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How American CEOs got so rich
Переглядів 478 тис.2 дні тому
Vox Borders is back - with a twist!
Переглядів 201 тис.4 дні тому
Are you supposed to tip an Uber driver?
Переглядів 338 тис.6 днів тому
Why Spend Money in Video Games? - Glad You Asked S1 (E5)
Переглядів 17 днів тому
Why Do Memes Matter? - Glad You Asked S1 (E4)
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What Happens When We Die? - Glad You Asked S1 (E3)
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Why Do We Cry? - Glad You Asked S1 (E2)
Переглядів Місяць тому
Will We Survive Mars? - Glad You Asked S1 (E1)
Переглядів 7 млнМісяць тому
The phone call that could get Trump impeached
Переглядів 561 тис.6 днів тому
Why this chair is on so many album covers
Переглядів 506 тис.10 днів тому
Impeachment is broken. Impeach Trump, anyway.
Переглядів 683 тис.10 днів тому
No, Vitamin C won't cure your cold
Переглядів 609 тис.12 днів тому
Glad You Asked | Official Trailer | YouTube OriginalsGlad You Asked | Official Trailer | YouTube Originals
Glad You Asked | Official Trailer | YouTube Originals
Переглядів 2,9 млн24 дні тому
How Monument Valley became a symbol of the West
Переглядів 462 тис.24 дні тому
Why this creepy melody is in so many movies
Переглядів 1,6 млнМісяць тому
Why your shoddy memory is actually a good thing
Переглядів 464 тис.Місяць тому
The gun solution we're not talking about
Переглядів 1,1 млнМісяць тому
The chart that predicts recessions
Переглядів 941 тис.Місяць тому
The mysterious rays shooting at us from space
Переглядів 526 тис.Місяць тому
The naked lady that changed the rules of art
Переглядів 572 тис.Місяць тому
Why the US drinking age is 21
Переглядів 2,4 млнМісяць тому
Why the US and Iran are fighting over this tiny waterway
Переглядів 1,5 млнМісяць тому
Where Sicko Mode's weirdest moments came from
Переглядів 724 тис.Місяць тому
Why Route 66 became America’s most famous road
Переглядів 989 тис.Місяць тому
What the US gets wrong about minimum wage
Переглядів 858 тис.2 місяці тому
We measured pop music’s falsetto obsession
Переглядів 1,3 млн2 місяці тому
Why so many suburbs look the same
Переглядів 1 млн2 місяці тому
How Davy Crockett became an American legend
Переглядів 432 тис.2 місяці тому
All student debt in the US, visualized
Переглядів 835 тис.2 місяці тому
Where Manhattan’s grid plan came from
Переглядів 836 тис.2 місяці тому
How scientists colorize photos of space
Переглядів 983 тис.2 місяці тому
Why the US has so many tornadoes
Переглядів 792 тис.2 місяці тому
The dark history of "gasoline baths" at the border
Переглядів 1 млн2 місяці тому
Thomas Edison's road trip with his famous friends
Переглядів 491 тис.2 місяці тому
Why the Tour de France is so brutal
Переглядів 2 млн2 місяці тому
India’s cow vigilantes are targeting Muslims
Переглядів 1,1 млн2 місяці тому
How Trump took over America's courts
Переглядів 549 тис.2 місяці тому
Vox Almanac is going on a road trip
Переглядів 91 тис.2 місяці тому
India's trucks are works of art
Переглядів 740 тис.2 місяці тому
The ingredients of a classic house track
Переглядів 902 тис.3 місяці тому
The problem with America's college entrance exam
Переглядів 1,2 млн3 місяці тому
India and Sri Lanka's violent fight over fish
Переглядів 1,6 млн3 місяці тому
Jacob Collier deconstructs a Stevie Wonder classic
Переглядів 1,2 млн3 місяці тому
How India runs the world's biggest election
Переглядів 1,1 млн3 місяці тому
Why Iraq's great rivers are dying
Переглядів 1 млн3 місяці тому
The problem with sex testing in sports
Переглядів 1,4 млн3 місяці тому
These photos ended child labor in the US
Переглядів 1,5 млн3 місяці тому
The right way to kill a fish
Переглядів 3,2 млн3 місяці тому
How this border transformed a subcontinent | India & Pakistan
Переглядів 2,8 млн3 місяці тому
Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained
