTodd 3 години тому

    Syed Ali is the same boss cop from the viral video who singlehandedly fought and took down those six bums that attacked him after he confronted them for harassing a lone woman in the NYC Subway.відео.html

  • Abraham Samuel
    Abraham Samuel 3 години тому

    Are Democrats really liberal or just Hippocrates who act liberal for political gains

  • Aιμιλιος Xαλεποπουλος


  • Angry Ox
    Angry Ox 3 години тому

    I despise the way that he talks. His pausing and vocal inflection is terrible.

  • The katie George
    The katie George 3 години тому

    Everyone mad over this but it’s killing people

  • Mohammed Suso
    Mohammed Suso 3 години тому

    Black against Black and you think your problems will solve in US come on my fellow blacks why don't you come back home Africa

  • David Heller
    David Heller 3 години тому

    Hurricane defence fields are operational in the U.S. Compared to other forms of energy production, offshore wind power emerged relatively late in the modern era. Although land-based turbines had been around for centuries in some form, their offshore equivalents did not arrive until the end of the 20th century. The first commercial offshore wind farm was constructed in Denmark in 1991 and consisted of 11 units generating less than five megawatts (MW). The project was viewed with scepticism at the time, but the experience it provided led to cheaper and more efficient designs. Despite some downsides, offshore wind proved to have the major advantage of capturing much stronger and more persistent winds at sea. It could also be sited close to load centres along coasts, such as large cities, thus eliminating the need for new long-distance transmission lines. Furthermore, NIMBY opposition to construction was usually much weaker. Following the first installation at Denmark, more projects began to spring up around Europe in the 1990s. However, it remained a niche industry and would not take off until the early 21st century. The UK opened its first offshore wind farm in 2000, which had a modest capacity of just 4MW, but then rapidly developed much larger projects, overtaking Denmark to become the world leader by 2008. It also became home to the single largest project in the world - the 175-turbine London Array - completed in 2013. Europe as a whole boasted 11GW of capacity by 2015, more than 90% of the global total. America lagged far behind Europe. A small, experimental floating wind turbine - the 20 kilowatt Volturn US - was demonstrated in the Penobscot River, Maine, during 2013. The nation's first commercial offshore wind farm - the 30MW Block Island project at Rhode Island - finally began operation in 2016. These small beginnings were just a precursor, however, to a period of tremendous expansion.* A number of states were setting highly ambitious targets for the years and decades ahead. The state of New York established a goal of 2,400MW to be completed by 2030. The neighbouring state of New Jersey aimed for 3,500MW by that same date. In 2016, an update to Massachusetts energy law committed the state to purchasing 1,600MW of offshore wind by 2027. Other states followed, launching plans for development around the Gulf Coast and Pacific west coast, as well as the Great Lakes region. Some 30 offshore wind farms totalling 24GW of capacity were now in planning.* Offshore wind, like solar power, was poised to become one of the exponential growth industries of the 21st century. The U.S. Department of Energy estimated that the country had a gross resource potential of 10,800GW and a "technical" resource potential of 2,058GW - enough to power the whole of the United States. More and more projects were getting underway as developers realised the economic, social and environmental benefits of this abundant form of energy. A setback occurred when the U.S. Navy placed restrictions on large areas of Pacific coastline - including all of San Diego and Los Angeles, extending up to the Central Coast. While this did not completely stymie the offshore wind industry in that part of America, it made the North and South Atlantic states a generally more attractive bet for investors.* These places had much larger and easier to access wind resources in any case.* Improvements in technology and cost, alongside increasing concerns about climate change, led to renewables playing a greater and greater role in the energy mix of the United States. By 2050, the nation was generating more than 86GW of electricity from offshore wind.* The South Atlantic states, continuing the trend from earlier years, experienced particularly strong growth. These had the largest technical resource potential of any coastal region: nearly 30% of the U.S. total. With fossil fuels now rapidly heading for obsolescence - and next-generation turbines being deployed in enormous numbers - the second half of the 21st century would provide even greater opportunities for expansion. offshore wind power capacity south atlantic future timeline Advances in wind technology continued to reduce the cost, while boosting the efficiency, scalability and durability of turbines. Powerful artificial intelligences were now emerging to handle the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms, using vast teams of robots, drones and other automated systems. Among the most promising breakthroughs were floating platforms, which allowed turbines to be sited further out to sea (rather than needing part of their structure to be anchored in the sea floor). This had been a niche sector throughout the 2020s, but became cost-competitive during the 2030s and grew markedly from that decade onwards.* Another design that became popular was ice-resistant floating technology. While not particularly useful in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico or Pacific, it helped to increase the resource potential of the Great Lakes region, making projects there more adaptable and sturdy. New super-strong but lightweight materials were enabling wind turbines to reach great sizes. From a few tens of metres in the 1990s, they increased to heights of 260 metres (853 feet) by 2021 and then grew even taller over subsequent decades. This was accompanied by an order of magnitude boost in their capacities, allowing tens of megawatts for a single turbine. During the second half of the century, wind farms established in the Atlantic became so large and widespread that some began to merge and combine to form gigantic networks spanning hundreds of miles. What had seemed like "megaprojects" back in 2050 were being dwarfed in scale by the new proposals organised by super-intelligent AI, which had an increasingly strong pull on the reins of the economy. Initially serving in a mere advisory role, these sentient programs were gaining ever more control in terms of energy and resource utilisation. Their capabilities were becoming strong enough to reshape not just the political and economic sphere, but the physical and natural systems of Earth itself. Recognising the existential threat of climate change, the AIs began to implement one of their most important long-term plans. By 2100, the South Atlantic states are generating over 300 gigawatts of offshore wind power - fully half of their technical resource potential. In addition to providing abundant clean energy, these vast networks now serve an incredibly important extra function: the sheer scale of wind farms now spread across the coasts is sufficient to interact with and alter the strength of approaching hurricanes. After using satellites to analyse wind patterns, thousands of floating platforms are manoeuvred by AI to their optimal positions. The energy extracted by these wind turbines, when fully optimised, can diminish a hurricane's peak wind speed by over 90 mph (148 km/h) - enough to reduce it from category 5 to category 1 or less - and reduce storm surges by almost 80%.** These hurricane defence fields are not infallible and many other impacts of climate change remain to be solved. Nevertheless, the ability to partially control an aspect of the world's weather system is hailed as a major milestone in the fight against global warming. From a historical perspective, it represents a significant step towards humanity becoming a Type 1 civilisation on the Kardashev scale.* Other regions are taking similar measures too - such as the typhoon-hit nations of Southeast Asia.

