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German Squad Tactics in World War 2

  • Опубліковано 20 бер 2023
  • German Squad Tactics in World War 2. The German infantry squad was the mainstay of the German Wehrmacht in the Second World War. This video explores the basic organization of a German infantry squad, the concept of fire and movement, the deployment of the MG34 and its relation to the other squad members, as well as regular military tactics. Finally, there is an example of an attack on an enemy position.
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    WWII German Map Symbols by James Byrne
    Oberkommando des Heeres: Hinweise für die Ausbildung der Infanterie auf Grund der Erfahrungen des Ostfeldzuges, H. Qu. O.K.H., 1.3.1942
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    • Michael Terrell
      Michael Terrell Рік тому

      Love the video and channel.

    • sun light525
      sun light525 3 роки тому

      Man merkt das du deutscher bist 😂

    • Alex Gräfe
      Alex Gräfe 3 роки тому

      @Max Haase ja 😂😂😂

    • Christopher Yeniver
      Christopher Yeniver 4 роки тому

      @Mik Deroost Unfortunately this is not the official De Re Militari De Germania. You'lll have to wait for the restoration of Western Civilization for that release.

    • Christopher Yeniver
      Christopher Yeniver 4 роки тому

      @Max Scott Here is Germania Über Alles uaclips.com/video/wtoWkEPh0I4/відео.html

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 роки тому +1844

    German squad tactics:
    1. The machine gun
    2. Everyone else

    • Tiago Monteiro
      Tiago Monteiro 3 дні тому

      @Timothy Odeyale Were did you learn History they were still profetional rifleman with years of experience since childhood also every German Soldier is trained to use the machine gun go ahead take out the machine gunner another one will just pick it up

    • Harrison Stott
      Harrison Stott 2 місяці тому

      @Jack Boyed Jesus I wrote this sarcastic comment 2 years ago and everyone totally missed the sarcasm in it.

    • Jack Boyed
      Jack Boyed 2 місяці тому

      @Harrison Stott The Soviets could not win the war on their own. Because they lost half their population and industrial area in the early days of the war.

  • Coral Polyps
    Coral Polyps 3 роки тому +1229

    _Are you a German?_
    _Are you in a German infantry squad?_
    _Are you using an MG34/MG42?_
    _You are an ammo bearer for the Machine Gunner._
    But wait, can't I be a regular rifleman or a sniper-
    _You are an ammo bearer._
    What about a mortar-
    _You are an ammo bearer._
    But I outra-
    _You are an ammo bearer._
    But I-
    _You are an ammo bearer._

    • Grieve Tan
      Grieve Tan Місяць тому

      @JerryOnlyChild 10 bullets per clip gang rise up

    • YL Pan
      YL Pan Місяць тому

      @MikeDubya umm no. The accuracy and firing rate of a Kar98k is no matched for a Garand.

    • DannyZero69
      DannyZero69 4 місяці тому +2

      @SimplyLimbo one round for the enemy, one round for the deserter and one round for you if captured!

    • Iron Star Of Mordian
      Iron Star Of Mordian 8 місяців тому

      @Easy 8 that's the Garand, a which was pretty much the only rifle of its time to be in mass service and semi auto.

    • Iron Star Of Mordian
      Iron Star Of Mordian 8 місяців тому

      @JerryOnlyChild not for a bolt gun.

  • DressUpYourPet2
    DressUpYourPet2 6 років тому +1820

    i have read hundreds of books on German WW2 battles and tactics, to try and figure out how they beat superior numbers and enemies over and over again. And not one of them explained the basic principles of a German infantry attack so clearly as this. Good job.

    • Damien R.
      Damien R. Рік тому

      @anders björkman Chills reading that, I suppose that's why so many fought to the bitter end. Thank you for sharing.

    • Dale McCracken
      Dale McCracken Рік тому

      They were successful using combined arms. Infantry supported by tanks ,aircraft, artillery

    • Ferdrew Flores
      Ferdrew Flores Рік тому

      Same ! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Rubricatus Seneca
      Rubricatus Seneca 2 роки тому +1

      @Master Flow the meth was only useful in the Polish campaigns when there was consistent and constant movement of troops. The longer the war went on the less effective the meth became. I think the German success had more to do with domestic factors such as high birth rate, large industry, and an overwhelming civilian support.

    • Zack Lofton
      Zack Lofton 2 роки тому

      @Mars 1 why? its accurate, our country is in distress. Therefore it's perfectly fine to fly the american flag upside down.

