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  • cole cornelius
    cole cornelius 18 годин тому

    When I killed the captain of that ship he actually gave me a Mark 1 space suit and booster pack ?

  • Serpentar9000
    Serpentar9000 18 годин тому

    whoa, what is that car at 0:46 , before you hopped to new free car?

  • Marc Laurence Glene Dacera
    Marc Laurence Glene Dacera 19 годин тому

    When i saw 43 on the car😢

  • hendrix
    hendrix 19 годин тому

    What is the silver car at 0:46 ?

  • MasamiMuri
    MasamiMuri 19 годин тому

    there aren't enough skill points for all this..

  • Alex Cavazos
    Alex Cavazos 19 годин тому

    Rotten stay us good for the rot proc, along with the amulet thay increases attack with rot. Tho same can be said of mimic with rot wep or grease.

  • Juliannewmansdad
    Juliannewmansdad 19 годин тому

    New hairstyles?

  • Iby_
    Iby_ 20 годин тому

    Ahhh damn… used my reset up already…. Guess I’m blowing everything up. Smh

  • Vincent Invictus
    Vincent Invictus 20 годин тому

    What's that silver car at 0:46? The one he arrived in to get the hoon

  • All Day Err Day
    All Day Err Day 20 годин тому

    Can we finally upgrade Skippy?

  • Dameon Edwards
    Dameon Edwards 20 годин тому

    What mod are you using to have 341 perk points???

  • CookdIslander
    CookdIslander 21 годину тому

    You know what I hate about Cyberpunk? I hate that its such a damn mission to fund the clothes you like driving all over the place so damn annpying i cant find any clothes from my pre 2.0 patch saves

  • EtherSlayer77
    EtherSlayer77 21 годину тому

    the car at 0:46 is that modded im dumb as hell

  • Mike
    Mike 22 години тому

    4:47 The stash wall is bugged. 1.0-1.6 the right side of the stash. Was for crafted iconic weapons. When you craft the iconic weapons in 2.0 and stash. They will no longer show….

  • Ghost of Terra
    Ghost of Terra 22 години тому

    So the Neon Suite is basically just buying property in California or New York City

  • darkcat_ph
    darkcat_ph 22 години тому

    Theres a Legendary Nekomata Sniper at Biotechnica Labs

  • timothy price sr
    timothy price sr 22 години тому

    Just take a melee weapon in 2.0 you don’t need guns anymore

  • Truewiddy
    Truewiddy 22 години тому

    Curious but is money earned better 2.0 or is it just as stingy atleast I though the money wasn't enough for the fact that cyberware cost so much plus cars cost so much but you get paid so little for jobs

  • Pantor
    Pantor 22 години тому

    Revolvers were changed and can't have silencers.

  • ryudabear
    ryudabear 23 години тому

    Star field is a million times than this garbage 😂 would not pay a penny more to cd project dead

    • Glauaiv
      Glauaiv 23 години тому

      Nice try, Todd. Not buying skyrim though

    • Ainz Ooal Gown
      Ainz Ooal Gown 23 години тому

      Lol Star Field is just another game that the modders have to improve because Bethesda has no talent anymore

  • ZetaVec
    ZetaVec День тому

    Wait how do you have the new R7 quadra

  • the_dapper_stormtrooper
    the_dapper_stormtrooper День тому

    The car is a homage to the late Ken Block, a famous driver and gear head.

  • Linda van Kollenburg
    Linda van Kollenburg День тому

    Finally, more reviews of people actually playing the game and, like myself, enjoying it...

  • itskrvpt
    itskrvpt День тому

    i have the "ronin" trait and one of the stormtroopers commented on if i wanted to be a jedi and that they are illegal. these mods are sick

  • MRAZ
    MRAZ День тому

    You would wear a jacket on jedha since jedha despite being a desert is very cold

  • JaGGwithSWaGG
    JaGGwithSWaGG День тому

    How did you get that black face mask?

