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via Twitter for iPhone
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Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!
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Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!
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Starting a Podcast? 100% Roadster? Ask MKBHD V34!
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: The Ultimate Slider?
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2019 Tech I'm Ready For!
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Google Pixel Slate: This Ain't It Chief!
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Smartphone Awards 2018!
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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: The People's Choice!
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The Problem with YouTube Rewind!
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Top 5 McLaren 720S Features! [Auto Focus Ep. 4]
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Let's Talk About Tesla "Killers!"
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2018 Macbook Air Review: No Risk!
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My Favorite Wireless Headphones | 2018!
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RIP Apollo (for now)
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iPad Pro Review: The Best Ever... Still an iPad!
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iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!
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  • gap pang
    gap pang Годину тому

    Wow. Your microphone sucks on this one.

  • Ammar Mirza
    Ammar Mirza Годину тому

    First smartphone was the OG iPhone, still have it. I went iPhone OG, HTC with a keyboard slider, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s and now have the iPhone Xs Max.

  • Bob Carter
    Bob Carter 2 години тому

    Mifo 05 does this and they’re £40

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 години тому

    Guys I need help choosing a new budget smartphone, I've been using the old one plus one and the battery is going, I want to buy a new phone within a couple hundred euro, best recommendations?

  • Chicken TasteGood
    Chicken TasteGood 2 години тому

    When you watch Marques videos and then linus is in a honey advertisement

  • Mohamed S. Hassan
    Mohamed S. Hassan 2 години тому

    i need your herlp. OnePlus 7T or Samsung Galaxy S10!?? price is not a factor

  • Bandisa Masilela
    Bandisa Masilela 2 години тому

    This is coming from a guy who can afford to have 20 phones a year So take it with caution

  • Bonvoyage
    Bonvoyage 2 години тому

    Bruh what happened to HTC, they were killing it back then

  • SS ShadowSpooky
    SS ShadowSpooky 2 години тому

    Who is watching this video with ANY Kind of AirPods (AirPods 1, AirPods 2, and AirPods Pro)?

  • abade Al
    abade Al 2 години тому

    how much battery we need to be able use the phone 😂

  • RagingTiger
    RagingTiger 2 години тому

    This was my one and only Nexus phone, also Marques making that was she said jokes 😂

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega 2 години тому

    Mkbhd please give me a iphone 11 kids at my school make fun of me because i have a lg

  • Casablanca
    Casablanca 2 години тому

    seimens a56 my first cell phone, Nokia N73 first symbian phone and first smart phone was Huawei U8800 Pro.

  • Rohit Jacob Rajiv
    Rohit Jacob Rajiv 2 години тому

    There is a pewdpie headphones on his table

  • Ash Thomas Films
    Ash Thomas Films 3 години тому

    Nokia N97 was mine if you class that as a smart phone

  • Marty Smith
    Marty Smith 3 години тому

    I liked the interface of the Windows Phone so much I put a Windows Phone- like-interface on my Samsung. I think Cortana on my Invoke speaker has the more natural speaking voice over Alexa and Google Home. Microsoft chose to abandon both and stopped providing updates. I will always remember that and consider it before buying their products.

  • Wayne Lim
    Wayne Lim 3 години тому

    Will there be a review video for Mi Mix Alpha?

  • François Lefèvre
    François Lefèvre 3 години тому

    Awesome video, as usual Almost 10 million subscribers! 😍

  • 3, 2 ,1 Go!
    3, 2 ,1 Go! 3 години тому

    S7 edge

  • Christoph Vogelbusch
    Christoph Vogelbusch 3 години тому

    I fully agree that a volume control is a crucial thing and seems stupid missing. That is without an Apple Watch, but with an Apple Watch, just using the digital crown is just amazing and exactly what I want. Using Siri for volume only is acceptable on HomePod and even here Apple has buttons. So when I saw the first AirPods (and to this day) I wondered if they were meant for Apple Watch owners. Here everything makes perfect sense, you control them form the watch, the fast switching between watch and phone works awesome … (btw. I miss the old controls as they worked through a helmet. I would hit myself from the left to play / pause and from right for Siri, now I am forced to use the Watch and while it works nice with gloves on the crown anything but volume control currently is done with my nose, sooooo not as elegant as Apple planed I guess.

  • i like chiken bob
    i like chiken bob 3 години тому

    buy the fucking car

  • yaya
    yaya 3 години тому

    getting one for my birthday!! i'm so excited 💓💕💖💗💝💞❣

  • Beno Australia
    Beno Australia 3 години тому

    That intro tho

  • Skeppy
    Skeppy 3 години тому

    Elon: So like this like is like a like robot like that like works like really slow like very like turtle pause like like like it irks like like like.