  • 73kimura
    73kimura 3 роки тому +82

    Ein großes Kompliment für die überaus akribische und seriöse Recherche und Darstellung! Sie füllen eine Lücke und das auf großartige Weise. Große Ahnung von der Materie ohne ins naive Schwärmen und gedankenloses Reproduzieren von Wehrmachtsmythen zu verfallen, das ist leider sehr selten (vor allem außerhalb der akademischen Welt. Hier auf UAclips ist es wirklich wertvoll ..Vielen Dank!

  • PistolPT03
    PistolPT03 6 років тому +616

    As a Cold War Marine, I freaking Loved this vid. All the tactics of a USMC fire team in the offensive are burned into my brain from almost 40 yrs ago, but I enjoy learning more about what the common grunt , regardless of the flag they fought for, was expected to do and how they were utilized.

    • Rhys Nichols
      Rhys Nichols 2 роки тому

      Obviously these tactics worked well....there’s a reason the German army (a nation the size of Texas) took over mainland Europe and fought on 3 fronts for 6 years.

    • Steve Loeschke
      Steve Loeschke 4 роки тому +2

      Wow this is the first Time in UAclips history i read Comments where People Talk to eachother without talking bullshit and insaults.

    • fetuso fetuso
      fetuso fetuso 4 роки тому +1

      The LMG provided the highest volume of fire. In a best case scenario case the volume of fire of one LMG was equivalent to that of 10 riflemen under ideal conditions, and "best case" and "ideal" are words you rarely hear on a battlefield.
      There is also the question of sustainability of fire, as the riflemen had to stop and reload very often while the LMG simply kept going until it had to reload or change barrel.
      Therefore it was much more efficient to use the LMG section for the base of fire, and the majority of the men for their intended role, which was the actual assault.

    • Knut Der Große
      Knut Der Große 4 роки тому

      Pete Rhein
      Siempre Fi !

    • midcash
      midcash 4 роки тому +1

      Brooooo same lol I was like what how can you have a squad that doesnt have 13 men lol

  • jameskbarron
    jameskbarron 3 роки тому +15

    It's interesting to me that my combat load is nearly the same as the whole of a WWII German squad. As grenadier, I carry 7 30 round mags, a bandolier of another 210 rounds on stripper clips, 12 40mm grenades (smoke and HE-DP), and whatever else my SL designates (7.62 for MG, 60mm for Mortars, TOW, etc.)

  • macker33
    macker33 6 років тому +7855

    German accent for extra authenticity.

    • Viola Krone
      Viola Krone 8 місяців тому

      Sounds like dänisch accent

    • Jennifer Schmitz
      Jennifer Schmitz 10 місяців тому

      Austria isn’t Germany
      (👉🇩🇪 Germany)…… (🇦🇹 👈Austria )
      u see … fun with flags 🙌

    • coco_Killua
      coco_Killua Рік тому

      @Tom Servo br

  • Scoots
    Scoots 6 років тому +331

    Great Video!
    The majority of principles of Squad tactics haven't changed to this very day(equipment and armament of course has).
    A modern squad(Gruppe) within the Bundeswehr is up to twelve soldiers strong(the actual number depends on the branch, there are differences between the Jäger, Fallschirmjäger, Gebirgsjäger and Panzergrenadiere).
    There is of course still a squad leader(an NCO like a Feldwebel or Oberfeldwebel) and a second in command(a junior NCO like a Unteroffizier or a Stabsunteroffizier; or even an experienced enlisted soldier)
    Additionaly to the MG-Team(which only consists of two men these days) the squad also uses a Panzerfaust-Team and a soldier carrying a DMR(usually a G3ZF or G28).
    Contrary to the US-squad, the german squad acts as one group and only splits up when it has to.
    For example during an attack we change the 12-man squad to three 4-man teams which are called Stoßtrupps(and yes, the whole thing is called Stoßtrupptaktik). However there are no designated assault or fireteams right from the start.
    The steps within the offensive actions(Development, deployment, advancing, attack and penetration) are still the same as in WWII and are teached at the infantry school like back in the days.
    Source: over 10 years of active service as a squad and platoon leader within the Bundeswehr

    • RealTalk
      RealTalk 11 місяців тому

      If you let the MG guy move first then he will be killed first in an ambush, why not let riflkeman/recon go first?