  • Archangel
    Archangel День тому

    I really regret not taking the dream home trait

  • dallas wheeler
    dallas wheeler День тому

    I've been saying starwars needs an Rpg just like this.

  • Rex Peterson
    Rex Peterson День тому

    That free car is actually a tribute to the late Ken Block.

  • Wilde Wilde
    Wilde Wilde День тому

    Well, that car is not there, and I have Johnny Silver hand... what am I missing?

  • Axel Supertramp
    Axel Supertramp День тому

    For the skippy part I’m hearing just don’t give him back still they take away his soul and I won’t let them.

  • Ylerian
    Ylerian День тому

    Are you allowed to tell us if we have to invest in the relic tree or do we just automatically unlock stuff as we go?

    • SwanyPlaysGames
      SwanyPlaysGames День тому

      You find hidden relics on the map which will give you a skill point to use in the relic tree

  • 451asians
    451asians День тому

    How tf did you FORGET a stormtrooper mod was on??

  • Shea J
    Shea J День тому

    How do you use the full auto mode for Archangel?

    • Shea J
      Shea J День тому

      @SwanyPlaysGames I think it may be bugged for me. It’s working like it used to, one shot head shot and the gun doesn’t do an animation when I fire it but it does sounds like it’s shooting.

    • SwanyPlaysGames
      SwanyPlaysGames День тому

      Just hold down the trigger

  • Sir_Charles_III
    Sir_Charles_III День тому

    I was torn about picking Dream Home. I mainly use it to store contraband for a smuggle run since there are no cargo scans in the Olympus system.

  • Adam Smasher on steroids
    Adam Smasher on steroids День тому

    Never knew there was 340 perk points.

    LOW-KEY День тому


  • Muggynpuggy
    Muggynpuggy День тому

    Imagine the terror the empire wouldve had if star destroyers can maneuver that fast

  • ghatanothoae
    ghatanothoae День тому

    What is the "equip button" I can't figure out the weapon animations

  • Enjeru
    Enjeru День тому

    How do you get that outfit in the game?????

  • RoccSantii
    RoccSantii День тому

    Those boots you have equipped look cool! How or where do you get those?

  • Ruben Moya
    Ruben Moya День тому

    Is it me or did they remove the wall pen on silverhands gun?

  • Antares, Third Elden Lord
    Antares, Third Elden Lord День тому

    I just bought the Neon penthouse and was so damn dissapointed, I had almost 600k credits so I was like "why not" and was hoping Id be able to overlook the whole city, above the cloud arc but NNNOPE. such a waste.

  • Thomas Cosgrove
    Thomas Cosgrove День тому

    I want to see a mod that adds a landing pad and ship builder kiosk to the dream home would make it perfect even if it was more expensive

  • Jolly Plague Doctor
    Jolly Plague Doctor День тому

    You need to cut that clickbait thumbnail shit out. You know exactly what tf you’re doing. People have been begging for that helmet since the game released three years ago and you’re preying on their expectations for it to be added now.

    • SwanyPlaysGames
      SwanyPlaysGames День тому

      What are you talking about? I tell you how to get the helmet and outfit IN THIS VIDEO. Maybe watch first before leaving stupid comments.

  • triple ₉⁹₉ doom
    triple ₉⁹₉ doom День тому

    When i do a male v playthrough i go street kid and qhen i play as female v i go corpo

  • David Riddick
    David Riddick День тому

    Regarding the the free vehicle. Be careful not to loot the hidden box before you get the quest from Johnny. The car keys will not be in the box. I can drive the vehicle but not access the vehicles weapons. Also the vehicle does not appear in summonable vehicles. WAIT FOR JOHNNY TO GIVE YOU THE QUEST. So mad that I may have broken the quest. Maybe they will fix in a future hotfix.

  • Dedsec Retr0
    Dedsec Retr0 День тому

    The ken block car wont spawn at all on that save so i wont be getting the free car which is bs because its a nice car but not worth starting a brand new game for it

  • A B
    A B День тому

    I don't like how they removed the descriptions for iconic weapons, like panams sniper. Just removes the connection you have with it