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  • Ice Cream Sandwich
    Ice Cream Sandwich  Місяць тому +3282

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    • El Diablo
      El Diablo 7 днів тому

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    • Phd Tinsley
      Phd Tinsley 8 днів тому

      Have you read Brians Winter tho??

    • SCP Beast Legend
      SCP Beast Legend 16 днів тому


    • Crimson (Team Edge Runners)
      Crimson (Team Edge Runners) 17 днів тому

      lol literally have everythijng you listed off

    • Cave Johnson
      Cave Johnson 19 днів тому

      I also adhd

  • I'm Cre8ive.
    I'm Cre8ive. Місяць тому +5622

    As a fellow inattentive ADHDer I felt so represented by the walking in circles talking to yourself thing.

    • tango doestuff
      tango doestuff День тому

      @Sophia ZstrawberryX same

    • Zipzac
      Zipzac 2 дні тому +2

      I have full conversations with myself as if there is two people with different arguementa

    • Warsinthestars
      Warsinthestars 3 дні тому

      @Ashley 💜 is that adhd? Or schizophrenia?

    • Polite Potato
      Polite Potato 4 дні тому

      Yay circles

    • Jatspter
      Jatspter 4 дні тому

      The thing is I can’t even just walk around talking to myself, I always get stuck in this loop in the kitchen. I scroll through youtube on my phone while going in circles through my kitchen down the hallway into the dining room and stopping at the pantry and grabbing some chips, getting back to the dining room and being like “mm I should get more chips” and then down the hallway ect.

  • Leo Rodgers
    Leo Rodgers Місяць тому +151

    I walk in circles amd talk to myself about something that has absolutely no meaning and hit my hand on things like a lawyer fighting for my clients life

    • withoutahit
      withoutahit 16 годин тому

      @ZeroBytes yeah in Iraq there's no doctor for those kinda of things and my parents will say ur just a loser that can't be useful for anything and if I said my grades r jus' like shit bc of this they'll kick me out of the house

    • ZeroBytes
      ZeroBytes 23 години тому +1

      @withoutahit good luck I think you should go to a doctor

    • withoutahit
      withoutahit День тому

      @ZeroBytes everything he said in me and a bad grades even with hours of studying and trying hard as can I still get 20-30/100

    • Sexy dude 253 Sexy
      Sexy dude 253 Sexy 2 дні тому +1

      Beware of this link

    • ZeroBytes
      ZeroBytes 7 днів тому +1

      Same but I get pretty good grades won't say I focus well I might have ahdh

  • A Doggie boi
    A Doggie boi Місяць тому +26

    Hope he didn't have to go through hoops like I did to get adhd meds! it was a nightmare and one pill made me want to do the die and one made me tired and one did nothing...

    • Avokidoo
      Avokidoo 9 днів тому +1

      I’m kinda worried cause the guy that diagnosed be just made me fill a paper with questions and told me “yeah based on that you have adhd” and a few days after that prescribed me medication. Like I feel like it’s a bit how to say “to easy?”

    • counter strike prfoesonak player
      counter strike prfoesonak player 10 днів тому +1

      It was opposite for me, first pill (adderall ir) made me feel fuckin amazing like adhd doesn’t even exist, and still does to this day. Hopefully his is more like mine and not yours. Hope you found the right medication to help!

  • Ayka Ss
    Ayka Ss 26 днів тому +2

    it isn't all bad, ADHD might distract you but sometimes it lets you get a fugin B on a college test when ur frikin 11 years old (true story I now have 2 collage credits (: )

  • thatOne_Ball1234
    thatOne_Ball1234 Місяць тому +4

    Someone in my class has ADHD at my school and he is pretty emotional and he also loves worms on a strings

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    I love how ice Cream got so comfortable with the community he is sharing personal stuff like that, love the dedication

  • Aiden Bilodeau
    Aiden Bilodeau 27 днів тому +3

    I think i have ADHD too but now I’m glad that I’m not the only one

  • vonter14
    vonter14 Місяць тому +6

    I too have adhd and luckily I was diagnosed with it when I was pretty young. We tried a lot of medication to help me but the side affects always made it worse. It forced me to deal with it by myself. I now have a grip on how to handle it but it still affects my everyday life. Hope you can find a positive with having it because I have. I don’t think I would be in the great place I am without adhd, it’s a curse and also a blessing in some ways. 👍🏽
    Edit: I will totally share stories and tips if anyone asks, talking about it has always helped me.

  • Link4213
    Link4213 10 днів тому +2

    I also have ADHD and these videos that you are making are making my day so much better! Thank you!

  • VideoGameManiac
    VideoGameManiac 29 днів тому

    I feel like I might have adhd now

  • MK
    MK Місяць тому +681

    As someone with ADHD, the walking around in circles and talking to myself is the most relatable thing I have heard about ADHD

    • janella
      janella 9 днів тому

      Can you explain what this means? Like do you just go in circles (shapes) literally?

    • trinqwq
      trinqwq 16 днів тому


    • Kirby Beats
      Kirby Beats Місяць тому

      For me, I like to rock back and forth while laying down.

    • ProphecyGaming
      ProphecyGaming Місяць тому

      @NuzelsAnimations have u been diagnosed with le ooh shiny yet?

    • EllisXY
      EllisXY Місяць тому

      Bro me too you should see me on a skateboard i have took some hefty falls from trying to jump down some stairs when a can barely ollie (basically a jump with the board)

  • Jed
    Jed 14 днів тому

    It’s quite interesting hearing someone’s experience with adhd. I have hyperactive adhd. And we do the exact same things but there are some differences. I don’t forget things in the moment, and I get good grades. Both sides of adhd are basically the same! But thanks for sharing your experience with it

  • Diana
    Diana 20 годин тому

    Thank you for making this. I was diagnosed late in life with predominantly inattentive adhd.
    It’s nice to feel validated and seen. Now if we could only get college teachers on board to understanding & working with us instead of leaving us behind and just telling us to “try harder”.

  • Jdbye
    Jdbye 22 дні тому

    Thank you for making this video. I have ASD, but there have always been some things that didn't really fit with that diagnosis, like my motivation problems when it comes to working on projects (even things i love working on). Once I saw this video, everything just clicked and I went "OH". I took some online "ADHD tests" (just asks you a series of simple questions related to the symptoms of ADHD) and it came back with "highly consistent with ADHD in adults", although I know those tests aren't scientific and don't really mean anything. I've since checked the DSM-V official criteria for ADHD, and I meet the criteria for inattentiveness ADHD according to myself (I've been analyzing my own head for the past 10 years so I know myself pretty well) and I'm pretty sure I actually have ADHD. I was checked for it as a kid, but they tried ADHD meds on me (Ritalin) and they didn't seem to improve things, so they gave up on that diagnosis, and I eventually ended up diagnosed with Aspergers instead, although that diagnosis didn't really fit that well either and I was only given it so that I could get the help I needed. Back then, I had no idea what any of that meant that meant anyway, but doing my own research, the combination of ASD+ADHD (which doctors used to think was not possible, but now it turns out a large part of people with ASD also have ADHD - maybe because they were not looking for the combination, they weren't able to properly diagnose me at the time, since they can appear to have opposing symptoms) fits me to a tee. Maybe it's more apparent now than when I was a kid, but I was always pretty quiet as a kid so that would probably have made it harder to diagnose, and I didn't really know what was going on. I've never finished a project in my life, I just get bored and move on to something else. And I have trouble even watching a movie without getting distracted constantly, having to pause and chat, browse the web, watch youtube, or anything else. I rarely watch TV shows because it just feels like too much of an investment, and I feel like I just don't have the attention span to watch an entire TV show. And these are things that have annoyed me for half my life, without me knowing there was anything abnormal about it. So I'm pretty sure I have ADHD, but if the meds didn't help me as a kid, I'm not sure they would help now, and it's probably going to be an ordeal going to appointment after appointment for months just to get diagnosed. Is it even worth it? I don't know, but if they could do something to help my lack of motivation and focus, it would help me a lot in life.

