Un-break my heart (AOL sessions) - Toni Braxton

  • Опубліковано 20 січ 2010
  • Toni Braxton singing live in AOL Sessions
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  • Priscila Grazielle
    Priscila Grazielle 2 місяці тому

    Tamar besides ugly is envious. Toni is unmatched

  • roberto rodriguez
    roberto rodriguez 4 місяці тому +1

    guaooo , amazing moments minute 3:29 , y 4:03 a 4:09, increible ....I love you Toni ..inigualable

  • roberto rodriguez
    roberto rodriguez 5 місяців тому +1

    de las interpretacionescde esta cancion , para mi esta es la mejor , 100% ,voz, estilo, sentimiento .. Aplausos de pie .. te amobToni

  • roberto rodriguez
    roberto rodriguez 6 місяців тому

    Ho , guaoo que voz, que fuerza , que decir simplemente es Toni Braxton.. jamaz me cansare de oirla..GRANDIOSA ..

  • Riquinho 1984
    Riquinho 1984 9 місяців тому


  • Yulianto Mukhtar
    Yulianto Mukhtar 9 місяців тому +1


  • elleusive
    elleusive 3 роки тому

    Amazing, as usual. The way Tamar is sitting though, lol

  • Nazanin Wilson
    Nazanin Wilson 3 роки тому

    i can't stop listening to this song even thouyh I'm young this my jam.💜💜💜💜

  • Ballislife
    Ballislife 3 роки тому

    3:36 to the end she killed it .. amazing job😊👏

  • Lj Jones
    Lj Jones 3 роки тому +1

    Tamar and them expressions of I'd even rather be fucking Vince ugly ass lollmao throughout the whole song lol

  • ImperfectbutRedeemed
    ImperfectbutRedeemed 3 роки тому +1

    2:32 and 2:50 TAMARRRR LOL

  • Mayda Rodriguez
    Mayda Rodriguez 3 роки тому

    look at her sisters in the background they have change so much!!!

  • Xoliswa Nxam
    Xoliswa Nxam 4 роки тому +1

    I still love dis video perfect Toni

  • Randy Blü
    Randy Blü 4 роки тому +6

    She slammed that note out her lungs that was power and passion her fists in the air and all

  • Yaya 1013
    Yaya 1013 4 роки тому +4

    Reading these comments if Tamar would've never said she didn't wanna do wop pop y'all would not have been saying she don't want to be there. This is a melancholy song. What do y'all want her to do. Trina is not looking any happier.

  • Mike Anthony
    Mike Anthony 4 роки тому +4

    Toni was so sexy in this video, damn.

    • Jose Sanchez
      Jose Sanchez 3 роки тому

      Toni was always sexy. Even now. Perfection :)

  • felecia w
    felecia w 4 роки тому

    Hahahaha! Look at a Tamar! Singing the do-wop-do-bop for her sister. Awesome sauce. She still has bitch face. Love the Braxton's...all of them.

  • 192jerr
    192jerr 5 років тому +12

    OMG God took his time when he created Toni...

  • nicolasmendez53
    nicolasmendez53 5 років тому +4

    Toni Braxton is 46 years old I give her props. She can SING ..I love her .

  • ty py
    ty py 5 років тому +3

    @ 2:21 I sit with laughter thinking about what Toni would say about Tamar face if she could see.

  • Randy Blü
    Randy Blü 5 років тому

    She slammed that note to the ballpark!

  • Prettyrickeyfontaine _
    Prettyrickeyfontaine _ 5 років тому +4

    Yesss!...I see Tamar and Trina do wop pop pop,!!! Holding their sissy down

  • Dominique Williams
    Dominique Williams 5 років тому +1

    Toni so Tiny Love her ❤️❤️ VOICE so soulful

  • Colm Fitzpatrick
    Colm Fitzpatrick 5 років тому

    I love Toni but Tamar is vocally stronger than her..Toni has said it herself on many occasions!

  • Ezekiel Robinson
    Ezekiel Robinson 6 років тому

    Love her

  • tangila lee
    tangila lee 6 років тому

    Love Toni's heart tho

  • tangila lee
    tangila lee 6 років тому

    Tamar just knows she's the shit

  • silvercord2018
    silvercord2018 6 років тому

    yes...she is very talented and pretty but if you're not a humble person all of that is gonna go to waste in that industry... and not only that but I think she needs to work on her jealousy issues of her sister toni who's the most successful...she needs to be inspired and learn from her instead of trying to go against her because obviously its not working.

  • Delaiah Simmons
    Delaiah Simmons 6 років тому

    yes, but she is still very talented

  • silvercord2018
    silvercord2018 6 років тому

    yea...and that can make you or break you...that's why tamar is not where she wants to be is because she's not humble.

  • Kenny Miller
    Kenny Miller 6 років тому

    If Whitney and Mariah were backgrounds, she def can have several seats. Tamar is a great vocalist but I don't think she's as identifiable as her sister.

