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Claw Machine Chooses What I Paint
Переглядів 1,4 млн14 годин тому
Painting With Wool #2
Переглядів 1,9 млнДень тому
Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #34
Переглядів 2,8 млн14 днів тому
I *TRIED* Recreating My Art in Real Life | Bake With ME #12
Переглядів 1,8 млн21 день тому
Finishing My Art Ideas #2
Переглядів 2,2 млнМісяць тому
Just a Life Update from ME.
Переглядів 2,1 млнМісяць тому
Opening MORE Used Squishy Packages
Переглядів 3 млнМісяць тому
How Many Pages of Create This Book Can I Do?!
Переглядів 1,9 млнМісяць тому
Painting on...TRASH?!
Переглядів 3,4 млнМісяць тому
I Bought a HUGE Amount of Art Supplies....Again
Переглядів 2,8 млн2 місяці тому
Thrift Store Makeovers #15
Переглядів 3,5 млн2 місяці тому
Making Abstract Art...for 3 hours straight
Переглядів 2,6 млн2 місяці тому
Finishing Random Art Ideas #1
Переглядів 2,8 млн2 місяці тому
My Baby Chooses What I Paint?!
Переглядів 7 млн2 місяці тому
Fixing The Unfixable #2 | Squishy Makeovers from the "Hopeless Bin"
Переглядів 5 млн3 місяці тому
Painting What I Win from a Claw Machine #3
Переглядів 1,7 млн3 місяці тому
Paint With ME #3
Переглядів 2,5 млн3 місяці тому
Opening all my BIGGEST Squishy Packages
Переглядів 6 млн3 місяці тому
Customizing An ENTIRE Deck of Cards (Pt. 2)
Переглядів 3,6 млн4 місяці тому
Customizing An ENTIRE Deck of Cards (Pt. 1)
Переглядів 4,7 млн4 місяці тому
Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #33
Переглядів 4,6 млн4 місяці тому
Ranking EVERYTHING I Made in 2022
Переглядів 3,4 млн5 місяців тому
Dollar Store Makeovers #5
Переглядів 2,5 млн5 місяців тому
Bake With ME #11 | Squishies into FOOD
Переглядів 4,2 млн5 місяців тому
Customizing What I Win out of a Claw Machine #2
Переглядів 2,6 млн5 місяців тому
Squishy Makeovers: Christmas/Winter
Переглядів 3,5 млн5 місяців тому
Customizing Aprons (because you told me to)
Переглядів 2,6 млн6 місяців тому
Turning Myself Into The Donut Queen
Переглядів 8 млн6 місяців тому
Art Things To Do When You're Bored #10
Переглядів 4,3 млн6 місяців тому
Thrift Store Makeovers #14
Переглядів 3,3 млн6 місяців тому


  • dash bilgee
    dash bilgee 2 години тому


  • dash bilgee
    dash bilgee 2 години тому


  • dash bilgee
    dash bilgee 2 години тому

    Have to be at work 😅

  • Sofia :D
    Sofia :D 2 години тому


  • Crum_TheWhitchCat
    Crum_TheWhitchCat 2 години тому

    stop talking

  • PixieNin
    PixieNin 2 години тому

    Do you still have the art set bc u really think it's cute

  • Aswin Ram
    Aswin Ram 2 години тому

    Is it just me or did she get 2 million get added to her channel last time i saw 7 now its soo close 9 😮

  • animekittykitty
    animekittykitty 2 години тому

    I guess you could say that Winifred is a bit of a *worrywart*.

  • vex johns
    vex johns 2 години тому

    Hey, can we get an Opie/the orange cat (i hope i spelled it right) update how is he doing

  • Beanie
    Beanie 2 години тому

    Maria you need to give that to your child it’s just small enough for a mini me

  • Riley Stark
    Riley Stark 2 години тому

    Please, Rosie next!!!!

  • Bubbles the Bee
    Bubbles the Bee 2 години тому

    So basically Burp is Lennie from “Of Mice and Men”? If you know you know, if you don’t that sucks

  • B1-16 Battle Droid
    B1-16 Battle Droid 2 години тому

    I can tell you what is that little pink yellow blue purple thing that is a Pomeranian Fuzzy ball licker by the bar poop poop is a Palm right I think it is

  • Rick Ellis
    Rick Ellis 2 години тому


  • Jennifer Norton
    Jennifer Norton 2 години тому

    I think you should make a board game like candy land but with your 4 most popular characters

  • B1-16 Battle Droid
    B1-16 Battle Droid 2 години тому

    Unicorn on the cloud I think that you will be better to make your character I’m trying to make you hot add more hard work so sorry not sorry 😃👍🏻

    THE STARS 2 години тому

    you ruend her with the cone

  • PersonAndCat
    PersonAndCat 2 години тому

    You should do a hole keyboard!!!! Please just an idea 😄 Day #1 of asking ☺️

  • Lylee2cool4u
    Lylee2cool4u 2 години тому

    Make your own game board PLEASE 🙏

  • Toast Pickle
    Toast Pickle 2 години тому

    How about a giant strawberry waffle?