  • dain1s
    dain1s 26 днів тому +1

    This is so me🤣 Talking to myself while going in circles, maybe i have adhd😳

    • Notesy
      Notesy 26 днів тому +5

      i bang my head against walls sometimes, xd

  • Chai Hill
    Chai Hill Місяць тому +1932

    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was very little and I just want to say two things:
    1. I’ve literally never watched a UAclips video that I’ve related to so much in this aspect. Like holy crap, I do that walking in circles and talking to myself thing like daily. It’s weird, but I’m so surprised that I’m not the only one how does that. Wow.
    2. To whoever might read this, You never have to let ADHD define you. You may act and think different than others, but you’re still a human person and you’re still you. You never should allow a diagnosis negatively affect way you feel about yourself. Stand tall, kings. Also, drink some water.

    • KittyMations
      KittyMations Місяць тому

      I actually didn't get diagnosed until just a year or two ago, because my mom was afraid that if people knew I had ADHD they'd treat me differently or pick on me, but that wasn't the case at all. In fact, after I got diagnosed and learned more about myself, I've gotten more confident and happy and I don't try to mask who I am anymore. If someone tries to make fun of me, I just don't let it get to me. I don't go out of my way to make people love me or make an attempt to be "cool," I just express myself the way I want to and let them find reasons to like me themselves. Honestly, I think being born in a completely neurodivergent family and being neurodivergent myself was the best thing to ever happen to me.

    • Cactus
      Cactus Місяць тому +1

      @Sparklewolfgirl67 :3 My apologies. I'll leave it here for now then. Have a nice rest of your day/night.

    • Sparklewolfgirl67 :3
      Sparklewolfgirl67 :3 Місяць тому

      @Cactus I get nervous when I get notifications

    • Cactus
      Cactus Місяць тому

      @Sparklewolfgirl67 :3 I'm not demeaning you, no need to apologise. I am going by literal definition. Like I said, you are free to call it whatever you want, because it doesn't matter at the end of the day.

    • Sparklewolfgirl67 :3
      Sparklewolfgirl67 :3 Місяць тому

      @Cactus I didn’t know sorry

  • Gwen Catz
    Gwen Catz 27 днів тому +2

    Fellow ADHD viewer and, having experienced the frustration of getting your meds that are meant to treat the exact thing you've been LITERALLY diagnosed with, I look forward to your next video. You also have my sympathy 💖

  • Technicqlly
    Technicqlly 11 днів тому

    As someone with ADHD, I can really relate with you 😂
    Like I also forget that I lock the door so I double check sometimes, I also walk around my entire house just talking to myself about some topic, maybe ranting, maybe imagining I'm in a certain situation (fun fact, this actually helped me a lot in learning English, I'm a non-native speaker), etc.
    I also binged a bunch of videos, looked up researches and pretty much everything related to ADHD to learn about it, pretty sure we also went through the same surprised-frustrated-accepted-or-whatever kinda emotions.
    And guess what, I had lived 18 years just to find out ADHD is a thing and I've had it all this time. I can relate to the reflection process, where old memories start to become scientific pieces, it's exactly how it went for me as well 💀
    Anyway, it's good that u (and I, or anyone) have found out u (and- forget ab it) have ADHD, now we can be more conscious about what we do and find ways to cope.
    btw I've just come across this video randomly and I love the animations, take care, fellow ADHD brain 🧠

  • Innis Gwendolin
    Innis Gwendolin 25 днів тому

    I went through a very similar process growing up, and as an adult it finally hit me like a brick wall that something isn't quite right inside my good ol' noggin. I always had signs, but I'd always been told explicitly that I was "tested at birth", which I now realize is a load of bull. I got my diagnosis at the age of 28.

  • A M P
    A M P 14 днів тому +1

    3:20 That's one of my main struggles in class, I never finish work on time. I have been suspecting that I have ADHD for 4 months now, not right. My grades dropped significantly, not because I'm stupid (I have one of the highest test scores and stuff) but because paying attention is simply impossible.
    4:10 I also identify a lot, I just leave people delivered for long periods of time without meaning to (sucks, when they later ask you why you never answer)
    So yes, I think I might have ADD as I am not hyperactive.
    This video felt like a cue to get tested

  • Shauna Radford
    Shauna Radford Місяць тому +528

    I love how when a youtuber comes out with any kind of mental health issue the entire tribe of people with that issue come together and welcome them. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 7, but turns out it was just anxiety so I am glad they have a surefire way to properly diagnose people.

    • Vixx Celacea
      Vixx Celacea Місяць тому

      Adhd can lead to early death due to inattentive or impulsive nature. Unless the functional utopia (non judgemental thriving society with everyone having rights to life (health care, food, water, shelter, entertainment.)) said society would have to have setups to prevent mishaps caused by adhd like walking in front of traffic while distracted. IE AI in say cars thatcould stop on a dime or similar. Other than this most issues ADHD presents are societally caused.

    • Blue Baron
      Blue Baron Місяць тому

      @blokbirb shut that gob o' yours.

    • Isaac Hipkiss
      Isaac Hipkiss Місяць тому

      @rambunctiousvegetable Fair enough.

    • rambunctiousvegetable
      rambunctiousvegetable Місяць тому

      @Isaac Hipkiss The first paragraph I agree with, and the last part of your second paragraph. Your claims about what the APA "proved" are categorically false, though. The dopamine hypothesis has been neither verified nor falsified in any capacity, because, like I said, it is impossible to measure dopamine levels in the brain. The technology required to do that simply doesn't exist.

    • Isaac Hipkiss
      Isaac Hipkiss Місяць тому

      ​@rambunctiousvegetable Dopamine production is affected largely by successive behavioral patterns and their reward system, which is still largely not understood. I'm basing what I say off of personal research and years of anecdotal evidence from not only myself but several other people in my life.
      The APA proved that dopamine shortage is not the CAUSE of ADHD, not that they're unrelated. Honestly that wouldn't even make sense considering everything else ADHD compromises. The patterns in our brain that control response to stimuli are very inconsistent in the ADHD brain, improper dopamine distribution is just the most noticeable side effect of this issue. ADHD is a neural pathway disorder, not a chemical one.

  • Jess KL
    Jess KL Місяць тому

    Me too! Definitely grew up thinking it didn't apply to me since I wasn't falling in the stereotypical realm of ADHD. Super validating to know now, and glad to know working twice as hard for average results was not just me going crazy.

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton Місяць тому +4

    I never thought of myself ever having ADHD, but I literally do all of what you said. I always have a hard time finishing a task, I always get more interested in a way to make a task faster, then proceed to take way more time working on that instead of the task itself which would've been a lot quicker. Then I usually never finish it as well.

    • goose.
      goose. 27 днів тому

      I almost commented the same thing!

  • Michellé March
    Michellé March 7 днів тому

    Two takeaways from this: 1. there are actually *three* subtypes of ADHD - inattentive, hyperactive, and a combination of those two. I am also diagnosed as the inattentive type. 2. I'm glad the EEG helped you get a diagnosis. It did diddly squat for me, but that because I'm able to just chill out and switch my brain off and stare at the ceiling. Could be due to age or gender too, as that does affect how testing works.
    When I went back for a second diagnosis (5 years after the first one after learning that age/gender DO play a role and that I was given a test meant FOR KIDS the first time around) the psychotherapist sat me down and asked questions, did memory/cognition puzzles, and finally a computer test where I had to hit the spacebar every time the letter "x" appeared. The second round of testing took three hours and she was 100% certain in her ADHD-Inattentive diagnosis. I am now working with a psychiatrist for treatment, who specializes in women with ADHD and herself is diagnosed as ADHD-Combined. :)
    Overall, thank you for sharing your story and shedding more light on ADHD and the struggles we face with it. :)

  • Dylan Fredrick
    Dylan Fredrick 10 днів тому

    I’ve known I had ADHD for a really long time, but I never made the connection the thing I do where I stop everything I’m doing and start pacing and arguing to myself was apart of my ADHD lol. I really enjoyed this video, it’s nice seeing people talk about the more obscure parts of ADHD.

