James Corden Reacts to Bill Maher's Fat Shaming Comments

  • Опубліковано 16 вер 2019
  • Bill Maher comments on fat shaming (00:10)
    James Corden responds to Bill Maher’s comments (00:54)
    The Office Ladies reunites for a podcast (04:22)
    Lil Wayne cancels tour appearance (04:40)
    Tekashi69 safe in jail (05:29)
    Sebastian Telfair out of prison (05:54)
    ‘Hustlers’ has a record breaking weekend (06:19)
    Beyonce shut out at Creative Emmy’s (06:52)
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  • Michael Green
    Michael Green 10 днів тому

    Bring back shaming overweights? Are you crazy!? Im skinny asf and i kno that shit is bogus. Shaming doesnt make people act right. It only makes them have suicidal thoughts, and might even get your ass beat. This is straight filth.

  • William Kimmons
    William Kimmons 13 днів тому

    Charlemagne is on point.

  • Caryn D Prescott
    Caryn D Prescott 14 днів тому

    Fat shaming doesn't work. I gained weight because of the medications that I was on. If you're not going to listen to the people who are struggling with health issues and help by setting a good example, then I won't respect you. Also, I don't want to be a body builder, or have a beach body, so don't try to force your narcissistic ideals on me.

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day 14 днів тому

    Yes you should shame fat cunts

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day 14 днів тому

    Bill was right

  • Erica Polanco
    Erica Polanco 19 днів тому

    Yea whatever if j lo crying imagine Cardi cause u know😥😑redicolous

  • spade2187
    spade2187 19 днів тому

    Angela is so annoying

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso 21 день тому

    Bill Maher got the Latino BBQ pass...

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso 21 день тому

    What Bill Maher said was completely true....

  • Luke McShane
    Luke McShane 21 день тому

    Everyone needs to stop being so fucking thin skinned

  • blackout
    blackout 21 день тому

    Leptin is a satiety hormone secreted by fat cells which is supposed to stop you from over-eating. When a person is overweight the body most of the time becomes insensitive to Leptin kinda like type 2 diabetes. Meaning that the body never feels that it's full so people feel like they need to eat and they feel hungry so they eat

  • LaDarius Baker
    LaDarius Baker 22 дні тому

    As someone who is currently trying to lose weight for those of you who remind someone about how big they are you don’t help at all you just cause that person to become more depressed and they dive even deeper into their addiction to food. It basically does the opposite of what you intended it to do

  • markice19
    markice19 22 дні тому

    If j-lo movie gets a Oscar then players club and magic wait never mind they pick and choose what is good and what is bad especially if they not all black

  • Lawrence Davis
    Lawrence Davis 22 дні тому

    America is the only country in the world with poor fat people.

  • Mela Boricua
    Mela Boricua 23 дні тому

    Yeah let’s shame people for being fat, which leads to depression and even more poor eating habits. There’s a reason why Americans have high obesity, besides just bad food, notice how Americans also have high stress and depression levels. Notice poverty rates, notice how much it takes to pay rent and even buy food. If ppl don’t think American society has anything to do with peoples weight, they’re idiotic. Black male suicide is at an high.

  • Ronald Jones
    Ronald Jones 23 дні тому

    CTG we know you don't like fat people you say it over and over again and i'm far from fat but im not gone to shame anyone that is

  • Shayla Jones
    Shayla Jones 23 дні тому

    Charlemagne please shut tf up

  • SheGotGame
    SheGotGame 23 дні тому

    So what about the women who has pcos? It's very difficult to loss weight with pcos and that's a incurable disease that you're born with. We need to continue to shame unintelligent, ignorant people.

  • Lililetus C
    Lililetus C 24 дні тому

    Encouragement, information, programs work. Shame does not.

  • DonU
    DonU 24 дні тому

    This world is full of pussies!

  • TheDrewgutterz
    TheDrewgutterz 24 дні тому

    Bill Maher is a fuckin loser and played a pedophile in that seth MacFarlanemovie but played it very well. Hes probably just like jeff Epstein someone should look into him

  • kimmie b
    kimmie b 24 дні тому

    But whose business is it if you're fat or not?

  • Let Tice
    Let Tice 24 дні тому

    Poverty doesn't equate to terrible eating habits, thats bullshit, I lived off 100 a week for awhile, made my own food, salad chicken, cheap shit. The real problem is people spending their money on fast food because they think its cheap, when 20 bucks can feed you fine for days if you just turn on the fucking oven.

