Gary Owen Starts Beef With T.I., Kim Kardashian, Kodak Black, Delta Airlines + Everyone Else

  • Опубліковано 17 кві 2019
  • Comedian Gary Owen drops in to say why he loves coming on The Breakfast Club and explains the beef he has with Delta Airlines. He also chats how he learned golf from watching Tiger Woods.
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    Gary Owen Starts Beef With T.I., Kim Kardashian, Kodak Black, Delta Airlines + Everyone Elseвідео.html
    The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.
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  • scary ass nicca
    scary ass nicca 17 годин тому

    hes got a mr burns mouth

  • Janelle Ross
    Janelle Ross День тому

    Gray turned down a great deal. Because it was offensive to black women. The same deal I'm sure Chris Brown or Kevin Hart or a few more black men would of took. I love u Gary.

  • 0420fluffy
    0420fluffy 2 дні тому

    “We use timberlands for what they’re supposed be used for, hiking” lmao 😂

  • K. Kindle
    K. Kindle 3 дні тому

    I've admittedly and unapologetically scrolled past that movie several times, but I'm gonna watch it now. Thank Gary later.

  • shannel artis
    shannel artis 6 днів тому

    This dude is funny asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • shannel artis
    shannel artis 6 днів тому


  • DeJuan Thomas
    DeJuan Thomas 10 днів тому

    Ya know, I don't know if this is a thing that they do, but did y'all notice the dolls in the back? 🤔✨😂

  • Legin Jennings
    Legin Jennings 11 днів тому

    I never seem cmtg laugh so much you can tell he like Gary

  • B Buster
    B Buster 12 днів тому

    Tv One would NEVER air the Trap, not even if the President of Programming owed someone a solid.

  • Vee Dwg
    Vee Dwg 12 днів тому

    Gary is underrated, this man is fuckin hilarious. Found out about him couple days ago, been watching all of his shit.

  • Prophet Sharise
    Prophet Sharise 13 днів тому +1

    thats the most i seen the cast laugh ...#GREAT

  • chukwuma otuata Otuata
    chukwuma otuata Otuata 13 днів тому +1

    I going to see the trap.

  • Andrew Bristow
    Andrew Bristow 14 днів тому

    I'm genuinely crying.....🤣🤣

  • James Carter
    James Carter 14 днів тому

    I love how Angela refuses to let them talk over her , she gets her voice heard!!

  • Galaetsangkgosi Emmanuel Lengone
    Galaetsangkgosi Emmanuel Lengone 14 днів тому

    DOPE interview ever

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 15 днів тому

    Would kodac black
    Just another way of saying the negative...

  • The Truth Cometh
    The Truth Cometh 15 днів тому

    Lenard Larry McKelvey is full of CRAP. EVERYONE loves Tiger. Commentators, players, fans, etc. Take your racist BS and shove it, Lenard. Always wants to play the race card, or victim card. Get some mental help. Gary, if you think DL is right, you are dumb. DL is a black RACIST, who looks in the mirror and plays the victim race card. DL is a liar.

  • The Truth Cometh
    The Truth Cometh 15 днів тому

    So could it be your wife is hot and that's why he asked her?

  • Shana Tinnin
    Shana Tinnin 15 днів тому

    You ain’t even right Gary...
    “You like black people?”...I love them

  • Whitney Jackson
    Whitney Jackson 16 днів тому


  • Ella Torrence
    Ella Torrence 16 днів тому

    I needed this 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joel Lopez
    Joel Lopez 16 днів тому +2

    My dad drove a fed ex truck and I ain’t delivering your mail. I’m dead

  • Jay Levy
    Jay Levy 18 днів тому

    Being from L.A. there are different hoods surrounding USC. Better look like a nerd or yo ass might got got

  • Nicole Pickett-Edwards
    Nicole Pickett-Edwards 18 днів тому

    i love gary's personality

  • liliana Batista
    liliana Batista 18 днів тому

    This fool has me at work laughing out loud in front of my boss....I might get fired today

  • TheDistrict644
    TheDistrict644 20 днів тому

    Seems genuine and will give you his honest opinion. Not a lot of people are or do.