  • Delaiah Simmons
    Delaiah Simmons 6 років тому

    i can see why toni is so much well known then tamar. its that toni is wayyy more humble. dont get me wrong i LOVE tamar and her voice. but she is not humble at all.

  • Livi Renea
    Livi Renea 6 років тому

    Even if you get "lucky" enough to have "someone powerful to pick you" you still have to WORK to stay there. That's what's wrong with these new singers now-a-days, Tamar included. They just want everything handed to them. No work (or struggle) required.

    Where there is progress, there is ALWAYS a struggle.

  • GeroTheHero
    GeroTheHero 6 років тому

    0:31...damn that sexy stare got me. she's a beast. her sisters are disgusting.

  • supermissdoll
    supermissdoll 6 років тому

    Tamar looking real salty doo wop pop pop chick

  • Jonathan Kulka
    Jonathan Kulka 6 років тому

    It's incredible that this performance was almost ten years away from when un-break my heart was released and she still sounds perfect...Toni is one of the greatest artists ever...and she's been so underrated lately!

  • XJ12lover
    XJ12lover 6 років тому

    this song is still the shit.

  • ty py
    ty py 6 років тому

    NOW Look at Tamar at 2:21 LOL you know she didn't want to sing doo whap pop pop she told us that.

  • MzLady ThaLady
    MzLady ThaLady 7 років тому +1


  • ronda Shelley
    ronda Shelley 7 років тому

    Two words "killed it"

  • barry white
    barry white 7 років тому


  • Marneesha Price
    Marneesha Price 7 років тому

    lol tamar look so miserable, look how her legs all spread out..lmao poor thang

  • Alata
    Alata 7 років тому

    Toni just has a passion about her when she performs that I don't think Tamar will ever be able to accomplish. It's like they forget that without Toni, no one would care who they are now... Point Blank and the Period

  • beansemo
    beansemo 7 років тому

    @ 3:15 , thats a cool drum fill.

  • Caotic3
    Caotic3 7 років тому

    they look so bored rocking from side to side LMAO !!!

  • LaKeisha Michelle
    LaKeisha Michelle 7 років тому

    @CameroTV yup she doesnt look happy

  • CameroTV
    CameroTV 7 років тому

    @amarie1966 Lol Doo Wop Pop Pop dot com

  • CameroTV
    CameroTV 7 років тому

    @ebunlewis1 Lmao you are so right...I hated when Toni entered that whispery era...Im like...wth are you saying tho

  • TruSol
    TruSol 7 років тому

    Woow tamar really looks like she doesnt want to be there lmaoff

  • MiMo's TV Show
    MiMo's TV Show 7 років тому

    @cuz932 I literally laughed out loud!!

  • Margaret L
    Margaret L 7 років тому

    @CameroTV So damn true LOL Now that I watch the show and see how unhappy she is about being background for Toni, you can totally see it in her performances! Bahahah but she will NEVER be Toni she needs to just deal.com

    SEXYPHILLYMOM40 7 років тому


    SEXYPHILLYMOM40 7 років тому


  • chunjmorris91
    chunjmorris91 7 років тому

    Tamar in the background rolling her eyes lol she mad she singing DOO WOP POP POP 4 Toni Braxton *rolls eyes, snaps neck, and pops mouth in Tamar voice* "That ain't hot"!

  • Oceanblue82
    Oceanblue82 7 років тому

    Heartbreaking beautiful !!!! I LOVE it !!!

  • amarie1966
    amarie1966 7 років тому

    @ CAmero TV..I totally agree. She doesn't even want to be there now. Probably wanting to not hitting her notes on purpose.
    she was doing way too much on the show trying to be all that..referring to the Braxtons

  • k bougie
    k bougie 7 років тому

    her look reminds me of janet a lil with the red hair!:)

  • ariewatts
    ariewatts 7 років тому

    I can honestly say that Toni has one of the best voices. I can listen to her songs all day long. She sings with such passion and emotion that you can't help but connect with her songs. Go Toni!!

  • b ortiz
    b ortiz 7 років тому

    Toni Braxton Always stood out. Ifyou listen to their first family album "The good LIfe" . You can hear Toni's unique voice among the others. She is a true gem ;)

  • Milani Shaver
    Milani Shaver 7 років тому

    Toni killed it. Tamar needs to realize that toni is a star because she stands out. Tamar doesn't. And Tamar also does not have any stage presence.

  • Livi Renea
    Livi Renea 7 років тому

    @clazzofoeight Toni*

  • Livi Renea
    Livi Renea 7 років тому

    I think Tamar's issue is that she wants to be famous, but doesn't want to struggle to get there. It's almost like she thinks she's above doing background...I mean, you watch one of the episodes of Braxton Family Values, and you'll see she didn't even wanna do her OWN backgrounds on the TC wrote for her...I think she just wants everything handed to her, no work needed because she's so perfect. On the other hand...Tony sounds great!

