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Don't Not Buy The iPhone 11 Pro
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$60 BlackPods 2 vs. $200 AirPods 2
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What Makes These Headphones So Expensive?
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Unboxing a $25,000 Smartphone
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The Sony Xperia 1 Deserves Your Attention
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The Craziest Laptop I've Ever Seen
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OnePlus 7 Pro Is The Best Smartphone Overall
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The Less Known Samsung Galaxy Phone...
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Wearbuds Are Like AirPods In Your Watch
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I used nothing but iPhone for 30 days
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The Most Futuristic 4D Sneakers
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My New Channel
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Apple Powerbeats Pro Unboxing - Better Than AirPods?
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Black Apple AirPods 2 FINALLY!
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I'm Going Back To iPhone.
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Goodbye Samsung Galaxy Fold...
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The Most Luxurious Business Phone
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This Thing Really Surprised Me...
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Samsung Galaxy Fold - What About Cases?
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Folding The Samsung Galaxy Fold One Thousand Times
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Gaming On The Samsung Galaxy Fold
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Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Flagship Smartphones
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Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing
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Control Your Phone Without Touching It
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The Best Smartphone Deal Right Now.
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This Tiny Brick Can Power All Your Tech
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A Portable Arcade For The Super Wealthy
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The Other Hole-Punch Smartphone...
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I found a great Apple AirPower alternative...
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I'm switching to the Huawei P30 Pro
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The iPad Pro Keyboard Apple Should've Made
Переглядів 1,3 млн6 місяців тому


  • K vu
    K vu 4 години тому

    Can I please have the iPhone 11 in yellow please, I’m not able to upgrade my iPhone 6 and I REALLLY REALLY want a new phone and I love the color of the yellow & the quality is perfect and more storage etc....

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 4 години тому

    In Ireland we A70 A50 A30A10 low too high price points not all are good but if you want Samsung it's available for all price points.

  • Asfhan Hussain
    Asfhan Hussain 4 години тому

    0:01 is the reason i watch this

  • Andres Cabrera
    Andres Cabrera 4 години тому

    Where can I buy it ???

  • Bedassa Mustafa
    Bedassa Mustafa 4 години тому


  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal 4 години тому

    Dude, there are calories. You'll have alcohol in your blood. Where does it go? It metabolizes into sugars.

  • Radplay
    Radplay 4 години тому

    Expensive things: *exist* Lou: I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

  • troll account
    troll account 4 години тому

    is it just me or did it automatically have chinese subtitles??

  • Daniel Xie
    Daniel Xie 4 години тому

    Unbox Therapy 2020 - Do not by the Surface Duo!

  • Trapz
    Trapz 4 години тому

    Lets all have a moment of silence for the people who thought it was 2 pounds as in money...

  • Saketh Chebrolu
    Saketh Chebrolu 4 години тому

    buys a wheel, plays in 3rd person view...................

  • Birds Are Dinosaurs
    Birds Are Dinosaurs 4 години тому

    Talking about new, innovative tech while having Willy Du there sporting a Macbook, is such a turnoff... Give the poor guy a nice laptop!

  • Haroon Shah
    Haroon Shah 4 години тому

    Almost all of them cost 10 or more

  • Malik Kelly
    Malik Kelly 4 години тому

    Why would you take off the rosary pendant from the shoes. That’s the best part besides the water 💧

  • The Wild Yoshi
    The Wild Yoshi 4 години тому

    So do we buy it or not?

  • Nick
    Nick 4 години тому

    I don't have a problem with them leaving the budget phone market, this phone looks worth it to me and many phones nowadays don't. Don't get greedy, OnePlus.

  • y y
    y y 4 години тому

    i could do this by putting them in a washing machine

  • David Hastings
    David Hastings 4 години тому

    A gag ball really not for public

  • Lukas Jednacak
    Lukas Jednacak 4 години тому

    I’m watching this on an 11

  • fardin jan
    fardin jan 4 години тому

    All phone brand specially iphone should sell this smart phone in KG like we buy food since there is nothing new with my old phone

  • Magia iubirii
    Magia iubirii 4 години тому

    I can have one SE?

  • Speck Sparrow
    Speck Sparrow 4 години тому

    the pope ordered 3 pairs instantly

  • johnny dent
    johnny dent 4 години тому

    Did dude got a twin???