  • Cherloid
    Cherloid Місяць тому +1180

    I’m actually oddly comforted knowing my favorite animator has adhd. I’ve been thinking about it a while now since I got to learn about it in the same means he did, fell down a spiral of binging adhd posts and videos and relating to almost every single one more or less. And it got to the point that it was frustrating that I couldn’t get it diagnosed because my parents don’t believe I’ve got adhd. Plus, when my father did pair me with some obscure therapist, he told I had ocd that I believe he pulled completely from his ass since I wasn’t able to speak to him normally and just answered his questions yes/no without elaboration. I still wish I could get it diagnosed so I would have that relief sense of feeling that I’m not just weird or lazy in a sense and actually have something that holds me back. Anyway, loved the video.

    • SinTanity
      SinTanity Місяць тому +1

      @4yinyang After I got diagnosed, my sibling got diagnosed, and then my mum sibling and I ganged up on my dad to get him to see a doctor. And it took a lot of convincing- he literally said "I can't have ADHD because I never lose anything. I have a complicated extensive system in place that completely prevents me from ever losing anything ever."
      So... what you're saying is that you DO lose things. And that you have a good coping system.
      Anyway, he got Dx'd and is much much happier now :P

    • Al
      Al Місяць тому +1

      I am honestly in a very similar situation. My family don't believe I have it to the point where now I am not so sure but also really frustrated. I got fired from my job because he had to repeat himself that I had to pick up the pace and get stuff out faster. But alas I ended with the same result, so now I'm just sitting here wondering if something is wrong with me

    • Cachew
      Cachew Місяць тому +2

      I feel like your approach is wrong. You said that you "wish [you] could get it diagnosed," but that shouldn't be your goal when seeking professional medical advice. The goal should be to get answers for the problems you're experiencing, not to get a specific diagnosis. Also, you said your therapist said you might have OCD; that's your possible answer. Rather than immediately disregarding their proposed diagnosis simply because it's not the diagnosis you wanted, you should consider that your problems could possible be due to unchecked OCD. I'm not saying you don't/couldn't have ADHD, I'm just saying you shouldn't go into treatment looking for a specific diagnosis; you should go into it seeking answers and solutions to the things that have been troubling you.

    • Dabyrd
      Dabyrd Місяць тому

      that's the reason why i haven't went to a doctor to get diagnosed

    • Mike Hawk
      Mike Hawk Місяць тому

      Maybe you simply don't have ADHD

  • Tegan
    Tegan Місяць тому

    Ok, so I had a similar thing this past year. I started really considering that I might have ADHD, because I was starting to realise that that things I do, aren't normal.
    But it had never been much of a hindrance in my life, so I never really questioned it until this year.
    Keep in mind I was 20, now 21.
    So mentioned it to my dad, because he also has ADHD. I wasn't sure if what I was doing was learned behaviours from growing up with a man which such severe ADHD, or if I actually had it. So I voiced my concerns to him, and his reply shook me to my core.
    He said, "Yeah, I know."
    My parents KNOW. They have ALWAYS KNOWN!
    The reason it wasn't much of a hindrance was because my dad spent my entire childhood teaching me strategies to manage it and ways to get tasks done despite it, and even ways to use it to my advantage.
    He just FORGOT TO TELL ME.
    He genuinely thought that I knew, but neither he nor my mother realised that had never actually sat me down and discussed it.
    On one hand I love that they didn't tell me and my teachers, and make me feel broken in any way. They made me feel like a normal kid, and helped me learn to manage it without medication, so now as an adult I can function independently. I have the tools and strategies at my disposal.
    But at the same time, it would have saved me hours of research trying to figure out if I should get tested, if they ahf just told me that they had known since I was a child.
    Even my friends agree that I am very clearly ADHD, and when I told them they all admitted they they had assumed I knew because I seemed to manage it well, so they never brought it up.
    I'm very conflicted by this discovery. But it makes a lot of sense.

  • MJ Weaver
    MJ Weaver Місяць тому +2

    Glad you were able to get a diagnosis, dude! I've been diagnosed for 4 years now, and the treatments I've gone through have made SUCH a positive impact on my life. Hope all goes well! 🤙

  • Dude Dude
    Dude Dude 14 днів тому

    I also have adhd and everything you said you were doing I do as well and I’m also an extreme introvert which makes daily life much harder than it usually would.
    And the past 8-10 major projects I’ve been assigned at school were started and completed the night before they were due after an hour or so of wondering around thinking to myself

  • Emma Fitz
    Emma Fitz 29 днів тому

    My family and I have watched this video about fifteen times now. My mom loves it and finds it extremely relatable, as someone who also has about 1,000,000 tabs running consecutively. I, too, find it relatable, as someone who has often forgotten to drink water for extended periods of time. So, thank you for this video, very very much...
    also can u plz do a Q and A video? :)

  • McLeslie Playz
    McLeslie Playz Місяць тому +829

    As someone with the hyperactive type of adhd, this is mostly relatable, for me, there is always something on my mind, and I daydream a lot. I always thought it was normal until I learned about adhd in class, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to NOT think about something. Because of my adhd, I’ll stare at a wall for as long as possible until someone tells me to do something or I remember that I need to be a helpful member of society

    • Chino Yomaji
      Chino Yomaji Місяць тому +2

      Yeah I'm never bored because of that, which helps because with my job I can go hours just doing the same task while thinking of dozens and dozens of things. Also, sound clips, or even short videos just get stuck in my head on repeat for hours on end which isn't fun sometimes, especially if it's something I absolutely don't want stuck in my head, than it just keeps replaying at a faster pace without stopping at all.

    • McLeslie Playz
      McLeslie Playz Місяць тому

      @CaliginousCatacombs Liam hfjone 🧌

    • CaliginousCatacombs
      CaliginousCatacombs Місяць тому

      OH MY GOD LIAM PFP???!!!!

    • ashinyblock
      ashinyblock Місяць тому

      I feel like I have adhd now because I do every single thing that I’ve cream does

    • SXEY
      SXEY Місяць тому

      Feel that

  • Wilfoe
    Wilfoe Місяць тому

    I was diagnosed with ADD when I was young, back when it was a thing. I now believe that it was a misdiagnosis. I was also diagnosed with autism and ADD is commonly misdiagnosed when autism is present. That said, I admit I have shown most of the symptoms you listed. Minus getting things done at the last minute. I just did stuff when I felt like doing it and irt got done on time.
    As usual, I cracked up at multiple points watching this. I've had plenty of problems with medication too (for other diagnoses), so I'm eager to see your medication video.

  • The Johtunn Bandit
    The Johtunn Bandit 3 дні тому

    I have the other kind of adhd and this was absolutely fascinating to see what was and was not relatable. One thing that happens to me is I can get VERY focused on something and not realize most of my day was spent on whatever it was. The screaming brain during the adhd test was super relatable. They had me do a thing where there were two buttons and I was supposed to hit the correct button and would lose points for being slow, hitting the wrong button, or missing the prompt. It was maybe 15 mins and I was in tears out of boredom and frustration within 5 mins.