    • Karl Gustafsson
      Karl Gustafsson Рік тому

      US squads at the time had a lot more specialised/designated positions I think. They can have two specialised scouts/security men, grenadiers and such. A lot more radio operators.
      The US BAR team looks similar. One BAR gunner with one or two assistants lugging stuff, loading and clearing jams. Medical staff belongs to company, and are alloted to platoons.

    • Oliver Schwarz
      Oliver Schwarz 4 роки тому

      @Andreas Have you heard a german MG3? IT is a slightly modified MG42 aka the Bonesaw because it tore people in two.

    • Oliver Schwarz
      Oliver Schwarz 4 роки тому

      McZidanne Maybe they intentionally used a time of peace to shrink down on their cold war equipment and sell it worldwide. The only real threat to the NATO is Russia, China or a combination and the business relations are so sweet.

    • Andreas
      Andreas 4 роки тому +2

      i know that too. the main reason for this is that our assault rifles can do the same job as an MG for a short time. Just to mention the reason why it is like this today. normally the machinegun has a higher caliber thats why its used better on 'hard targets' (like fortified enemys) and the assault rifles are better used on weak targets (like just soldiers in a trench or on a weak position)

  • DOSsector
    DOSsector 6 років тому +4835

    I just select them all and right click on the enemy base.

  • HotaruZoku
    HotaruZoku 6 років тому +21

    Thank you for this. Friend of mine recently talked me into being German in our WWII reenactments, and if I'm going to be the bad guys I may as well be using effective, realistic tactics.

    • cresswelled
      cresswelled Місяць тому +2


    • One Pneuma
      One Pneuma Рік тому +9

      There is no good or bad but thinking makes it so. -Shakespeare

  • Darkmesna1
    Darkmesna1 6 років тому +15

    When the STG44 was introduced, this vastly increased German Squad efficiency immensely! Although it was too late to bring any results.
    The Assault rifle was able to make advancing much easier, especially when all riflemen equipped with the STG44 could maintain a level of suppressive fire.

    • Karl Gustafsson
      Karl Gustafsson Рік тому +1

      In the US infantry forces, they have the BAR. Sometimes they describe understrength squads and platoons where half the survivors get their hands on BARs. At some points they debate officially adding a second BAR to each squad.

  • AJ Constantine
    AJ Constantine 3 роки тому +19

    I can’t believe it’s taken this long for this channel to finally find its way into my feed. A military-/war-history fanatic’s dream channel. 👏👏👍

    • Military History Visualized
      Military History Visualized  3 роки тому +8

      welcome, be sure to check out my second channel Military History not Visualized as well.

  • Jonny Abshier
    Jonny Abshier 6 років тому +6

    This is very cool as a former infantryman, it is pretty awesome to see that the infantry squad tactics have been pulled together from all conflicts and even mimic that of other countries. Thanks for this

  • pieter van veen
    pieter van veen 4 роки тому +93

    "in order to be a leader in the field, a superior must display an exemplary bearing before his men in the moment of danger and be willing to die for them." beautifull text!

  • Mister Eckhoff
    Mister Eckhoff 3 роки тому +66

    Its amazing how much of this relates to modern combat tactics

    • liam Anderson
      liam Anderson Рік тому

      the germans are modern combat but in the past

    • Nihon Ryōiki
      Nihon Ryōiki Рік тому +3

      @Shawn Ladue They said "modern" not US.

    • Hein
      Hein 2 роки тому +3

      @Kody Reeves I'd argue over the millenia as the driving force shifted from melee to cavalry to ranged weapons the nature of infantry (considering cavalry a form of infantry) combat itself certainly changed...

    • Shawn Ladue
      Shawn Ladue 2 роки тому

      US Army Squad tactics aren’t similar to this at all.

    • Kody Reeves
      Kody Reeves 2 роки тому

      Infantry weapons change, Infantry combat does not

    MARSOC MANIAC 3 роки тому +116

    funnily enough my grandfather always told me that he was "Schütze 1" and rockin the MG 42, but never that he was the first one.
    When they were in N. Africa Nepalese Gorkha had approached them, and he told us that he wrecked barrel after barrel shooting em because the commander had told them "if you dont shoot at them, theyre gonna throw their tiny knives and hit your fn artery from 50 meters". so in the middle of the desert, unarmed people came assaulting them, and they had no choice but to load the fn MG42 and shoot.He was 20 years old at that time.

    • Dylan McDermott
      Dylan McDermott 7 місяців тому

      Nepalese Gorkha in N Africa? You mean British soldiers? Why would they be unarmed?

