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Charlamagne Squashes Beef with Lyfe Jennings and New Song 'Slave'
Переглядів 74 тис.День тому
Kim Kardashian Credits CBD For Saving Her Life
Переглядів 61 тис.День тому
James Corden Reacts to Bill Maher's Fat Shaming Comments
Переглядів 74 тис.День тому
Fantasia On Happiness, Love And Balance, New Music + More
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NYPD Sergeant Busted After Shoplifting Spree In The Bronx
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Hitmaka Talks New Music, Earning Respect, Maino Beef + More
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Florida Man’s Beef Over Cold Food Leads To Gunplay At McDonald's
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Kevin Hart Released From Hospital Into Rehab Facility
Переглядів 142 тис.5 днів тому
Tekashi 6ix9ine Family Fears For Their Life, Won't Attend Trial
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Angry Giants Fan Arrested For Making Gillette Stadium Threat On Facebook
Переглядів 100 тис.6 днів тому
Antonio Brown Releases Statement Following Rape Allegations
Переглядів 230 тис.6 днів тому
Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Pose For Playboy
Переглядів 153 тис.6 днів тому
Connecticut Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving Twice In One Day
Переглядів 123 тис.7 днів тому
American Airlines Mechanic Charged With Tampering With Plane
Переглядів 130 тис.8 днів тому
Teen Defends White 'Savior' Who Cut Off His Dreadlocks
Переглядів 173 тис.8 днів тому
Nicki Minaj Retires To Focus On Family
Переглядів 310 тис.11 днів тому
Arkansas Woman Drowns In Floodwaters After 911 Dispatcher Scolds Her
Переглядів 317 тис.11 днів тому
RZA, Erika Alexander & Ashton Sanders Talks Wu-Tang Series + More
Переглядів 318 тис.13 днів тому
Mac Miller Drug Dealer Arrested For Supplying Him With Pills
Переглядів 164 тис.12 днів тому
Updates Circulate After Kevin Hart Surgery Following Car Crash
Переглядів 432 тис.13 днів тому
Man Pulls Gun On Popeyes Employee For Running Out Of Chicken Sandwiches
Переглядів 266 тис.13 днів тому
50 Cent Apologizes To Moneybagg Yo After Crude Meg Thee Stallion Comment
Переглядів 499 тис.13 днів тому
Erica Ford And Khepera Kearse Speak On LIFE Camp And More
Переглядів 58 тис.21 день тому
Memphis Mother-Daughter Crab Leg Criminals Busted
Переглядів 262 тис.19 днів тому
Kobe Bryant Says He Would Have Won 12 Rings If Shaq Wasn't So Lazy
Переглядів 208 тис.20 днів тому
Meek Mill Criminal Case Finally Dropped After Reaching Plea Agreement
Переглядів 150 тис.20 днів тому
Wendy Williams Responds To 50 Cent 'Kicking Her Out' At His Pool Party
Переглядів 394 тис.21 день тому
Bobby Brown Sister Fabricates Story Claiming He Was Hit By A Car
Переглядів 159 тис.21 день тому
Dave Chappelle Takes Direct Aim At Our Society In Netflix Special
Переглядів 675 тис.21 день тому
Joe Budden Loudly Voices His Opinion On Swae Lee's New Music
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Lil Uzi Vert Promises Fan He Will Pay His College Tuition
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Angie Stone Talks New Album 'Full Circle', History of The Sequence + More
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Kodak Black Pleads Guilty In Gun Case, Faces 8 Years In Prison
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Dame Dash Speaks On Jay-Z Betrayal And NFL Partnership
Переглядів 647 тис.26 днів тому
Tee Grizzley's Car Shot At In Detroit, His Manager Killed
Переглядів 386 тис.26 днів тому
YFN Lucci Claims He Slept With Young Thug's Girl
Переглядів 188 тис.27 днів тому
Florida Man Arrested For Botched Castration Inside His Own Home
Переглядів 114 тис.27 днів тому
Tekashi 6ix9ine Fears For His Life As Kidnapping Trial Approaches
Переглядів 517 тис.27 днів тому
Late-Night Booty Call Goes Up In Flames After Man Doesn’t Answer Door
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Remy Ma Vocalizes Stance On Nicki Minaj Beef With Joe Budden
Переглядів 534 тис.28 днів тому
Jidenna Talks New Music, African History, Polyamory + More
Переглядів 796 тис.29 днів тому
Barack Obama High School Jersey Auctioned For $120K
Переглядів 87 тис.28 днів тому
22-Year-Old Sinks His New BMW Because He Wanted A Jaguar For His Birthday
Переглядів 247 тис.29 днів тому
Iggy Azalea Admits She Hates Some Of Her Old Music
Переглядів 150 тис.29 днів тому
Young Thug And YFN Lucci Feud Heats Up
Переглядів 410 тис.29 днів тому
Trae Tha Truth Talks New Music, Raising A Daughter + More
Переглядів 250 тис.Місяць тому
Aida Rodriguez Speaks On New Netflix Special, Childhood + More
Переглядів 169 тис.Місяць тому
Iowa Rep Says There Would Be No Population Left If Not For Rape And Incest
Переглядів 172 тис.Місяць тому
Nicki Minaj Calls Out Charlamagne And The Breakfast Club
Переглядів 838 тис.Місяць тому
Conor McGregor Snuffs Old Man In Bar For Not Taking Shot Of Whiskey
Переглядів 466 тис.Місяць тому
Trina Addresses Drama Surrounding Nicki Minaj And Her A&R
Переглядів 293 тис.Місяць тому
Slavery Role Play Request Goes Very Wrong
Переглядів 438 тис.Місяць тому
A$AP Rocky Found Guilty In Sweden Assault Case
Переглядів 253 тис.Місяць тому
Jay-Z Partners With NFL To Amplify Social Justice Efforts
Переглядів 219 тис.Місяць тому
Wendy Williams Addresses Rumors Of Ending Her Show
Переглядів 191 тис.Місяць тому
Eric Adams & Shaun Lynda Discuss Wealth Mindset And Financially CLEAN
Переглядів 51 тис.Місяць тому