  • O. NEAL
    O. NEAL 3 години тому

    Oprah and Gayle are two aunt jemima bedwenches for the elite

  • Linda Lauer
    Linda Lauer 3 години тому

    Hopefully, one day, the U.S. will recognize the risk that you took for the well being of everyone here ! The U.S. has been being invaded under everyones noses. The constitution was/is being tried to be overthrown. I am using my free spech as is my right in the USA !

  • Nancy Simmons
    Nancy Simmons 3 години тому

    She looks good I know she has a lot of lot of Botox I didn't know she wears wigs she said she has a whole room full of them I think it's pieces but she calls it wigs I like to see her real hair

  • Jim Dranidalo
    Jim Dranidalo 3 години тому

    I have lost hope in humans

  • Shihab Mohammed
    Shihab Mohammed 3 години тому

    No one arrested, you foks Lies over lies

  • javier navarro
    javier navarro 3 години тому

    Dear TV talking heads, scientist conflicting with each other is how science is done in the real world. I see you guys skipped your science classes in high school where they talked about it.

  • Urban Outdoorsman
    Urban Outdoorsman 3 години тому

    "We can't find jobs"

  • afendi ujud
    afendi ujud 3 години тому

    I like regarding DNA but it can be fixed just like Nurbani'$ Daugther scams

  • Mystic Tony
    Mystic Tony 3 години тому

    iq over 900 000!!

  • Rose A
    Rose A 3 години тому

    Man that lady could have bought the house to own it and had it looking beautiful!!! No rent? 9 years sheesh! Unfortunately not everyone has the hustler mind set 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • MasterOne Piece
    MasterOne Piece 4 години тому

    Storm ???? All I hear is them farting. Man, they can't run for a minute. Weak af.

  • B. Rubz
    B. Rubz 4 години тому

    All of these rude foolish people were focused on just getting their time done instead of listening to the serious message this lil girl had to pass. Sick!

  • María Emilia Negrón
    María Emilia Negrón 4 години тому

    My question is simple where is he getting the money to leave abroad?