    • Malnutrition Boy
      Malnutrition Boy Рік тому

      @Canadian GamersUnited agreed, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” (Joseph Goebbels)

    • Malnutrition Boy
      Malnutrition Boy Рік тому

      @Visassess i'm not against or for you. just want to add that americans also put americans with japanese ethnicity in concentration camps during ww2. all sides were bad, no point seeing who committed the most crimes. history is written by the victors so we leave some undesirable actions buried,. old men gave orders, young men did what they had to do to survive.

    • Canadian GamersUnited
      Canadian GamersUnited Рік тому

      @Jackson Constable Gonna be honest, I don't even remember what I said

    • Canadian GamersUnited
      Canadian GamersUnited Рік тому

      @Dreadnought Hvor ono

  • Ben Cera
    Ben Cera 6 років тому +446

    I'm Asian but I love zee Germans.. Travelled around Bavaria a few years ago and was so amazed at how clean and efficient it was, even cleaner than Japan (that's really clean) and even though I was getting a lot of looks it was never malicious, just curiosity, which was mutual.
    Sorry, this has nothing to do with WWII tactics. Just heard the narrators voice and remembered beer halls and friends.

    • Albert Speer
      Albert Speer Рік тому

      You never visited Berlin or other citys then

    • Sir Ravenstein
      Sir Ravenstein Рік тому

      @Michael Atorn it is one after all

    • Michael Atorn
      Michael Atorn Рік тому

      @Sir Ravenstein Is texas the average US state?

    • Michael Atorn
      Michael Atorn 2 роки тому

      bavaria is not germany.

  • Walter Alter
    Walter Alter 6 років тому +2

    Great graphics and diagrams. I've often read that German small unit tactics were superior to those of the Allies due to their autonomy in reacting to the battlefield parameters. Many of those tactics evolved from WWI as explained in Indy Neidell's "The Great War" UAclips series. I'll check out your other videos.

    • daniko20
      daniko20 4 роки тому

      I heard the same very often, allthough i cant quote any sources. Supposedly the nazis, witch is ironic because it counterpoints their political system, had a lot of freedom for military leaders down to even the small units, to work indipendently and creative.
      They where given goals, but very often the means of how to reach those goals where free to the leader of the different units.
      I often heard that this gave the wehrmacht a big plus and is one of the reasons why they could fight so long while taking such heavy blows at the end of the war, while most other armies of the time would have broken much earlier.

  • white knight
    white knight 6 років тому +728

    now i just need an army

    • Aati Niiranen
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      I like help uou

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      no, first try to be accepted to an art university, if no, you need an army.

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      @Prince Trunks OK BOOMER

    • DH S
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      I'm currently working on taking over the world. Maybe we should collaborate....

  • Hyrum Cannon
    Hyrum Cannon 3 роки тому +296

    MHV: Weapons are scaled correctly. Ammo isn't
    Me: Okay
    MHV: *Weapons appear onscreen--they are half a head taller than the troops*
    Me: WHAT

    • lamp trent
      lamp trent 2 роки тому +12

      Clearly the men are ammo, and not weapons.

    • IamNeverPro
      IamNeverPro 2 роки тому +4

      Slavic bUT tHe KAr98k waS nOT an antI tANK gUn!

    • MrPaperVader
      MrPaperVader 2 роки тому +43

      He obviously meant in comparison to other weapons and not men

    • memo boy
      memo boy 3 роки тому +7

      Lmao yeah

  • Jarod Mitchell
    Jarod Mitchell 6 років тому +1

    I would like to see not only other branches tactics (fallschirmjager, ect), but also these tactics being used in conjunction with armor, paratroopers, ect. This was a well done video, more done like this on a greater scale would be most satisfactory.

  • Invoker
    Invoker 6 років тому +536

    that german accent you have talkin in english makes the vid even better...danke

    • Travis Reed
      Travis Reed Рік тому +1

      German DID NOT sound like WHAT I THOUGHT, then. I LEGITIMATELY thought that this guy was from Brazil or something. I'm not trying to be mean, or anything, I'm just saying.

