The Problem with "Free" College | Joe Rogan & Andrew Yang

  • Опубліковано 12 лют 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1245 w/Andrew Yang:


  • John Dough
    John Dough Годину тому

    I went to school with a guy who became a welder. I snickered at that until I heard he was making over $100k a year as an underwater welder... and this was back in the late 80s.

  • John Dough
    John Dough Годину тому

    Tuition is so high BECAUSE of student debt. It’s because the government started guaranteeing student loans. This led to more people going to college. Limited supply + increased demand = higher prices.

  • Haylen Rendeluk
    Haylen Rendeluk Годину тому

    I think I’m just gonna join the military I hear they are always hiring

  • Thomas Shaye
    Thomas Shaye Годину тому

    I am 20 years old and have dropped out. Sometimes I feel lost and worried for my future as I’m sure most people my age feel. I have this desire and pressure to go back to college but for what? Something I’m mildly interested in and that isn’t guaranteed? So I just feel as if it’s something that’s chasing me and that is constantly in my face. College this and college that. I’m thankful for this clip because it is reassuring to know that college at the moment just financially isn’t worth it and that there are other ways to be successful. I definitely think other ways of making a living should be talked about in detail and marketed to the public. Because I really have not been introduced to very many things such as that.

  • alpha sow
    alpha sow 2 години тому

    Free college is only for those who want to attend college

  • minihands _
    minihands _ 2 години тому

    Yang Gang 2020

  • Curtis Bressler
    Curtis Bressler 4 години тому

    Systemic Solution:
    Make all public officials live under the lowest standards of living created and maintained by the system.
    They'll see how bad life can be and will work tirelessly to change THEIR SITUATION immediately.
    Until then, they'll sit in their ivory towers giggling about how good life is.

  • Samuel Anderson
    Samuel Anderson 5 годин тому

    Joe “I know a guy” Rogan

  • Girl Friend
    Girl Friend 6 годин тому

    I’m now a certified welder. I went to trade school for free and actually knocked out most of my prerequisites for Psychology. So now I have two associates. Both are passions of mine. I’m debt free and working at a psych hospital that not only gives me the experience I need for psych to get a masters and doctorate but also pays for the rest of my undergrad. I don’t know how I’ve managed to tweak the system for my own needs.

  • Get On
    Get On 6 годин тому

    This guy will appeal to a lot of people, unlike other candidates who primarily appeal to the left-wingers on the coasts. Very refreshing

  • Jeremy Bland
    Jeremy Bland 6 годин тому

    Can we switch the war on drugs to the war on education?

  • Mistress M
    Mistress M 7 годин тому

    He sounds like a bastion of good sense and then bam! white ppl are gonna start shooting up Asian churches.

  • Buttered Toast
    Buttered Toast 7 годин тому

    What is this, another Democrat running on promises of "free" stuff? Maybe ya'll should think about an episode where you interview yourself, and call it "The problem with JRE fans"

  • Its ASetUp
    Its ASetUp 7 годин тому

    Nothing is free. Someone else will just be paying for that liberal arts degree in gender studies that has no hiring prospects.

  • Chad, Don
    Chad, Don 7 годин тому

    Yang is a very smart and informed guy and he's not wrong about anything he's saying here.
    My one critique is his comments on the idea of free college. It's not that it would solve the problems, it's ONE piece of the puzzle to fix the issues.
    We need to extend public education to bachelor degree and lower the costs caused by the bloated college admins and more vocational training and better job creation.
    The criticism should be that it's just one piece. Not that it's wrong-think.

  • Heals the feels -ESO
    Heals the feels -ESO 9 годин тому

    I am going to spend my $1000 on hookers and cocaine.

  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim 9 годин тому

    This guy is all solution based.

  • Jackson Costello
    Jackson Costello 9 годин тому

    Bernie’s a numb skull. Trying to make a country rich from socialism is like trying to lift yourself up with a bucket handle while standing in it.

  • lrock48
    lrock48 10 годин тому

    Schools lined up their curriculum with "required" courses to make money. I don't see why I need to be taking entry level physics/biology while pursuing an accounting degree....
    Also, bookkeeping will never be automated, otherwise business owners and shady employees will not be able to skim off the company (automated = digital footprint/trail). You have no idea how many "creative" bookkeeping methods I've seen while doing audits.