  • MentalRebllion
    MentalRebllion Місяць тому

    I’ve been diagnosed with adhd since I was a child and made sure to get rediagnosed as an adult (just to keep things accurate). It runs in my family actually, pretty strongly in fact. It is a relief to know though and I do have lots of habits that would not be normal outside adhd territory. Here is what my experience was with medication. First, let me say that everyone’s approach to this is valid so long as science backs it and you genuinely feel better for it and live a higher quality of life. This is just my personal experience.
    So to start, I got diagnosed as a child, probably around 1st-2nd grade. It was a very early diagnosis but my school counselor pushed my parents to get me tested. Oh it’s not as good as that sounds. That counselor was convinced I was a sociopath which I am absolutely not but it’s what pushed my parents to get me tested so they could throw it in her face. They knew she was wrong but didn’t know what the issue was and felt there was something going on with me. Well from then on I was the adhd kid (counselor still stuck to her belief 😒 which is why I developed a distrust of school counselors). Obviously I was put on medication. This was the early days of medicating for adhd. I had…..lots of issues. I seemed to get all sorts of the negative symptoms and they never seemed to increase my quality of life or focus in a meaningful manner. It was either too little to be noticeable or too much that I ended up with other issues. I get that it takes time. Well my dad, in this time, sits me down and teaches me what we call today mindfulness. For dad, this was just teaching me meditation and things he learned from martial arts and spiritual techniques and traditions from his youth when his dad (a medical doctor) would volunteer at the Native American reservations. These really helped me and I started developing more cognitive behavioral techniques to compensate so I could take less of the medication while still getting some benefit.
    By middle school, after a particular bad incident with some medication (my new psychiatrist decided I was bipolar 😓, which I’m not, not at all) I requested my parents take me off medication. I was still going to therapy and I got a good one at the time (obviously after dumping the idiot one). We worked on behavioral based tools for me. This ended up working for me pretty good up until senior year of high school. The next part really pisses me off.
    So I start having more stress in high school which ends up making my adhd symptoms worse and so I requested having a new psychiatrist so we could work on maybe adding medication to my toolset. That, as you can imagine, did not go well. The one I got recommended was…bad. I would wait in their waiting room for hours past my appointment time, often get 5 minutes, and constantly was pushed to have my medication dosage increased. It gets worse. At one point I am trying to tell this man that I’m feeling an increase of these negative symptoms and I’m not comfortable increasing my dosage. He tried to talk me out of it and I put my foot down and tell him I refuse absolutely. I am 18, for context, at this time, despite being a senior in high school. I am fully allowed to say this and have the final say on my care and am aware of it. Well my psychiatrist at the time seems to back off and I let it go. He talks to my parents (I had allowed this but don’t any longer for what happens next) after the appointment. Not thinking anything of it. At this time my dad, due to him being a morning person and me being pretty groggy in morning, was allowed to be in charge of handing me my medication in the morning, including what I take for adhd. All well and good except I start noticing those increased symptoms. I quickly tell my dad and he admits he had switched the dosages on me. I am furious at first with him but when I find out why he thought such a thing was needed, I am livid at my psychiatrist. See, that time he talked to my parents after the appointment? When I turned him down flat on increasing the dosage? He basically told my parents they were horrible parents if they didn’t push me to do this anyway. My mom didn’t fall for it but my dad has an insecurity in that area, one I had made known to my psychiatrist at one point during previous visits because I was aware of this insecurity of my dad’s. In other words, he used my dad’s insecurity to push my dad into increasing my dosage regardless of my say on the matter. And remember, I’m 18. I’m a legal adult. This is HIGHLY illegal, not just unethical. Obviously mom finds out and mom and dad have their own spat about it. Dad is eventually forgiven by mom and I (we understand where it’s coming from and he was banned, permanently, from being in charge of my medication ever since, so this was part of the result). But that day, dad nearly ended up divorced because of one fool of a psychiatrist who thought he knew better about my care than me.
    Now, I want to remind those reading, I have NOTHING against those who add medication to their toolset to deal with their adhd, but after reading this I think you might understand why I personally have trouble pushing myself to take medication for my adhd. I work hard to compensate for the lack of medication. I’m aware some things could be better for me on medication, but it’s difficult to push myself back into such after so many difficult experiences. Not to mention, well, remember me saying it was the early days of medication for adhd? Yeah some of those medications I was given are either discontinued for good reason or would never have been prescribed for me in those dosages at that age. I’m 31 now though and considering returning to medication. I’m working with a therapist and I feel I know the red flags this time. I’m fully in charge of my own medication and old enough to be taken more seriously about having the final say in my care. I also am not dependent on my parents in a way that our relationship can be taken advantage of like it was before. I still have some reluctance but it’s my call regardless. I’m considering it but that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

  • Kixo
    Kixo 6 днів тому

    Thank you for making such a short but still very informative (and funny) little video about this!
    There is this one game I'm playing where you can produce goods in different time segments. The 5 minutes one gives you the most and the longer it gets the less you get. So I obviously take the 5 minutes one when I "know" that I'm going to be in this game for the next hour or so (yes - it takes me that long to complete all of the tasks...). But after a couple of times I almost always end up starting the 5 minutes one and then just leaving my computer for the next 3-4 hrs or so. Like the other day: I had again started the 5 minute production but then thought to myself "I'm bored. What can I do?" and then remembered that I needed to let air out of my heatings. So I went to three of my heaters and let the air out. Then on my way to my fourth heater which is in my kitchen I saw some dirty dishes in my sink and went on to clean them first ("because I will forget it later"). Then I saw that my dog needed water and refilled her bowl. And because her bowl is right next to my bathroom I went to the toilet ("because I will forget it later"). After all that I went out with my dog because it was kinda the time and because I was already up and in my corridor. And after that I went to my sofa to relax and then fell asleep. So when I realised that my game factories weren't producing anything they weren't doing it for the last 5 hrs or so. Plus I hadn't aired all of my heaters out. And these kinds of things happen every day. Multiple times a day.
    My mum has said that I have ADD since I was around 12 years old (one of her favourite stories is when I was 7/8 years old she once saw me coming off of the bus which took me home from school and just wanted to see what I would do because it always took me ages to get home and she was wondering what I was doing: I would stop at every freaking shop on my way home to look at the people and things they were selling and was especially "fascinated" by a Pachinko shop and a book shop.) I never gave it a good thought but when I finally clicked on a suggested UAclips video about ADHD about a year ago it all became so clear: the inability to get myself to answer people's msgs, the inability to be on time (this one let me to lose one of my jobs and to not being confident enough to get another respectable job), the constant playing of song parts or jingles or just the sirens of police cars etc. in my mind, the 100+ tabs open on my browser (or notifications on some of my apps or in my mail box), the need to read a paragraph of a book multiple times because I wasn't paying attention to it, the inability to finish one task only etc. etc. etc.... I've since tried to get an appointment for a diagnosis and at that time there was only one place which could give me one for February this year. I'm in my 40s now. I'm hoping to get some help to get my life back.

  • Skulloiise
    Skulloiise Місяць тому +2697

    As someone who grew up with adhd but didn’t know until now, it’s good to see more people talking about it

    • Maysmull
      Maysmull Місяць тому

      @blokbirb hmm, ok I will research that and see if it’s worth getting tested

    • Galaxy Neon
      Galaxy Neon Місяць тому

      I have had adhd since 7 😞

    • BattleCat Gaming
      BattleCat Gaming Місяць тому

      I was born with adhd and didn’t know ‘til I was 7

    • Nugget
      Nugget Місяць тому

      @joeythelegoman well yeah that’s how ADHD works, every person with ADHD was born with it.

    • Panda Prime
      Panda Prime Місяць тому

      @SuperJman1111 oh trust me i do and it sucks well at times

  • AxolotlQueen
    AxolotlQueen Місяць тому

    This was the first video I watched by you, and I learned something new! No such thing as ADD anymore! And your videos are amazing and you always sound comfortable. Keep up the good work!

  • Luna Still
    Luna Still Місяць тому

    Yea the media these past couple years really exploded in explanation videos and other resources for ADHD (and autism). I watched so many videos and related to so much of it, I felt kinda targeted but it all related so much. I remember even my teachers growing up suspected me but I assumed they were wrong. But you are right, it is a relief to know the why and it helps to know why so we can help ourselves on ways around it.