  • tj duval
    tj duval 25 днів тому

    Also Bill Maher is alkost NEVER FUNNY
    Hes one of those super elitist smug fucking prick who cant tell a joke without that stupid ass look on his face
    You can literally kust see how funny he thinks his own jokes are
    Even on his owm show he tries jokes that dont land and he goes oh come on that was a good joke nobody got it
    No Bill it just wasnt that funny
    Your not as clever as you think

  • tj duval
    tj duval 25 днів тому

    Now just remember Charlemagnes record of people he really really likes...
    Bill Maher,Bill O'Reiley and Khamala Harris
    This is why you don't listen to rich celebrity's about anything important esp something important like this next election. The oastvyear or two ma fuckers let Charlemagne walk around acting like hes a full blown therapist or life coach. Dont get me wrong i love the fact he has done so much with his exposure from the breakfastclub blown up u gotta reapect that shit
    but lets be real
    Hes out of fkng touch

  • Bridget
    Bridget 25 днів тому

    Angela is full of excuses on the fat topic. You can change it period stop making excuses for lazy undisciplined people

  • SID H
    SID H 25 днів тому

    Fat shaming leads to all soughts of negative effects, but doesn't cause people to change their diet and exercise. Encouraging people to change their diet and exercise doesn't cause people to change their diet and exercise. Lol

  • cmbsoldja
    cmbsoldja 25 днів тому

    I don't get the point of going out of your way to attack fat people. Just.... you know... mind your fucking business.

  • warrior1975ify
    warrior1975ify 25 днів тому

    Ok well if you choose to Fat shame a fat person who is strong and can fight, blame Bill Maher when they shame you beating you up . loooool

  • Ciarra Dreams
    Ciarra Dreams 25 днів тому +1

    I really dont like Angela Yee

  • VladimiR BLAT
    VladimiR BLAT 25 днів тому

    *Like, if you want fat shaming to do a come back.. for their own good* ya fat over eating fucking cow you!!

  • Neema
    Neema 26 днів тому

    Like James Corden says, you don't need to tell fat people the health conditions of being fat, fat people know already. Just like smokers, drug addicts and alcoholics. Mahers just came across condesending and lacked a deep understanding of addiction.

  • Steve J
    Steve J 26 днів тому

    Wtf is ‘fat shaming’ 😂.
    I hate this generation sometimes, you can’t say anything without people getting offended. America is very obese as a nation, compared to the rest of world this is widely known.
    Fat shaming is perfectly fine. Get your ‘fat ass’ up and away from the food, you fat people making us look bad as a nation, to France, China, Japan, England, Italy, etc.
    Lol ‘fat shaming’. Your body is 90% diet, 10% exercise (Something like that) so it’s easy, stop eating junk. Eat fewer calories. Then magically (lol) you will lose weight

  • Green Moore
    Green Moore 26 днів тому

    Lol this stupid

  • Urban Thick
    Urban Thick 26 днів тому

    I wonder why people can bring up weight as an issue and not drugs and alcohol. I watched Bill Maher's complete spill and it was harsh and cruel. There are many reasons why people are overweight and to simplify it by saying it's from eating to much is saying that people on drug and alcoholics should just stop doing drugs and drinking to much. Get real ask the tough questions like "why" and ask someone that are dealing with the issue.

  • Carl Woolley
    Carl Woolley 26 днів тому

    The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Obesity kills. But shaming the Obese kills as well. So we need to encourage accepting current state of affairs while encouraging solutions to improve on said situation.

  • Tee moore
    Tee moore 26 днів тому

    People stop making excuses. You over eat, you dont exercise eventually you are going to become overweight unless you genetically have a fast metabolism. It's about healthy balanced meals and I struggle with my weight all the time but I know exactly why. Obesity is not a health issue, it;s an eating issue.Take responsibility and accountability for what you do and stop pointing the finger at everyone else.

  • WestChi
    WestChi 26 днів тому

    Shocking James Cordon didn't like what Bill said...

  • iphone Theo
    iphone Theo 26 днів тому

    Angela missing the point. Stop pandering to fat people. Tell them to get they big asses off the fucking couch.

  • J B
    J B 26 днів тому

    Struggled with weight all my life, I dont care that people clown me. Most days it motivates me to work out more and eat better things. I don't think everyone responds to fat shaming the same way, but the problem in America is right now is that people on either side of the argument think they speak for everyone because of their feelings. Do what what works for a healthy lifestyle, carrot or stick. And y'all know I dont like carrots.