  • GamesterStatus
    GamesterStatus 10 годин тому

    K thru 12 is free so you can see the irony and greed of paid college. Everyone in America should have the opportunity for college. I am a born and raised republican and I will be voting for Bernie for my Sons future!

  • ricky l
    ricky l 11 годин тому

    College is so expensive it’s not even worth it for some fields. Ex: structural and architectural engineering requires extensive school degrees and continuous education to maintain a license. The average sallery for structural engineering is maybe 120K a year if your with a good company for awhile. I make almost that much contracting and I have no school debt.

  • doramason
    doramason 13 годин тому

    you can't forgive/default debt. that's against fed's money printing mania. you'll get murdered for trying that as a president...

  • Simon no last name
    Simon no last name 13 годин тому

    yang is a freaking scam artist! speaking in half truths and cherry picked facts 🙄 vote for him if you're an uniformed idiot. good ol Joe "but have you tried dmt?" Rogan seems to never know anything about who he's talking to.
    so over Rogan... go back to fighting for money dude you're an embarrassment

    • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords
      SkyrimBelongsToTheNords 8 годин тому

      Still better than the rest of the dems who want stupid shit like Slavery reparations.

  • Emerson Mcaree
    Emerson Mcaree 15 годин тому

    He's pretty great until he says white people are gonna start killing Asians...

  • Earl Soldier
    Earl Soldier 16 годин тому

    MAGA forever.

  • Unknown God
    Unknown God 17 годин тому

    There’s also so many administrators who don’t even help at all unfortunately

    • Unknown God
      Unknown God 9 годин тому

      I myself stopped going to UCB because I didn’t want to be 30-40 thousand dollars in debt for only the first two years. So I decided to go to a community college for the first two years. I pay out of pocket but I’d rather come up with a few thousand for 2 years now than 40k when I’m done with school plus whatever else comes up

    • Unknown God
      Unknown God 17 годин тому

      Also for many many low middle to low class the only way to get out of poverty is to go to college. We can’t take chances because we don’t have anything to utilize. Unfortunately the only way out is to get into debt and hope our profession stays “alive”

  • Adam A.
    Adam A. 19 годин тому

    Now a days you can google "highest paying jobs with lowest unemployment." You ever met an unemployed respiratory technician, no, that's because they have an unemployment rate of less than one percent, it's actually 0.3% if you wanna be anal about it. These guys make 60k plus a year right outta school with just an associates degree.
    You know you can use ur mobile computer (smart phone) for more than ig and porn right? You guys walk around with MILLIONS of times more computing power in ur pocket than NASA had to put niggas on the moon, and yet don't know how to use google, smfh.

  • King Bowser
    King Bowser 21 годину тому

    I supported trump but this guy sounds like a refreshing Democrat 😲

  • damian wasieczko
    damian wasieczko 22 години тому +4

    Gotta be honest, I saw Yang' s opinions of guns and immediately thought I knew the type of Democrat he would be. But I'll hold my hands up and say that I was wrong in underestimating his character. Definitely not one of those greater than thou high horse democrats. He articulates very well.

    • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords
      SkyrimBelongsToTheNords 8 годин тому

      He's running as a Democrat, he's gotta have that position on Guns in the primary. He said himself on twitter that Gun Confiscation isn't practical or desirable. He's all about using technology to solve problems.

  • Michael Oporto
    Michael Oporto 23 години тому

    This guy is a god damn moron

  • JustKeith
    JustKeith День тому

    No one extra would graduate. The people what want to go, go now. Some flunk out. Some don't want to go at all. Hardly anyone don't go because of money.

  • NintendoMusic
    NintendoMusic День тому

    He has my vote.

  • Andrew Devine
    Andrew Devine День тому

    Can college even by regarded as a net good anymore? Would you want the dingbats at Evergreen dining out on your tax dollars?

  • Cia
    Cia День тому


  • NWOslave
    NWOslave День тому

    college is expensive is because of the guaranteed loans by the government with no controls. its the housing bubble all over again. and kids are taking these enormous loans out have no financial judgement if the education will actually help them in their job fields to pay these debts off.

  • IamThatIam
    IamThatIam День тому

    one of the other problems is how colleges have found ways to manipulate not saying the name of any school but there are lots of them that use this money to put inn a fund and if they dont reach their goal they will put out towards other efforts like sports. The school board can't legally build stuff without certain requirements, but if they move it to a fund like the booster board, the boosters can then build what the school wants without the regulations.