  • JagoUK
    JagoUK 4 години тому

    So what was the one new feature? Just lots of waffling on to me.

  • ツC4ld
    ツC4ld 4 години тому

    ultimate commentary

  • Grizz C
    Grizz C 4 години тому

    Nike figured out a way to make back the three hundred million dollars they lost on those shoes that Kaepernick did not like.

  • E Dogg36
    E Dogg36 4 години тому

    I don't care what it sounds like that has to be the stupidest dumbest most retarded fucking idea I have ever heard seriously who founded this bullshit you might as well just carry a Bluetooth speaker and leave the phone in your pocket

  • Grizz C
    Grizz C 4 години тому

    I can walk on water. When it's frozen it's hard I don't go very fast what I'm walking.

  • Elijyuh
    Elijyuh 4 години тому

    these are technically called water max

  • Jadiaz3399
    Jadiaz3399 4 години тому

    Now when I see a Volterman wallet I just open it away from me! Thanks!

  • Jen n Ninja
    Jen n Ninja 4 години тому

    Can we get good enough to put this technology inside my 3 inch gijoes??? That would be amazing!!!

  • Krishna Dhasmana
    Krishna Dhasmana 4 години тому

    i miss this guy lol

  • Regg Joo
    Regg Joo 4 години тому

    Still a gap. Why don't they make a movable hinge, that moves out, away from the screen when closed, and the bezel does more than just " mount it"? Maybe a "surround type bezel, that let's the screen move, with the fold. That gap shouldn't be there.

  • iconik 2333
    iconik 2333 4 години тому

    so we're does the water come from are you sure it's not the tears from eyes of "slave labor workers @ NIKE slave camps"...disgusting shoes disgusting..company..

  • ur krillingodxxx
    ur krillingodxxx 4 години тому

    Can you use it like a regular phone?

  • savaya kent
    savaya kent 4 години тому

    The airbag looks kinda like the wii bar for remote detection

  • Jpr0917
    Jpr0917 4 години тому

    Wonder what the cleaning instructions are lol

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    peter rabit 4 години тому

    What song did you usw dude

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    Alejandro Barreno Ruiz 4 години тому

    that biggie smalls vibe on the end 🔥

  • EnderCrafter
    EnderCrafter 4 години тому


  • Stephen Fitzpatrick
    Stephen Fitzpatrick 4 години тому

    Passports have rfid chips too brotha, would be nice if that “passport pouch” had rfid blocking in it as well

  • Baljito The Dorito
    Baljito The Dorito 4 години тому

    Please do a review on inpods i12

  • GetAwayBoy Mookiee
    GetAwayBoy Mookiee 4 години тому

    Yhu clowning us android people we don't want shii to do with iphones

  • Baljito The Dorito
    Baljito The Dorito 4 години тому

    You should do inpods i1

  • This is CJ
    This is CJ 4 години тому

    Easiest way to get everything stolen Phone charging wallet

  • H4n Mil
    H4n Mil 5 годин тому

    How many more lenovo thinkpads / x1 are he gonna say as "perfect" i wonder…

  • Doynokid GamingTM
    Doynokid GamingTM 5 годин тому

    Tooo funnnnney....😂😂😂

    SSAVAGEPICS 5 годин тому

    Those Go HARD AS F*** 😂 might have to buy me a pair 🤫

  • Agnes
    Agnes 5 годин тому

    I thought morphe sent u something

  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto 5 годин тому

    That's the phone I'm using. I love it.

  • Number 1
    Number 1 5 годин тому

    That thing is scary

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    Stoopid 5 годин тому

    Ugly af

  • Lukas Jednacak
    Lukas Jednacak 5 годин тому

    Slosh slosh slosh

  • Andrew Blanche
    Andrew Blanche 5 годин тому

    230$ is crazy I paid 70$ generics on Amazon with charger case, that’s 2500mah power bank that can charge anything usb-c fast charge up,

  • Rollingoreo360 #
    Rollingoreo360 # 5 годин тому

    What do you guys do with all the stuff that you buy after the videos are made? Read more

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    Parfy 5 годин тому

    Best shoes ever.

