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  • Mike M
    Mike M 2 години тому

    Lmao this dude a tweek

  • Bud Chapman
    Bud Chapman 3 години тому

    he's wearing h3h3 merch, mad respect

  • alex haes
    alex haes 3 години тому

    I am old, fat, untalented, look like I have down syndrome AND I am a grown man trying to look like a tough kid.... pathetic

  • Ryan Torres
    Ryan Torres 3 години тому

    4:42 I know this gangster ass dude don’t have a cheetah print tattoo...

  • rzarectot7
    rzarectot7 3 години тому

    Icp biggest fan M lol hahahaa

  • im birdy
    im birdy 3 години тому

    “gives weed to weed doctor just to give it to another weed doctor”

  • rzarectot7
    rzarectot7 3 години тому

    Imagine wearing Js in 2019 lol i rocked em when it was cool

  • Bee
    Bee 3 години тому

    He looks like a pitbull

  • Savage.Smiff
    Savage.Smiff 3 години тому

    @20:24 Ayye yo wayno funny ishell 😂🤣😂 "he said no nigga Im asking you who is number 2 " 😂🤣

  • Alexlovesjahsehdwaynericardoonfroy
    Alexlovesjahsehdwaynericardoonfroy 3 години тому

    SCOOP 208

  • YoDaddy 95
    YoDaddy 95 3 години тому

    In other words Ak you a scary ass nigga who will call the cops 🤔 Cause your scared & Didnt want no smoke after talking shit if anybody should be commended is Casanova for not draggin his ass for all that dissing.. 💯💯💯

  • Khabibs Right ear
    Khabibs Right ear 3 години тому

    Nadeska is equivalent to molly quirm

  • expressclear
    expressclear 3 години тому

    AK is annoying. And so are other bloggers they insert theirselves and instigate beef, then when somebody pulls on them “it’s I’m not with the street shit.” Stop reporting on it then, their is a huge difference between reporting and instigating. Like why is he sitting up there, I blame Joe Budden.

  • Travis Douglas
    Travis Douglas 3 години тому

    Came here expecting camel toe

  • Gracie Jiu jitsu
    Gracie Jiu jitsu 3 години тому

    Nike air max “Cork” 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones 3 години тому

    2 punks 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😃😃😃🤣🤣😂

    BAWSTON 3 години тому

    They got the money but dam place a rip off

  • Asad Awawdeh
    Asad Awawdeh 3 години тому

    If I’m ever on the show(unlikely), imma buy out the entire store to make myself look rich then return all of the shoes a day later😂💀

  • Saint Cocaine
    Saint Cocaine 3 години тому

    This show is a carcass. Its not even a corpse or a zombie. Its just a carcass at this point.

  • Voice Allstars
    Voice Allstars 3 години тому

    Cast dababy as wolverine his short stubby ass😂👌🏽

  • soflyguy92
    soflyguy92 3 години тому

    Bro get that lame ass chick off the show 😂. She’s a fuckin Cornball

  • Intano
    Intano 3 години тому

    7:34 excuse me?

  • Nhu Yen
    Nhu Yen 3 години тому

    Michael jackson innocent forever,we know the truth !

  • Underground Legacy
    Underground Legacy 3 години тому

    Akademiks still belives that 69 can be a super star.

  • Bryan Baker
    Bryan Baker 3 години тому

    Dope 🤘 😝 I can't wait to see the movie!!!! Prolly one of my favorite interviews Jonah explained and Expressed the culture of the 90s so detailed!!!

  • Trevon Colton
    Trevon Colton 3 години тому


  • Fifa 2020
    Fifa 2020 3 години тому

    What a Low I.Q. DumDum this fool is......... Complex, Hot 97, Breakfast Club are all Propaganda Machines..... Keeping our people Stupid

  • Today’s Tea
    Today’s Tea 3 години тому

    He came from Nassau

  • Chief
    Chief 3 години тому

    No drip bad fit fuck it

  • Luis Rosas
    Luis Rosas 3 години тому


  • xxjeff187
    xxjeff187 3 години тому

    Get rid of nadeska

  • belikeike
    belikeike 3 години тому

    Unlike a lot of yall, i actually like Nadeska, BUT, she constantly tryin to shut Akk down, and i get it, Akk can be annoying but that ain't cool.

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin 4 години тому

    Reasons 8-10 sound like you are running out of ideas.

  • kenny h
    kenny h 4 години тому

    His jaw swinging like crazy that coca good son

  • It's voux
    It's voux 4 години тому

    Who hairline better, NLE Choppa or Cas?