  • FrogFraction
    FrogFraction День тому

    The problem with "Free" College is that it's still a waste of time.

  • TheWutangclan1995
    TheWutangclan1995 День тому

    The only person who's not shouting out "Make College free" for the hell of it and brought some valid points about the downsides of making it free for everyone.

  • Bob Lam
    Bob Lam День тому

    Asian Obama that's running on UBI.

  • Ramon Luis
    Ramon Luis День тому

    Came to dislike, but ended up liking.

  • c a t
    c a t День тому


  • Illuminati Dewritos
    Illuminati Dewritos День тому

    In the attempts of appealing to the middle and lower classes he slips in giving everyone 1000 bucks, that’s a freaky idea, cuz you’re not gonna be able to give all “young people” that much money continuously, free money is never free, it will either fuck with the economy or raise taxes, you can pull that much money outta no where

  • RAFatturi
    RAFatturi День тому

    I used to work on powerlines. That's a trade job. It sucked, the pay wasn't that great and it was dangerous. If you want to be busting ass in the heat and the cold all year long and on call, then go to trade school. Many of the "trades" jobs have many of not all of these aspects.

  • Karla Gonzalez
    Karla Gonzalez День тому

    I don’t know why debt is such a big problem. I pay about 2-3k a semester( attend fully I enjoy). I work full time in a factory and I can afford it; no need for loans so early on. I have one more semester left to complete my bachelors.

  • M H
    M H День тому

    Free daycare would help a lot too! Just add free daycare programs to schools.

  • M H
    M H День тому

    Free college doesn't not mean only free 4 year degree college. Most schools have vocational, technical education courses.

  • KeeperOfTheFate
    KeeperOfTheFate День тому

    Poland have free universities. Now many of american startups are outsourcing their work to polish software houses.

    BLINKS День тому


  • Jay Hoonigan
    Jay Hoonigan День тому

    This guy Andrew is a smart guy. Ive heard him talk before. Makes a lot more sense than most dem candidates.

  • Matthew Beechey
    Matthew Beechey День тому

    Didn't know much about Andrew but he seems ight

  • EmDee
    EmDee День тому

    My question is: who is going to pay for the loan forgiveness under his direction? Someone always ends up paying for it. The reason college tuition have gone up is because college has been over prescribed.

  • Senpai
    Senpai День тому

    Guess I'm lucky to be 30k in debt for studying IT.

  • Nick Ciufi
    Nick Ciufi День тому

    He's half-right.
    People need a path out of student loan debts, but they also need to get jobs that allow them to earn more money and produce to society.
    The real problem here is that student loan money is readily available for anyone, regardless of major and regardless of the career potential of the degree.
    The Department of Labor has estimates of what jobs will be needed in 10 years, and those estimates are usually very spot-on. We need to tie loans to majors, and only allow a certain number of them per year on a first-come, first-serve basis. That way we get out of the glut of Business and Psychology majors, and start moving people into the other vocations.
    Once those are tied, we can give people a path out by offering them another way to earn money besides getting a 4-year degree that everyone else has, and then slinging coffee because you can't get a job.

  • Kylwyn
    Kylwyn День тому

    I live in Finland where university is free, but while university is free, they also have vocational high school and regular high school which you choose at 16. Regular sets you on the path to university but vocational is just as acceptable and has more practical courses while leading to trades and such. Since I moved here I’ve thought that was a very clever setup.

  • samai
    samai День тому

    I used to work for a student loan company for several years. It’s a shame how these people set kids up for failure with loans

  • Caleb Wheeler
    Caleb Wheeler День тому

    I think he’s trying to find a lot of round about solutions to the pricing problem, when the easy solution is to just let the market solve it. The reason colleges become so bloated and expensive is because the money is endless. The money is endless because of federally guaranteed loans to kids that don’t know any better. It’s absurd and preventing market forces from operating. Remove federal loans and you will see these schools prices plummet dramatically. I’m not opposed to some sort of universal grant system that students can apply towards their university expense, but a blanket free college plan would only result in the same bloated system we have now. The key is making sure market forces take hold and students are forced to consider cost when they make their choices. When schools have to compete on price, their prices will fall. This is true for every single other part of the economy, it will be true in education.