Переглядів 7 млн3 місяці тому
When white supremacists overthrew a government
Переглядів 1,4 млн4 місяці тому
Vox Borders: India is coming next week!
Переглядів 270 тис.3 місяці тому
Astronauts left poop on the moon. We should go get it.
Переглядів 820 тис.3 місяці тому
The weird rule that broke American politics
Переглядів 986 тис.3 місяці тому
Missing Chapter: A new series about hidden histories
Переглядів 153 тис.4 місяці тому
The Green New Deal, explained
Переглядів 1,1 млн4 місяці тому
New York is building a wall to hold back the ocean
Переглядів 1,2 млн4 місяці тому
The race to save endangered foods
Переглядів 751 тис.4 місяці тому
This photo almost started a nuclear war
Переглядів 1,1 млн4 місяці тому
You’re watching Fox News. You just don’t know it.
Переглядів 1,4 млн4 місяці тому
Why your allergies get worse every year
Переглядів 459 тис.4 місяці тому
Why drugs cost more in America
Переглядів 701 тис.5 місяців тому
How Game of Thrones uses costumes to show power
Переглядів 1,1 млн5 місяців тому
The real experiments that inspired Frankenstein
Переглядів 1,4 млн5 місяців тому
China's secret internment camps
Переглядів 2,4 млн5 місяців тому
The traffic solution most cities haven't tried
Переглядів 1,2 млн5 місяців тому
The truth behind the TV show Cops
Переглядів 1,7 млн5 місяців тому
This lake now has legal rights, just like you
Переглядів 1,5 млн5 місяців тому
Why disco made pop songs longer
Переглядів 623 тис.5 місяців тому
The goose that conquered America
Переглядів 749 тис.5 місяців тому
The first faked photograph
Переглядів 914 тис.5 місяців тому
Why measles is back in the US
Переглядів 986 тис.5 місяців тому
What DNA ancestry tests can - and can’t - tell you
Переглядів 940 тис.6 місяців тому
The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice
Переглядів 9 млн6 місяців тому
How Norway designed a more humane prison
Переглядів 2,3 млн6 місяців тому
How Leonardo da Vinci made a "satellite" map in 1502
Переглядів 2,4 млн6 місяців тому
Why this black hole photo is such a big deal
Переглядів 6 млн6 місяців тому
How heavy metal and Satan gave us this sticker
Переглядів 1,4 млн6 місяців тому
Cereal makers sold us a breakfast myth
Переглядів 1,3 млн6 місяців тому
Earworm is back with Season 2
Переглядів 141 тис.6 місяців тому
Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites
Переглядів 1,2 млн6 місяців тому
How this family built life hack culture
Переглядів 687 тис.6 місяців тому
How scientists solved this dinosaur puzzle
Переглядів 1 млн6 місяців тому
Why baby cages were a thing
Переглядів 763 тис.6 місяців тому
Why some Asian accents swap Ls and Rs in English
Переглядів 1,8 млн6 місяців тому
How the British failed India and Pakistan
Переглядів 1,2 млн6 місяців тому
The conflict in Kashmir, explained
Переглядів 1,4 млн6 місяців тому
Why a cat always lands on its feet
Переглядів 1,4 млн6 місяців тому
What Mueller has already revealed about Trump and Russia
Переглядів 640 тис.6 місяців тому
The golf ball that made golfers too good
Переглядів 4,8 млн7 місяців тому
Why you're recycling wrong
Переглядів 615 тис.7 місяців тому
Why you still don't understand the Green New Deal
Переглядів 995 тис.7 місяців тому
Why Republicans failed to fit taxes onto a postcard
Переглядів 504 тис.7 місяців тому
The design tricks that keep skyscrapers from swaying
Переглядів 1,4 млн7 місяців тому
A better way to tax the rich
Переглядів 816 тис.7 місяців тому
Why parrots can talk like humans
Переглядів 2,1 млн7 місяців тому
How the Hindenburg killed an entire industry
Переглядів 1,3 млн7 місяців тому
Why a US city is searching for mass graves
Переглядів 1,7 млн7 місяців тому
Peek inside the Vox Video Lab
Переглядів 120 тис.7 місяців тому
Why these plankton are eating plastic
Переглядів 1,1 млн7 місяців тому
Here's where Borders is going next
Переглядів 360 тис.7 місяців тому


