Will Smith Surprises Viral Video Classmates for Their Kindness
Переглядів 5 млн2 дні тому
Ellen welcomed high school students Kristopher and Antwain, who surprised their bullied classmate, Micheal, with new clothes and shoes. A video of the kind exchange went viral, and Ellen talked with the three teens about the inspiring gesture. Kristo..
Ellen Meets Adorable Viral Hugging Toddlers
Переглядів 4,1 млн4 дні тому
Two-year-olds Maxwell Hanson and Finnegan McKenna recently went viral after a video of them running to hug each other was posted and since then been viewed by over 100 million people. Now they're visiting Ellen with their parents, who chatted about t..
Ellen's Brad Pitt Surprise for Dax Shepard
Переглядів 933 тис.3 дні тому
Dax Shepard has publicly professed his love for Brad Pitt, so when Dax served as guest host, Ellen decided to leave him a surprise featuring his Hollywood crush. #TheEllenShow #DaxShepard #BradPitt
Jennifer Lopez Fails to Disguise Her Voice to Ellen
Переглядів 740 тис.6 днів тому
Ellen tried to guess the mystery celebrity on the phone in a new game, but her friend Jennifer Lopez failed to disguise her voice enough to fool Ellen! The two chatted about Oscar buzz for Jennifer's new film, "Hustlers," and addressed rumors saying ..
Kylie Jenner & Stormi Answer Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’
Переглядів 8 млн10 днів тому
Ellen put billionaire Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi in the hot seat to answer some of her “Burning Questions.” Kylie revealed all while talking about what Travis Scott smells like, bingeing UAclips makeup tutorials,..
Ellen Reveals She Dated Brad Pitt’s Ex-Girlfriend
Переглядів 3,1 млн8 днів тому
For the first time in eight years, Brad Pitt sat down with Ellen, and she admitted she dated one of his ex-girlfriends. Plus, he talked about playing a stuntman in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” #BradPitt #OnceUponATimeInHollywood #TheEllenSho..
Ellen & Her Writer Lauren Go Wig Shopping
Переглядів 1,3 млн12 днів тому
Ellen shared her summer hair drama that left her with a short cut and natural brown hair. Since it was such an ordeal, Ellen joked she should wear a wig, so she brought along her writer Lauren to go shopping for a new hairdo. Ellen tried on a wig nam..
Taylor Swift’s Full Interview with Ellen
Переглядів 5 млн4 місяці тому
From singing with Zac Efron to getting scared in a bathroom, Taylor Swift has had some unforgettable moments on the show, and now she’s back! The superstar opened up about the Easter eggs in her music videos and songs, her latest single, “Me!”,..
Ellen Gets Audience Members to 'Spill the Tea'
Переглядів 552 тис.6 днів тому
Ellen got to know a few people in her audience in a new game called "Spill the Tea." Find out if Ellen correctly matched stunning secrets to each of the fans, including one woman you'll never forget. #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres
Superfan Brad Pitt Distracts Ellen While Sitting in the Audience
Переглядів 15 млн9 днів тому
Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt tried to blend in as an Ellen superfan in the audience, and not only distracted Ellen, but also her guest Sean Hayes. #BradPitt #TheEllenShow #SeanHayes
'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Demi's Fears of Coming Out on TV
Переглядів 484 тис.2 дні тому
"Bachelor in Paradise" star Demi Burnett recently made history as the first person to be in a same-sex relationship since the popular franchise began, and she talked with Ellen about her fears of coming out on TV. Demi also gave her opinion on couple..
Simon Cowell Can't Eat Cake on His 60th Birthday
Переглядів 1,4 млн5 днів тому
Simon Cowell is just weeks away from turning 60, and while he feels great about hitting the milestone, he told Ellen he can't celebrate with cake. Plus, the "America's Got Talent" judge explained the reason behind his major diet change and losing a s..