  • Abel Brokenman
    Abel Brokenman День тому

    People, who have degrees and got successful have a tunnel vision of the path to success. It works because it worked for me.
    Stop thinking of it as free college. Think free Continuing Education.
    College, Trades, Vocational or an apprenticeship to a master craftsman ( boatbuilder ,painter, sculptor, furniture maker, whatever) UBI would certainly make it easier to concentrate on learning.
    Also make civics a bigger part of that curriculum. I believe the closer you are in age to participation in society the easier it is to hold your attention in a civics class. In my era it was taught in 8th or 9th grade. A time when it hard to think of yourself affecting the society you are not really participating member.
    An informed electorate is the only defense for a free society.Let us take the time to teach an understanding of our constitution, the role of each branch of government and how to participate in a exchange of ideas using critical thinking. Not the superficial way it is taught ( if at all) today.

  • Jimbo Slim
    Jimbo Slim День тому

    Free 1000$!

  • Robert Hansen
    Robert Hansen День тому

    Hmmm... loan forgiveness for those with private loans is ridiculous. Thats pretty much defualting on a loan. College loan bubble crisis - that would be the result. Mark my words if we go down that path.

  • Samwise2
    Samwise2 День тому

    I don't even understand. How do people still think jobs will be available despite CONSTANT automation. Everyones' job will be gone in 20 years, tops. We should be worried about what people are going to be doing with their time when there is no social burden to work.

  • Carl Knott
    Carl Knott День тому

    A politician, or wanna be politician, who talks sense and not bs or talking point? That is very rare.

  • AhB
    AhB День тому

    Is this some sort of American joke I'm too educated to understand?

  • Gage
    Gage День тому

    Yang is a dumbass don't vote for him

  • Dean Cutler
    Dean Cutler День тому

    When it comes to student debts persisting through bankruptcy, that had to happen because education isn't really like a material asset that can be seized if you default on payments. Take loans, get educated, don't pay and declare bankruptcy and your credit is clean in 7 years.

  • Fizzics
    Fizzics День тому +1

    I have a feeling he is too perfect of a candidate to win and is at a disadvantage bc of his beliefs that are centrist compared to the extreme(r) ideas today

    • Jonathan Cogdell
      Jonathan Cogdell День тому

      This. He isn't extreme enough for the Demo party and that will be a huge hurdle for him to climb over. Which sucks big dick because this is the kind of person America needs, not someone who is extreme on either end.

  • The Dank Farmer
    The Dank Farmer День тому

    His stance on guns is a no-go for me, wish dems would stop trying to curb stop our freedoms on one hand while saying how progressive they are on the other

    • Enul
      Enul День тому

      What are his stances? All I've read is more mental checks because right now, fuck buying a gun, I can have one made for me way cheaper with someone who has a 3d printer or will just sell me a gun cheap, dirty or not.

      Secondly, most used guns are dirty until the police auction it off. B)

  • Water
    Water День тому

    Did joe vote for Bernie

  • joselyn gonzalez
    joselyn gonzalez День тому

    Journalism jobs ? !

  • Giwoo Lee
    Giwoo Lee День тому +1

    I'm not a US Citizen, nor a politics aficionado either, but rather just a regular international student visa holder in the states paying huge tuition bills (50k+ a year), and I still feel like donating money to Yang's campaign. I will not get a dime nor be benefited off of his presidency but his values, proposals, and rhetoric pierce through you as it is delivered with such high eloquence and cohesiveness that it creates a feeling of a political system and message that can reach far beyond just a positive change in the US and its citizens, but it also can bring impact to the world as it will set the stage for America to lead others by example. It would be a huge loss to not have Yang's platform at least reaching out the debates to see how candidates from both parties would address these same issues.

    • attackmaster555
      attackmaster555 День тому

      As an American, let me say, no thank you. I want to actually fix my country.

  • Condoriano
    Condoriano День тому

    Title was obviously written by an edgy fuckboy. There's nothing here about "free" college being bad. It's all about criticizing the role of college

  • mech cntr
    mech cntr 2 дні тому

    Joe Rogan likes the idea of free college on paper? How about UBI? Yang wants to forgive student loan debt!? How can this have been seriously talked about for more than 5 seconds? If someone racks up $100K or more of debt getting a gender studies major that is their problem. Do things like not bailing out wallstreet! Create jobs, stop having policy that reduces wages like bringing in millions of people! These people are sophists and socialists in disguise.

