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Baker Mayfield and Russell Wilson, similar in height and beyond | NFL on ESPN
Переглядів 2,5 тис.20 годин тому
Max Kellerman: GGG’s legacy needs to be reviewed | Max on Boxing
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Baker Mayfield will never be Russell Wilson - Stephen A. | First Take
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Fantasy Focus Live! Week 6 preview
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Matthew Berry is wary of Joe Mixon in Week 6 | The Fantasy Show
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Fantasy Focus Live! Giants vs. Patriots
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Zion’s rookie year could mirror Shaq’s - Stephen A. | First Take
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The Pelicans struggled with Zion on the floor - Jalen Rose | Get Up
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Fantasy Focus Live! Week 6 injury news
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It’s time for Browns fans to panic - Stephen A. | First Take
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Is Jalen Hurts a first-round pick? | Get Up
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Kevin Durant is right about the Knicks - Bomani Jones | High Noon
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Stephen A. still has doubts about the 49ers after 4-0 start | First Take
Переглядів 359 тис.5 днів тому
Fantasy Focus Live! 49ers vs Browns recap
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Jalen Rose is excited for Kyle Kuzma this year | Get Up
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  • Russel Walker
    Russel Walker Хвилина тому

    This is not dnt this is 5meo-dmt also known as the god molecule. Not well known at all. Comes from a frogs back on South America. Has the symptom of changing people's lives after one hit. Is reported to cure heroin addiction. And has the answer to mystery of 42

  • mm mm
    mm mm Хвилина тому

    ad gonna be a Lakers great

  • AwkwrdW1llCmdy
    AwkwrdW1llCmdy Хвилина тому

    Is he referring to the Raptors or Clippers as a "Superteam"? Because the Raptors definitely were not. They could go without Kawhi and still be a top team in the league, just gotta trust your teammates, so those teammates will do more for you come playoff time... You know, the Blazers Achilles heel..

  • Nelson Bell
    Nelson Bell Хвилина тому

    These guys are retarded did they see today's game

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown Хвилина тому

    I notice everybody wants the trash to Cowboys but all Champions don't win all games either we going to be alright the Dallas Cowboys will be in the playoffs so everybody needs to lay off a back Prescott he's a great quarterback he will be the next Captain come back you almost seen that the other day against the Green Bay Packers and it was soap deep in a hole and they decided to come back late third-quarter off until the 4th quarter that reminds me of the old Dallas Cowboys back in the day 22 nothing going into the fourth quarter in the Cowboys always come back and win

  • Marlon Taiza
    Marlon Taiza 2 хвилини тому

    Warriors parin

  • emmajlz363
    emmajlz363 2 хвилини тому

    Masai is not the GM, Bobby Webster is

  • gerardo Vazquez
    gerardo Vazquez 3 хвилини тому

    Obj rying to come out but nobody listening😂

  • Selfish Stockton
    Selfish Stockton 3 хвилини тому

    The Admiral’s hairline looks like an inverted anchor

  • kyha states
    kyha states 5 хвилин тому

    A lot of times people will talk themselves out of a job! AB talked himself out of the NFL!

  • katina whitley
    katina whitley 5 хвилин тому

    Zion Williamson 💪

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P 7 хвилин тому

    this is disrespectful to Russel by having baker in the same conversation as him

  • Frank Colonna Dodd
    Frank Colonna Dodd 8 хвилин тому

    ESPN - The Ocho!

  • GDJoppa
    GDJoppa 8 хвилин тому

    Game 5 was a highlight. The entire series was fun to watch. Both teams came out in an exciting fashion off the jump! I can't wait for next season.

  • deuces2119 soto
    deuces2119 soto 8 хвилин тому

    Hes all hype mark my words the defense will figure him out and everyone will realize hes nothing special, Watson is a far better quarterback. Houston beats them you will see.