    • Genetic._.Jackal
      Genetic._.Jackal Рік тому

      @Melvin Jansen you got an insecurity problem or somethin? ☠️

    • Name was already taken
      Name was already taken Рік тому

      As a real german i must say it sounds realy funny. Sorry for my cruel english skills. Grüße aus Deutschland. Sehr geiles Video

    • Melvin Jansen
      Melvin Jansen Рік тому

      @Greedy Orange gay

  • Paul Denton
    Paul Denton 4 роки тому +1

    Rate of fire definitely changes the battlefield compared to modern times. Very interesting. This is good squad leader tactics for 'Post Scriptum' - a military sim game based on WWII. I had a go of the public test, which took place in recreated maps of Oosterbeek and Driel (1944). Only difference is when playing the Wehrmacht in game, the MG 34 and MG42 doesn't need assistant squad members. Still has the standard 1x squad leader (with a K98k or MP40) and 9x squad members all get the standard K98k, but each squad can replace standard units with some specialist kits such as a Medic or a LAT using the Panzerfäust 60.

  • Alexey Vovk
    Alexey Vovk 3 роки тому +92

    Helped me beat a Men of War Assault Squad 2 mission on heroic difficulty.

  • Marvin Runyon
    Marvin Runyon 6 років тому +53

    I would like to see another video highlighting the major difference between German and Soviet & American squad tactics.

    • The Sound of Loneliness
      The Sound of Loneliness 4 роки тому +2

      Sicne when russians care about logical sense? I live right next to them and I fail to see any

    • Matt S
      Matt S 4 роки тому

      BIGGESTblade that is a misconception and was not widespread. That would make no logical sense.

    • SStoj
      SStoj 4 роки тому +13

      Basing your knowledge of Soviet tactics on Enemy at the Gates is a mistake.

    • The Sound of Loneliness
      The Sound of Loneliness 4 роки тому +8

      Soviet tactics were like that: 1. Conscription of anyone able to carry a rifle. 2. Giving them a few rifles 3. Telling the unlucky ones to get themselves a weapon in combat 4. Sending everyone onto german machineguns.

  • Keyboard runner
    Keyboard runner 6 років тому +2

    Amazing. Those tactics (line, column, attack pattern...) are still trained and used today in the German army. Even with one weapon remaining the same.

  • Gamesick2077
    Gamesick2077 6 років тому +2210

    russian tatics:
    Squad leader"come on men they have to reload some time!"

    • Last Hussar
      Last Hussar 2 роки тому

      Russian Tactics: "We have more men than you have bullets"
      Been working since 1805.

    • Jag Betty
      Jag Betty 3 роки тому

      @xkopp375 they did treat there troops like shit

    • Анатолий Карабасов
      Анатолий Карабасов 3 роки тому

      jondonwayne wayne You forget that there were not only Germans. And there was a huge difference how the POWs were treated. The total military losses were 10 Germans to 13 Soviets. We could easily win this race executing every last Gans like they did with our POWs.

    • Анатолий Карабасов
      Анатолий Карабасов 3 роки тому

      jondonwayne wayne The massive help should had been done when Stalin offered creation of anti-Hitler alliance instead that shit at Munich. Those 4% of Soviet GDP that came as Lend lease surely did it's job. But what do you call "Germany alone?" It was Reich III - the whole fucking Europe excluding only Britain. With Spain and Italy in alliance. While our "Aliance" had sent 0 troops. 0 divisions. Leaving only stinky trails on the beaches of Dunkirk.

    • Анатолий Карабасов
      Анатолий Карабасов 3 роки тому

      jondonwayne wayne You even do not call the year like the war was only in 44. And your numbers are taken from Nazi propaganda. You didn't know that US adopted Nazi propaganda department in one peace and continued the music and call me brainwashed lol.

  • Maxajax
    Maxajax 6 років тому

    A good explanation with good visualizations. As an added bonus, I think that these tactics might have been the progenitor for the squad tactics used by Imperial Guard platoons in Warhammer 40k tabletop. The dividation of 10 infantrymen where one is the squad leader, two operate the heavy bolter, autocannon or lascannon, one is the second in command with a radio set and six riflemen to form the meat of the unit, acting in platoon form with direct or indirect fire support. Time to see if you've made any videos covering German armoured tactics. That's something I still wish to see.

  • powerfly777
    powerfly777 6 років тому +1

    Could you discuss differences on British platoon tactics in comparison to German ones? Or maybe how assault rifles changed platoon dynamics in German ww2 army. Also, good work, keep delivering good stuff.

  • Kurt Ruiz, Jr.
    Kurt Ruiz, Jr. 2 роки тому +3

    For those of you who play Bolt action, Use these tactics. they work really well. Also if you don't have a german faction, look at this guy's other videos on ww2 tactics!

    • Corvus boreus
      Corvus boreus 2 роки тому +1

      I also find them just as, if not more applicable for use in Chain of Command, which restricts unit selection to the historical configuration and gives the German MGs more fire-power than the rest of the squad's rifles combined.
      Much more realistic IMHO.