  • Jan
    Jan 4 години тому

    3x market value? Time to move to Hawaii!!! <3

  • Denver Donate
    Denver Donate 4 години тому

    These comments are funny. Either a brigade or paid comments trying to influence sentiment over this decision. If you guys commenting think you will be able to change anything by pretending to be outraged Americans....yea, that's not going to work. You all shouldn't write the exact same comments. Mix it up a little bit next time to mask what you're doing.

  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 4 години тому

    The rest of them are coming, their flight got delayed.

  • NitR0 Clan
    NitR0 Clan 4 години тому

    Nuruto run 0:10

  • Rafael Diaz
    Rafael Diaz 4 години тому

    But she said we're worried for 8 THC deaths, what about 500,000 for combustible cigarettes 🚬 ? No problem or are we use to it ? I will vape my hole life, far better than 🚬, my body told me that, thanks.

  • Discrimination is not a right.
    Discrimination is not a right. 4 години тому

    If it weren't for him, we wouldn't be dealing with Trump. Lock him out.

  • Phu Nguyen
    Phu Nguyen 4 години тому

    the lady thought the black man from Africa is a white man? ^_^ to date, none of the video chat apps can change skin color like that. did she not bother to video chat? this isn't world war ii where people write letters to make love with pen pals. nowadays you got video chat that you can see whether that person is black or white! with all that money from her dead husband's life insurance, i'm sure she can afford a smartphone. then again, she never missed her dead husband. she never thought of him. otherwise. he would have looked after her. instead of laughing at her all the way from heaven.

  • Sudhir Kakar
    Sudhir Kakar 4 години тому

    These are the worst parents.

  • New Balance 2019 USA
    New Balance 2019 USA 4 години тому

    I am sure many will find their life partner in welive. Perfect for singles for flirting!

  • Bill Levins
    Bill Levins 4 години тому

    These kind of cold case files bring a tear to my eye all the time because it's so heartbreaking how this beautiful young girls life was robbed from her by this monster. So many disturbing cases like this from the 1970's of a young girls picture frozen in time with people left wondering what a nice grown up person she would have turned out to be. Very sad. This world is disgusting.

  • Trevor Hardy
    Trevor Hardy 4 години тому

    It’s the future, get over it, it’s more important than any individual

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 4 години тому

    Dont cut the girl off you jerks

  • hal biggiam
    hal biggiam 4 години тому

    Area 51 >>> people not so much.

  • piewackett1
    piewackett1 4 години тому

    GK behaves more professionally than our president. Many so called journalists could not have handled this interview, or with sex predator Kelly.

  • Just Aria
    Just Aria 4 години тому

    Naruto run

  • Stephen Mazzy
    Stephen Mazzy 4 години тому

    Sean Doolittle Gets it if we don't learn to read, to write, and allow our time to be enslaved by the phone and our God given rights taken away we will be enslaved a thing that our founding fathers fought against

  • xLove Tara
    xLove Tara 4 години тому

    Um what a joke.. and not a good one

  • superfuresh
    superfuresh 4 години тому

    Biggest bunch of losers I've ever seen in my life.

  • Pocho Nieves
    Pocho Nieves 4 години тому

    What an arrogant traitor. I hope we get him and he served 99 yrs in solitary. Just a freaking traitor that acted all for his selfish purposes and didn't care who this damage. Hope we get him in prison soon!

  • James Neilson Graham
    James Neilson Graham 4 години тому

    The inelegant metal and glass entrance/security centre grafted onto the stone structure seems out of place. The clean lines of the monument are lost . . .

  • Rant Blackbird
    Rant Blackbird 4 години тому

    One of "those people" came to my suburban home, knocked and then "That person" asked in French for directions to his school... I would have shot him but in this European country, guns are illegal, education is highly esteemed. So I put "this person" in my car and drove him to school and then bought him a new alarm clock and a croissant. (We are better than you.)

  • Barry Sorento
    Barry Sorento 4 години тому

    The ice age came and went. So obviously temperatures change. Time to get the U.S out of the United Nations, give me Amexit. There's not 1 thing the UN can do for me (or any American), besides make me poorer thru the billions we give them annually.