    OMEGA NIG 8 хвилин тому

    Raps won woj get over scrub

  • Jay R Cato
    Jay R Cato 8 хвилин тому


  • Michael O'Malley
    Michael O'Malley 9 хвилин тому

    Looks like there is dead animal on his head

  • Nathan
    Nathan 9 хвилин тому

    He threw 5 picks today. Don’t give too much credit lol

  • tasoj
    tasoj 9 хвилин тому


    AUGUSTUS ALBERT 10 хвилин тому

    Dark skinned Russell Westbrook

  • dio
    dio 10 хвилин тому

    Kawhi def in mvp race

  • Hitemdown
    Hitemdown 11 хвилин тому

    You can teach a dolphin how to bite but it's still not a shark max is right as usual Stephen just want to be invited to the BBQ

  • Wolfie Wiggins
    Wolfie Wiggins 12 хвилин тому

    It’s a black dude mullet bro

  • Fabithunder
    Fabithunder 15 хвилин тому

    "a leader has to play on both ends", these are the same guys that have LeBron as the best player in the league and talk about how much of a leader he is. smh

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 15 хвилин тому

    Marcus Morris you irrelevant bruh; no one cares if you a fan of cool or not, who even ARE you? 🧐

  • YoBro
    YoBro 15 хвилин тому

    JW completes more passes to his team than he does to the opposition. That's Good! Plus he moves good out of the pocket.

  • Agent Charm
    Agent Charm 16 хвилин тому

    Some how Collin cowherd still gonna call out baker on this

  • war ran
    war ran 16 хвилин тому

    this fucking guy. No one complained when manning did it.

  • rodwan sabow
    rodwan sabow 17 хвилин тому

    Is there a bottle snot in NBA max Coleman sounds fool

  • Britt's World
    Britt's World 17 хвилин тому

    Mfs avoiding Zion talk

  • Harry Kays
    Harry Kays 18 хвилин тому

    Kawhi was 2nd in assists playing for SDSU Aztecs. Tony Parker for career averaged only 5.6 apg . 1 triple double in 18 seasons and in OT!! only averaged 7 assists TWO seasons out of EIGHTEEN seasons!!! Kawhi has ALWAYS been a good dimer but the systems he played in SDSU and SA Spurs concentrated on running down the clock , low turnovers and great Defense. Watch SDSU vs Gonzaga Nov 16th 2010 and you see Kawhi can definitely dime!

  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter 19 хвилин тому

    Neither will win G.S all the way!;!!

  • Strange Days
    Strange Days 19 хвилин тому

    Lawrence is going to the Patriots in 2021 after Brady retires.

    ABDUL MALIK 22 хвилини тому

    I'm right with Steven A. KRS, LL, RUN DMC, EPMD - all them cats I roll with, Rakim, DELA SOUL - the real!

  • The Future Is Here
    The Future Is Here 24 хвилини тому

    1. Baker should be asking Russell the questions 2. Including today's games: Russell Wilson has 14 TD 0 INT Baker Mayfield: 5 TD 10 INTs One is smaller but still way better

  • Manhattan Island
    Manhattan Island 24 хвилини тому

    Russ is the new age QB. accurate and elusive

    HARRIS LAM 24 хвилини тому

    Anthony Day to Day Davis? Greek Freak > AD

  • Antonio Gill
    Antonio Gill 25 хвилин тому

    So you’re in the league for what’s cool?? Lame af, KD LET’S GO, KNICKS!!! 💯💯💯😎

  • Tyler Asura
    Tyler Asura 25 хвилин тому

    Max: Jameis Winston is a top 10 QB Winston: Throw 5 ints in a game

  • I'll Get U Next Week
    I'll Get U Next Week 26 хвилин тому

    Love his response to the AB?..Now AB is gonna trash talk him for not trash talking him

  • Big E
    Big E 27 хвилин тому

    Stephen a Smith just said something that made sense mark it on your calendar

  • thereal_mojo_
    thereal_mojo_ 30 хвилин тому

    Height and build but no where near similar in skill and will!!!!

  • Jalen Rose
    Jalen Rose 31 хвилина тому

    Paul Pierce: There can be nothing worse than my takes His hariline: Hold my wheelchair

  • David Lloyd
    David Lloyd 31 хвилина тому

    They're the same players. switch em and baker is a two time superbowl champion =)

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 31 хвилина тому

    Magic was 20 years old his rookie season.

  • Ian Houk
    Ian Houk 32 хвилини тому

    Let me guess 5 int vs Carolina in London now Winston's a bust next week.