Adorable Kid Dancer ZaZa Shows Off Her Sassy Dance Moves
Переглядів 4,5 млн16 днів тому
Four-year-old Zahara "ZaZa" Bean sat down with guest host tWitch to chat about her "bad and boujee" personality and took the stage to perform an impressive routine to "Hot Shower" by Chance the Rapper. #tWitch #ZaZa #TheEllenShow
Simon Cowell Takes on The Lie Detector Game
Переглядів 802 тис.4 дні тому
Simon Cowell is known for his sometimes blunt honesty, but Ellen found out if he was able to tell the truth with Hasbro’s The Lie Detector Game. Brought to you by: Hasbro #TheEllenShow #SimonCowell #Ellen
Test Your Ellen Knowledge with '2 Lies and a Truth'
Переглядів 176 тис.2 дні тому
Think you know a lot about Ellen? Find out if you're a true fan... in a new game called "2 Lies and a Truth." #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres
Ellen Meets Viral NYC Firefighter and His Baby Daughter
Переглядів 1,9 млн12 днів тому
Ellen welcomed New York City firefighter Jimmy Howell, who recently went viral with a video of him giving a pedicure to his 9-month-old daughter Kensley. Jimmy talked about why he likes to pamper her, and explained why he thinks it's important to set..
Katy Perry Reveals Her Love Language with Orlando Bloom
Переглядів 1,2 млн4 дні тому
Katy Perry chatted with Ellen about her engagement to Orlando Bloom and how she admires the actor and their special love language for each other. The pop star also talked about becoming more mature since helping to take care of her fiancé's son, and..
Jennifer Aniston’s First Text During Her Plane Scare Was from Ellen
Переглядів 3,4 млн3 місяці тому
Jennifer Aniston recalled her frightening emergency incident on a plane and how Ellen was the first person who texted her to make sure she was okay. The actress also dismissed tabloid rumors, and talked about how no one should be ashamed of being nak..
Katy Perry on How Fans' Reaction to Taylor Swift Feud Helped Them Make Amends
Переглядів 1,6 млн4 дні тому
Katy Perry divulged to Ellen how her infamous feud with fellow pop star Taylor Swift finally came to an end - with a joint effort to set a better example of female camaraderie for their fans. Plus, Ellen had a special gift for Katy's precious dog Nug..
Ellen Added a New Member to Her Family!
Переглядів 818 тис.5 днів тому
Ellen announced she added a new member to her family - an adopted dog named Mrs. Wallis Browning! Don't worry, she has plenty of photos to prove it. #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres
Naomi Osaka Calls Out Ellen For Texting Her Celebrity Crush
Переглядів 1,5 млн9 днів тому
Naomi Osaka called out Ellen, saying she "did her dirty" by texting her celebrity crush Michael B. Jordan the last time she was on the show. Plus, the tennis superstar discussed her admirable sportsmanship in her US Open match against Coco Gauff, and..
Wanda Sykes' Kids' Homework Is Kicking Her Butt
Переглядів 893 тис.2 дні тому
Wanda Sykes chatted with Ellen about her summer, which included having to do her kids' summer reading homework with them, and getting frustrated by the record heat in France. Plus, Wanda talked about her new comedy "Jexi," and how her wife Alex lov..
What the Kardashian/Jenners Really Think of Kylie 'Billionaire' Jenner
Переглядів 3,2 млн13 днів тому
Kylie Jenner became a billionaire at just 21, and she revealed to Ellen what her famous siblings think of their youngest sister having such a high net worth. Plus, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star and her mom Kris Jenner chatted about Kylie..
Adorable Father-Daughter Duo Sings ‘Señorita’
Переглядів 8 млн11 днів тому
Ellen welcomed Nick and his 4-year-old daughter Sienna, who recently went viral after posting a cover of “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. The two explained what it was like to have their video reposted by the pop stars, then they p..
Ellen in Melissa McCarthy's Ear
Переглядів 936 тис.11 днів тому
Ellen sent Melissa McCarthy to a local dry cleaner for one of her classic hidden camera pranks. Find out why it almost backfired when employees called 911 because they thought the actress was having a medical emergency! #TheEllenShow #Ellen #Melissa..
