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Everything Must Move! Entire Shop rearrange!

  • Опубліковано 2 гру 2022


  • @simonj5134

    Can’t believe I just sat for 48 minutes and watched a feller, fellette and their little humans clean up and reorganise a shed, but I have to, I saw it, well done.

  • @99goat99
    @99goat99  +16

    I've been watching since back in the day, and it's hard to describe how much I've enjoyed your channel(s). Watching you and your family grow and evolve has been such a joy. Nothing I can type here will be new or unique, you've heard it all before, but you make a man proud.

  • @shospulecolupis9718

    I find myself asking myself, "self, why do you find it interesting and entertaining to watch just about anything this guy and his family do?" I don't know but there has to be a medical term for it. Anyway, thanks Derek. Mad respect and appreciation for the love, service to others. I don't know, what I'm trying to say. Maybe your continued example will encourage me and others to be better human beings.

  • @shawncase9169

    Ya know, I can't imagine the feeling you have watching your dreams come to fruition, doing what you love, with whom you love. To stand back and look at what you have built both professionally and personally must feel quite surreal.

  • @tonykiger1269

    There was something just therapeutic about watching this and the fact that I didn’t have to move all that myself 😂 Love seeing the success from what seems to be one down to earth guy that is full of passion and dedication.

  • @davidfarmer1666

    Super family project. The boys got in there and moved a considerable amount of stuff. Jessica sure was moving through there like she was jet propelled.

  • @jessesager9460

    While I watched this, I was thinking of the very beginnings of a feller working out of his attached garage in Minnesota. It is absolutely awesome to see how far a feller has come since then! I hope for nothing but continued success!

  • @donzimmer63
    @donzimmer63 21 день тому

    Man, Derrick, your boys are great helpers and Jess is a trouper. You are lucky to have that help in the shop. Good luck, looking forward to more content. Great work.

  • @aaronsnacks6128

    i just love derek’s attitude and approach. just recently stumbled across vgg and could and have been watching him for days. it doesn’t get old.

  • @gearhead9943

    I’ve been a subscriber of yours since the very very beginning. I think I’m one of your first 50, actually. With that said, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this video. Please make a fleet cold start video like this OFTEN. Totally unedited and show us what you do with the gas pedal and all the controls and whatnot of everything you have. That was sooooo cool. Thank you again. You are the absolute best, Derek and deserve every ounce of success you’ve gotten.

  • @rickobbink4674

    Absolutely LOVE the way you treat your wife and family with respect, courtesy and value! You are a super special and rare commodity.

  • @ken2tou

    Great to see your progress! How exciting for you and your beautiful family!

  • @bradreynolds8499

    I love seeing the whole family involved... a fella doesn't see that very often anymore. It's heartwarming, really.

  • @jeromeleslie728
    @jeromeleslie728 14 днів тому

    Thank you Derek! You got me through a tough time in my life. Seeing you achieve with your business. The Tetris.I don’t feel alone seeing you.

  • @djnifos

    Love that the whole family is in there working together. Just great to see everyone working towards a goal.

  • @taylorhelm7146

    Man, you've got my dream setup all packed neatly into a this wonderful garage. The tools, cars, lifts, storage, and even the parts...I envy y'all's determination, ability, and work ethic to keep moving up life's ladder.

  • @dannysunay4386

    Wow it looks completely different place! Good job Derek and, I have to admit, you have a wonderful wife beside you there. IT is nice to see a family working together , the boys learning the meaning of work. Very good job everyone!!!!

  • @digitaldave3517

    The building is looking great! Good job you guys! It’s so cool that your whole family pitched in to help. They’re awesome.

  • @tyjomello
    @tyjomello  +225

    Vanishing paint :"Arguably the best sounding car in the fleet"

  • @markheischman672

    Shop looks awesome! I can totally see that nuts and bolts bin set up, saving all kinds of time and money. I'd love to see a build series on the stock car! I know it's not the normal content, but it would be super cool!