Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT..

  • Опубліковано 12 чер 2019
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  • g Robin
    g Robin 58 хвилин тому

    You just can’t hate this guy

  • VERTUAL_Sauce
    VERTUAL_Sauce Годину тому

    2:50 who so that FaZe hoodie

  • Joe Patrick
    Joe Patrick Годину тому

    The only one to dethrone Matt stonie

  • Derek Dodson
    Derek Dodson Годину тому

    Those girls were uglyyyy

    THE JACK LIFE Годину тому

    Conor likes you now

  • Hudson Stobbe
    Hudson Stobbe Годину тому

    Remember me when u have blown up

  • SanFran420
    SanFran420 Годину тому

    damn he did it all for the views and he bout to die from all the shit he’s done real quick. RIP

  • Pedro Wolf
    Pedro Wolf Годину тому

    Eat more Edibles bro !

  • If your under 16 Don’t reply
    If your under 16 Don’t reply Годину тому


  • Ben Sakschek
    Ben Sakschek Годину тому

    How did he not have a heart attack?

  • Amber Okimaw
    Amber Okimaw 2 години тому

    *diabetes has joined the chat*

  • ifyouknew thenyouknew
    ifyouknew thenyouknew 2 години тому

    Challenge Matt stonie and I'll be impressed lol

  • Senders Club
    Senders Club 2 години тому

    go watch our new video if you sendвідео.html

  • Tyson Rocco
    Tyson Rocco 2 години тому

    Slam a bottle or two of proper twelve

  • Living The Dream
    Living The Dream 2 години тому

    Shoenice sucks

  • Arden Carpenter
    Arden Carpenter 2 години тому

    He sure has a potty mouth,enough with the f bomb

  • Danny Madden
    Danny Madden 2 години тому

    Eating 30 burgers then asks if they have dessert there😂

  • Baylor Franklin
    Baylor Franklin 2 години тому

    Faze Merch

  • Alfred Toro
    Alfred Toro 3 години тому

    Is not 30 burgers do

  • sonny lee
    sonny lee 3 години тому

    Thirty burgers or dirty burgerss

  • Vicky love2
    Vicky love2 3 години тому

    I love the fact that he doesn't care about what people think and that makes you awesome

  • Anthony Potamianos
    Anthony Potamianos 3 години тому

    Healthiest man on Earth!!!!

  • Jacob Dalton
    Jacob Dalton 3 години тому

    You’re a fucking machine Steve!!

  • Nick Coles
    Nick Coles 3 години тому


  • Jules C
    Jules C 3 години тому

    Dying on camera would be fantastic. We need less morons!

  • Jimmy Sidekick
    Jimmy Sidekick 3 години тому

    Why is Dolly Parton's kid making UAclips videos?

  • Chip #14 14
    Chip #14 14 3 години тому

    Nasty 🤢

  • ReZuuR
    ReZuuR 3 години тому

    Matt Stonie wants your location

  • Auuq
    Auuq 4 години тому

    Fullsend , I wanna see you smash 40 hot wings 😂

  • Tanner Ayers
    Tanner Ayers 4 години тому

    82 oz steak salad and mashed potatoes in 45 minutes

  • Tozudo
    Tozudo 4 години тому

    He looks like a russian that born in the us

  • Aiden McCrorie
    Aiden McCrorie 4 години тому

    Steveeeeee i have been waiting 4 this 4 so long!!! ur the real goat

  • pako joe
    pako joe 4 години тому

    I’d rather take it home

  • President Cater
    President Cater 4 години тому

    I like steve and relate more to him than the other dudes. Im 25 and was like this dude from 14-19 lolol

  • Bryon Andrews
    Bryon Andrews 4 години тому

    I would have died right there in that restaurant lol

  • Bryon Andrews
    Bryon Andrews 4 години тому

    Someone share this video to PETA. They loooooooove this stuff.

  • oh yeah yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah yeah 5 годин тому

    But like... why... just. Why.

  • Vdhttp Edits
    Vdhttp Edits 5 годин тому

    *Vegans have left the chat*

  • Arianna Oranos
    Arianna Oranos 5 годин тому

    Next year on pancake day, I want u to destroy IHOP, alright mate?

  • Liam Hutchins
    Liam Hutchins 5 годин тому

    Down a bottle of jack

  • Insulting demon
    Insulting demon 5 годин тому

    Damn bro 😂😂😂

  • DDarkNiss
    DDarkNiss 5 годин тому

    I thought this was joe weller at first XD

  • Rubix Cube
    Rubix Cube 5 годин тому

    Your the goat bro

  • Ned Devine
    Ned Devine 5 годин тому

    What the actual fuck did I just witness...FULL SEND

  • Rxscue
    Rxscue 6 годин тому

    this is unpleasant to watch

  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green 6 годин тому

    He looks gross doing it

  • Laél’s Berries
    Laél’s Berries 6 годин тому

    Attempting to give yourself a heart attack at In N Out

  • IcedMo
    IcedMo 6 годин тому

    Thats one fat ass shit tho

  • Liana Zaboura
    Liana Zaboura 6 годин тому

    All I'm thinking is dude touched that nasty ass floor then proceeds to eat his food with the same hands. Smh

  • oLukes
    oLukes 7 годин тому

    but i bet he cant eat a whole wedding cake tho

  • Anthony Allbright
    Anthony Allbright 7 годин тому

    My heart hurts while watching this

  • Stephen Fang
    Stephen Fang 7 годин тому

    People are just looking at you

  • Stephen Fang
    Stephen Fang 7 годин тому

    I’d rather take it home

  • Leo Yoon
    Leo Yoon 7 годин тому

    stevewilldoit vs matt stonie

  • vivre belle
    vivre belle 8 годин тому +1

    2 mules**

  • kimckawa
    kimckawa 8 годин тому

    Do anything to be famous...I get it

  • ٌّ
    ٌّ 8 годин тому

    That's 30 patties not 30 burgers. Even my grandma can do it. Why all youtubers lies just to get views nowadays

  • tommy g
    tommy g 8 годин тому

    u know damn well we want the aftermath of that edible video! haha, bro was that the one in hollywood?

