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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

  • Опубліковано 25 вер 2023
  • Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?
    Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
    Books By Joe Navarro: www.jnforensics.com/books
    Joe Navarro Body Language Academy: jnbodylanguageacademy.com
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    Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED
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  • Tuw Sars
    Tuw Sars Рік тому +14822

    He’s definitely someone who can make you admit everything just by his personality

    • Walking and Talking with Mr Green
      Walking and Talking with Mr Green Рік тому +51


    • Dictionary Pictionary
      Dictionary Pictionary Рік тому +247

      yeah he seems pretty chill; ''ok sorry mate, you're right, I'm KGB, well played.''

    • Tuw Sars
      Tuw Sars Рік тому +19

      TheSpaceCoyote82 it could and it couldn’t but well most of what he said made sense he’s also not showing his body language so i think he definitely experienced situations out of his head

    • Valentine
      Valentine Рік тому +100

      TheSpaceCoyote82 But that's the point. Even if he's not right if he can influence you to believe he is then he accomplishes his goal just the same. This is the point of psychological manipulation.

    • F.K
      F.K Рік тому +10

      It's a dangerous if it's used wrong lol

  • rhaoole
    rhaoole Рік тому +4509

    I'd love to see how they view the body language of people with ADHD. Can they tell if they have it, or do they assume they're hyperactive or moving so much because they're lying or nervous? Just an interesting thought that I'd like to see explored!

    • Sandee
      Sandee Рік тому +46

      Their impulsive and some affected academically

    • Pluto
      Pluto Рік тому +309

      @Sandee i'm pretty sure that wasn't the question but yeah

    • Big Bird
      Big Bird Рік тому +345

      As a Counter Intelligence Special Agent I’ve got a good amount of expertise in the matter. For one before looking for any of these indicators you need to establish a baseline for their behaviors when at rest. So while someone with ADHD may be more fidgety, or hyperactive normally, while lying they may actually be calmer. People with ADHD tend to hyper focus on certain things. So when lying people need to think harder. It’s harder to keep a story straight when lying than to recall true memories. There’s a lot more to it than that but that’s a basic overview.

    • Andrew Rivett
      Andrew Rivett Рік тому +63

      @Big Bird When you suspect that you're being judged for your behavior and it is more than a cursory thing such as being pulled over by the cops for speeding, I think that it serves one well to show a tic or affective disorder up front. This makes it difficult for the person who is looking to accurately size you up. How many people know how to evaluate somebody with a pre-existing neurological disorder? Even if they suspect that you are just messing with them, it will still throw them off. For the most part they will make up their minds according to their experience. Be outside of that box and you won't be easily read.

    • Nezumi Körner
      Nezumi Körner Рік тому +26

      @Big Bird how much do you actually know about adhs, autism spectrum etc?

  • Ravens Moon Art
    Ravens Moon Art 9 місяців тому +7451

    The level at which governments fully understand the citizens is alarming at best

    • LikeGoldRefined
      LikeGoldRefined 9 місяців тому +29

      @Trash Forky …we must live in two different countries lol

    • x
      x 8 місяців тому +119

      Then seek to understand the government more than they understand you.

    • riko
      riko 8 місяців тому +10

      @x if we are wut we eat, and they're feeding off fear,

  • Colby
    Colby 10 місяців тому +1131

    He actually wrote a book that is very detailed and I would highly recommend it it’s called the power of body language this guys has helped me understand people in a different light and he is definitely a great instructor

    • Simon Perathoner
      Simon Perathoner 8 місяців тому +1

      @flamersss its literally written in his comment

    • QueeziTranquillity
      QueeziTranquillity 7 місяців тому +1


    • Afrid Abdullah
      Afrid Abdullah 6 місяців тому

      Can u tell me the name of the book plz???

    • advaitaa
      advaitaa 6 місяців тому +19

      @Afrid Abdullah are u blind

    • andora
      andora 5 місяців тому +2

      @Afrid Abdullah power of body language

  • James Surprisal
    James Surprisal Рік тому +5338

    An important caveat is that when interviewing anyone, you need to establish a “baseline” for their individual body language. Maybe they are naturally more nervous or nervous because of the situation. So you first ask questions you already know answers to to see how they react. Watch how they move when they tell the truth. Figure out their “normal”. Then, you can ask calculated questions and see if there is deviation. You are looking for *clusters* of indicators - not isolated indicators.

    • OnePalProductions
      OnePalProductions Рік тому +29

      Stop watching T.V.

    • James Surprisal
      James Surprisal Рік тому +259

      Smellegance Exactly. A good investigator/interrogator would take this into account. Untrained people who have watched a few videos on body language use a superficial or pseudoscientific approach and jump to conclusions - “your standing like this so you must be lying!”.

    • nitin gupta
      nitin gupta Рік тому +10

      @James surprisal...can u suggest so good book for layman person to understand non verbal communication..

    • anomaly P
      anomaly P Рік тому +47

      exactly. Specifically for interogation techniques, they leave the suspect alone for quite some time, just to analyse what the suspect does when alone (baseline) and when confronted.