  • Motte Friedamann
    Motte Friedamann 4 години тому

    5:00 war klar, dass ausgerechnet das Goldkart von der dicken Schwarzen stecken bleibt.

  • Nuke Em
    Nuke Em 4 години тому

    You eat it raw!?!

  • Olising
    Olising 4 години тому

    I never went to oovoo java.

  • محمد
    محمد 4 години тому

    If America is weak in front of ISIS,this is a misfortune for what it has not eliminated for the last 19 years or is it cooperating with it order to distort islam only

  • Dan Kindstrand
    Dan Kindstrand 4 години тому

    Love the video! Minor comment though; please include Celcius and SI units when talking about subjects like these for international viewers.

  • Ignacio Morales
    Ignacio Morales 4 години тому

    Vox oversimplifies the situation. For instance, if you cannot find a positive net present value project, you cannot invest just because you have excess cash on a particular point of business cycle.

  • Madhu Bala
    Madhu Bala 4 години тому


  • eRmaC
    eRmaC 4 години тому

    Hunter earned those jobs with his talent... Biden was clearly acting in good by going after the currupt prosecutor, the fact that hunter was being investigated was pure coincidence... Geez i wish the government would just let the bidens have their business privacy, this is abuse.

  • Anirban Dey
    Anirban Dey 4 години тому

    isn't there like a protocol that you can't introduce a new life form in another planet?

  • jaybugout 7
    jaybugout 7 4 години тому

    Boy I did five years and nobody selling 2 ramens for a whole sweater lol never seen it happen

  • Gary Lawhon
    Gary Lawhon 4 години тому

    Asking for a favor is not illegal in any form. Biden specifically stating he is withholding a billion dollars until they fire the prosecutor investigating a firm his son sits on the board of, is. There, there is your lesson in law for today.

  • Cole Rochlitz
    Cole Rochlitz 4 години тому

    Vox is the polar opposite of journalism.

  • T-Rex Hunter
    T-Rex Hunter 4 години тому

    With the odds of events happening are like the coastline paradox the more you look into it the odds get smaller. Just like is you measure coast with more and more smaller units you see coastline gets bigger.

  • Christiana Rowan
    Christiana Rowan 4 години тому

    I always cry at those Asian emotional commercials ( guess that is what they are you get the idea) they just get me so good for some reason.

  • That1Dude 44
    That1Dude 44 4 години тому

    The Dems are done, as their base(blacks) are holding their votes!.. without those votes Democrats can't win a prize at a carnival let alone an election.

  • Krose
    Krose 4 години тому

    This is why you go on medicaid before you give birth

  • Peter k
    Peter k 4 години тому

    This just shows that the moon was created to be a first step to the solar system.

  • Travels World
    Travels World 4 години тому

    This is called a human jealously and stupidities, greedy people think they should have all.

  • Its Organic
    Its Organic 4 години тому

    Lets send all progressives to mars

  • Mario Torres
    Mario Torres 4 години тому


  • Grand Master
    Grand Master 4 години тому

    This is what makes me proud of Poland.

  • Ya'll Mind If I Hit Dat T-Pose XD
    Ya'll Mind If I Hit Dat T-Pose XD 4 години тому

    And now we have Live PD

  • Josh Robertson
    Josh Robertson 4 години тому

    Saudi Arabia is the most terrorist country in the world I think as an amarican Iran is more safe them Saudi Arabia

  • MrLedeberg
    MrLedeberg 4 години тому

    more known here as a hookerchair , where they sit in front of the window in the red light district

  • Ben Bowls
    Ben Bowls 4 години тому

    i used a lane oiling machene and im 10.