  • PunkRock101
    PunkRock101 День тому +1

    Man, people who don't have ADHD just don't understand . Everything you said is correct and that's just the tip of the needle 😆 I used to bring home report cards that were all d's AND E's. I eventually dropped out because it was to hard to learn because when the teacher was done talking I'd realize that I didn't comprehend ANYTHING they had said. Life is tough with ADHD. There was this one time

  • Honor Viego
    Honor Viego 9 днів тому

    I have ADHD, I was diagnosed in 8th grade my last year of middle school. I always struggled staying focused and thought I was stupid because I wasn't making good grades compared to my peers. I started my dosage at Ritalin 20MG twice a day, but I personally have always thought being medicated is not a good long term solution, I've been able to help myself focus by, reading in the morning, putting aside part of my day 20/30 minutes for me to just think in silence, I've also started working out around 3 months ago now and that's greatly improved my mental clarity. I've lowered my dosage to taking only 10MG once when I wake up. and have not noticed any side effects. I'm slowly trying to weed myself on being reliant on a stimulant to be a normal productive member of society.
    ADHD Has made my entire life harder but I don't think I, nor anyone else use it as an excuse to not get things done in your life, realize things are going to be more difficult but that just means you have to try a little bit harder and that's okay. I was severely depressed no friends, no social interaction, bullied, PTSD from family past, feeling like I'm never good enough, I still feel like this at times but I'm getting better. Depression and ADHD from what I've researched online are closely correlated, but I do think Depression and ADHD can both be managed through your decision making about how you go through your daily life, I'll give some examples.
    My normal day 2 years ago, wake up in the morning eat some terrible junk food for breakfast my favorite at the time Resses peanut butter cup cereal, I'd proceed to log on to edgenuity grind school for 6 hours, have something for lunch, than proceed to play video games until dinner time, which than proceeded by me going back upstairs grinding video games and falling asleep this cycle repeated for a long time.
    I found David Goggins and Jordan Peterson and I found them at a dark time and they help convinced my their was a future worth living for and I started my self improvement journey recently, journaling/a time out of my day to just relax with no stimulants social media/youtube etc, not necessarily mediating but just taking a part of my day to relax, and think, I've tried to make a habit of reading self help books, as-well some non fiction, going to the gym three/four times a week, eating a healthier diet, lowering my video game time, I have a lot of free time doing online school and It's apparent now I wasted a lot of time doing nothing, and I'd encourage anyone else who has ADHD/Depression to try to make a schedule and keep your life in order because if you don't, your going to end up wasting a lot of time, and live with a lot of regret, sorry if this was very cluttered I'm not used to writing posts like this I'm sure the information is not laid out in a good font, but I hope it may have helped you and a lot of people may have similar experiences.

  • Shiny
    Shiny Місяць тому +12918

    My sister has ADHD. Media SUCKS at depicting ADHD. It’s not just one thing. It’s so stupid seeing ADHD treated like it’s a singular thing and that there’s not so many different ways that people with it handle things. I’ll have to show this video to her. Awesome job, Andy!

    • SinTanity
      SinTanity Місяць тому

      I feel like the way ADHD is represented in media is the same way it was named: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Aka, "You can't pay attention to me and you're annoying to be around".
      And this is reflected a lot in media, either as LULZ TEH RANDOM or SQUIRREL! but ADHD has very little to do with a "deficit" of attention. I have no shortage of attention! It's just very very difficult to DIRECT my attention, especially toward things that I am not immediately interested in (chores, work, school....) And "hyperactivity", whether internal (inattentive) or external (hyperactive) is really only a problem when you're in a situation where you're not supposed to move. Like school. or Work.
      There's been a movement to rebrand it as like... "Executive Function Impairement Disorder" or something along those lines, which is FAR more accurate to what ADHD actually is, and I really like that. Of course, I can't remember what the actual acronym is supposed to be... chalk that up to the info not being interesting enough 😅

    • Cactus
      Cactus Місяць тому

      @Theadorius You're not necessarily wrong, but symptoms of ADHD can be caused by bad parenting and other negative environmental factors. For example, ADHD is often comorbid with personality disorders, and personality disorders are typically caused by trauma (oftentimes bad and abusive parenting). ADHD can also be caused by environmental factors like led exposure.
      Symptoms of ADHD also seem to be present in most other mental/neurological conditions that are correlated with bad parenting, like mood disorders, conduct disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. Even bipolar disorder, which can be onset due to childhood abuse, is identical to ADHD if you take away the depressive and suicidal aspects.
      So, ADHD is typically a genetic condition, but not always. And symptoms of ADHD (from a purely behavioural perspective) can be caused by environmental factors and childhood abuse.
      Also, you do not need other members of your family to have ADHD. ADHD is highly heritable, but a substantial amount of cases have no or minimal family history. I have personally witnessed cases like this where a parent clearly has ADHD yet their children do not, or they have multiple children and only one has ADHD when the rest do not.

    • Sam Benham
      Sam Benham Місяць тому

      @fool yeah whenever I see a neurodivergent character I get embarrassed. Rather there be no neurodivergent representation in the media what so ever

    • Bob Bobsen
      Bob Bobsen Місяць тому

      @Benjamin Watson that's 100% true and my experience

    • Bob Bobsen
      Bob Bobsen Місяць тому

      A shitload of the most popular streamers and youtubers have adhd tho, that's enough for me

  • Cracky - Patty
    Cracky - Patty 13 днів тому

    My dad got diagnosed with ADHD when he was in his early 40s! We have a few people in our family like that, a grandmother who got tested for dyslexia in her late 50s, she has it! She always knew she had it since the very early 2000s cause the school gave her pamphlets about it for me and my brother. It's never too late to ge diagnosed. There's more information nowadays, people may say "there are more people getting these issues, must be a soft generation or faking it"
    No Marty, we actually have science now and people aren't afraid of mental health practitioners because they know they won't get lobotomy or be treated as the towns "freak" or social outcast" now.

  • Dodo_doggy
    Dodo_doggy 8 днів тому

    This is probably the only channel that I can actually watch without skipping the sponsored bit, because it's just as great as the rest of the video

  • Rachel Blenkin
    Rachel Blenkin 8 днів тому

    I suspect I have ADHD, but being homeschooled meant that A) it was just seen as normal for me, which led to B) actually developing some coping mechanisms. Now that I'm in 3rd year (for the 3rd round!), I'm thinking of seeing if it's worth getting a diagnosis.

  • Paulo Rodrigues
    Paulo Rodrigues 27 днів тому +1

    As you, I never searched to confirm it, but going trough your list of symptoms it felt right at home. However, ignorance is bliss! :D
    Seriously now, I long suspected I have some level of it, but as with most things, it is not binary, it isn't either you have it or you don't. It doesn't lead to any problem in my life, somethings are harder to do, like reading a book, and wandering around not knowing what I got out of the couch literally 5 seconds ago to do, but hey, that's life, and if that's everything bad I got going right now, I think I'm lucky. :)

  • Mikaelli🌙
    Mikaelli🌙 Місяць тому +381

    That's exactly how I started thinking that I may be autistic. Found some relatable videos, started watching THOUSANDS of those, did research, did tests and I am currently trying to find a professional for a official diagnosis, cause those really help you understand yourself better and why you do things the way you do. I'm really glad that your diagnosis helped you and I really hope that everyone questioning about themselves can get the information they want on this topics. Have a great day/afternoon/night mwah

      Caleb_spores SELLS GOOD STUFF ON INSTAGRAM Місяць тому

      👆👆look up that handle my plug got all psychedelic drugs shrooms,dmt,lsd,meds,gummies,THC,CBD 🍀.💊🍫🍄🍀….

    • Mikaelli🌙
      Mikaelli🌙 Місяць тому

      @αnníє ❀ its nothing! I know how bad it can be for us and when almost no one you know it's kind to you, so I always try to help strangers when they need, but yeah it's almost weird when someone say they don't have problems with their family.

    • αnníє ❀
      αnníє ❀ Місяць тому +1

      @Mikaelli🌙 thank you! Even though ur a stranger it really does mean a lot to have you be so kind to me and yes I have probably a couple friends that support me! At this point I feel like it’s just normal to have a toxic family now days it will eventually clear up once I move out but thank you!

    • Mikaelli🌙
      Mikaelli🌙 Місяць тому +1

      @αnníє ❀ I'm so sorry you had to go through all that :( . Family a lot of the times suck, but I'm lucky to have friends who support me and I really hope that's the same case for you and everyone that suffers with bullying like this. I Hope things get better for you.

    • αnníє ❀
      αnníє ❀ Місяць тому

      @Mikaelli🌙 EXCATLY OIMG ive been bullied so much for the things i do and stared at weird to the point i hate coming out my room now cause i always get made fun of by my family def causes a lot of insecurities ..