  • xxjeff187
    xxjeff187 4 години тому

    Street niggas think it’s normal to sit in a cage for 5-25 years as a human it’s not normal

  • micah stallworth
    micah stallworth 4 години тому

    cas called THAT boy a square... hilarious

  • Usecodetenser Btw
    Usecodetenser Btw 4 години тому

    Trash shoes

  • YAT Sammy
    YAT Sammy 4 години тому


  • Thee Machavellian
    Thee Machavellian 4 години тому

    Is joe a psychiatrist?

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 4 години тому

    Was he high

  • SajidA829
    SajidA829 4 години тому

    Joyner: Well, Logic keeps saying he's half black and half white, it's too repetitive for me. Also Joyner: I have ADHD.

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith 4 години тому

    Ass, he didn’t get his uncle the white 11’s

  • Sylvia Williams
    Sylvia Williams 4 години тому

    What The Fuck Is Fucking STUPID Megan Rapione She Is Rude To Her Teamates

  • Ray Bethel
    Ray Bethel 4 години тому

    NEVER let a Woman usurp authority over a MAN, she was gettin outta Pocket

  • SamoaBOI808
    SamoaBOI808 4 години тому

    Joe goes snearker shopi g

  • Maurice Campbell
    Maurice Campbell 4 години тому

    Killer Mike is correct in his approach by bringing theses brothers together and on the right track and taking there place as the new black activists in the Black community. Every hip-hop artist have a duty and obligation , because they have the ears of the people, community and it's very important to what message we put out, because Black people around the world is watching and emulating the culture and America Black population. My name is Maurice Campbell aka Mark Abdullah and my organization RANN is organizing a African Diaspora Economic Summit in 2021. Our agenda, mission and plan of action is to organizing, strategizing and mobilizing an economic movement and economic model to create: Black Ownership Groups Black investment Groups Black Pro-fit Sharing Black Job Creation Stay tuned for more information.

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 4 години тому

    I know im like 2 years late to this video but this song was made for Florida so Joe budden can go fuck himself

  • Chad Theriot
    Chad Theriot 4 години тому

    He didn't buy a pair of cherry blossoms

  • Tim Hipkiss
    Tim Hipkiss 4 години тому

    You should have the game on your show !!

  • snyder Gee
    snyder Gee 4 години тому

    Cas album is fire!! I did not expect that out of him at all. Imo his album was way better then da baby and I'm was way higher on the baby then cas. I expected babys joint to be a classic and it felt just like a rush job to get to the bag! I only knew cas from the one song he had on world star and never followed up on him until I seen a interview he did this past week promoting the new album. So I went to see what's up and came out a big fan of casanova 2x!!

    ROTMGFRO 4 години тому

    I could roll a fatty with my eyes closed

  • Big Guy Fly
    Big Guy Fly 4 години тому

    Cas really evolving! Dope to see

  • monikayda1
    monikayda1 4 години тому

    I'm only here for Casanova......Complex shoulda treated Joe better

  • RichzRomeo
    RichzRomeo 4 години тому

    do a vid with snoop dog

  • Bryan Baker
    Bryan Baker 4 години тому

    Hell yeah shit I miss myshoe guy Lol used get mines 2 for 80 lol man the good ol days

  • Zero nero
    Zero nero 4 години тому So I'm in this sneaker head group and they are having invite competition and i would like to ask if you guys can join to help me possibly win?

  • iCharlie
    iCharlie 4 години тому

    Who tf in London be wearing the red Octobers 1:55

  • bfam bandz
    bfam bandz 4 години тому

    Ak gonna say offset raps better than b.o.b??? F.o.h!! You trippin frfr!! B.o.b been the truth and is way more lyrical than some dam offset wit his mumble b.s!! Y'all must don't listen to b.o.b smdh!! He got bars!! Not bullshit! Y'all want everyone to rap like the dam migos that's the problem right there!! That's why this hip-hop of y'all's generation is 🗑️🗑️ because ALL OF YALL FAVORITE RAPPERS RAP THE SAME WAY!! #mumblebullshit

  • Londa Cele
    Londa Cele 4 години тому

    You are back ...welcome back Fellow UAclips travelers ✌🏽

  • Ronkeem Parker
    Ronkeem Parker 4 години тому


  • tmac20031
    tmac20031 4 години тому

    Nadeska is just annoying as f***. Yeah he snitched, but in his case it makes perfect sense. If 69 would have kept to "street code" the right move was to kill all them niggas that was going him dirty. Y'all expected him to do that?! The whole argument these people are having is stupid.