  • B1-16 Battle Droid
    B1-16 Battle Droid 2 години тому

    Who’s grandmother got good nicknames for your polar bear family the boy one David the girl one lady I don’t know the child Kelly I think it’s💥 Nice 👍🏻

  • Neha Gupta
    Neha Gupta 2 години тому

    Make a chess set

  • w0rldt01zzy
    w0rldt01zzy 2 години тому

    okay, i have an idea for the backpack. it could be like a emergency baby backpack. it could have some diapers, a pacifier, and a bottle.

  • ⛲Una_una
    ⛲Una_una 2 години тому

    So cute🥺

  • Lily_emily371
    Lily_emily371 2 години тому

    You should make a squishy that looks like Opie

  • Demi Barton
    Demi Barton 2 години тому

    The green was grayish

  • Victoria Vinella
    Victoria Vinella 2 години тому

    And that's how it all began...........

  • MadiP
    MadiP 2 години тому

    I am obsessed with the cake and the macaroon with the ice cream on top 👌

  • Betsy Lambart
    Betsy Lambart 3 години тому

    I think you should do the walrus and the corgi❤ love your vids

  • Sandra Gibbs
    Sandra Gibbs 3 години тому

    Make berp a stuff animals please

  • Sandra Gibbs
    Sandra Gibbs 3 години тому

    You sould do the angry baby and make it cherry kid

  • Grace Vandiver
    Grace Vandiver 3 години тому

    I think it would be cool if she did Shelley in disguise

  • Andrea Zurita
    Andrea Zurita 3 години тому

    OMG in a picture that you put in this vid you have the same sweater as me

  • Apryle Garbutt
    Apryle Garbutt 3 години тому

    10:06 the green bottle went up😅

  • Nikki Pike
    Nikki Pike 3 години тому

    He Georgie

  • Apryle Garbutt
    Apryle Garbutt 3 години тому

    7:33 you should actually to that

  • Faviola López
    Faviola López 3 години тому

    You should give the coloring books to little Me

  • Icecream.In.Sxmmer
    Icecream.In.Sxmmer 3 години тому

    OMG the comment before me is the BEST idea ever! Please Moriah. Oh and you should play it too 😊

  • Rebecca Buhman
    Rebecca Buhman 3 години тому

    Girl you are too hard on yourself. My daughter and I watch you each week but I've been out of town and so we were just catching up tonight. I think your Catty cake looks wonderful! ❤

  • Leeyah Allmer
    Leeyah Allmer 3 години тому

    The fact she is so energetic and creative all the time, You would just know once she would walk in a room she would brighten the mood by 1000000000000000000x and that’s why I love her so much ❤

  • Kadence Loren
    Kadence Loren 3 години тому

    hi moriah! do u think u would consider putting the deck of cards back in ur shop? i missed my chance and i really really want them. like really bad. my mom and i have been watching u for years and we would really appreciate it! thanks, love u!! love ur content!!

  • Lolita Roquid
    Lolita Roquid 3 години тому

    Dog Cat H.ttdg

  • Enne Pontes
    Enne Pontes 3 години тому

    Can you please show your daughters face please I kind of forgot is it a boy or a girl show your babies face

  • Rachel Bermel
    Rachel Bermel 3 години тому

    Moriah: “this isn’t the most skillful, Pristine, piece of art” Also Moriah:*proceeds to draw a skillful pristine masterpiece with water color and colored pencils* Edit: yes I liked my own comment

  • i do stuff mendoza
    i do stuff mendoza 3 години тому


  • POTATOZ _on_TikTok
    POTATOZ _on_TikTok 3 години тому

    You should sell this backpack on your store because I would buy this :)

  • Ade Cs
    Ade Cs 3 години тому

    Very funny❤❤

  • Shannen Porter
    Shannen Porter 3 години тому

    So. Turn CUTEEEEE

  • Rachel Bermel
    Rachel Bermel 3 години тому

    I love how responsible and caring Moriah is over her child❤ I love that she respects her privacy and identity unlike some other parents on the internet who give birth and tell EVERYTHING about their child 😅 she is an awesome and amazing parent and is raising her so well❤❤

    • Rachel Bermel
      Rachel Bermel 3 години тому

      Yes I’m replying again ( and yes I’m liking all my own comments because I know these will NEVER blow up and NEVER get read by the queen of these videos 👑👑

    • Rachel Bermel
      Rachel Bermel 3 години тому

      I’m replying to own comment lol