  • Jay Tillah
    Jay Tillah 32 хвилини тому

    Maybe 1 ring but Miami wasn’t winning as many rings as people thought lebron left because he knew no more rings was coming

  • john lips
    john lips 33 хвилини тому

    Yes let’s discuss his legacy Since 2012 GGG has beaten more top 10 contenders than any active boxer in the sport. He had a 23 ko in a row streak to give him the highest ko% in middleweight championship history. He had 20 consecutive title defenses to tie him with Hopkins for the most in middleweight championship history He statistically has the best jab in boxing for the last 7 years Through 42 fights GGG has a better record, a better KO%, more Ko’s, beat more champions, beat more top 10 contenders, won more titles, has more consecutive title defenses, than Marvin Hagler had through 42 fights. GGG’s opponents have over 300+ more wins than Hagler’s first 42 opponents, which didn’t even include 1 single champion. Hagler didn’t win a title till his 55th pro fight. Didn’t fight Duran, Hearns, Mugabi or Leonard till his 61st fight and on. NONE of them natural middleweights. Duran, a blown up lightweight and Hearns and Leonard, two blown up welterweights, were all making their middleweight debut vs. Hagler. The hypocrisy is strong. Hagler is a god and GGG is hated and this douchebag Max has to “examine his legacy.” Meanwhile GGG’s career absolutely pisses on Hagler’s through 42 fights. Plus he landed more clean punches on Canelo in 18 out of 24 rounds and made him miss 756 times in total. Most media and ringside scorers had both fights overwhelmingly for Golovkin. He should still be undefeated and still be ranked p4p #1, like he was for a full year before the red headed steroid cheat bought off judges.

  • Ben Haushalter
    Ben Haushalter 34 хвилини тому

    I’m from Chicago and I’m just now excepting that I might have to cheer for a St. Louis team

  • MuFu
    MuFu 35 хвилин тому

    Don't u just love when Max and Stephen a agree in the end

  • DailyDrivenMuscles
    DailyDrivenMuscles 35 хвилин тому

    Always crying. Pathetic.

  • Stephon Purvez
    Stephon Purvez 35 хвилин тому

    What kyrie did we right /good... He's talking about the reporter's and shows like this... That like to blow player's words out of proportion... As Jalen just did... 🤔 Intelligence isn't a requirement for that job obviously... 😂 😂 😂

  • Omar JR
    Omar JR 37 хвилин тому

    Hey Russ, Parcells called those Jap Plays cuz they were very surprising. Kinda like Pearl Harbor. NO DISRESPECT to the orientals but yeah

    • Josh Tice
      Josh Tice 29 хвилин тому

      You dumb ASF

  • BallJonesBasket
    BallJonesBasket 37 хвилин тому

    Baker is hot garbage. Imagine having him leading your favourite football team... you are DOOMED.

    TYLER URENA 37 хвилин тому

    That was Odells first tho lowkey

  • Brian Hunt
    Brian Hunt 38 хвилин тому

    Not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7...

  • Abduljalil Mahama
    Abduljalil Mahama 38 хвилин тому

    The only player next to MJ is Kobe... The clutch

  • Leana Carter
    Leana Carter 39 хвилин тому

    You mean Stephen A. Doesn't have to much to say.😶 Really I lied listen to him go.

  • Bank of Werner
    Bank of Werner 39 хвилин тому

    1. Khalil Mack 2. Miles Garrett 3. Aaron Donald 4. Shaq Barrett 5. Jalen Ramsey

  • kyha states
    kyha states 39 хвилин тому

    SAS is a very pouty little manless man! He is so dramatic and don't need to be that way. If he knew how he looked he wouldn't portray himself the manner he does.

  • Francisco J. Mena Girón
    Francisco J. Mena Girón 39 хвилин тому

    Though I'm a barca fan but its sad to know he's truly of the best is leaving la liga..We will miss the greatest rivalry😢

  • gsxrboi1000
    gsxrboi1000 40 хвилин тому

    Terrible assessment ✅

  • Isaiah Robinson
    Isaiah Robinson 40 хвилин тому

    I had that haircut for 2 years

  • Cad Chamberlain
    Cad Chamberlain 40 хвилин тому

    thanks for the obvious

  • Danny Perez
    Danny Perez 41 хвилина тому

    100% Correct Max

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 41 хвилина тому


  • Super Trill
    Super Trill 41 хвилина тому

    I think I speak for everyone when I say please SHUT UP MOLLY 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jackson Armstrong
    Jackson Armstrong 41 хвилина тому

    I want his hair 😂

  • fax tellerman
    fax tellerman 43 хвилини тому

    Top 10? He just threw 5 picks so will see what y’all say on first take Monday

  • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
    IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers 43 хвилини тому

    Baker Mayfield is the TYPICAL OVERHYPED White QB... Lamar Jackson should have went #1

    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers 41 хвилина тому

      Lamar has a better passer rating,more passing yards,better completion,less interception and has more running touchdowns🤓