  • Candle Hanger
    Candle Hanger 8 годин тому

    2:45 Guy in back like “wtf”

  • Im Ganineeno
    Im Ganineeno 9 годин тому +1

    there's no OG's to Steve's channel. Nelk made this boy famous but I love this boy

  • fsoon yoog
    fsoon yoog 9 годин тому

    Cool, Raps in 6

  • Im Ganineeno
    Im Ganineeno 9 годин тому +1

    3:10 "now he has 30" nine 0

  • Mister SS
    Mister SS 9 годин тому

    Dam they looked so tasty but dam man 30!! Got my sub for sure haha

  • silas barbaree
    silas barbaree 9 годин тому +1

    😜fuc7 faze clan😰😂😂

  • Tyler  Kincaid
    Tyler Kincaid 9 годин тому

    Steve obviously has never seen the episode “McStroke” from family guy and it shows

  • Menahem Lopes
    Menahem Lopes 9 годин тому

    Steve is a beauty repping Florida

  • Gerardo Lael Ruiz
    Gerardo Lael Ruiz 9 годин тому

    Straight to the abs and biceps says tha man

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M 9 годин тому

    Not even 30 burger if there is 2 buns

  • Jaime G
    Jaime G 10 годин тому

    be careful heart attack on you eating shit food

  • iiTryGeloo
    iiTryGeloo 11 годин тому

    lmao imagine making these type of numbers within a week of making YT.....

  • papichuloo
    papichuloo 11 годин тому

    this looks just like the in n out in Tempe

  • Travis 14
    Travis 14 11 годин тому

    Absolute fucking beast. 30 blunts? 🤔😏

  • Herm Valenzuela
    Herm Valenzuela 11 годин тому

    Yo this guy is fucken inspirational

  • Luke Rainbow
    Luke Rainbow 11 годин тому

    Awesome video brother, sick!!!!!. Great work, keep em comming!!!!

  • FrankieTim
    FrankieTim 11 годин тому


  • X X
    X X 11 годин тому

    VICE just made you rich

  • Dave Choate
    Dave Choate 11 годин тому

    How many years did you take off your life with this stunt? Not heart healthy.

  • Juan Baute
    Juan Baute 12 годин тому +1

    30 patties isn’t the same as 30 burgers. PLEASE STOP F*CKING CLICKBAIT!!!

    • Marcell
      Marcell Годину тому

      Juan Baute shutup

  • Hxtem
    Hxtem 12 годин тому

    I can’t do ten, that’s crazy mannnnnn! 🤕

  • i’m in love
    i’m in love 12 годин тому


  • hasan ahmad
    hasan ahmad 12 годин тому +1

    Cool, Raps in 6

  • Nabeel Siddiqui
    Nabeel Siddiqui 12 годин тому

    Vegans left chat

  • Ryan Gennaro
    Ryan Gennaro 12 годин тому

    You should eat 60 burgers next time and wash it down with a liter of that sweet proper 12 Conor piss water

  • Mr.Z From Rotas
    Mr.Z From Rotas 12 годин тому

    You sucked the juices from the burgers off your hand straight after pushups lol I wonder if you got any infections or sores 😂

  • GainTrainWompa 1
    GainTrainWompa 1 12 годин тому

    He did say a ‘15 patty burger’ then changed it to a 30 patty burger ... technically he isn’t misleading anyone, but he sure as shit didn’t even add a single tomato to that thing.
    I do want to see more though. 10 KFC chicken buckets would be a cool thing to see

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 13 годин тому

    if each patty is 2oz, that's just under 4 lbs of beef not including the cheese.

  • Judith Padilla
    Judith Padilla 13 годин тому

    I know the exact In & Out you're at

  • yeni toy
    yeni toy 13 годин тому

    30 patties challenge. Title is misleading. DISLIKE

  • Simba
    Simba 13 годин тому

    My butt is growing just watching this guy eat 30 burger patties.

  • Duncan Chen
    Duncan Chen 13 годин тому

    Do an absurd amount of hot wings and some pitchers of beer.

  • Rory White
    Rory White 13 годин тому

    Steve for the people

  • BrycexB
    BrycexB 14 годин тому

    Steve don’t die doing something dumb please I love ur content

  • Drew Moody
    Drew Moody 14 годин тому +1

    Just stop, do something else for a living

  • Henry Ro
    Henry Ro 14 годин тому

    I’m hungry now 😂😤

  • Papa Long Bags
    Papa Long Bags 14 годин тому

    Eat 50 tacos, with hot sauce

  • ek mama
    ek mama 14 годин тому

    In out is sooo bad

  • XXX Triple XXX cool guy
    XXX Triple XXX cool guy 14 годин тому

    You a big boy

  • Jose Trujillo
    Jose Trujillo 15 годин тому

    How many but plugs do you think he had to keister before attempting to eat 30 patties?

  • Jay Rodriguez
    Jay Rodriguez 15 годин тому

    Bunch of baddies!

  • Cheekie
    Cheekie 15 годин тому

    Dobrik helped people enjoy their burgers. GTFO. Self harm is not admirable.