  • U1F441 UFE0F
    U1F441 UFE0F Годину тому

    Black people have GOD's Gene!

  • Wiggy Pierre
    Wiggy Pierre Годину тому

    That's was such a good interview

  • melissa coleman
    melissa coleman Годину тому

    That last album was straight tasia .. Wasnt lit but wasnt trash it was right on time for me

    LIVIN LIFE BLIND Годину тому

    you know when it happened charlamagne, the bling bling era in the early 2000s.thtas when the switched started

  • Bakari Fuller
    Bakari Fuller Годину тому

    I dont know about that loyalty talk babys and mother have a diffrent bond men can understand the growth of a baby is diffrent

  • mansa musa
    mansa musa Годину тому

    See ya , angela " can we be equal " in reference to relationships= man raid talk

    LOVE JOY Годину тому

    I'm still confused I have a ton of questions.

  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy Годину тому

    Great interview. I’m person talking to People.

  • Akeema Dee
    Akeema Dee Годину тому

    My husband

  • Linkc
    Linkc Годину тому

    Listening to this, and I am as confused as they are smh they can't even settle on what to call them selves

  • Cheese Please
    Cheese Please Годину тому

    That was a powerful interview,803

  • Jack James
    Jack James Годину тому

    People steal because they had the opportunity; which makes them a opportunist.

  • Customcalendars4u2
    Customcalendars4u2 Годину тому

    Fantasia and Angela Yee can be true friends....

  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams Годину тому

    Pac was number 1 on the Billboard when he was in jail before he got out he didn't need death row

  • The ProdiG13
    The ProdiG13 Годину тому

    I really really like Fantasia a lot..... May God continue to bless her..!

  • Mark TheZealot
    Mark TheZealot Годину тому

    Trevor Noah is white.

  • Don Phillips
    Don Phillips Годину тому

    Future gotta song called slave master nobody said nothing about it

  • Ruu Bratta
    Ruu Bratta Годину тому

    Credit to Jamaican Rastas longtime we a preach ganja to the world, dem just a pree the fullness.