  • jacob moran
    jacob moran 43 хвилини тому

    Max’s is an absolute artist when he goes in on his honest opinions

  • Mike Kiviranta
    Mike Kiviranta 43 хвилини тому

    Seems like the height and build are where the similarities stop

  • The Goat
    The Goat 44 хвилини тому

    Paul George isn’t clutch🤣

  • Hamza Salah
    Hamza Salah 45 хвилин тому

    That was lit

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown 46 хвилин тому

    Russ wayy Better

  • Tony__Est19xx
    Tony__Est19xx 46 хвилин тому

    This Was Awesome

  • Da Greazy
    Da Greazy 46 хвилин тому

    lonzo ball is mediocre

  • I Will Rock Your Face!
    I Will Rock Your Face! 46 хвилин тому

    He is a bust. Enough of the pro black anti logic and self loathing SJW white Winston fan boys. College ain’t the pros. Late draft picks like Montana and Brady can agree.

  • Farouk Bourouina
    Farouk Bourouina 47 хвилин тому

    When GGG was with HBO Max never criticize him

  • ABC_Bilal HD A
    ABC_Bilal HD A 48 хвилин тому

    Yo he is Jewish

  • T 'mo
    T 'mo 49 хвилин тому

    Delle a beast for real!!!!😬

  • AJ Styles
    AJ Styles 49 хвилин тому

    Baker isn’t bad , dudes a beast. That browns o-line tho ? That’s bad.... give him what Dak has and he’s a Pro Bowler qb , book it

  • Isleyfoster123
    Isleyfoster123 49 хвилин тому

    Man they have a punchers chance in a playoff series at least against top tier teams, if steph, Klay and D lo all get hot, forget it

  • Tuomas Kallio
    Tuomas Kallio 49 хвилин тому

    As a seahawks fan im offended

  • fugiapple96
    fugiapple96 51 хвилина тому

    Tajh, you know good and well Alabama’s best win was against South Carolina, who beat Georgia (yes, that didn’t happen at the time of the interview, but still). This was before Alabama beat Texas A&M worse than Clemson did AT College Station.

  • Heartless Monster
    Heartless Monster 51 хвилина тому

    Lebron is is not the goat. Jordan and Kobe is way better than he is. Idc what anybody say

  • Darryl Clark
    Darryl Clark 51 хвилина тому

    Burner phones have entered the chat... They’re about to turn the league (behind the scenes) into How to Get Away with Murder

  • zeefly226
    zeefly226 52 хвилини тому

    This didn't age well.

  • Paul Mann
    Paul Mann 52 хвилини тому

    I've been wearing this haircut for 10 fucking years. Yall ride nuts like it's the last train on the track 🤣

  • radiorakim
    radiorakim 54 хвилини тому

    Whats in his head? Scars?

  • Heartless Monster
    Heartless Monster 54 хвилини тому

    Kawhi and PG is gonna be the best duo. Their personalities and games fit so well with each other smh

  • joey williams
    joey williams 55 хвилин тому

    specil ni yuor way

  • Joshua Rivers
    Joshua Rivers 56 хвилин тому

    People they said Kansas City not anywhere else outside of that place, it wasn't popular in Kansas City until Patrick came along. Stop hating and let the boy live his best life.

  • BayouBeezy
    BayouBeezy 56 хвилин тому

    Zion is already ALLSTAR team bound First Team NBA his motor is different to much production He's Dwight Howard Shaq & LeBron in one Geez Put him on a Mardi Gras float He's the New King No Cap 💥💯

  • _atp3417 _
    _atp3417 _ 56 хвилин тому

    Always love watching football/baseball/basketball analysts trying to do tennis play by play and fail miserably

  • 10GALLEN81
    10GALLEN81 56 хвилин тому

    " My wife jumping around a corner" ......... The NBA isn't going to invest millions in promoting that. (maybe they should ) ...but I don't think they will. When you go to games, you see the stars leaving the arena with their wives and girl friends. Maybe some parents don't want that type of role model for their young daughters. I'm asking a question, more than making a statement. Is that the main reason the NBA doesn't sink major dollars and support behind these ladies ?

  • Jahmier Quayson
    Jahmier Quayson 56 хвилин тому

    NBA 2010-16 was lit asf to watch growing up

  • Scott Ty
    Scott Ty 57 хвилин тому

    Max loves to bring up race. What a douche.

  • Daniel Kelegian
    Daniel Kelegian 58 хвилин тому

    Nice call Max. WInston threw 5 picks today. Have a nice day.