  • Isaac ISRAEL
    Isaac ISRAEL 20 днів тому +1

    The trap was wack!!!

  • Terrence W
    Terrence W 21 день тому

    I’ve only seen him on here but he has me crying.

  • ExclusiveLM
    ExclusiveLM 22 дні тому

    I played the invisible man in the movie The Trap. I should have gotten more recognition for that role. -- Frank.

    DUANE DAVID DRAE Edwards 23 дні тому +1


    DUANE DAVID DRAE Edwards 23 дні тому +1


  • junebugg777
    junebugg777 23 дні тому +1

    Gary Owen got me in tears, one of my favorite Breakfast Club interviews

  • Job Acevedo
    Job Acevedo 24 дні тому

    Well it’s my day off...and I’m going to watch the trap. Good job Gary.

  • MMMighty_Dog_Dunedin irraahh
    MMMighty_Dog_Dunedin irraahh 25 днів тому

    Guy always getting compared to Kevin Hart , brahh ... Eminem isn't Snoop Dogg . Stop doing that shit

  • Arian Islam
    Arian Islam 26 днів тому

    27:32-27:54 is so fucking funny

  • B Butler
    B Butler 27 днів тому

    Perm cancel... Oprah

  • Jillian Kingston
    Jillian Kingston 27 днів тому

    Who’s been permanently cancelled ? Stacy Dash 😂😭

  • Paris Cervera
    Paris Cervera 28 днів тому

    t.i. a snitch

  • Ravonne Poole
    Ravonne Poole 28 днів тому

    What's the tippe

  • Scarlett M
    Scarlett M Місяць тому

    Everyone go email Netflix to get a Gary Owen special!!!

  • Melissa Lopez
    Melissa Lopez Місяць тому

    😂😂😂😂😂... I couldn't stop laughing he is hilarious & honest. I wanna see one of his shows

  • Chunk Lee
    Chunk Lee Місяць тому

    😂before this interview I had no clue that timbs were hiking boots

  • Jordan Hobbs
    Jordan Hobbs Місяць тому

    This dude had me crying man!!! The Trap was trash btw, love the cast, but the writing terrible!

  • ST A
    ST A Місяць тому

    Charlemagne is an agent.

  • Jocey Vee
    Jocey Vee Місяць тому

    Angela is so awkward it's painful

  • ShannaJmusic
    ShannaJmusic Місяць тому

    He cracks me up. I love him.

  • jbmp1390
    jbmp1390 Місяць тому

    "I was at all the Summer Jams" lol😂

  • Killie Will
    Killie Will Місяць тому

    Ricky!!! Nah Steve 😂😂😂😂

  • A.L.
    A.L. Місяць тому

    Gary is the dude! That double-track effect at 25:35 though haha!

  • Mr. Swanstar
    Mr. Swanstar Місяць тому

    the trap made soul plane look like house party one

  • Malamute
    Malamute Місяць тому +1

    That's not Gary Oldman. This is some random dude.

  • Doug Stanhope
    Doug Stanhope Місяць тому

    Why when guest (specially white) go on the breakfast club the dynamic is that of a defensive nature.. seems like you’re always justifying yourself

  • Lee Soulsby
    Lee Soulsby Місяць тому

    Why does cthagod always have to try and make it a white vs black situation

  • Snap Back
    Snap Back Місяць тому

    They should of put him in what men want

  • Snap Back
    Snap Back Місяць тому

    He was black in his past life or has black in his history

  • Alexandria bond
    Alexandria bond Місяць тому

    omg Gary is soo funyyyyy

  • Domonique Williams
    Domonique Williams Місяць тому

    😂😂Great interview!! I love Gary!!

  • Ricky Harris
    Ricky Harris Місяць тому

    Only Gary could have me listen to the entire interview

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Місяць тому

    LMAO he said 'MMMMM im out of THAT! DAMN!

  • Livyahfitness
    Livyahfitness Місяць тому

    The dolls are always doing some messes up shit