    • Enul
      Enul День тому

      >100k or more of debt getting a gender study as a major

      You've never been to college before, not even stepped foot on one. Cringe / 10 there was an attempt

  • ezjapanesecooking
    ezjapanesecooking 2 дні тому +129

    This guy talks nothing (bad) about Trump, but just talks about how to solve the problems most American people face. That's refreshing!!

    • h d
      h d 5 годин тому +1

      Can't wait to see how he does in the primary debates. For what he may lack in ideas or comfort with the hot button issues, his ease in speaking about financial problems and solutions should shoot him up into the top three, and get him the financial backing he needs to win.

    • Miguel Rodriguez
      Miguel Rodriguez 18 годин тому

      ezjapanesecooking this guys got some good ideas, he’s got my vote so far

  • Lily Flower
    Lily Flower 2 дні тому

    I'm glad I taught myself how to make money and didn't have to rely on college.

    • Lily Flower
      Lily Flower День тому +1

      +Enul I work for other people, but it doesn't feel like I have a boss most of the time. Nobody is breathing down my neck. That's because when I work on a project I put a lot of time into it, so people usually just let me be.

    • Enul
      Enul День тому

      +Lily Flower Not bad, got a boss or not?

    • Lily Flower
      Lily Flower День тому

      +Aleksander The majority of my income comes from writing software.

    • Aleksander
      Aleksander 2 дні тому

      What do you do?

  • Jason Michael
    Jason Michael 2 дні тому +5

    But if you really think about it, education is free. Jist take UAclips for instance. It's the degree and certifcation that's overpriced.

    • Necrostic Productions
      Necrostic Productions День тому

      You can learn any programming language, any framework, for free online. But it's difficult to study every night, build something, put yourself out there and get a good job so most people won't do it.

  • Submersed24
    Submersed24 2 дні тому

    Yang wants to make it possible to sue a gun company every time someone is shot. He makes no sense

  • Maad Valentine
    Maad Valentine 2 дні тому

    Nope nope nope, I liked Yang at first until I read through his policies on his website.

    • Maad Valentine
      Maad Valentine День тому

      Most his policies on his website.
      Especially gun control, net neutrality, regulating ai and emerging technologies, opioid crisis, ect.

    • Enul
      Enul День тому

      What did you not like, furfag?

  • Motoman74
    Motoman74 2 дні тому

    Yang forgot to say the reason the administrations are so bloated is because of government guaranteed student loan programs. You stop the guaranteed money and you force colleges to budget themselves appropriately like any other business. Could you imagine if businesses ran like this with guaranteed money? It distorts the market just like the housing and stock markets. If the government touches it, rest assured it will get more expensive and the quality will fall. Cheap money distorts risk and rewards bloated administrations and excessive expansion. The Clinton's created many of these problems.

  • MasterSkills420 the Cyber God
    MasterSkills420 the Cyber God 2 дні тому

    with universal income theyd have to make more the older they are, right?

  • MR BlackandWhite
    MR BlackandWhite 2 дні тому

    Im going into a trade! Proud to be going into

  • Marco Correnti
    Marco Correnti 2 дні тому

    Free or not: Education should not be a luxury and the pricing should reflect that. What does he say about that?

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite 2 дні тому +2

    If Andrew Yang lets me keep my guns, then as a registered repuican I will vote for him.

  • Chronic Games
    Chronic Games 2 дні тому

    Honestly college is to broad, it's like public school they teach you the manual but doesn't show you how too do it and expensive. That way I like the trading school teaching style cuz they show you how to do it and not focus on a fucked book and it way cheaper.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 2 дні тому +1

    There is no problem with tuition free education! Period.

  • Ted West
    Ted West 2 дні тому

    He is right about the Administrative bloat. I think it's caused by the massive increase in government subsidy of student loans. The Federal Reserve Bank of NY found a correlation in the increase of tuition to the increase of government subsidy of loans and grants. Now they said no explicit cause can be proven but this explanation makes a ton of sense. The universities know that with the increase in government backed loans and grants the students have more money to spend. So universities and higher learning facilities take advantage of this and just charge more. They don't add more professors or improve the campus they add more cost to the top, the administrators.

  • Trevor Crosby
    Trevor Crosby 2 дні тому

    A federal judge put mine on permanent deferment after I had gotten screwed in a bankruptcy.

