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Character Demo - "Faruzan: Master of Ingenious Devices" | Genshin Impact

  • Опубліковано 4 гру 2022
  • Much of Haravatat's research revolves around a vast array of ancient scripts and codes, which many scholars find tedious and unbearable.
    However, this doesn't seem to be a problem for Madam Faruzan.
    "These incompetent students skim through some scripts for a few days and are already moaning and groaning. Ahem, I have been researching it for a whole hundred years!"
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  • @b.n9076
    @b.n9076  +17

    She’s the definition of academic validation

  • @mystrknwital9146

    I like how her ost is like a completely different genre. How did they even thought of combining all those genres and still made it sound so good?

  • @clueless2086

    I love that in Sumeru we’re getting scholars with a lot of personality, almost everyone form sumeru is funny. for an academic type, I was expecting people with not a lot of personality like sucrose and Layla (no hate) but here I am wheezing at tighnaris voicelines and alhaitham and kaveh’s relationship

  • @yqisq6966
    @yqisq6966  +191

    Love her energy. It's hard to keep that energy up in the world of academics both in game and in real life.

  • @jellybeanjade

    I love how techno her music is, such a unique spin on the usual traditional Genshin music.

  • @lilac_rainclouds

    tbh, when her design was released i thought she would be really boring, but after the demo, playing her in game and hearing her voice lines,, i realised that she’s just unbearably fun honestly

  • @Mifunyo
    @Mifunyo  +12

    Faruzan has Fischl’s manner, Mona’s self-confidence and Madame Ping’s age, WHAT A GREAT COMBO!

  • @gingershit6994

    I need her, Nari, Haitham, Cyno, Albedo, Lisa and Yanfei in one room talking abt anything. I need to see some academic mess

  • @nonbinaryweirdo6554

    I wasn't really excited for her but now...I NEED HER!!!

  • @smtoonentertainment

    Her personality is completely different from what fans expected. This is great!

  • @asktoseducemiss434

    Faruzan is awesome this demo gave a lot of life and character to her image.

  • @souldger4477

    Pasaré tiempo con la chaviza XDDD diálogos GOD

  • @tak9273

    I love the fact that no matter how chaos the other part of the community are, the music enjoyers community is so peaceful

  • @clyvia
    @clyvia  +26

    I must admit that before watching this demo, I didn't like her that much because I thought her design was kinda bland, but now I think her personality seems really interesting, and I love the music they used for this demo <3

  • @atheybee
    @atheybee  +17

    I love her theme SO MUCH.

  • @doolaloo8496

    I really need this whole soundtrack to come out on Spotify frr

  • @-.Wendy.-

    As a saxophonist, I personally LOVE HER THEME!!!!!

  • @polterdrawsstuff

    Has anybody realized that these past four stars have such BANGER OSTS?! LIKE DAMN, THEY BE KILLING IT

  • @bombarber123

    Omg this music is incredible!!! They always nail it with the music and video choreography 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • @hammie200396

    Cool to see they also care about the quality of 4* demos and not just 5* ones. This one's great