  • adrian72300
    adrian72300 Годину тому

    BFC this was one of the best ever, Larenz Tate is totally focused and together brother

  • kungfujooclaw
    kungfujooclaw Годину тому

    I like the questions Charles asked and I also like the replies of kanye. It's ok if Charles didn't care for yeezus at least he was honest and spoke his mind just like kanye

  • Cheese Please
    Cheese Please Годину тому

    I have a new found respect for Larenz Tate ✊🏾,803

  • iGottaReactToThat
    iGottaReactToThat Годину тому

    they need to speak on hasbro owning death row records

  • Many Faces
    Many Faces Годину тому

    i literally can not watch anything else after watching this interview

  • Laurie P
    Laurie P Годину тому

    I cannot stand the Breakfast Club...none of them and I’m glad Charlegay wasn’t at this interview. BUT because it was Fantasia they interviewed, I had to watch, and I’m glad I did. I heard my sister in Christ speak, and it was EVERYTHING!!! Thank you Fantasia for being you!!! When I heard “Enough” I remember telling my mother that Fantasia has FINALLY found her sound! Now that I know it is because she is on an independent label, it explains it all. Fantasia has too much talent and can sing ANY genre of music, but she sounds perfect singing rock with soul, and that is what it sounds like her new album is going to give us. Next, I want her to do a county album because I know she will kill that too!!! Love you, Fantasia!!! I’m here rooting for you every step of the way!!! 🥰❤️

  • Dekwandre Hamilton
    Dekwandre Hamilton 2 години тому

    Both points are valid but health means more than your feelings

  • Edison Thomas
    Edison Thomas 2 години тому


  • Assignments Done
    Assignments Done 2 години тому

    Just reading the comments in the section and I love you beautiful born women!!! Love you taking a stand on this!!

  • SOTBP Conference
    SOTBP Conference 2 години тому

    I've been trying for a decade to understand crypto. How can you trust something if not get a bling instant to it! Still interested

  • jsj31313jj
    jsj31313jj 2 години тому

    Until he denounced God the son he was on point.

  • yaisatou john
    yaisatou john 2 години тому

    Us young ladies need to really listen to her

  • Praxy Yeah
    Praxy Yeah 2 години тому

    Damn...remember. Nobody thought Trump would win as President. Idk...I have a feeling, I will be calling this dude President Yang. He might even get a Nobel prize.

  • Troy Kelly
    Troy Kelly 2 години тому

    It's so intriguing listening to her speak about big. It's just crazy to hear about him especially someone that was so close to him

  • Bryan A
    Bryan A 2 години тому

    Being fat in America had become an identity. “I am fat. I feel no shame. Therefore I see no need to become healthy because fat is beautiful “

  • BaddieIv
    BaddieIv 2 години тому

    This is disgusting, stop forcing this SHIT on people it’s ONLY 2 GENDERS PERIOD

  • Re Up
    Re Up 2 години тому

    The should come out With menace 2society #2 Odog gets out of jail and links up with pernell son

  • Assignments Done
    Assignments Done 2 години тому

    Man gtfoh whole show fulla clowns🤡

  • Theniteowlshow podcast
    Theniteowlshow podcast 2 години тому

    👑 🤤 💐

  • william Thompson Jr.
    william Thompson Jr. 2 години тому

    TOO BUSY OBJECTIFYING THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER................. Two people walk together, but only one man is to be the lead of the head; both the man and the woman are the headship of the marriage relationship! Love does work within the established balance of the God ordained order of the marriage!!!!!

  • Apologies The
    Apologies The 2 години тому

    A doctor doesn’t assign your gender!!!! We are created in GODS image!!! He doesn’t make mistakes!!!!!! People wake up. God is coming back soon!

  • Cheese Please
    Cheese Please 2 години тому

    I didn't stand in a line for chicken,803

  • Tytianna Jones
    Tytianna Jones 2 години тому

    Oh brother, why does this one guy never shut up.

  • Greg Cumber
    Greg Cumber 2 години тому

    That's what's up I'm rocking with her😘😊✊

  • Carlise Perry
    Carlise Perry 2 години тому

    Well said

  • ruxoox
    ruxoox 2 години тому

    her voice is simply amazing

  • Van Vador03
    Van Vador03 2 години тому

    Ye and J are no doubt their own guys but it's hard to not notice their shared education earned from their time with Dame Dash. J gets sudduced and engulfed by the challenges and constant nuances that his achieved level of business reveals. Ye with his learning wishes to make things fair there, there being at other peoples table. He wants independence but in the other peoples neighborhoods. Dame with that same knowledge wants blacks to build for solely us first. Just like everyone else has done for their kind first and where it counts, still do. Two artist and a fighter.