  • Francesco Piras
    Francesco Piras 6 років тому +6

    Great video again. The clarity and professionalism with all the sources makes it a real pleasure to watch.
    Are you planning on doing a video like this on panzer tactics any time soon because that would be amazing?

    • Dolphinowl245
      Dolphinowl245 6 років тому

      Panzer tactics would help me alot! I love history, and this is a great video.

    • Military History Visualized
      Military History Visualized  6 років тому +2

      yeah, I guess I will make in 2016, but I first need to take a look at the material.

  • Tal
    Tal 4 роки тому +24

    When I was an artilleryman in the IDF, the only infantry tactics we were taught was to split into two fire teams and immediately advance on the enemy position with one fire team covering and another moving in 3-second bursts, then switching, until both teams are close enough to charge together and overwhelm the position.
    Infantry guys do get trained on more varied tactical options, including a lot of urban combat. We have probably the world's biggest urban combat training arena out in the desert.

    • Bokar
      Bokar 10 місяців тому

      @Jake visit said "occupied territories"
      You'll find the frontier.

    • Jake
      Jake 3 роки тому +3

      @Dan S yes, it's called The Occupied Territories

    • Dan S
      Dan S 3 роки тому

      Regarding urban training in the desert.
      Did they set up an urban type town ( buildings, alleys, schools, vehicles, a few street people mix into the scene )to replicate as near as possible.
      Just curious.

  • thevoxdeus
    thevoxdeus 6 років тому

    It might be interesting to do a video contrasting this with another nation or service, for example, comparing to USMC squad tactics, which revolved around the use of three equal "fire teams" compared to the German division into 2 units, one MG team and one rifle team.
    Just an idea for a future video if you're so inclined.

  • Chris
    Chris 5 років тому

    Former 11b Infantry Army US and then 5 years Marines. These tactics are simplified compared to what the US currently does now. That said, I have to wonder if our current squad tactics were written originally by the Germans or taught to us by the Germans in the field of combat. Subbed. Thank you.

    • M BR
      M BR 5 років тому

      Christopher Bennett Written for a conscript army that was actually expected to adapt them (Auftragstaktik - this is your target, you decide how to achive it) Early WW2 Wehrmacht and Cold War Bundeswehr had a tendency to consider Manuals a "nice fallback and source of Inspiration" rather then "set in stone on Mt. Sinai"

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    EXACTLY the type of explanation I'd been looking for! Until now, I never got how a well-fortified defensive position could be taken without attackers suffering unavoidably high casualties (excepting assaults that permitted easy flanking or encirclement). Although aware of all the individual features of such an attack, particularly helpful for me was sequencing these actions with situational variations. Thanks so much.

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    I was in the german Gebirgsjäger and we still use very similar tactics plus how the squad is organized and how we move. We usually have two MG3 but thats it and one or two panzer faust

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      Karelwolfpup It still rather is, Europe at War used to have monthly updates until now, Idk what happened to Blitzrkrieg, The Great War was said to be still being developed very slowly by one guy, the French "expansion" to the mod so to speak.

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    Not terribly different from squad tactics of today. US. Army acts in two different teams. Assault and fire team. Our formation, by doctrine, has us in a staggered column. A straight column is only used on road marches. Light and heavy mgs are designated for the fire team to maintain fire superiority while the assault team takes position. Fire is shifted and the assault comes in from the flank. Battle drill 1 alpha. Every soldier knows it by heart.

    • Tom Wald
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      Not exactly true. Fire and maneuver, for example, was pioneered by the Germans, especially then Leutnant Erwin Rommel, to enable riflemen to pin down and assault positions successfully, especially machine guns.

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    If you could do this for other eras of warfare, such as looking at the Roman Legions or the the Union / Confederate Armies' "squad" structures, that would also be amazing.

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    Tactics have not changed a lot. That was by in large the same way I got trained with a few minor details. We have 2 lmgs per section, the lmg does not really need an assistant, so it just gets an ammo carrier to go with. Still usually a 10 man section, though if in an armoured personnel carrier three are crew for that (I believe the call to reduce to 7 men on the ground was based on space in vehicles that we bought, as we were recently looking at getting a bigger vehicle that would allow us 10 on the ground again). That and we also have grenade launchers in the sections now, but that is just a tech improvement. Oh, and we roll with 3 sections in a platoon, not 4.