Ellen Makes a Huge Fan's Dream Come True
Переглядів 254 тис.6 днів тому
Ellen surprised fan Tracee Lopez, who has been watching and writing to the show since she was 12 years old. She follows staff members on social media, and even took the day off from work to watch the Season 17 premiere. Ellen brought her to the show ..
Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Kim's Baby Bombshell to Kris Jenner
Переглядів 14 млн4 місяці тому
Kris Jenner had the ultimate Mother's Day surprise as Ellen brought out Kourtney Kardashian, her kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign, and Kim's children, North, Saint, and Chicago. Kim was noticeably absent as Kourtney revealed to her mom that Kim's surr..
Jake Gyllenhaal Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'
Переглядів 2 млн3 місяці тому
Ellen put Jake Gyllenhaal in the hot seat to answer some of her "Burning Questions." Find out who he thinks the sexiest Avenger is, and hear his very specific impression of Harrison Ford. #JakeGyllenhaal #TheEllenShow #BurningQuestions
Our Kid Reporter Jaden Lands His Biggest Interview Yet: Brad Pitt!
Переглядів 496 тис.2 дні тому
Ellen recently welcomed kid reporter Jaden Jefferson to the show, and not only did he impress her with his skills, he awed another guest on the episode... Brad Pitt! The Hollywood icon even requested to sit down with Jaden for a very special intervie..
Ellen Discovers Some Insane Hidden Talent in Her Audience
Переглядів 6 млн2 місяці тому
Watch as Ellen is wowed by twin brothers who have amazing hockey stick tricks, a woman who does spot-on animal impressions, a sword swallower, and a woman who can make a lot of items appear out of her clothing. #TheEllenShow #HiddenTalents #Ellen
Kylie Jenner on Stormi's 'Perfect Mixture' of Her and Travis Scott
Переглядів 8 млн12 днів тому
In her first sit-down interview since becoming a mom, Kylie opened up to Ellen about her daughter Stormi, who is the "perfect mixture" of her and her partner, Travis Scott. The 22-year-old also talked about never imagining the huge success of her mak..
Ellen Meets Employee at Center of Melissa McCarthy's Hidden Camera Prank
Переглядів 706 тис.10 днів тому
Ellen surprised Alexis Symonds, the employee at the center of Melissa McCarthy's recent hidden camera earpiece prank at a local dry cleaner. Ellen sat down with Alexis, who explained why she thought the actress was acting crazy during the prank, and ..
Ellen Makes Things Right (and Messy) with Executive Producer Mary
Переглядів 59 тис.4 дні тому
Ellen's Executive Producer Mary convinced Ellen to dye her hair back to blonde after having her natural brown hair all summer, so to make it up to her, Mary offered to get messy during a live commercial for Lightlife Burgers. The new plant-based prot..
Melissa McCarthy’s Full Interview with Ellen
Переглядів 584 тис.12 днів тому
Melissa McCarthy divulged to Ellen that when Billie Eilish scared her the last time she was on the show, it gave her what she considers to be her first heart attack. Plus, the Oscar nominee revealed how she gets in character by wearing a wig, how aft..
Jennifer Aniston Settles Whether She's Better Friends with Ellen or Reese Witherspoon
Переглядів 3 млн4 місяці тому
Reese Witherspoon insisted she is better friends with Jennifer Aniston than Ellen, so Ellen decided to go straight to the source and called Jennifer to settle the dispute once and for all. #ReeseWitherspoon #JenniferAniston #TheEllenShow
Alyson Stoner Returns After 17 Years
Переглядів 10 млн13 днів тому
Alyson Stoner sat down with Ellen... 17 years after her first performance in Season 1, around the time she shot to fame as the featured kid dancer in Missy Elliott's "Work It" music video. After rejoining Missy onstage at the recent 2019 MTV VMAs, Al..
Ellen Surprises 'American Ninja Warrior' Winner with $1 Million Prize
Переглядів 468 тис.5 днів тому
Drew Drechsel was just crowned the winner on the finale of “American Ninja Warrior,” and became only the second person in the show’s history to win $1 million. Since Drew thought he had to wait a few more months to receive the check, he was com..