  • Tony West
    Tony West 2 години тому

    Russell simmons lucky the cops didn't grab his old ass !!!

  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams 2 години тому

    I believe in facts in 95 96 i watched Pac and Big life and death and if you would have made that video you would be another victim to the unsolved

  • BlackWork Is Self Help
    BlackWork Is Self Help 2 години тому

    Negroes need to practice the “10 Basic Stops” by Neely Fuller...

  • Corbett Robinson
    Corbett Robinson 2 години тому

    The 1K dislikes are from Aries Spears A.K.A Gooey Raccoon fans

  • Cheese Please
    Cheese Please 2 години тому

    Larenz Tate is a knowledgeable man,803

  • Phil Tet
    Phil Tet 2 години тому

    Damn Angela, I see you

  • Mike Richardson
    Mike Richardson 2 години тому

    Lol, I’m thinking about the scene in Dead presidents when he was hopping over the neighbors fences and someone yelled: “ Hey get out my yard” - and Tate goes- “.🖕🏾

  • Lois Lane
    Lois Lane 2 години тому

    This panel did not help themselves at all. All they did was reinforce the stereotype that all transgenders suffer from mental illnesses. The four of them should’ve gathered around a biology book before that breakfast club table. Sounded ridiculous.

  • T100
    T100 2 години тому

    Some Dallas drill shit💪🏾💪🏾

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 2 години тому

    Who watching this cause six nine comedy asf 🤣🤣🤣

  • King Vice Vurze Entertainment
    King Vice Vurze Entertainment 2 години тому

    Love this woman 😎- stay blessed baby, you deserve all of the blessings coming your way! Oh and DJ Envy you can't be lackin' mane! When one our Queens addresses you as "King" and ask you to pray--- you gotta make it happen Capn'! #StepUp--don't fall back😎

  • Norms
    Norms 2 години тому

    Angela is being so annoying lately .. don’t have a report without all research .. you didn’t do your homework yee and charlamgne did and that’s why your mad

  • P.O.L.O
    P.O.L.O 2 години тому

    Stephen A. is a 🐐!

  • Cheese Please
    Cheese Please 2 години тому

    We need our own again,803

  • Alltings questioned
    Alltings questioned 2 години тому

    Came with the FACTS

  • MissCoco Bulls
    MissCoco Bulls 2 години тому

    Honestly I wasn't aware tht he was married let alone have 3 kids

  • A Manago
    A Manago 2 години тому

    Yee is forever irra

  • debi terrell
    debi terrell 2 години тому

    Love Luenell. Thx guys cuz she kept Charlemagne laughing & I laughed right along w/him. Would u plz have Eddie Murphy on your show? Plz I need to laugh yawl. God bless

  • DanYiel Teflon
    DanYiel Teflon 2 години тому

    Wow that’s awesome he’s staying looking youthful for sure!!☝🏽

  • Ransom T
    Ransom T 2 години тому

    Her last album wasn’t trash. It was 6 good songs on it tracks 23457&11!! She happy she’s independent now so I get it! October 11th can’t wait!

  • Don Dada NYC
    Don Dada NYC 2 години тому

    Charlamagne is such a 🍆 rider! It’s disgusting

  • Soul Beautiful
    Soul Beautiful 2 години тому

    Says the man who isn't even married to a black woman. This is gettin' tired.... I have to LOL.

  • jKHAHN215PA
    jKHAHN215PA 2 години тому

    Attractive ..but not the brightest 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • MaximMate
    MaximMate 2 години тому

    Listen - If Bill Maher really cared about peoples health he would have previously shamed people on Smoking, Violence against women, Drug Takers, Alcoholics, gun owners, speeding drivers etc. All of which are huge costs to american healthcare, each of which take as many lives and more than overweight americans and all of which are not immediate physical traits you can see. Just living in america IS being fatshamed - seeing all the celebrities, actors, advertisments, shows 24/7 with skinny people is telling the fat people they dont fit in with america. To think there will now be some kids who saw bill mahers bit and will go to school and bully fat kids is digusting. America IS disgusting.