  • Jody Harrisom
    Jody Harrisom 26 днів тому

    Obesity is linked to poverty because those is poverty generally have low education. It’s not poverty it’s low education in reference to nutrition. It’s also generational, if the parents are overweight, the kids usually are too, not because of genetics but lifestyle choices that are passed down.

  • Ebony Cummings
    Ebony Cummings 26 днів тому

    Idk what made me think of this but I pray that Dj Envy and his wife have another baby!!! Since that’s what they really want God bless them!!

  • AWK!
    AWK! 27 днів тому

    Not callin people bad but don’t think I disagree with Bill. Put the blame on a physical or mental ability but the costs don’t change for the insurance payer.

  • TheHeadwrap
    TheHeadwrap 27 днів тому

    Oh lord, Angela... It's ge-ne-ti-cist, not genetist. lol

  • Don Diego Fuera
    Don Diego Fuera 27 днів тому

    Yee and charlamange both made good points it’s the food and it’s us we have to better with eating but also need laws passed that protects us from our food being so unhealthy and still being able to be sold know it has steroids and other fucked up shit in it

  • Don Diego Fuera
    Don Diego Fuera 27 днів тому

    I have to agree with him people are making fat or being out of shape a good thing which it isn’t but you should accept people for who they are but we shouldn’t make fat the norm

  • Jay Ro
    Jay Ro 27 днів тому

    CTG talking about there was more to the Bill Maher comment and we have to hear the whole thing but Char didn’t listen to James’s whole message. The clip makes him sound angry but he was very playful and had a great message.

  • applejuicyjuice
    applejuicyjuice 27 днів тому

    Fat ppl know they’re fat. We don’t need anyone telling us. We also know our health better than ANY STRANGER on the street. You trying to embarrass someone and shame them into losing weight is not to their benefit in anyway. Going around criticizing others about stuff that has nothing to do with you isn’t anyone’s fucking job. Mind ya own business.

  • Zuriel Garcia
    Zuriel Garcia 27 днів тому

    Bro, Bill Maher is a comedian! He made a joke!

  • Rashid Omar
    Rashid Omar 27 днів тому

    Umpa lumpa dumpadi do

  • Brandon T.
    Brandon T. 27 днів тому +1

    Fat shaming never went anywhere, however, it is not effective and can cause dangerous/life threatening behaviors. Bill was wrong by saying that, however, with him being a comedian I don't think he literally meant we need to start bullying fat people(that may get your ass kicked). I am all for educating people on the dangers and health risks of being obese. At the end of the day, count your own calories, not your neighbor's. P.s. - Skinny/fit people get diseases and die too.

  • D7 Supreme
    D7 Supreme 27 днів тому

    If they want hypertension and high cholesterol and cancer and other health problems let em.

  • s3sonic
    s3sonic 27 днів тому

    I don’t know any fat person who was inspired to lose weight via fat shaming. In fact it made those who were trying to lose weight get inpatient and give up trying.

  • Dro KillaKush
    Dro KillaKush 27 днів тому +1

    I’m sick of sound bites being taken out of context

  • Andrea S.
    Andrea S. 27 днів тому

    I understand what Angela Yee is saying!!! A cheese burger will always be cheaper than a salad and the food quality everywhere is terrible! I hate how everyone always kills Yee like her points aren’t valid!

  • 11thWoods
    11thWoods 27 днів тому +1

    Wait.. Prisons have a snitch wing!? LMAO

  • Neke Love
    Neke Love 27 днів тому

    Leonard is so wrong & amplify shaming a person is wrong. No rationalizing neither Bill or Chars comments

  • writteninthestarzz
    writteninthestarzz 27 днів тому +2

    Ctg not commenting on how fat shaming affects mental health in order to defend bill is super ironic considering his stance on mental health

  • Alex N
    Alex N 28 днів тому

    That's the thing.... CthaG was right. Well it's not just over eating. It's the options people choose. And skinny people who eat unhealthy can still get diabetes and other chronic conditions, even if not obese. People need to rethink what they're putting in their body and actually fruit and vegetables are less expensive than frozen pizzas if you go to the grocery store!!

  • ccdj504
    ccdj504 28 днів тому

    Fat shaming is not when you ask a family memeber to come walk with you after work 4x/week. It's when you walk up to a stranger at Walmart, call them fat and give them your weird 15 step diet plan while they're just trying to buy monistat and go home. Mind the plank in your own eye.