  • Matthew Hume
    Matthew Hume 4 години тому


  • troy whight
    troy whight 4 години тому


  • Ya'll Mind If I Hit Dat T-Pose XD
    Ya'll Mind If I Hit Dat T-Pose XD 4 години тому

    How about we turn the whole ocean into an aquarium problem solution

  • Patricio Hondagneu Roig
    Patricio Hondagneu Roig 4 години тому

    Fahrenheit. How disappointing, I was under the impression that you were making videos for worldwide audiences 👎

  • Eddier Garcés Gómez
    Eddier Garcés Gómez 4 години тому

    Nos guste o no, con mucho o poco, apoyaremos a los venezolanos hasta el final de esta larga noche.

  • ian
    ian 4 години тому

    Eat the rich.

  • Felipe Martins
    Felipe Martins 4 години тому

    Loving this series. It feels like a lot the "Mind Field" serie.

  • Harry PP_Pharm
    Harry PP_Pharm 4 години тому

    순간적으로 외국인들이 한국 경기도 화성에 와서 살아남을 수 있을까하고 말하는 줄 알았네요... 화성분들에게는 죄송...

  • cynthia rogacion
    cynthia rogacion 4 години тому

    possible impeachment ???? no way it will be dead on arrival in senate ...WANNA BET

  • Lingyu
    Lingyu 4 години тому

    Funny it mentioned Uyghurs have tried to establish independent country twice in the last century, first time for one year, and second time for 5 years. Anybody wonder which country they are part of before, between and after? 268 years of Qing dynasty, 37 years of Republic of China and 70 years of People's Republic of China is a joke to you or what?

  • Jeremy Shapiro
    Jeremy Shapiro 4 години тому

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't this double dipping?

  • paulo carnaxide
    paulo carnaxide 4 години тому

    Wanna fight climate change? Keep far left away from it.

  • mujaffar madar
    mujaffar madar 4 години тому

    I think ...ending time's of all worlds

  • Yessica Liliana Zarate Pineda
    Yessica Liliana Zarate Pineda 4 години тому

    Primero cuiden este planeta..en vez de pensar irse a otro...quieren también destruir Marte

  • PancakesPusheen !
    PancakesPusheen ! 4 години тому

    so that the pharmaceutical industry can get more of our money off of our obesity related illnesses.

  • tango6pl
    tango6pl 4 години тому

    Incredible... Corporations paid themselves to cut jobs and close factories. Everyone should be against this.

  • Yessica Liliana Zarate Pineda
    Yessica Liliana Zarate Pineda 4 години тому

    Se ve padre el lugar ..pero primero cuiden este planepara que quieren ir a otro....lo quieren también destruir

  • CaptZepplin
    CaptZepplin 4 години тому

    Now investigate Hunter Biden and how he got that job... Also, while you're at it, Investigate how the institutions of government are being eroded to form the institution of corruption within government. Just because the corrupt have institutionalized their corruption legislatively doesn't make them any less corrupt.

  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore 4 години тому

    As a Canadian watching boarders from the beginning at first I was like ugh... but after the explanation of each state having its own rules/ laws and more I’m actually extremely interested.

  • Am Clover
    Am Clover 4 години тому

    But why are they protesting the streets and hurting the neighbors when you can search the governments homes and raid them instead...

  • Huening Kai's left cheek
    Huening Kai's left cheek 5 годин тому

    I live in tornado alley and I just think my state is bipolar

  • Александр Ковалев
    Александр Ковалев 5 годин тому

    where is Russian subtitles?

  • Car Addict
    Car Addict 5 годин тому

    I can pop my knee 5 times over and my toe 10 times repeatedly.

  • dinden waliyyu
    dinden waliyyu 5 годин тому

    Not Uighur nation that need re education but Another one is needed it.

  • Abdul khan
    Abdul khan 5 годин тому

    U can not eat beef in India but you can export and 95% of exporters are Hindu, surprising fact.