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    Would be nice to see what the withdrawal/evade phase looked like according to book. I know from personal experience that walking into ambush should be avoided at all costs; however, once it happens its the squad/platoon leader that must get his men out of there and with minimal injuries or the fewest casualties.

    • Nikolai Kalashnikov
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      7:38 - Achieve temporary fire superiority and employ "Fire & Movement which means that one part of the squad fires to cover the movement of the other the part of the squad."
      Eventho he shows the troops advancing, it can actually be used to advance or to retreat.

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    Really appreciated that! So different from fireteams within a squad, how I was trained, years ago. Lots of firepower with GPMG's at squad level!

    • Karl Gustafsson
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      The US equivalent would have been riflemen with semi-automatic rifles and one or two (or three) BARs with instructions to call artillery missions liberally on their luxurious platoon radio.

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    Armies with a winning tradition (regardless of the outcome of individual battles or even wars) generally employ similar sound tactics. The difference between these armies and the less glorious ones is most likely that the former not only have the implacable will to win, but also the unshakable BELIEF that victory is not only possible, it's certain.

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    The bayonet was mentioned a few times. I took two semesters in Japanese history and my prof told, that at times of WWII the Royal Japanese Army was the only army that was still trained at the bayonet. To what extent was it used in the German Reich?

    • Lonadar13
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      Even US GIs had bayonets; why give up a tool that can prove useful in combat (stabbed!) and out of combat? It was a utility knife too, like to open rations, etc. Handy to have, and a good way to conserve ammo

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    Outstanding! I love to hear other countries table of organization and equipment, plus tactics. There was a big book I referenced a lot as a sniper instructor(SOTIC) called "THE GERMAN SNIPER 1914-1945. If I remember correctly the sniper(Scharfschütze) was a company or battalion asset. During the interbellum most nations dropped their specialized sniper units, notably the Germans. The only nation that had specially trained sniper units during the 1930s was the Soviet Union.

    • Karl Gustafsson
      Karl Gustafsson Рік тому

      Why was the sniper training dropped? And how did it make a return? I know we train sniper specialists here today.

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    As a prior 0331 of the USMC it’s astounding to see the modern tactics used by Germany at such an early age in the art of war pretty crazy outside looking in

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    I was (and still am, I guess) a machinegunner during my service. A lot of methods and formations described in the video are still used, because they are effective. Also, gotta love when your squad bitches about having to carry a belt of ammo, while you're trudging along with that cow around your neck. Also, unrelated, but I read memoirs of a machinegunner in Vietnam, he wrote that they were being told, that average lifespan of a machinegunner after opening fire is 10 seconds. Guns up!

    • Karl Gustafsson
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      When I ask them about their peacetime service, most of my older relatives always complain about carrying stuff and wearing bad shoes.
      US companies at the time had ammo runners I think. A jeep or a few dudes from company can be tasked with getting more ammo out.

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    The Squadleader was always a Officer (maybe not in the End of the War) and was Standart equipped with a Sidearm, at the beginning it was a Luger. It was also allowed that he buys a other Sidearm and used this. So the Squadleader got a Sidearm and a MP !
    In defense positions the MG used Ammoboxes with 250 Rounds each. If they attack Positions, or marching to make Ground or did some Spy on Enemy positions they used the Ammo drums with 50 rounds.

    • M BR
      M BR 5 років тому

      dasSofa Gruppen (Squad) are always commanded by either NCO (standard) of an experienced enlisted (rare, shortly after losses). Never an Officer. Typically a (Lance)Corporal

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    I grew up with COD... I thought every soldier had a sidearm but this video smashes that conception! Thank you!

    • Military History Visualized
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      fun fact, recently I worked on an infographic for the squad and realized that 3 war-time sources had different layouts for the Schütze 2 & 3 (the guys assisting the MG gunner), it were usually side-arms, but the official regulation was rifles, so I went with that. Generally, side-arms are expensive and of limited effectiveness, so issuing them was not common. Although, it could be that soldiers brought their own, but I am not sure about this. Also depends on the army.

  • Buckwheat
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    The US Army adopted German Squad tactics almost entirely after Korea. Built around the M60 7.62 machine gun, MTOE for a rifle platoon was typically 2X M60 machine guns. Everyone carried extra 7.62, grenades and a claymore mine.

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    Great primer. Wish they had been as clear as that in the army. However, walking around in the countryside near Sarajevo, Bosnia, I came upon different sets of bullet holes in buildings concentrated around a curve in a road and I could plainly see that what had happened there was a classic "L shaped" ambush. So I guess some of that training stuck after all. Appreciate the Feldgrau background, by the way...