  • Nykima Metoyer
    Nykima Metoyer 7 років тому

    I love Toni she the bomb!!!o and Tamar jealous ass

  • Jay Bull
    Jay Bull 7 років тому

    Ya'll see Tamar in the BACK..she all mad and shit..lol

  • Merryck Dickerson
    Merryck Dickerson 7 років тому

    hahaha i can only imagine what tamar was saying before they started taping.
    "This is so dumb. like can we add some BOOM POP POP somethin?
    "I'm tired of doin this doo wop pop pop stuff"
    why toni get to look cute and I got on these jeans? this aint hot!"

  • blaze404
    blaze404 7 років тому

    lmao @ all of Tamar's expressions.

  • A. Guiseppe
    A. Guiseppe 7 років тому

    OMG Tamar look so over it!!!!

  • ThankGodforUTube
    ThankGodforUTube 7 років тому


  • Tru Straub
    Tru Straub 7 років тому +1

    I love Toni! so beautiful... Lawd.

  • mika nicole
    mika nicole 7 років тому

    Tamar looks OVER IT! BAHHWAA

  • konnected1
    konnected1 7 років тому

    Toni. Betta. WERQ those emotions.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 7 років тому

    It's AOL sessions so you this is at least 10 years old. lol

  • lilmel25
    lilmel25 7 років тому

    damm toni looks good

  • AllisonWatts1
    AllisonWatts1 7 років тому

    yessss toni!!!!

  • CameroTV
    CameroTV 7 років тому

    Now that Tamar has been spotlighted I go back to these older performances and notice how UNHAPPY she looks lol. Its almost like she's either mentally hating on her sister, or she just is like..whenTF is it gonna be my damn turn lol cause this shxt aint gettin it!! LOL

  • b ortiz
    b ortiz 7 років тому

    Tamar's like "When is it going to be my turn?"
    And I agree... when is it going to be her turn?

  • briannamichelle44
    briannamichelle44 7 років тому

    @rodiguezagnes I thought I was the only one who noticed but that is true!

    LAFONDA FOREVER 7 років тому

    I always loved toni! I remember peorming this record in Junior high

  • Tisha King
    Tisha King 7 років тому

    I appreciate the fact that Toni has probably sang this song hundreds and hundreds of times, yet she still puts the passion into as if it were brand new!!! Beautiful sultry voice!!!

  • jiggyjj88
    jiggyjj88 7 років тому

    Tamar looks too bored! Lol

  • cali alpha
    cali alpha 7 років тому

    @Calialpha69 god..* sorry

  • cali alpha
    cali alpha 7 років тому

    @snookydog09 i know right..lol..soory for all those typos in my previous comment...it was late and I wasnt paying attention..lol

  • Amir Taylor
    Amir Taylor 7 років тому

    @Calialpha69 yeah she is looking like bitch move let me really sing this song lol

  • cali alpha
    cali alpha 7 років тому

    Love how Tamar is looking like biitch give me that damn mike son I can really saaaang..lol

  • aylix89
    aylix89 7 років тому

    this make tamer look really unprofessional, yet she want everyone to see her as an artist. is this how she is going to act when she has to sing her most popular song over and over again?

  • Cori175
    Cori175 7 років тому

    I always loved this song! And I felt her on tis live and Tamar look like she don't wanna be there! smh! She's very pretty and if u can get around "tude she ok! but she got sooooooooooooooo much!

  • Cori175
    Cori175 7 років тому

    @cuz932 hahaahahahaaha!

  • 915nabi
    915nabi 7 років тому

    smooth like hot butter sliding on ice =)

  • Frankincensed
    Frankincensed 7 років тому

    If you look up the word Sexy, you'll see her picture. Smooooooooooooookin'!!!!

  • Danesha Demm
    Danesha Demm 7 років тому

    Tamar.......ugh she is annoying.com

  • jhiselebardot
    jhiselebardot 7 років тому

    dang this was like 10 yrs or so ago, Tamar was like what 24 or 23 here?

  • jhiselebardot
    jhiselebardot 7 років тому

    Toni Braxton and I think Rihanna are singers who can pull off any hair look/hair color . toni looks great:D

  • BabyBeyonce09
    BabyBeyonce09 7 років тому

    Now Toni killed that song! She felt that emotion deep down and she projected it while she sang! #CHILLS!!

  • iamtravismarks
    iamtravismarks 7 років тому

    Yess!! Toni

  • rafalno1
    rafalno1 7 років тому

    when was that ?

  • Jamilla
    Jamilla 7 років тому

    The hand gestures shows u tht she really feels an loves her music like wow and her voice whooh thts god given right der and loool @ baby trina and Tamar :D

  • jbells16
    jbells16 7 років тому

    Look at my girl Tamar!!! She can sang too!!! :)

  • tay badazz
    tay badazz 7 років тому

    Tamar is an ass hole

  • tay badazz
    tay badazz 7 років тому

    She is so damn fine

  • Andy Delos Santos
    Andy Delos Santos 7 років тому

    LOL Tamar's face.