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  • VK_Spiffy
    VK_Spiffy 2 години тому

    So basically I have a friend who works for Apple. He's a beta software tester. So the newest ios update will have a dark mode and the volume display will be different which will look exactly like Samsung. There's other features but I'm too lazy to tell them, but basically Apple just copied Samsung.

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 2 години тому

    2012: dreaded s voice 2019: bixby Some things never change

  • Setch ed
    Setch ed 2 години тому

    Mark ass brownie

  • Steven simpson
    Steven simpson 2 години тому

    For me it’s all about photography. I can’t take my DSL’s everywhere. This iPhone will be amazing

  • B-boy StuntZ
    B-boy StuntZ 2 години тому

    How about reviewing the camera?

  • Tampatec
    Tampatec 2 години тому

    Samsung: sir, people are experiencing issues, ok let's fix it Apple: sir, people are experiencing issues, lol iPhone is perfect.

  • Daemien21
    Daemien21 2 години тому

    Fucking guy is awesome, always honest in all of his videos, comments straight from the heart.

  • 人情味儿没有
    人情味儿没有 2 години тому

    I think the excitement is gone already.

  • It's Nepal
    It's Nepal 2 години тому

    I am from 2019 September

  • Joel Rodely
    Joel Rodely 2 години тому

    It's a credit card...

  • santiago sabogal
    santiago sabogal 2 години тому

    Where is the Rubik's cube !!!!!!?

    HARSHIT SHETH 2 години тому

    Let's see marques who'll win this piece of tech

  • Balli Virk
    Balli Virk 2 години тому

    This is a alian phone dropped by a ufo

  • kurisu7885
    kurisu7885 2 години тому

    I'm glad Samsung is doing their best to fix the flaws with this idea, if they can eventually make the screen much more durable then all the better, but it has to start somewhere, and I LOVE this idea.

  • ahmed ALBADI
    ahmed ALBADI 2 години тому

    will you buy it ? like if you will .

  • GoddammitDarth
    GoddammitDarth 2 години тому

    The price is tgh what does tgh mean? Say it with me now... the price is TOO GOD DAMN HIGH If you know you know

  • ElectricPanda808
    ElectricPanda808 2 години тому


  • Mahmud Hamid
    Mahmud Hamid 2 години тому

    This kid is so cute.

  • Hugo Cisneros
    Hugo Cisneros 2 години тому

    Marques, accept my Google Plus follow pls.

  • TaylorAnd Graphite
    TaylorAnd Graphite 2 години тому

    I went from a iPhone 6s to iPhone XR. 😮

  • Майрон Эдуардо
    Майрон Эдуардо 2 години тому

    I'm from Brazil, and yt have recommended it to me. Bruh

  • Haleed Saleeh
    Haleed Saleeh 2 години тому

    Soy boy alert!!!!!!!! Mkbhd ahhh that’s hot,that’s hot!!!!

  • lonely Tylenol
    lonely Tylenol 2 години тому

    2:52 "Thats what she said"

  • dominick253
    dominick253 2 години тому

    Bring back see through electronics!

  • R
    R 2 години тому

    I have an S10+. I'm looking to keep it for 3-4 years by which time I'm hoping they will have perfected the foldable phone and it will be significantly cheaper.

  • Jamieriggensyahoo.com187 Riggens
    Jamieriggensyahoo.com187 Riggens 2 години тому

    Junk it!! That 5 g will blow your brain waves

    TheDAYNITE 2 години тому

    Stupid UAclips recommendations

  • Joe Richard
    Joe Richard 2 години тому

    Just recommend from UAclips September 2019

  • Shug Fizzle
    Shug Fizzle 2 години тому

    Awesome! Throw back to 9 years ago. This guy knows his stuff.

  • 53A17 E
    53A17 E 2 години тому

    Wow the genesis of Marques! Thanks for the throwback UAclips!

  • mohitme1234
    mohitme1234 2 години тому

    Hey marques were here from the future and in the future u drive a Tesla ( a cool electric car made by Elon musk from PayPal )

  • Robert Reed
    Robert Reed 2 години тому

    What does it retail for? $$

  • Random Rantz
    Random Rantz 2 години тому

    3 years later. The tech has changed a bit but still a great review

  • David Collins
    David Collins 2 години тому

    Respect to Samsung!