  • mousa dib
    mousa dib 5 годин тому


  • Hakuna matata
    Hakuna matata 5 годин тому

    Watching it after 1 year...where its price is 126 dollar

  • Matthew Lemmers
    Matthew Lemmers 5 годин тому

    Yet I've actually never seen someone with one of these kind of devices. Must be a lot of sales in India or something or through lesser carriers who you have to bring your device to

  • TZ ANK
    TZ ANK 5 годин тому

    Samsung:New Feature Iphone:New Generation

  • Zazatava 90
    Zazatava 90 5 годин тому

    Xiaomi push oled more in Android world, we need to see Lenovo doing it too in PC world, especially for mid-tier.

  • Alex Vior
    Alex Vior 5 годин тому

    Koss porta pro are the best headphones for the price

  • wtom the bombw
    wtom the bombw 5 годин тому

    I believe a low fume dry erase or a colored pencil will put this out of buisness

  • JF3_ 28
    JF3_ 28 5 годин тому

    Just got recommended this

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    wcnmlgb 5 годин тому

    I'm watching this on Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The pixels look almost perfect to me.

  • Ben 24
    Ben 24 5 годин тому

    Anyone using s8 in 2019 Hit likeee

  • Kalpesh P.
    Kalpesh P. 5 годин тому

    Man how Rich are you? I wish I was at your Place holding this phone. 😥

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    Jayden Jackson 5 годин тому

    I like the part when he said nothing

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    Pantelis pal 5 годин тому

    What's the song 5:33 ?

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    C_ Delgado 5 годин тому

    people are gonna be walking around with holy water now 😂

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    F D 5 годин тому

    If you wear them in the winter will the ice mess up the chamber lol

  • Alex Delforge
    Alex Delforge 5 годин тому


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    ts. 03 5 годин тому

    Imagine if they made vapormax version of these they wouldnt last long

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    Ali Koc 5 годин тому

    Why did this get recommended to me i literally watched and liked it when it came out

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    Miami Dice 5 годин тому

    Damn that screen looks so good compared to the one I'm watching this video on.

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    halloo jhh 5 годин тому

    I didn't order anything bc I'm Not a stupid retard like Most commentators here 🙂

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    Akim Moreno 5 годин тому

    I would would try to drink it

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    Viko Viko 5 годин тому

    Jesus: Am i joke to you?

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    Scorpion 5 годин тому

    Whats the name of the first song

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    ShitDawg 5 годин тому

    I cant wait to see this shoes in a scary movie.

  • David Rief
    David Rief 5 годин тому

    being that the console need to read a disk how does this work.............does it work by way of just putting your disk in?

  • Neither Us
    Neither Us 5 годин тому

    When your dog is smarter than you.

  • LilChris Tv
    LilChris Tv 5 годин тому

    Forget reaction videos I’m doing text videos 🤑

  • Flappy 2048
    Flappy 2048 5 годин тому


    1GOSSEN7 CCG 5 годин тому

    I think that the price goes up if the water is the gamer girl bath water stonks

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 5 годин тому

    Just get a Samsung. Apple sucks.

  • Leon Blank
    Leon Blank 5 годин тому

    This guys sniffs wood as if he was sniffing cocaine.

  • Justine Dilan
    Justine Dilan 5 годин тому

    Can I have only Iphone 4s from you? I really need it for editing commercials project in our school. I wish you could read this please. my phone has only 1gb ram and I need more higher than that please?

  • Yo Joe
    Yo Joe 5 годин тому

    You should see the new ones that come with an EPT card for all the 🐒 .

    RYAAAAAAAAN 5 годин тому

    8:43 I thought you said, "I am fatty gay". I really need to work on my French.

  • Mirza filmindus
    Mirza filmindus 5 годин тому


  • Soups 4 Life
    Soups 4 Life 5 годин тому

    3:28 isn't anyone gonna talk about this?

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    hassan tahir 5 годин тому

    2016: cars need charging 2019: wallets need charging 2020: wifi needs charging

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    Tegadeedway YT 5 годин тому

    2019: Water filled sneakers 2095: Water Is Scarce :( 3050: **EVERYONE STARING INTENSELY AT WATER FILLED SHOES** 3075: **People drinking from their shoes**

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    Random tizio 5 годин тому

    Its kevlar

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    -Ludo- 5 годин тому

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    Almighty Wall 970 5 годин тому

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    Josef Rivera 5 годин тому

    3:43 when the test says”how do you know this is a sneaker”

  • hassan tahir
    hassan tahir 5 годин тому

    Like they weren’t heavy enough

  • ParticuleVair
    ParticuleVair 5 годин тому

    4:24 there is a red stain right shoe lace