  • Peter Strianus
    Peter Strianus 5 годин тому

    Football is once a week for a very limited time. Baseball is long I agree.

  • Mushroom Castle
    Mushroom Castle 5 годин тому

    O wow. . She actually believes e been to Mars 😂💀

  • rafa rafa
    rafa rafa 5 годин тому


  • Republika Dugave
    Republika Dugave 5 годин тому

    I drive a civic, drive a civic... A car you can trust...

  • 길규
    길규 5 годин тому

    ㅈ같은 영어우월주의

  • girl crush
    girl crush 5 годин тому

    i felt itchy watching this video

  • Rodeo thymes
    Rodeo thymes 5 годин тому

    Muslims will believe what they want to believe, goes with territory.

  • Inbong Kim
    Inbong Kim 5 годин тому

    이 영상은 매우 선동적이군요. 근현대에 들어서 가장 추악한 강도짓인 아편전쟁을 벌여 홍콩을 빼앗은 영국에 대해 그 어떤 지적도 없고, 홍콩의 미래을 중국이 중국아니게 독립시켜줘야 한다는 이야기이네요. 중국이 서구의 잣대로 보아 인간 개인에 대한 자유와 인권이 부족할런지 모르겠지만 적어도 의사 결정과정이나 그들의 지도자를 선출하는 과정이 쇼배우를 뽑는 서구정치에 비길까요? 무엇이 더 나은지에 대해 각자의 판단이 다른 만큼 중국을 존중하여 바라볼 필요가 있어요. 여긴 옳고 중국은 틀렸다는 잣대는 어디서 왔을까요?

  • Tagheuer Woods
    Tagheuer Woods 5 годин тому

    Racism, nationalism and ideological supremacism through religion is what fueled this catastrophe. I hope that the world will be wholly led by secular governance ( no religious ideas dictating public policies )

  • Gol Kas
    Gol Kas 5 годин тому

    Will we survive snickers ?

  • Warrior Soul
    Warrior Soul 5 годин тому

    Will we even make it to survive on Earth let alone another planet.

  • David’s RVA Fishing and Hvac videos

    you should see richmond ,va borders and how kuch had changed over here over past 15 years

  • deadly catch
    deadly catch 5 годин тому

    Go away, you are entering China sea and China sky.

  • jin lim
    jin lim 5 годин тому

    hmm pretty anti united states video. didn't mention israel's hand in this as well... owners of VOX are jewish...oh makes sense now.

  • Wan qim
    Wan qim 5 годин тому


  • Mick B
    Mick B 5 годин тому

    Really ? This is the best ya got ?

  • Jason Abbott
    Jason Abbott 5 годин тому

    You forgot the IN in front of consequential.

  • Shanette Quao
    Shanette Quao 5 годин тому

    Why isn’t America paying their drivers so that they don’t depend on tips for wages?

  • Vishaal Satheeshwaran
    Vishaal Satheeshwaran 5 годин тому

    “Make America Great Again” is making a lot more sense now. That final graph says it all.

  • davisx2002
    davisx2002 5 годин тому

    we cant fix our own planet, but we are going to fix mars?

    LYCHEE 5 годин тому

    Always coming back to this fantastic video. However a bar can be different from 4 beats long.

  • Hikikomri
    Hikikomri 5 годин тому

    Simple she is Excommunicado, she forfeits all access and privileges of the media 🤩

  • I.C. Wiener
    I.C. Wiener 5 годин тому

    knock Turkey from NATO, then let's see them attack

  • Strawberry Mochi
    Strawberry Mochi 5 годин тому

    Humans are soooo annoying.

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander 5 годин тому

    I hope China gets their freedom so their workers don't have to get paid pennies and consequently destroy American businesses. This will be great for both countries! I wouldn't mind a visit if this ever happens, I hear u all have a couple pandas over there :)

  • Robot Hunter
    Robot Hunter 5 годин тому

    Michael Jackson from the song Billie Jean, "The chair is not my son."

