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Showing my Wife & Daughter the Cabin we Built Them / Ep92 / Outsider Cabin Build

  • Опубліковано 22 січ 2022
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    It's a big day at the Outsider Cabin! I bring my wife & daughter to see the log cabin my dad and I built. Their reaction was priceless!
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  • The Outsider

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  • CjPiper
    CjPiper  +922

    I have watched every step of the cabin build, and this video brought tears to this grown man’s eyes……GOOD JOB, FATHER AND SON💪🏻👍🏻🙏🏻💙🇺🇸

  • King RAFA
    King RAFA  +34

    I'm happy to see your wife and daughter at the cabin Mr. Outsider. May the Lord God bless your whole family.

  • Paul Davenne

    Almost tears in my eyes, the first reaction of your daughter and wife. That's what it was al about. I follow the build of the cabin for a few months now. I say it grow and the hard work you did together with your father. You can be very proud of what you produced. Greeting from Paul from the Netherlands.

  • swiss miss
    swiss miss  +102

    The cabin turned out incredibly beautiful. I’m so glad your wife and daughter approves. The memories to be made there will be etched on your family for years. I’m so glad your wife is feeling better. Your dad is one of the best dad’s ever. Nice job.

  • catherine Ward

    this is just so beautiful, I love everything about this life. the cabin is very well made. I'm happy to watch the process and can't wait for more episodes.

  • wagner de oliveira lima

    Família linda!!!

  • 103m95g
    103m95g  +335

    From a few boulders in the snow to a child’s laughter in the walls of your hard labor. Well done Outsider

  • Kirt Hedquist

    This cabin is gorgeous! A work of art!! You and your dad are the definition of craftsman!

  • deborah pressley

    everything looks so cosy, Glad mrs Outsider is well and your family can spend some well earned time together, look after yourselves from Debbie , from Norfolk, England, UK

  • Double Dog Dare

    So very impressed with you perspective, maturity and wisdom beyond your years. Your skills are impressive as well and the reveal was truly spectacular, thanks for sharing a special moment in life. You earned and deserve all the gratitudes the girls heaped upon you. Enjoy every moment they go by so fast especially when you are young.

  • Gabe Strobehn

    Loved the sharing of the family together!! Little ones laughter such a blessing ..

  • Brendan Pillsbury

    It's so heartwarming to see the outsider family enjoy the cabin together as a family! Well done to you all! Enjoy the result of your hard work!

  • Lee Patterson

    Hearing the pure joy in your child’s laughter is so, so heartwarming. And the excitement in Mrs Outsiders voice when first she walked through the door… Well done, Sir. Well done!

  • Jared’s Cabin life

    Wow! That must’ve been such a special moment for you to see there faces walking through the door. You worked so hard for this very moment it must’ve been such a good time to spend it with your family at the cabin! Congratulations man I’m so happy for you!

  • darrel parenteau

    I can't even find the words to tell you how this video affected me, i had tears of absolute joy for you and your family, you deserve every second of this wonderful time with them, im so happy i followed this journey with you and your family, your dad also deserves huge kudos!

  • Brian H.

    Man, feels like the end of an era. So gratifying to see your family finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labors. It wasn't in time for Christmas last year, but that's OK--there'll be many more in the future, I'm sure. Great job, man.

  • Jean Fagan

    Watching this cabin start from scratch and learning your wife was ill awhile ago and your goal of making it for her and your daughter, it is such a pleasure to see them in it with you. It is very beautiful

  • Fred Kennedy

    Beautiful cabin, and the fact you did it with your Dad is amazing. Experience of a lifetime and that cabin will be a wonderful legacy. So cool! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Reformation

    Filled my heart with joy hearing the sound of your daughters laughter echoing in your cabin. Nothing better than being a dad. Blessings