  • Grendel Grendelsson
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    British squad tactics were similar. The large ammunition pouches on the British soldiers webbing were designed to hold three (I think) Bren gun magazines each side. The riflemen carried their ammunition in canvas bandoliers.

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    MG gunner: Yeah sure you can
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    Please do late 1943 introduction and change to the 1944nA structure and then the late 1944 Volksgrenadier organizations! Lots of interest in D-Day and beyond.
    Smaller squads for the 1944nA KStN tables with 2x SMG (SL and ASL) LMG, 6 riflemen (deletion of the LMG assistant with pistol and ammo makes for a 9-man squad). Nafziger's GERMAN ORDER OF BATTLE shows many Company-sized units with the 8cm mortar, with the remaining 3 mortars and all the HMGs in the Heavy Company. YET, per the organization tables, all the mortars should be in the Heavy Company a section of two HMGs should be delegated to each company.
    Also, could you comment from GERMAN sources other changes, real and on paper for the VG units? In the 1 SEP 44 KStN the VG soldiers are authorized MP, the 1 NOV 44 KStN clarifies/specifies STG44.

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    Very interesting video. Were these tactics basically the same as the one's the German stormtroopers developed in WWI?

    • M BR
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      Actually german tanks where mostly not that advanced compared the allied tanks. The Tiger I i.e was just a Panzer 4 on steroids.
      The Panther was but the beast was forced into service thankfully 3-6 month to early (Thank you Adolf) and suffered problems with the drive train that caused huge non combat losses. Imagin a Leopard 1A3 in 1944 - that is what Panther could have been if Generals and Engineers had their extra 3-6 month (Panther II prototyp would have been the base then). With self propelled howitzers and AA tanks based on that chassis (Look up Coelian and PzH70). Not a pretty thought.

    • Hades 131313
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      Thanks. I figured as much. I find it very interesting to see which tactics/strategies from WWI were carried over to WWII and which ones weren't.
      For example: I've seen in several places that Germany (in WWI) allowed their commanders flexibility in the field. While clearly in WWII (especially later in the war) their field commanders didn't have much flexibility at all. Was this due to a doctrinal change by the military or was this just from Hitler wanting to control everything? Or both?

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    • Military History Visualized
      Military History Visualized  4 роки тому

      Adrian Wettstein wrote his pdh thesis about it "Wehrmacht in Stadtkampf", sadly, there is no English version. The short answer is that the Germans had little to no pre-war doctrine for fighting in urban areas. I used his book in several videos, mainly on my second channel. One example: uaclips.com/video/BEhkkzIenr0/відео.html

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    Very similar to modern US infantry squad organization except for a few things: today, we subdivide into 3-man fire teams, which allows for more flexibility. Also the MMG is replaced with an LMG (which doesn't require an assistant gunner) and the squad leader gets a grenade launcher instead of an SMG. All the other basic principles are identical.

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    Close to 8 years, I was an infantry medic for the US Army; German squad tactics closely resemble US infantry tactics used today.

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    It's important to note that the MG2 (MG Schütze 2) has to carry one or two spare barrels for use in sustained fire, because the barrel, especially that of the MG42 was of course overheating rather quickly. This tactic is still deployed today with troops that use LMGs/GPMGs and the like.
    The barrel itself is not that heavy but take into account that he also has to carry ammo crates, his personal gear, a side arm, a helmet and so on.

    • hans2006
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      OK that sounds reasonable but the spare barrel(s) were/are an integral part of the equipment and were somewhat of a vulnerability of the MG-Schützen/-Nest. But that is more fitting for a "Tactics against german squads in WW2" video. :D

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      yeah, back then I skipped the equipment, cause then there would also be a lot of other stuff like binoculars, pliers, etc.

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    I knew a U.S Army combat infantry vet who was of the opinion that the semi-automatic M1 rifle gave the Americans a great advantage in combat against the Germans with bolt action rifles, and made up for the advantage the MG 42, being a real machine gun, had over the BAR, which was an automatic rifle pressed into the role of a light machine gun.

    • Karl Gustafsson
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      US squad and platoon tactics at the time wanted speed and manouver. It's part of the reason they didn't want as much crew-operated weapons. They still had MGs at company level which could get passed out to platoons.
      Sometimes they describe adding extra BARs to units, to the point where they debate officially making it two BARs per squad. A few people describe understrength platoons where half the survivors got their hands on BARs.

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