  • Max Sperman
    Max Sperman 4 години тому

    Hunger strike? Wtf

  • Superdragon Red
    Superdragon Red 4 години тому

    Vaping THC right now 2:50am and eating a bowl of cereal

  • New Balance 2019 USA
    New Balance 2019 USA 4 години тому

    I believe welive is a far better business model than wework, because there is a real demand for it in larger cities with a high demand for renting living space and low supply for rental apartments like in San Francisco. Also in cities like Frankfurt, Germany, where social ties have broken apart to connect them again! But the price should be below € 750,- for a small room, maximum € 999,- incl. of all costs per month for a room with attached bathroom sized around 30-50 sqm. Maybe wework, welive and a connected gym should be in the same building.

  • HighOnAmmo
    HighOnAmmo 4 години тому

    Terrible. Edward deserves to be able to live a normal life. He did a questionable act and does not deserve to be prosecuted. He is 100% correct that it hurt no one and served no harm to our country. It only made our citizens more aware. Politicians are dividing the country every election cycle and making us treat the man next to us at the store like they don't belong here or they shouldn't even exist. That's the real crime. This guy just told us the government was breaking the law. Good to know. I mean we knew that but thanks for the confirmation on that part. They always break the law but at least it was something we weren't for sure about. We kinda felt it...but yeah, every country keeps tabs on it's citizens through intrusive means I believe. Maybe not 15 years ago but now, yes...for sure.

  • Andy More
    Andy More 4 години тому

    R. Kelly is a victim of vengeful groupies. He had nothing to gain via associating with them. Just look at them!

  • Debraj Rudra
    Debraj Rudra 4 години тому

    Ugh! The cringe!

  • Sudhir Kakar
    Sudhir Kakar 4 години тому

    It's not clear there's a real victim here. Teen sexuality is normal now, in some communities...the stats tell us that. And celebrity worship involves easy sex for happens all the time, to sports and film stars. We shouldn't be policing this.

  • TheGrimReaper f
    TheGrimReaper f 4 години тому

    These people are stupid

  • Kanoholani Rivera
    Kanoholani Rivera 4 години тому

    What. The. Heck.

  • Jahiz Harith
    Jahiz Harith 4 години тому

    The 1619 narrative is false. The first settlement in the United States were built by free Blacks near St Augustine, Florida around 1565. There is a plaque in St Augustine commemorating that. Chattel slavery as we came to know it did not begin in Virginia until around 1649. The Blacks who arrived in 1619 were treated as indentured servants in the US. Again, all this information is available to those of us who read and who do not depend on Hollywood or corporate media to tell our stories.

  • New Balance 2019 USA
    New Balance 2019 USA 4 години тому

    5:48 Perfect beauty, well-timed joke, beautiful smile & hair and spotless clean skin. Melodic voice! Dream anchor for every TV Station! CBS not double, but triple her salary for extraordinary performance this year!

  • Richard Brian Photography
    Richard Brian Photography 4 години тому

    This is fake news. Thousand of people didn't attend. Maybe a couple hundred, max.

  • Jr Woodson
    Jr Woodson 4 години тому

    CBS just stop.

  • Retro
    Retro 4 години тому

    They should make this into a holiday and do it every year! The new “420.”

  • Helen Burnley
    Helen Burnley 4 години тому


  • David Armillie
    David Armillie 4 години тому

    Wow! I would love to live there so I could watch the launches live! 3 times the value is 3 times what they will get if the government declares that area eminent domain. #SpaceX

  • Inverse Education
    Inverse Education 4 години тому

    I saw Austin Barnad

  • MoukaTv
    MoukaTv 4 години тому

    Dislikes for these disgusting hosts. Snowden is a Hero.

  • polesmoker
    polesmoker 4 години тому

    I just dont like this guy. also, celebrities are crazy.

  • nullpointer66
    nullpointer66 4 години тому

    They should do this like a yearly event

  • MoukaTv
    MoukaTv 4 години тому

    CBS is extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. They act like a Nort Korean state television.

  • MoukaTv
    MoukaTv 4 години тому

    CBS is extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. They act like a Nort Korean state television.

  • Aim HACK YT
    Aim HACK YT 4 години тому

    If you want to know R$ method! you just have to find " *Robux Promo* " in Googgle or Yahooo! I tried it out and I got the R$!

  • Isaac Sarbah
    Isaac Sarbah 4 години тому

    Booooo 👎👎👎👎 to CBS!!! What was that???! smh..