  • ProjectIon
    ProjectIon 10 днів тому

    4:09 I find that in myself and other people with inattentive ADHD, sugar actually calms them down instead of making us hyperactive, as long as it isn't too much sugar at a time.

  • TheLMB
    TheLMB 10 днів тому

    This is exactly how I started thinking I might have it. Then I did a test with a doctor, in 2 sessions of 2 hours each and gave me a very extense pdf with every detail about my brain lol.
    One clue that helped me, was when I started playing tennis again and realized that instead of hitting the ball how I was supposed to, my brain decided to do a cooler and funner shot... which I inmediately regretted even if it turned out well.
    Oh and I'm writting and e-mail as I write this comment, which I paused 3 times now.

  • sewing machine
    sewing machine 10 днів тому

    I have already been diagnosed with aspergers and I know it has some similarities with ADHD and ADD, but for some reason I still sometimes wonder if I may also have ADHD. And this video sure made me think about that even more :c

  • Sporkinstien
    Sporkinstien 27 днів тому

    I was diagnosed with adhd very early. Unfortunately in the early to late 2000's adhd was definitely seen as "he's just bad at focusing and he's hyper" . My parents tried their best but took bad advise from therapists on how to handle me. They've apologized to me formally that they dident handle my adhd properly and that ment alot :)

  • れんちゃん
    れんちゃん Місяць тому +538

    I have primarily inattentive ADHD~ I thought you might also have ADHD because of your sense of humor and comedic timing. There were just so many jokes that I found absolutely hilarious and matched my bizarrely specific style of humor. I think it's safe to say that ADHDers have the best sense of humor, and that's totally unbiased of course. Good luck on your ADHD journey Andy!

    • Jay Polas
      Jay Polas Місяць тому

      @So NoHead i agree. Its cringe.

    • Jay Polas
      Jay Polas Місяць тому

      @れんちゃん no

    • It Is Oylenox
      It Is Oylenox Місяць тому

      Ye I literally always thought he had adhd and was surprised to find out it was a recent diagnosis

    • M I L K M A N
      M I L K M A N Місяць тому

      @So NoHeadchad comment

      Caleb_spores SELLS GOOD STUFF ON INSTAGRAM Місяць тому

      Hit up 👆 the handle..He ships 🍄🍫💊💨………

  • Nathan Swanger
    Nathan Swanger Місяць тому

    The "walk around in circles for hours talking to myself" thing was as bit of an oh shit moment just then. I was convinced that I was the only person who did that. Never felt that anyone else would understand that thing I've done since I was 5 years old. Also, I guess I have ADHD

  • Epicscythe
    Epicscythe 23 дні тому

    I'm not exactly diagnosed with adhd but I do have a lot of the symptoms so thanks for making this video :)

    Z4TWICKS 21 день тому

    OMG ! So i had adhd this whole freaking time. The stuff you said happens to also happens to me but a lil worse. Everything was on point. I told mom to get an appointment as soon as possible.
    Btw ur video was randomly recommended to me for the first time and what do you know i found myself.

  • SpeedRacer 100
    SpeedRacer 100 9 днів тому

    I’ve never found a UAclipsr I’ve been able to relate to this much. Literally all the symptoms this guy has, I have as well 😂

  • Mikania2345
    Mikania2345 Місяць тому +512

    As someone with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) it feels good how you talk about your experience with ADHD and how the media depicts it. Once in a while I see people selling ADHD, OCD etc. as a quirky trait which annoys me and distracts others of the issue.

    • TheTrollman 2
      TheTrollman 2 Місяць тому

      @dune bug I have adhd and tbh I don't mind it much. I think it helps make my personality a bit more unique, but it does not entirely define who I am

    • i need username ideas
      i need username ideas Місяць тому

      @Oh Slash as a person with autism, it isn’t quirky. my teachers used to call me slippy cause of my autism, and i never noticed. also you eat the same food every single day, and for me there’s a limited list of items i’ll allow into my mouth

    • Alkalez
      Alkalez Місяць тому

      same happens to me, especially with things like being depressed or even suicidal, pisses me off how people fake it for attention like it's some cool little personality thing.

    • Casey S
      Casey S Місяць тому

      @Oh Slash stop reposting your same uneducated wrong take under every comment here ya numbskull 😑

    • keltzar1
      keltzar1 Місяць тому +2

      @Oh Slash A lot of it is just people have a better sense of what these things actually are, so it's diagnosed in places where it just got missed and people just, suffered without knowing why in the past.

  • Darkraii
    Darkraii 7 днів тому

    i was diagnosed with inattentive adhd back in second grade i had some medication up until 6th grade where i decided i didnt wanna take them because of their side effects i have been sucessfully procrastinating reinforming myself about them but iam slowly getting problems in my workplace since i dont wanna pull the victim card ever so i havent told anybody but anyone with adhd can relate where issues could arise

  • Thoma$
    Thoma$ 27 днів тому

    This was so relatable, i got diagnosed like an eternity ago and the symptoms got less but are still there

  • Windy
    Windy Місяць тому

    As an ADHD hyperactive, I can confirm most of the symptoms , and this is kind of creepy we are almost the same ...😅

  • phantom plush production
    phantom plush production 27 днів тому

    The way you talk reminds me of me every day

  • Melissa Heaney
    Melissa Heaney Місяць тому +266

    I don't have ADHD, but I do have autism. Some of the symptoms you listed also happen to me and I'm glad more people are talking about it.
    Edit: I just asked my parents, and it turns out I do have ADHD, along with autism!

    • Sparklewolfgirl67 :3
      Sparklewolfgirl67 :3 Місяць тому

      It isn’t a type of autism but it’s often that autistics have adhd

    • Melissa Heaney
      Melissa Heaney Місяць тому

      @so much to cook I always figured that ADHD was a type of autism

    • Gelas Pecah Chanel
      Gelas Pecah Chanel Місяць тому

      Last fight uaclips.com/video/UJ4Y3z-plnw/відео.html

    • XD Smile
      XD Smile Місяць тому

      Damn that must've blown your mind

    • Scias
      Scias Місяць тому

      @starchild199x_ Yee, most people with ASD also have ADHD.

  • JosiArtJMV
    JosiArtJMV Місяць тому

    This always happens to me and I was diagnosed at an early age but my mom said it wasn't a problem but now I realize what this means and that it was always impacting my life at home or out of school but for some reason in school I'm fine most to the time

  • Draper Parker
    Draper Parker Місяць тому

    I never thought I'd say this about anyone, but I love the way he does his ads. They really don't feel like the same cut-and-paste rigamarole you see everywhere else. I haven't bought any of the things, but I don't think I've skipped one of his ad presentations yet.

  • Shining Sakura
    Shining Sakura 11 днів тому

    I relate on a more than deep level. diagnosed with adhd for pretty much all my life.... yeah no hiding it I had it and bad..... This video made me laugh so hard I loved it.

  • TheGuidingLight
    TheGuidingLight Місяць тому

    I think as long as your ADHD isnt compromising your life in any negative way, then its alright to go about life like you've always done it. some people need medication for it, and some dont. i decided not to be medicated, since i didnt like the idea of having to take medication to be the " normal " that my school wanted me to be at the time. my mom gave me the choice of taking it or not, because its my life, and i should have 100% control over how i should live it.

  • Bas Scharenborg
    Bas Scharenborg Місяць тому +128

    I'm actually not surprised you have ADHD.
    Come to think of it, that's partly what makes your videos so unique:
    -The animation style,
    -your humour,
    -the choice of music,
    -the characters that only exist to be crushed with a hammer,
    -but above all the energy you put into your videos.
    *Which certainly resonates with the viewer (including myself).*
    Be yourself, and let YT be your creative outlet for years to come

    • Taurine
      Taurine Місяць тому

      yeah I saw the title and it all clicked

  • Wubba Lubba dub dub
    Wubba Lubba dub dub Місяць тому

    So impressive how he makes ads more entertaining than most creators on this platform

  • Sarah Robertson
    Sarah Robertson 8 днів тому

    I think I also have adhd but I don’t know if I’ll ever get diagnosed. Thanks for spreading awareness about it❤

  • PlatinumNoX
    PlatinumNoX Місяць тому

    I love how he is just comfortable with actually going into it, while the kids in my school pretty much all say they have ADHD and then just say “yeah I can’t focus real well.” Yeah it’s aggravating the teachers

  • Cainan Goodwin
    Cainan Goodwin Місяць тому

    My case is similar but different, I got diagnosed around kindergarten if I remember correctly and I don't remember which one I am but at this point I'm to afraid to ask.
    The struggle is real and we all have it so if anyone is ever feeling bad don't it's okay just remember that it's a double edged sword and if you hone it in then you'll be okay, and never be afraid to ask for help.