  • Kwun Roper
    Kwun Roper 4 години тому

    These niggas sensitive

  • MjTHAGOD23
    MjTHAGOD23 4 години тому

    Tekashi looks like a kid that was given way too much candy 😭

  • Shrekkk Kkk
    Shrekkk Kkk 4 години тому

    I KNOW she did not make fun of VANS... I’m gonna unstand her Now 😐

  • Butter Sandwich
    Butter Sandwich 4 години тому

    We need Brad Hall in sneaker shopping

  • mrdef003
    mrdef003 4 години тому

    Akademiks a thot

  • Keito Wilson
    Keito Wilson 4 години тому

    I thought he was way taller

  • Call me Cash ew
    Call me Cash ew 4 години тому

    She really had to hate on every person with vans like that. Every other shoe is fine but not vans ig🤷‍♀️

    FRED SMARTSTONE 4 години тому

    This is just my personal opinion so if you respond negatively I will return the favor. It seems like when BW are with other races of men they are so docile, submissive,giddy, etc. It’s so foreign seeing BW act like the because the ones I was in relationships with acted vague,sneaky,combative,etc. 🤔

  • Tremaine Ennis
    Tremaine Ennis 4 години тому

    Waste all that money now. Cause when you go bankrupt like so many other rappers you can look back at this and smile.

  • Hobby Man
    Hobby Man 4 години тому

    LoL he said “You would never put this on a sandwich “ I just put Da Bomb on my grilled cheese yesterday...

  • David
    David 4 години тому

    Complex: your total is over $1000 Ninja: the fuck you say to me you little shit!

  • NaibPlays
    NaibPlays 5 годин тому

    which sneaker do you want? BlueFace: *yeAH AiGHT*

  • Aryaan varma
    Aryaan varma 5 годин тому

    did he tell joe to shut up or was that just me mishearing lmfao

  • Naire K
    Naire K 5 годин тому

    The only ones that weren't problematic or concerning or a fetish were the ones with black women. Hm. Interesting.

    ANEATIONS 5 годин тому

    He got that fire Teddy fresh merch

  • Tristan Gordon
    Tristan Gordon 5 годин тому

    Nadeska mad ak ain't tryna fuk 😂quit playing ak you supposed to be hitting that lol

  • H M
    H M 5 годин тому

    Nadeksa been ruining the show from the jump

  • Norm Future
    Norm Future 5 годин тому

    Nedeska needs to be fired

  • Geraldine Lockley
    Geraldine Lockley 5 годин тому

    the girl always look mad at times when Ak talk

  • Cannon Smith
    Cannon Smith 5 годин тому

    This mofo whispers in every video I see of him

  • J
    J 5 годин тому

    Nobody... and I’m talking about NOBODY in New York know Wayno... that’s facts!!! Why he always talking about he chose to leave the streets? Don’t nobody know him!!!

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 5 годин тому

    Every sites that either popular or non popular have sold fakes bro trust me

  • NickZK
    NickZK 5 годин тому

    He sounds like a dying bird

  • ram6ne
    ram6ne 5 годин тому

    he ain’t lying about them shoe mans

  • Timothy Jackson
    Timothy Jackson 5 годин тому

    Kilo all was 49 out of 50??? The list has zero credibility. Kilo was at least.....20 years ahead of his time. He was a more polished mare talented version of Drake

  • criminal minded
    criminal minded 5 годин тому

    Word cas? So Ak said some Illuminati shit and the beef is over? Diddy would have slap the shot outta him!!!! You sound stoooopid!!!!

  • Jaayxen De Leon
    Jaayxen De Leon 5 годин тому

    Why isn’t he talkin with adlibs

  • Jordan Grier
    Jordan Grier 5 годин тому

    I was born and raised in the A. That list is complete bull💩. Who in the Trump Era of the Marvel Universe made this list? The ONLY ranking that made sense was Dre.

    DINERO SO WOKE 5 годин тому

    That female energy is so off she don’t need to be on this show from Soulja boy Kevin gates now cav follow my channel 🖤

  • S. Parrish
    S. Parrish 5 годин тому

    Complex will either lose the cultural war and die hard, or get smart and have panelists who can fully open their eyes both literally and figuratively.

  • S. Parrish
    S. Parrish 5 годин тому

    Hot garbage discussing Kanye. Kanye is better than all three of you in every way.

  • criminal minded
    criminal minded 5 годин тому

    CAs is pussy!!!!

  • Li Yizzy
    Li Yizzy 5 годин тому

    This nigga wayno really got his pants tucked in his socks like it’s cool. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Walter White
    Walter White 5 годин тому

    who wants to cook blue magic with me

  • Ja the bankz
    Ja the bankz 5 годин тому

    Why tf did he pu for his own sneakers when he could just get them for free

  • brandon ruizzo
    brandon ruizzo 5 годин тому

    waynos face is so stupid lol

  • Tyler Ramos
    Tyler Ramos 5 годин тому

    At 5:06 look to the left and you'll see Odell beckham JR

  • Clip Bishop
    Clip Bishop 5 годин тому

    30:14 Wayno and Nadeska some bitches but this was REAL what he had to say.