  • طـويلهہ وبگيفي
    طـويلهہ وبگيفي 4 години тому

    طـييييييمـ حمـبي 😜😜😄😄

  • Robin Raphael
    Robin Raphael 4 години тому

    Newscaster was not funny lame as$ news. On ward n upward

  • طـويلهہ وبگيفي
    طـويلهہ وبگيفي 4 години тому


  • Ansharul Hakim
    Ansharul Hakim 4 години тому

    This is whack

  • Winfried Seeboth
    Winfried Seeboth 4 години тому

    Die Thunbergs verdienen genug mit dem CO2 Handel , die gehören zu den Reichsten in Schweden , mit der Greta soll der Gewinn maximiert werden . Darum schliess ich mich der Meinung von Herrn Trump an , das es kein Klimawandel gibt von Menschen gemacht .Von Menschen wie den Thunbergs wird nur Geld verdient .

  •  4 години тому

    You can see how brainwashed the two interviewers are

  • طـويلهہ وبگيفي
    طـويلهہ وبگيفي 4 години тому


  • Bobbi Wolfgang
    Bobbi Wolfgang 4 години тому

    How appropriate. An awesome tribute to the great Lakota War Chief and mystic, carved into the most sacred Black Hills which rightfully belongs to the Lakota. My time on the planet will be over by the time it is completed, but I hope I can find a way to come see it in spirit! A'HO 🐎🐢

  • Juan Mercado
    Juan Mercado 4 години тому

    Just call it an obelisk. Be transparent with your people, you (US government) serve the ILLUMINATI.

  • Ronnieron Escobar
    Ronnieron Escobar 4 години тому

    CBS your completely 🗑

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos 4 години тому

    Doesnt like this atention lol

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos 4 години тому

    Speaks here...speaks there But never in the ACTION!

  • G b
    G b 4 години тому

    Remaining 1909000 are aliens

  • Dylan Clelland
    Dylan Clelland 4 години тому

    I'd give anything to live in those houses, I'll trade you!!!!

  • Richard Ainsworth
    Richard Ainsworth 4 години тому

    He want's to go back? Stockholm syndrome much.

  • Leslie James
    Leslie James 4 години тому

    Antonio Brown made the fastest trip through Massachusetts of any Patriot since Paul Revere.

  • T rusty
    T rusty 4 години тому

    The Facts: 1. Snowden is a young man who provided evidence of institutional crime to journalists. 2. The NSA committed the crimes mentioned in fact 1. 3. CBS sucks orange balls.

  • tconroymusic
    tconroymusic 4 години тому

    So.... it’s a pyramid scheme.... because.... it’s a pyramid scheme.

  • Yellow Circle
    Yellow Circle 4 години тому

    It looks like a concrete prison

  • L. Austin
    L. Austin 5 годин тому

    Trump wants war so he can stay in office smh

  • Suor So Davit
    Suor So Davit 5 годин тому

    *Title* : Thousands attend Area 51 event in Nevada desert I can't even see a _HUNDRED_ in this video

  • Arfat Rahman
    Arfat Rahman 5 годин тому

    It looks like zombies run not like naruto run


    Traitor to Americans is a traitor to Americans. You stood for Treason. You want to come back from what country? Russia 🤫 you want to come back we want your entire bloodline to reside with you. Out of this nation you betrayed.

  • Donimir Trumpokov
    Donimir Trumpokov 5 годин тому


  • Mercurial Pierrot
    Mercurial Pierrot 5 годин тому

    CBS = Corporatist. Bull. Sh*t. #FreeSnowden

  • Bif Savage
    Bif Savage 5 годин тому

    CBS is fake news slime. Every time this guy makes a reasonable if not profound point these paid shills cut him off and tell him “oh, we can’t talk about that”.

  • MrMiZa76
    MrMiZa76 5 годин тому


  • Tober
    Tober 5 годин тому

    I think these people must be unathletic af

  • Some One
    Some One 5 годин тому

    Robert’s enablers should be charged with conspiracy.

  • Geoff Adams
    Geoff Adams 5 годин тому

    About sodding time.someone stood up to the coppers. After all they can smash your front door In tooled up to the eyeballs dressed like G.I Joe and seize peoples possessions and cash even if the person is innocent. Time for all Americans to fight back with any means possible.for the sake of freedom.

  • Gladiolator
    Gladiolator 5 годин тому

    people don't have money to eat, I don't think they want to spend it going there