  • mikey martyr
    mikey martyr Місяць тому +475

    I got diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago in my senior year of hs and lemme tell you, I so understand the relief of just. Being able to put a name to what's going wrong. Like being able to identify what is happening and why it's happening was like exciting for me, and being able to look back at all my behaviours and being able to go oh that's why I do that! Even for like neutral or innocuous things, just knowing WHAT is going on up there and being able to identify how it affects my personality and my behaviour is really comforting for me. I'm excited for the next video, oh boy medication is a trip

    • Ash morton
      Ash morton Місяць тому


    • NovaaHS
      NovaaHS Місяць тому +2

      ikr no one gets that

    • Anneke _yep
      Anneke _yep Місяць тому +1

      I take meds but it’s because my ADHD (inattentive type) is co-morbid with severe anxiety (either generalized or social) and it helps lower my anxiety. I recently has to start a small dose of antidepressants tho as college was making my anxiety so bad. The side effects were bad but I’m glad I did because i would be struggling so bad rn hahaha

    • Diet Cookies
      Diet Cookies Місяць тому +2

      Them withdrawal symptoms are crazy when you try to stop taking the meds, shit is a trip.

      MIKE DONALD Місяць тому +2

      I don’t take medicine I don’t struggle with adhd but I feel all these things it’s very exciting

  • Aliensomniac
    Aliensomniac 21 день тому

    Thats exactly what I'm going through right now, only recently got the courage to schedule an appointment after a year and a half of thinking about it.

  • dominique ledezma
    dominique ledezma 20 днів тому

    I've been diagnosed for a while but I didn't realize just how many of my habits were because I have adhd lmao, thank you ICS

  • this is a channel
    this is a channel 29 днів тому

    As a fellow adhdist, I also walk in circles talking to myself for hours, never knew that was an ADHD thing until this video

  • Chrysaor
    Chrysaor Місяць тому

    My mom knows I have ADHD. I’ve been diagnosed with it since I was a wee child (like 1st grade ish) but she still says how I have a selective memory and only remember things I want to remember. Mother. I remember the things that trigger dopamine in my brain. So even things I want/know I need to do doesn’t always stick in my head. And there have been times where I have wanted to remember something but forget since I get distracted like a second afterwards and forget about it before it can “file itself in my memories”. If the memory system is supposed to be a nice ordered and organized system of filing cabinets…mine is just all those documents either in disorganized piles everywhere or everything is just not where others who are “normal”, or whatever, would file them. Like if someone else where to try and use my memory they’d be like “WHERE IS X? AND WHY TF IS T WITH FREAKING Z?! HOW DO TOU FIND ANYTHING?!?” Maybe that’s just all ADHD people though. Oh, talking a lot non-stop/being talkative is also a possible sign of ADHD! Some days I bet my parents wanted, and maybe still want, to put duct tape on my mouth so they can have peace whenever we’re together and I won’t shut up after they’ve had a long day and just want some quiet.

  • Just Some Gal Who Hates Mustaches
    Just Some Gal Who Hates Mustaches Місяць тому +589

    Dude, my brother was diagnosed with ADHD five years ago! I'm going to show him this video to prove to him that he is not alone, and should not be afraid of his condition!
    Thanks Ice Cream Sandwich, you have no idea how much of a great impact you're making on this community!

    • Adamenko
      Adamenko Місяць тому

      @Lesley Whitley that’s hilarious

    • Lesley Whitley
      Lesley Whitley Місяць тому

      @@lisandropapadammolina2756 oh ok thank you

    • Lesley Whitley
      Lesley Whitley Місяць тому

      @Adamenko fifth grade research project idunno if its right or not

    • Misfitfarm
      Misfitfarm Місяць тому

      @Just Some Gal Who Hates Mustaches bro did he see this comment? no he didnt also how in the heck should i know if he had it? i dont because i dont know him ok i was guessing it must suck to be him but like idc
      just stupid to be "scared" like its not like a GIANT difference i should know because i have adhd and almost no one notices k
      idgaf if i come off as rude

    • Misfitfarm
      Misfitfarm Місяць тому

      @Just Some Gal Who Hates Mustaches uhm yeah that's something stupid to be scared of its really not super horrible like he could have really bad autism or something so he could have it worse just remind him of that

  • TheFormer1337Agent
    TheFormer1337Agent 7 днів тому

    im scared how relatable this is, i never thought i would have inattentive adhd but now im starting to question myself lmao

  • Owen
    Owen 10 днів тому

    Congrats dude! :] I’m glad you got it sorted!!

  • Caden Lenrod
    Caden Lenrod Місяць тому

    I have ADHD and this makes me understand about how we act 🙂

  • Ba'Doom Ching
    Ba'Doom Ching 9 днів тому

    There's a few disorders I believe I have and I'd feel the same way if it was all cleared up for me and I was told exactly what I had because rn I feel I'm worrying over nothing

  • Vanguard16
    Vanguard16 Місяць тому +840

    As someone with inattentiveness ADHD (I still call it ADD, it's just easier), here were some things that I just related to so much:
    1. Forgetting to do stuff for an entire day. Not necessarily drinking water 'cause I have to do that to take my medication (ADHD medication, whaddaya know), but definitely a lot of other things. Checking emails, checking grades, doing things I said I'd do on a daily but end up not doing...
    2. Walking in circles talking to myself. I do it a lot. Especially when I'm excited about something or something happens that shocks me, so I go over it again and again out loud to myself until eventually it becomes a whole conversation with myself.
    3. Reading parts of a book over and over again. It mostly happens because I realize I accidentally skipped a line, accidentally started reading the next line in the middle of reading another line, accidentally went back a line, etc. It's hard for my eyes to keep track of where I left off, but I don't have dyslexia. I did used to enjoy reading when I was a kid, but I've done it a lot less in recent years.
    4. Going to do a task and then forgetting what I was doing. I could literally just walk through the door to the next room because the room right next to the one I was in is the place where I needed to get the task done, and then completely forget what the task was as if the door decided to wipe my memory of the task until I get back to being comfortable in my original position when I get reminded of what I was supposed to do in the next room. And sometimes this happens multiple times for a single task, too. (On another of these notes, sometimes I just wander aimlessly when I don't know what to do with myself, often walking in my dorm between the refrigerator and my bed because even if I have work to do I just feel the constant urge to be doing something else.)
    5. Caffeine is... hard to explain. For me, either it's in a regular amount and I pretty much fall asleep the next moment. Either that, or it's too much caffeine and it makes me feel all jittery and uncomfortable. I don't ever purposely overdo it. I just drink regular amounts of caffeinated drinks and I'm good to go. My heartbeat doesn't usually go up unless I drink too much.
    6. Oh god, the procrastination- Legit this entire school semester has been me just doing assignments last-minute. Legit last week I had a 3-4 page essay due that I forgot about and I had to force myself to finish it within 2-3 hours for it to be on time.

    • Vanguard16
      Vanguard16 21 день тому

      @Your friendly neighborhood Beyblade Sorry, to clarify, I usually get more tired which leads to me falling asleep ^^' I'm pretty sure there is a separate condition where people actually fall asleep because of caffeine, though I forget what it's called ^^'

    • Rania Fagundes
      Rania Fagundes Місяць тому +1

      I tend to forget things a lot when I go from one room to another.
      But in my case, I automatically forget what I was going to do when I walk into the room, then I look around and remember that I had something to do there and start doing something random
      Sometimes I leave my room to get water from the kitchen, and then I start washing the dishes

    • Your friendly neighborhood Beyblade
      Your friendly neighborhood Beyblade Місяць тому +1

      The only symptom I don’t have of this is the falling asleep from caffeine, it makes me more tired but not that much more (I was diagnosed with adhd so I guess I just don’t have this symptom for some reason).