  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 2 дні тому +1

    i go to community college and then i’m transferring to a four year. i need the engineering degree

  • Sinton Nison
    Sinton Nison 2 дні тому

    free college countries:
    Norway. ...
    Finland. ...
    Sweden. ...
    Germany. ...
    Slovenia. ...

    And ALL this countries have better results with it.. cheaper and better... and bernie is crazy.. ok

  • Matt Cy
    Matt Cy 2 дні тому

    Gotta get Mike Rowe on the show

  • Mr.Brightside
    Mr.Brightside 2 дні тому

    We in the yang gang bruh

  • TheCrusaderRabbits
    TheCrusaderRabbits 2 дні тому +2

    If you think college is expensive now, just wait to see how expensive it becomes when it is free.

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 2 дні тому

    How about just fix the price of college? Having a little bit of debt and putting some skin in the game isn’t a bad thing, but loaning 200k to a 18 year old is insane

  • Kadrae Smith
    Kadrae Smith 2 дні тому

    He ain’t wrong that throwing $1000 at every person is a better idea than them just going to college and wasting money on top of accumulating. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s not still a terrible idea. Especially if they spend that $1000 on a degree in liberal art schools. 🤷‍♂️

  • gaiadove
    gaiadove 2 дні тому

    Let’s talk about how now people won’t hire people without a college degree when it doesn’t require it. I’ve seen hiring managers want a college degree to answer phones and take notes. It’s ridiculous. I’ve done a cost benefit analysis on getting a master’s degree. It would take me 20 years to pay back the loan with my increased salary. It’s not a guarantee that I would get a promotion. Being my age, I would be near retirement when I finished paying. How stupid would I be if I took out that loan?

  • Jonathan Bolger
    Jonathan Bolger 2 дні тому

    I feel so fortunate, I received a full ride to college based on my families income at the time. Anyone in my country is entitled to this. Even if not, the price per year for tuition here is a small fraction of the US. Its actually bizarre to think there's not an equality issue in the US, when majority of people can't afford college fees.

  • Freak Street Tales
    Freak Street Tales 2 дні тому +20

    I dont care for political parties.
    I like this guy plz vote for him

    • Freak Street Tales
      Freak Street Tales 17 годин тому

      +Max Mikkelsen yeah kinda
      but this guy seems rational

    • Max Mikkelsen
      Max Mikkelsen 18 годин тому

      Freak Street Tales you only know one of his policies

  • Bautista Vazquez
    Bautista Vazquez 2 дні тому +32

    I work on cars I will be a technician in 2 weeks super excited to do my passion debt free and job security

    • Yahuda Leedahboig
      Yahuda Leedahboig День тому

      Bautista Vazquez damn nice

    • Bautista Vazquez
      Bautista Vazquez День тому

      Sparfel Last yes sir

    • Bautista Vazquez
      Bautista Vazquez День тому

      Yahuda Leedahboig I am graduating high school and no I won’t be going mostly cause like in most industries it’s about who you know so I have some opportunity to get in the door with Mercedes but if you can afford UTI or a local trade school go for it I just am fortunate to know people in the industry

    • Sparfel Last
      Sparfel Last День тому

      4 year college is not always the path. You can make a lot of money learning technical skills.

    • Yahuda Leedahboig
      Yahuda Leedahboig День тому

      Bautista Vazquez how long did that take you? did you go to a trade school?

  • layoflakersnation
    layoflakersnation 2 дні тому

    Community college is basically free in California. Helped me do two years debt free. Transferred to a CSU and only had to take Out 5 grand in loans to complete my degree. I graduated and got a decent job.
    Sure I didn't go to a prestigious school. But my experience is most employers don't really care.

  • G
    G 2 дні тому

    Yang has a chance in this but the big obstacle I see for him is his ethnicity. I don’t know if the country is ready for a change just yet.

  • ken bibi
    ken bibi 2 дні тому

    Whoa this segment is so serious but very enlightening...

  • Betternet
    Betternet 2 дні тому

    They could also take that $1000 ubi and do nothing

    • Betternet
      Betternet День тому

      +Carl Knott yeah but you wouldn't get the potential productivity out if them

    • Carl Knott
      Carl Knott День тому

      They will still do something. They will spend the money and help the economy. At least it will be stimulus money like he says.