  • Bluebird Powers
    Bluebird Powers 2 години тому

    Rocking that hotones tshirt!

  • Rob Hanson
    Rob Hanson 2 години тому

    This comment feed is gold

  • Rob Cruz
    Rob Cruz 2 години тому

    The most awesome thing about this is knowing that MKB is getting advertisement revenue for work he made nine years ago

  • gabbie martinez
    gabbie martinez 2 години тому

    Perfect for a artist

  • Mutombo
    Mutombo 2 години тому

    Not convincing

  • Brian Chen
    Brian Chen 2 години тому

    What’s different with this one: it’s not already broken

  • Toby Reeder
    Toby Reeder 2 години тому

    That might quite possibly be the ugliest phone I've ever seen, god help us all lmfao!

  • Ysandyutube
    Ysandyutube 2 години тому

    Samsung: we have correct the mistakes...Giving Folding Phone... Reviewers : are you sure...🤔

  • The Stulla King
    The Stulla King 2 години тому

    Dude many of us that follow you have Zerro Twitter accounts and have no intention on getting one. What is your obsession with giveaways on Twitter? Come on man time to start paying attention to your core and those are right here on UAclips.

  • iAmJPA
    iAmJPA 2 години тому

    That is one ugly phone. And all these android fans complain about 3 cameras of the iPhone but this one has 6 cameras. 😂

  • Jesus Martinez Ayala
    Jesus Martinez Ayala 2 години тому

    Sep 2019

    L BANNA 2 години тому

    * my head while watching this video * how do you make a phone case for this thing...

  • Kana Aloe
    Kana Aloe 2 години тому

    0:52 "In my office" So professional 👏

  • Derp Wolf
    Derp Wolf 2 години тому

    The taycan has 4g auto wheels lol.

  • Irene
    Irene 2 години тому

    He seems very skinny in his old vids

  • guillermo mera
    guillermo mera 2 години тому

    No headphone Jack dang why. I hate bluetooth headphones.

  • Carlos Valverde
    Carlos Valverde 3 години тому

    And here I'm still using a 2015 Samsung Galaxy J5 Anyways I want to pick an S10 plus

  • Shaun Njazi
    Shaun Njazi 3 години тому

    2:53, someone couldn't help themselves.

  • The Wyoming Fisherman
    The Wyoming Fisherman 3 години тому


  • Max Jacobi
    Max Jacobi 3 години тому

    5:35 damn users could do things that you may never thought they do... like folding it with things other than robot hands... ahaha, yeah, they couldn't see that possibility :)

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon 3 години тому

    People laughed at the Galaxy Edge. Now curved edges just come standard on Galaxy devices. People laugh at the Fold. We'll see what happens five years from now.

  • Cali's Finest
    Cali's Finest 3 години тому

    I was like who’s this little nerd?lol

  • Baat to Sahi He ?
    Baat to Sahi He ? 3 години тому

    My friend➖ WOW..! Great invention. Definitely I'll buy it. Me➖ and what will you do My friend➖ one side I'll run WhatsApp & another side fb..😜 Me➖🤦

    RVD IDO 3 години тому

    All I need is my S10+, it's just 99% perfect already. If only it has LED notification instead of edge lighting only..

  • Tyson Mison
    Tyson Mison 3 години тому


  • Tanmay Jain
    Tanmay Jain 3 години тому

    That's what she said ! 😆

  • Albert
    Albert 3 години тому

    Took almost 10 years for this to hit my suggested list. 🤭😂

  • Andy Le
    Andy Le 3 години тому

    Please make a video over the series 5 watch

  • fusion GamerZ
    fusion GamerZ 3 години тому

    Wtf the first version is so small

  • Irene
    Irene 3 години тому

    All of a sudden this was in my recommendation.. and his voice sounds very different

  • Cannan Winters
    Cannan Winters 3 години тому

    how do yuo buy?

  • largon 03
    largon 03 3 години тому

    Hey Marques Brownlee if you want to use it as your pc all you have to do is jailbreak it and then you'll be able to do everything you just mentioned. After a jailbreak the possibilities are endless. Also you can get a desktop app for your sites it's called Puffin Browser. You're welcome.. (Who uses safari?) :)

  • EDI BE
    EDI BE 3 години тому

    Love this phone!!!