    • Demien Maldonado
      Demien Maldonado Місяць тому +1

      I have never related to something so much before.

    • Vanguard16
      Vanguard16 Місяць тому

      @I StM I Omg yesss to every single one of these points holy cow 😭 The amount of times I have to apologize during a conversation because I zone out or interrupt the other person- 😔

  • Bear Lanning
    Bear Lanning 19 днів тому

    The relief of getting a diagnosis is so good. I had that when I finally got my Tourette’s diagnosis. It’s like “OH. So I’m not a werido!”

  • Nazo Dreemur
    Nazo Dreemur 17 днів тому

    So basically in my calculation
    6/7 of the activity you mention, I also felt relatable.
    How much is the ADHD check cost?

  • thegamerFOX45
    thegamerFOX45 Місяць тому +1

    uh oh i do a few of this things and i dont even know if i have adhd

  • Valentus
    Valentus 8 днів тому

    I call it the "ADHD spin" I can walk to do something, meanwhile I forget something, turn around only to forget why I turned around. So I get back to the first thing I was supposed to do, only to remember what I forgot. Happens a lot and my GF laughs at it. If I'm stressed it can turn into a evil spiral of just walking back and forth with stuff.

  • Toganium
    Toganium Місяць тому +929

    As a person with ADHD, if I can get one thing done in a day, that is an accomplishment in of itself.

    • SalmonTonsils
      SalmonTonsils Місяць тому

      Do you have advice?

    • Windy Beach
      Windy Beach Місяць тому

      Yep, it doesn’t even have to be the thing that I intended to do!
      Chase that dopamine :)

    • Flamgo [credit to nuumastar and Ryth for the pfp]
      Flamgo [credit to nuumastar and Ryth for the pfp] Місяць тому +1

      @Spice_ I’m subbed to him cause I have been watching him for plenty of years

    • Gelas Pecah Chanel
      Gelas Pecah Chanel Місяць тому

      Last fight uaclips.com/video/UJ4Y3z-plnw/відео.html

    • Spice_
      Spice_ Місяць тому

      @Flamgo [credit to nuumastar and Ryth for the pfp] not everyone has time to care about whether or not you watch guava juice

  • GuruTheMaster
    GuruTheMaster Місяць тому

    As a “walk around in circles and talk to yourself” enjoyer, good luck with your ADHD man (I do not have it I just like talking to myself)

  • ShellyOss
    ShellyOss Місяць тому

    I'm unsure as to if I have ADHD, as I literally relate to all of this, but have a variety of other conditions that could contribute to these sorta things (depression/anxiety, and more.)
    But anyway, I adore this video 😆

  • Finley Baker
    Finley Baker 26 днів тому

    I have ADHD, and that thing with the door is so relatable. I often get out of bed at night to make sure my door is lovked. Caffine makes me stressed, but I still love coffee. One symptom that I don't have is doing everything the day before... I do it thr day after.

  • KiwiGuy
    KiwiGuy 10 днів тому +1

    damn i guess i have adhd

  • Hawklegs
    Hawklegs Місяць тому +226

    I got diagnosed a couple of years ago, and I feel this so hard. A lot of my experience was people telling me how lazy and inconsiderate I was when I knew I was trying my hardest, which made me think I actually wasn't trying my hardest, and that something must be inherently wrong with me because despite wanting to give it my all, I seemingly never did. It wasn't good for my self-esteem to say the least. Now that I'm diagnosed, I know this stuff isn't a moral failing on my part, it's just something I need to learn to work with rather than push against.

    • Lucas Genolini
      Lucas Genolini Місяць тому +2

      @Sugar Kane Hello, i have no idea about me being ADHD or anything else but i do feel these uncomfort situations, how did you all got diagnosed?

    • averytheaxolotl
      averytheaxolotl  Місяць тому +2

      …and my parents still wonder why I don’t trust them

    • Scribble Cloud
      Scribble Cloud Місяць тому +5

      omg yes lazy and inconsiderate, those are the words i remember hearing all throughout childhood 😭

    • Hawklegs
      Hawklegs Місяць тому +4

      @Sugar Kane Thanks for the tips! Some of these I actually haven't tried yet, so I'll be sure to give them a shot! :D

    • Sugar Kane
      Sugar Kane Місяць тому +10

      I’ve had this exact feeling! The elementary to high school formula never worked for me besides giving me Depression. Understand that your motivation is a much more sensitive bar than other people. Even though I’ve been diagnosed for awhile, my family still doesn’t understand ADHD further than don’t listen in classes (absolutely ridiculous considering our entire family has ADHD). We all march to the beat of our own brainwaves. (Rest is broken up for ease of reading)
      I typically find making concrete plans hard with our daring nature to push deadlines. I usually work on as much as I can one day and think about the rest tomorrow, so I can make a plan I don’t need to abide to while giving time for errors.
      Shifting gears is usually hard, so change the subject by rewarding some time to yourself (with a timer, you will play for too long easily). Or just focus on one subject for the day, you can probably do this easier in college.
      If you struggle to get started with something, set a 5 minute timer to force yourself in the task. It’s easier to tell yourself “just work on this for 5 minutes” than “I have to work on this.” Usually you will get absorbed into it in the 5 minutes and keep going after the timer.
      Again, these are just tips I like to use. We all experience ADHD differently and you might find some things more easier to do than me.

  • Bix
    Bix 9 днів тому

    This feel weirdly relatable. I was treated for ADHD in my early days im doing fine now but these habit are still present from time to time.

  • ADG XD
    ADG XD 23 дні тому

    I love how you make the ADHD look so cute✨🌸

  • Macaroni Cheesecake
    Macaroni Cheesecake 11 днів тому

    I wish that I could get diagnosed bc just having that validation that my brain is wrong is something I’ve wanted for over half my life and never had the privilege of receiving even for easier to diagnose mental health problems like depression

  • Rawan Ahmed
    Rawan Ahmed Місяць тому

    I haven't been diagnosed but at this point I just know it lol
    A lot of the things that I thought to be "my special weirdness" turned out to be ADHD signs, now I don't even know what's a "me" thing and what's an "ADHD" thing

  • Marius Ruzzel
    Marius Ruzzel Місяць тому +78

    The part where you talk to yourself and spin in circles really hit home for me. I burst out laughing because I thought I was the only one who does that. My parents thought I was schizophrenic, crazy, and joke about this "other person" from time to time whenever they catch me talking to myself. I know I am not, I really just enjoy the activity. I am not diagnosed with ADHD yet but I really do believe I have. Before I sleep or leave the house I have to check the door more than 4 times just to make sure it is locked and even then I am still really unsure. Reading paragraphs more than twice really is another thing, it is not like I am uninterested in the topic, your mind kinda just flies and you forget what you were doing and you have to start over, it really is annoying. Thanks for sharing! Had a good laugh and sigh of relief.

    • mrshmuga9
      mrshmuga9 Місяць тому +5

      That explains why clean my nose while walking around the house, lol. I don’t even like going out for walks (by myself), but I can’t help but do it while cleaning the ol’ nasal cavity, lol.

  • • CreamiMochi •
    • CreamiMochi • 5 днів тому

    You have to be my favorite animator on UAclips but I just wish these videos were longer

  • Moonstone Norman
    Moonstone Norman 29 днів тому

    As someone with ADHD, you could tell me the simplest things, and then I'd forget them within 1 or 2 seconds. What makes it worse, is that I have bad hearing.

  • Hobo
    Hobo 7 днів тому

    I got diagnosed 4 years ago, and its a reeeeaaaaal, experience, i have the hyperactive type, and back when it was ADD or ADHD, me and my friend who also had it always said. “Why not have all of it, like bro, more = better, skipping the H just makes you a pussy, braaahhh”