Kylie Jenner Surprises Fan with Visit to Kylie Cosmetics Headquarters
Переглядів 4,1 млн10 днів тому
Ellen and Kylie Jenner teamed up to find deserving fans during premiere week and reward them with a total of $1 million, including Ashley Almonte, a huge fan of Kylie. Not only did Kylie give Ashley an exclusive tour of Kylie Cosmetics headquarters, ..
Ellen scares people 2018 part 1
Переглядів 1,3 млн11 місяців тому
Ellen Lee DeGeneres (/dəˈdʒɛnərəs/ də-JEN-ər-əs; born January 26, 1958)[1] is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, producer, and LGBT activist.[2] She starred in the popular sitcom Ellen from 1994 to 1998 and has hosted he..
Kelly Clarkson Turned Down Initial Talk Show Offers
Переглядів 501 тис.6 днів тому
Kelly Clarkson just kicked off “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to high praise, but admitted to Ellen that she declined initial offers to have her own talk show. Luckily, her husband eventually convinced her to do it. #KellyClarkson #TheEllenShow #TheV..
Chrissy Teigen on the Moment She Became the Subject of the President's Tweets
Переглядів 3,3 млн11 днів тому
In her first interview since becoming the latest subject of the President's tweets, Chrissy Teigen opened up about how she found out about the posts, and her initial reaction to the tweets aimed at her and her husband John Legend. #ChrissyTeigen #Jo..
Ellen Show - Funniest Moments of All Times!
Переглядів 847 тис.6 місяців тому
Ellen Degeneres Show's Funniest Moments of all times. Here you'll see episodes with Madonna, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Kanye West, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez,..
Ellen Reviews Products Made Just for Women
Переглядів 1,3 млнМісяць тому
Ellen noticed that stores have regular products, but they also have lady products - which are the same thing, only pink - and she reviewed a few of them on the show. #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres
Reese Witherspoon Reacts to Jennifer Aniston's Best Friend Claims
Переглядів 2,2 млн9 днів тому
Jennifer Aniston recently admitted to Ellen that she's better friends with her than Reese Witherspoon, who claimed she is closer with her "The Morning Show" co-star. Ellen played the clip back and the Oscar winner was stunned to hear the answer. Plus..
Ellen Reviews Fans' Really Bad Gifts
Переглядів 2 млн2 місяці тому
Ellen asked her viewers to send her photos of some bad gifts they've received, and you won't believe just how bad these presents really are. #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres
P!nk Won't Post About Her Kids on Social Media Anymore
Переглядів 2,1 млн5 місяців тому
P!nk revealed to Ellen she will no longer be posting about her kids on social media after receiving hateful comments from users on Instagram. #PINK #TheEllenShow #Ellen
A Sneak Peek at Season 17
Переглядів 821 тис.16 днів тому
Ellen has a lot of surprises in store for Season 17, including a hidden camera prank with Melissa McCarthy, and Kylie Jenner rewarding deserving fans with $1 million! #EllenSeason17 #TheEllenShow #KylieJenner
Brad Pitt Responds to Dax Shepard's Huge Crush
Переглядів 2,4 млн9 днів тому
Dax Shepard has talked about his man crush on Brad Pitt many times on the show, and after seeing all the praise, Brad shared how he feels about his biggest fan. Plus, the superstar cleared up rumors that he once had a job dressed as a chicken for a f..
Tom Hanks Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'
Переглядів 1,5 млн4 місяці тому
Tom Hanks sat in Ellen's hot seat to answer some of her "Burning Questions." Find out how he's connected to Cher, his best celebrity impression, and the one thing he'll never do again. #TomHanks #TheEllenShow #BurningQuestions
Encouraging Teacher Moved to Tears by Big Gift for His Community
Переглядів 387 тис.3 дні тому
Guest host Dax Shepard met 5th grade teacher Robert Dunham, who went viral with a photo of him cutting a student's hair. He is dedicated to giving back to kids and adults in his community, so Dax and Ellen's friends at Shutterfly wanted to help him c..