  • Alf Andersson
    Alf Andersson 3 години тому

    iPhone 11 Pro price in Europe?

  • hossam hassan
    hossam hassan 3 години тому

    dual sim?

  • Wrecked Coffin
    Wrecked Coffin 3 години тому

    It was a tab!.... Micromax canvas p480

  • Ahmed Mabrouk
    Ahmed Mabrouk 3 години тому

    samsung star s5230

  • Anthox Lind el
    Anthox Lind el 3 години тому

    Please compare the best ANC earbud under $100 on the market end 2019..

  • Yan Dsouza
    Yan Dsouza 3 години тому

    Name of the wallpaper

  • PokemonBoyPranGon
    PokemonBoyPranGon 4 години тому

    If they invent a flexible touch-protector for foldable-screens, it would be much better.

  • RemovablePaper2
    RemovablePaper2 4 години тому

    Me, sadly

  • Em Dzei
    Em Dzei 4 години тому

    Icons and apps look much better on the iPhone than on the new iPhone 11. The new one has two-dimensional monochrome. Rum like what.

  • Everyone wears a mask
    Everyone wears a mask 4 години тому

    This challenge is the most First World thing there is.

  • Muhammed Adil
    Muhammed Adil 4 години тому

    2:18 I see what you did there!

  • The Hulk
    The Hulk 4 години тому

    EverythingApplePro did the testing for 7 days with old iphone

  • Shamim Hassan
    Shamim Hassan 4 години тому

    Even 10 yeaes ago he was great

  • Mohamed S. Hassan
    Mohamed S. Hassan 4 години тому

    OnePlus 7T or Samsung Galaxy S10!??

  • Pranshu Garg
    Pranshu Garg 4 години тому

    2009 - Nokia 3310 2019 - Nokia 3310 2029 - Nokia 3310 😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😆

  • Honest Abe
    Honest Abe 4 години тому

    This is fine

  • Mohammad Reza Esmaili
    Mohammad Reza Esmaili 4 години тому

    Camera game was on back in the day. Sony Ericsson phones had xenon flash and 8 mega pixels. iPhone was way behind in the camera game when they started

  • balijagudam sashank
    balijagudam sashank 4 години тому

    The guy in the red building must be having a smug face like forever from now

  • Hanif Rabbi
    Hanif Rabbi 4 години тому

    I had to change my Beats Solo3 twice so idk how this pro model will live up to the expectations

  • Vikash Sing
    Vikash Sing 4 години тому


  • nihar jasani
    nihar jasani 4 години тому

    It is best for kids and yeah once they enter apple world most of them never leave and end up buying iphone, imac etc when they grow up. So this might be the reason.

  • Joe Rumagit
    Joe Rumagit 4 години тому

    Thanks.. best channel!

  • Tenesha Lauer
    Tenesha Lauer 4 години тому

    tq . for a fast conversion, google ZillaTube

  • Amano Yuuji
    Amano Yuuji 5 годин тому

    If MrBeast not included in this year rewind people be raiding youtube rather than area 51

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    dor alon 5 годин тому

    My first iPhone was iPhone 4

  • Giannis MP96
    Giannis MP96 5 годин тому

    Awesome to hear!! I need an iPad

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    Lilium Mobile 5 годин тому

    How funny is this video in 2019? (Siri, iPad) lol

  • Amit Verma
    Amit Verma 5 годин тому

    What is the name of intro song?? Please reply

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    boe thoe 5 годин тому

    HTC Wildfire... I ended up throwing it into a wall

  • Akash M Lal
    Akash M Lal 5 годин тому

    Miss those funky looking phones

  • Neo
    Neo 5 годин тому

    I can't believe Will Smith had the chance at meet Mark Ass Brownlee

  • Emil Ravnholt Overgaard Rasmussen 9A Vestergårdsskolen

    it's just a ghost that is driving

  • Zoe Martin
    Zoe Martin 5 годин тому

    First Smartphone 2007: Samsung BlackJack 2009: iPhone 3 2019: Samsung Note 10+

  • Ankit Sharma
    Ankit Sharma 5 годин тому

    MKBHD: my first phone was the Nokia N-gage QD ! Mine got stolen so would love to see you bring it to one of the retro tech episodes! In my opinion that phone revolutionised mobile gaming!!

  • Роберт Шаманский
    Роберт Шаманский 6 годин тому

    2009: Nokia 5800 Express Music 2011: Nokia N8 2015: iPhone 6s 2017: OnePlus 6 2019: iPhone 11

  • Santanu Sekhar
    Santanu Sekhar 6 годин тому

    Any update on the google camera mod yet Marques?

