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Top 10 Mistakes Holding You Back in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Опубліковано 26 вер 2023
  • Top 10 Mistakes Holding You Back in Hogwarts Legacy. Avoid These Mistakes & Learn These Tips To Take Your Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay To The Next Level. Crucial Tricks To Know For Combat, Progression & Fun in Hogwarts Legacy.
    Hopefully this video helps you all to avoid some of the things I forgot to do or missed the first time around and points you in the direction of your next progression step. There is so much to do in this game so always have fun with it and play at your own pace!
    Bonus Tip: Using Revelio on your broom will cover a large distance and make icons show on the map that were previously undiscovered. Additionally the spell lasts for a few seconds meaning that one cast will continue to reveal points of interest and secrets as you fly.
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    0:00 - Top 10 Mistakes Holding You Back in Hogwarts Legacy
    0:35 - Level Up Your Alohamora
    2:32 - Easily Find Things With the Map
    3:41 - Beasts You Need To Get
    6:14 - Ancient Magic Meter Upgrades
    7:07 - Learn Unforgivable Curses Early On
    8:40 - Selling Gear & Getting More Slots
    11:00 - Disillusionment Chests Are Great Money
    11:54 - Spend Your Talent Points
    14:03 - Use Your Consumables!
    14:54 - Actually Use & Setup Your Room of Requirement
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