  • Ejiofor Ejiofor
    Ejiofor Ejiofor 2 години тому

    I am attracted to Rachel Dolezal. I am not attracted to white women.

  • Deme Smith
    Deme Smith 2 години тому

    I feel like the shift happened when we became WOKE.. we was blind and content until recently.. Social Media played a role as well

  • C A R L I T A
    C A R L I T A 2 години тому

    How on Earth do you literally not age. Not even a tad bit. Amazing.

    KOSEY ESHE 2 години тому

    9:22 im dying he said james bond

  • Nia Smith
    Nia Smith 2 години тому

    Charlemagne said your a great disruption sir lol. It sounds horrible but is actually a strong compliment. Lol

  • DanYiel Teflon
    DanYiel Teflon 2 години тому

    Baby I purchased her last album & it’s everything to me!! I’m excited about this album as well!!🎶💕

  • Let’s Get
    Let’s Get 2 години тому

    Who’s here after the case ?

  • MissCoco Bulls
    MissCoco Bulls 2 години тому

    He and his brothers have the same voice.

  • Rusty Noodles
    Rusty Noodles 2 години тому

    Can anyone tell me wether this is applicable to the Australian real estate market? Cant seem to find applicable advise towards Australian property legislation

  • Duane McDaniel
    Duane McDaniel 2 години тому

    Let me get this st8. You don't listen to logic but you just gave his ass 10min of free publicity.😂

  • Harlton Casty
    Harlton Casty 2 години тому

    These comments have given me a new found respect for rhe public most of us see the agenda for what it is

  • Queen Pettilicious
    Queen Pettilicious 2 години тому

    I love me some Fantasia she stay dropping gems, but it's up to us to pick them up.

  • Brandon McDuffie
    Brandon McDuffie 2 години тому

    Man, does she have a Phyllis Hyman look to her.

  • Sheldon Baker
    Sheldon Baker 2 години тому

    Angela continued to make excuses. Her mentality was more hurtful to the obese community than some rude comments made to them.

  • Flip Warbucks
    Flip Warbucks 2 години тому

    Ya fuvked up big time. Black people will not except that sh!t being forced upon them. The whites and Latinos? Idk but not us

  • Brandon Bowman
    Brandon Bowman 2 години тому

    What was that movie called with Larenz Tate and Chris Tucker called because I forgot

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller 2 години тому

    That’s what’s up talking spiritual Fantasia Amen

  • sinjonezp
    sinjonezp 2 години тому

    Birthday today 9-16 Virgo world !!!

  • Koran Lumpkins
    Koran Lumpkins 2 години тому


  • Daron Cannon
    Daron Cannon 2 години тому

    First off all these niggas out here aren’t leaders.

  • D Bufford
    D Bufford 2 години тому

    Fantasia is the real deal.

  • Cheese Please
    Cheese Please 2 години тому

    No pork no pork no pork,803

  • cleve Apollo
    cleve Apollo 2 години тому

    Great interview now Tate let's get some Land where we can build and put these ideas into action

  • J.
    J. 2 години тому

    "Slave" made me delete the record from my Google Play. Lol!

  • G
    G 2 години тому

    Bathrooms at the house are private

  • akumma888
    akumma888 2 години тому

    In Mexico we are the fatest country in the world. We are not proud of it. We dont encourage it. Its a bad thing. Why do you stupid Americans support being fat like its a normal great thing.

  • Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle
    Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle 2 години тому

    I had the pleasure of meeting Larenz Tate back in ‘05 while walking down Church Street in NYC on the way back to my job after a messenger run. I noticed him further ahead as he was coming out of some building on Church with his entourage or whomever, and heading into a van. I said to him, “What’choo said about my mama?” Just kidding. I shook his hand and told him that “Menace II Society” was a classic. He said, “Thanks, dawg.”

  • Empire Jackson
    Empire Jackson 2 години тому

    'I been workin all day and I gotta come home and hold you up' . Hilarious!

  • YAHAWAH Saveshischosen
    YAHAWAH Saveshischosen 2 години тому

    5:09 tru chit they out to get USSSSS. MAN THEY NOT COOL Y'ALL.

  • TrollinYouNIGGAss Tv
    TrollinYouNIGGAss Tv 2 години тому


  • Odilon
    Odilon 2 години тому

    This was very uncomfortable to watch