  • Rakesh Sapam
    Rakesh Sapam 6 годин тому

    UAclips can be really strange at times...

  • Sebastien Thai
    Sebastien Thai 6 годин тому

    Plants vs Zombies has entered the chat.

  • g_hippy
    g_hippy 6 годин тому

    Welp...Sticking with my Pixel 2 XL for another year.

  • Urusai Kodokushi
    Urusai Kodokushi 6 годин тому

    This phone willld

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    Meet Patel 6 годин тому

    My First Smartphone Was Samsung Galaxy Trend.

  • Lil Trunks
    Lil Trunks 6 годин тому

    Gonna use this for homework

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    Harikesh Mohanan 6 годин тому

    okay its time for 2019 edition now

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    Oliveros Enterprises 6 годин тому

    NBA 😂

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    Nasir Rasul 7 годин тому

    VELVET!! The Great Velvet Jones would love these. I could go to Vegas for 2400$ &still have enough to buy some AirPods. But I get it it’s for a very particular segment.

  • Человек Человек
    Человек Человек 7 годин тому


  • FishyAlex GD
    FishyAlex GD 7 годин тому

    iOS 13 is such a big step, it’s so good

  • Skylark Phoenix
    Skylark Phoenix 7 годин тому

    Young marques...

  • E-Life
    E-Life 7 годин тому

    Does noise cancelling on airpods pro work without playing music?

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    if Steve Jobs was alive...

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    Markass Brownie

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    One plus 7t and 7 pro are now out

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    Reshael Tech 8 годин тому

    2015- iPhone 5s 2016- iPhone 7 2018/2019- iPhone XS Max

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    Ahmad Firdaus 8 годин тому

    My first smartphone - Nokia 3310 :)

  • Hanif Ahmad
    Hanif Ahmad 8 годин тому

    Pixel 4 Should have 4000 mAh Battery Pixel 4 XL Should have 5000 mAh Battery

  • Swedish House Mafia 2.0
    Swedish House Mafia 2.0 8 годин тому

    Deadmau5 hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Swarnava Das
    Swarnava Das 8 годин тому

    Not sure why you bet against the polarized glass. The polarized one only obstructs certain viewing angles. It should be as good as a tempered glass, when it comes to allowing the sensing of light by the optical sensor, reflected off something that's directly overhead.

  • Tofifi Simon
    Tofifi Simon 8 годин тому

    lol. Nooooo. They will go back to one camera. Queues 2019 iPhone 11 pro. 🤭

  • Eduardo Nadais
    Eduardo Nadais 8 годин тому

    That was a GOOD time

  • Das Xylofon
    Das Xylofon 8 годин тому

    I watch this video on my oneplus7 but it's now broken because it Fell under the radar.

  • Michael Kwan
    Michael Kwan 9 годин тому

    hows writing notes with the apple pencil

  • Nitin Gupta
    Nitin Gupta 9 годин тому

    2020? anyone?

  • Reuwin Chell
    Reuwin Chell 9 годин тому

    For those with small hands..

    ROCHAK PARIDA 9 годин тому

    ipod touch is like ipad mini mini...

  • S K
    S K 9 годин тому

    2016: this iphone sucks. 2019: (same iphone) best iPhone back in the days. -Dave Lee.

  • Freddy Dormus
    Freddy Dormus 9 годин тому

    I remember when I first got this phone when it came out I thought it was so good with my 128gb and expensive price tag. Little did I know I will still now have this phone and there’s way more expensive ones now

  • Ani Krishnan
    Ani Krishnan 9 годин тому

    Please do a review of Redmi note 10 pro

  • Bandisa Masilela
    Bandisa Masilela 9 годин тому

    I bought the iPhone 11 Pro 😅

  • Armeet Jatyani
    Armeet Jatyani 9 годин тому

    bruh just make 1080p60 videos, forget the 4k, 60fps more important

  • Morris Mårtenson
    Morris Mårtenson 9 годин тому

    Are they splash proof

  • dre_cityofangels 777
    dre_cityofangels 777 9 годин тому

    I’m bias. I hate SAMSUNG.

  • AlvinRey83
    AlvinRey83 9 годин тому

    Wrong. Sprint has the One plus 7 pro in stock. Only some stores will have it. Otherwise you can order a OnePlus 7 pro and get with 5-7 business days. It is sold in America just have to know where

  • Superatomicatom
    Superatomicatom 9 годин тому

    Honestly if it had wireless charging it would be perfect for me (even though no headphone jack :/ )

  • Dakota Tube 2
    Dakota Tube 2 9 годин тому

    Me here with my iPhone SE having none of these problems