  • CloudinLuna 101
    CloudinLuna 101 3 години тому

    *Omg am i the only one who didn't even know this phone existed* ?? Anyone ok🤧

  • 1 Lamar
    1 Lamar 3 години тому

    What a pretentious idiot haha

  • Sim Legends
    Sim Legends 3 години тому

    the folded version though- the screen- why so small be lookin like a Samsung galaxy s4

  • mega_ chaos442
    mega_ chaos442 3 години тому

    *watching on shity Android*

  • ahmed mohammed
    ahmed mohammed 3 години тому

    They must put the note pen in it

    ECKS DEE 3 години тому

    Iphone 11 has 3 lenses* Samsung: are you challenging me?

  • Kyle Senn
    Kyle Senn 3 години тому

    It's a good first step

  • jacropolis
    jacropolis 3 години тому

    I’m not going to give Samsung props for putting out a phone that literally broke within a day for some reviewers. You have to test something you’re charging $2000 for

  • Psychedelic BluesMan
    Psychedelic BluesMan 3 години тому

    I'll give it to Samsung for trying to innovate unlike apple

  • Komodo Khan
    Komodo Khan 3 години тому

    Ima still wait, another generation (year) of the G Fold. Maybe 2 years. Still got my 8+

  • Jay Anderson
    Jay Anderson 3 години тому

    I definitely want one.

  • Rukome Egwerome
    Rukome Egwerome 3 години тому gotta actually hold and feel it in person to get how big it really is.... that's what she said! Lols

  • uday aggarwal
    uday aggarwal 3 години тому

    Markass brownlee

  • Barsa F
    Barsa F 3 години тому

    I actually really like it. It's freaking sweet. Looking forward to the future of foldable phones!

  • rdvgrd6
    rdvgrd6 3 години тому

    Still looks janky af

  • Tommy Sawyer
    Tommy Sawyer 3 години тому

    Marvel De-Aging technology!

  • largon 03
    largon 03 3 години тому

    The new iphone 12 should look like this ipad with less bezels and minus the notch. Like if you agree..

  • Sedrick Vaughn
    Sedrick Vaughn 3 години тому

    it should be water resistant right? dealbreaker. no i will not buy this.

  • ZodiacGalaxy 20
    ZodiacGalaxy 20 3 години тому


  • M3h3ndr3
    M3h3ndr3 3 години тому

    I really hope samsung continues with that, the only thing that bothers me is when you fold it up that there are cameras, like why?

  • mcool93
    mcool93 3 години тому

    Actually, Samsung did take the apple stubborn like approach in the past (note 7)

  • chas3.f
    chas3.f 3 години тому

    14th on trends today...

  • Nero Miral
    Nero Miral 3 години тому

    Screens got larger as the hand's of MKBHD increases.

  • Novice Dreamer
    Novice Dreamer 3 години тому

    Don’t you normally mention price or I just missed it? I’ll goggle it tho

  • Abhilash Patnaik
    Abhilash Patnaik 3 години тому

    Why this video recommendation all of a sudden

  • king of spades
    king of spades 3 години тому

    Please can I have it I dont use Twitter ugh

  • Carter Altvatter
    Carter Altvatter 3 години тому


  • Izak Robles
    Izak Robles 3 години тому

    I feel like if I was really rich and had a nice car and someone hit me I would pay to fix it myself just because I am probably more in a position to pay for it myself then they are to have their insurance go up

  • The Abominable Trollman
    The Abominable Trollman 3 години тому

    It's not a foldable phone it's a tablet you can put in your pocket

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell 3 години тому

    I don’t care how they improve it. It’s still out of my budget.

  • Dalveer Singh
    Dalveer Singh 3 години тому

    Huawei mate x is better than Samsung Galaxy fold... Huawei can not fail..

  • Rex R.
    Rex R. 3 години тому


  • StarrMooreStyles
    StarrMooreStyles 3 години тому

    I didn’t even know the galaxy fold was a thing! This might actually make a great business phone. 🤔