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How super heroes "keep their secret safe"

  • Опубліковано 22 січ 2023


  • SkyPeludo
    SkyPeludo День тому +21

    I like how Caleb puts on a fake mustache even though he already has one

  • Cody pritchett
    Cody pritchett День тому +3

    Caleb is so dedicated he spent years to become a father just for the skit, very impressive.

  • someone
    someone День тому +3

    "Why didn't you call the police..?"

  • Miny
    Miny День тому +1

    I love how chill the dad was about it yet the son still felt he had to lie 😆

  • melmcflyxx
    melmcflyxx День тому +4

    As a supervillain I thank you for disclosing how these heroes hide their identities.

  • The Main Fandom
    The Main Fandom День тому +244

    I love how this guys power is super speed, and instead of just running to a different location when he heard his father his first thought was to throw his cap

  • Mr.Nonovan
    Mr.Nonovan День тому +10

    As a superhero, I can confirm this is indeed how we keep our secret safe.

  • Peters
    Peters День тому +3

    Now it all makes sense how Caleb can play so many characters, man has had super speed the whole time!

  • Eldino Irfan Maulana
    Eldino Irfan Maulana День тому +897

    I love how the robber and his victim are being so much specific

  • Sue D Lamb
    Sue D Lamb День тому +199

    The best secret identity is just showing yourself in plain sight

  • Red Roll
    Red Roll День тому +262

    “Look, I couldn’t care less that you’re the Red Blur right now, okay? It’s tax season.”

  • Rodney Rosavel Rusan Wilson
    Rodney Rosavel Rusan Wilson День тому +97

    As a cape, I can confirm this is indeed how superheroes throw us when they want to keep us a secret

  • Durk
    Durk День тому +5

    “I gave you enough time to think about it”

  • metroidhunter
    metroidhunter День тому +694

    The dad knew his son was back because of the aftershock. He already knew about the powers, the dad was legit asking “what did you throw”

  • Jerome
    Jerome День тому +877

    As the brother of a superhero I can confirm that this is how he hides his secret from the family

  • Natetendo
    Natetendo День тому +13

    The funniest thing about this, is the super hero doesn't wear a mask. Yet, his father identifies him as the super hero not because he saw his face on the news, but because he saw the cape.

  • Potato Phreak
    Potato Phreak День тому +222

    For someone who has super speed, hard to believe that the fastest solution to get rid of the cape he thought of was throwing it

  • The Xpired
    The Xpired День тому +81

    Caleb is so incredibly dedicated to his skits that he grew a moustache and gained superpowers just for a single video

  • Joker Kirby
    Joker Kirby День тому +12

    “Did you just fly away and shoot lasers”

  • Nainocard
    Nainocard День тому +228

    WHY is this man not in movies already. He's a freaking genius of an actor🙌🏽