  • Oscar
    Oscar 5 годин тому

    You're use of the word "insider trading" is wrong. You say that it means "a person inside a company (or the company itself) buying something from another person inside the company". That is completely inaccurate. I am not saying that could not in some cases also be unethical (or illegal) too. Rather, what I am saying is: Insider trading means buying or selling stocks of a publicly traded company based on information not available to the public. It is an entirely different thing.

  • Dieu Minh Dang
    Dieu Minh Dang 5 годин тому

    American business is unbelievable, who needs that much money and power??

  • CaneFu
    CaneFu 5 годин тому

    Sorry, but I see a manned mission to Mars as pure idiocy. We already know there is nothing there from our probes, it's just an inhospitable desert. The expense and risk is obscene and the vast majority of Americans don't support a Mars expedition. We need to stay home and learn to take care of our own people first before we spread human idiocy to other parts of the universe.

  • Firebrand Girls
    Firebrand Girls 5 годин тому

    India.....whatever you think of them is filled with very smart people....they are having trouble getting to the moon....its all poppycock,

  • Abinash Roy
    Abinash Roy 5 годин тому

    Your way of delivering the content is just on another level..

  • Stefan Winsett
    Stefan Winsett 5 годин тому

    I remember I used to walk looking for them

    ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ 5 годин тому

    Let's get to the moon first and then we can see if we can go to mars.

    MEEGA 5 годин тому

    Русские есть!!!?:

  • Important gamer
    Important gamer 5 годин тому

    2016: killer clowns 2017: The rake 2018: ??? 2019: Momo 2020: coming soon

  • turan bagatur
    turan bagatur 5 годин тому

    War crimes started when the American government setup September 11..!

  • dane jurasley
    dane jurasley 5 годин тому

    That nice lady contaminated the sample, talking into it.

  • Nic
    Nic 5 годин тому

    Hello well of course you should come down to San Antonio and look at the ICE operations and the southern border there’s a lot going on people don’t know about

  • Rafał Widera
    Rafał Widera 5 годин тому

    Poland is independent so it could do whatever they want with laws

  • Nhat Minh Dao
    Nhat Minh Dao 5 годин тому

    sounds like the wage gap is not because of discrimination after all.

  • Cristobal Borromeo
    Cristobal Borromeo 5 годин тому

    Wow. I never knew how big of a problem this was. Makes me feel very angry and kinda shocked no one has done anything about this.

  • ravi shankar
    ravi shankar 5 годин тому

    who is she?

  • Charles Kuckel
    Charles Kuckel 5 годин тому

    SO we've appropriated culture here in America again. Blacks claim it as a "Black Power" symbol when the REALITY is that it was a symbol of PRISON Labor in the Philippines. Facts NOT alternative facts.

  • TK Wilson
    TK Wilson 5 годин тому

    Humans are the infants of this galaxy. We have been watched and assisted since the inception of our species, don't be so naive to think colonizing mars won't require permission. Humanities destructive tendencies will restrict any access to our neighboring planets!!! We are not ready!!!

  • Akib
    Akib 5 годин тому

    You want Americans to talk about boarders??????? LoL! 😅😂🤣 The Brits would've been a better choice

  • Cahit Kızılkaya
    Cahit Kızılkaya 5 годин тому

    Well you guys might be far away to know about it, i dont blame you for it. Just lettingyou know that they are not a "country", they are terrorists. Dont misunderstand me please, i dont like the current goverment in Turkey and i voted against it. The Turkish movement in Syria is nothing more than protecting our borders. And you guys dont have the right to say otherwise because US can protect its borders thousand of kms away.

  • José Rosil
    José Rosil 5 годин тому

    Metric system please

  • Baby Face
    Baby Face 5 годин тому

    ...japan is aware of the atrocities they committed against the Koreans, right? Like, yeah, these people are supporting something bad...but cmon. Osama bin laden?

  • Damein Bell
    Damein Bell 5 годин тому

    pfft what’s a drake dad when you have Dorothy Moore’s Misty Blue album .. I remember stealing my cousin Leah’s copy

  • Strawberry Mochi
    Strawberry Mochi 5 годин тому

    The less painful way :)