    • Helpless Narwhal
      Helpless Narwhal Рік тому +30

      Smellegance I was thinking about my ADHD and how that would make me look nervous/defensive and all I could think about was how funny it would be lol

  • Łukasz Kasprzak
    Łukasz Kasprzak 9 місяців тому +4600

    I'm an Eastern European and I can confirm that carrying flowers facing downwards is something I'd definitely do and see nothing strange about it

    • Povilas Kuznecovas
      Povilas Kuznecovas 8 місяців тому +59

      Depends on the flowers and what ocasion theyre for....So bs

    • Mister AE
      Mister AE 8 місяців тому +117

      @Povilas Kuznecovas it wS just an added reason to think a certain way of a person. Not something that would completely represent someone...

    • Povilas Kuznecovas
      Povilas Kuznecovas 8 місяців тому +33

      @Mister AEOh i do understand that but sayin imagine everyone is a suspect , no matter what u do. There has to be additional information compatible with a person of interest along with strage behaviour .

    • Pazeros
      Pazeros 8 місяців тому +31

      Bez kitu

    • Solomon
      Solomon 8 місяців тому +7

      @Pazeros what language is that?

  • m y
    m y 4 роки тому +103654

    god his children must’ve had such a hard time lying to him

    • outlander
      outlander 4 роки тому +6179

      Meet the parents 😂

    • Siva sai Krishna
      Siva sai Krishna 4 роки тому +9061

      Maybe they've become experts...

    • M Mmc
      M Mmc 4 роки тому +3042

      Part of the job

    • Cindy S
      Cindy S 4 роки тому +423


    • Ragamuffin
      Ragamuffin 4 роки тому +4679

      He probably pretends not to know when they lie.

  • Z3IRO
    Z3IRO Рік тому +2304

    I'm glad that those "signs" he laid out at the beginning were myths. I've put so much effort over the years into avoiding showing these signs by accident so I don't come across as untrustworthy, and when I do them by accident I always felt like I'm somehow maliciously deceiving people or myself without knowing about it. This puts my mind at ease - self-soothing, if you will

    • Juliana Kleijn
      Juliana Kleijn Рік тому +7


    • Twinturbobmw 535xi
      Twinturbobmw 535xi Рік тому +33

      Myths or not regular cops use these as to see wether your lying to them so I’d still practice that if I were you. I know I do.

    • Kailey Winter
      Kailey Winter Рік тому +8

      Self soothing if you will💀

    • Buddy Johnston
      Buddy Johnston Рік тому +23

      @Kailey Winter bro really put ‘💀’ 💀

    • FurryLord
      FurryLord 9 місяців тому +1

      You should go to a doctor. If that was true.

  • Oda Kauffman
    Oda Kauffman Рік тому +956

    Love that he first mentioned crossing arms and looking away. I cross my arms often to relieve anxiety and I usually tend to look away when being explained something because I'm visually processing information they tell me.

    • FurryLord
      FurryLord 9 місяців тому +8

      Yep. It all depends, he is just saying. Take it for example. If he were to explain in depth it would take years to edit.

    • NoNewWorldOrder
      NoNewWorldOrder 7 місяців тому

      Self-hugging… But then again, would you self-hug if you felt comfortable and confident?

    • Saikou
      Saikou 2 місяці тому

      For me when im uncomfortable like in groups i have my hands on my pocket the pocket is like a bed for me

  • berserkers2001
    berserkers2001 8 місяців тому +189

    Key takeaway: Every body language is transmitting some sort of information. Just try to assess but do not over-judge, especially if someone cross their arms or roll their eyes in different direction. It may not mean anything. Also, you can move around to identify the most comfortable space with others

    • The Hanging Parsiple
      The Hanging Parsiple 5 місяців тому

      If someone rolls their eyes in different directions I think it means call emergency services

    • Maria Quiet
      Maria Quiet Місяць тому

      We really needed an expert to tell us that, right

    NIKKITHEVIXEN Рік тому +284

    This is the most interesting thing I've seen in a long time. I can feel this guy's passion and attention to detail. The way he described seeing pertinent nonverbals jumping out at you as if a caricature when played at double speed was INCREDIBLY perceptive. I'm so intensely interested in this individual and his affinity to human behavior.

  • Sarah Griffin
    Sarah Griffin 8 місяців тому +77

    It easy to tell when someone lies. Their noses grow longer.
    This guy is good at his job. Need more people like him.

  • dewek
    dewek 2 роки тому +22879

    Imagine trying to lie to your dad who is in the FBI

    • dtiydr
      dtiydr 2 роки тому +1198

      You will be deported for being a spy.

    • #1 SPACE- MAN
      #1 SPACE- MAN 2 роки тому +703

      You would just be more clever most likely.

    • equarg
      equarg 2 роки тому +112

      That’s a good one.
      I bet that has happened a few times.

    • K
      K 2 роки тому +27


    • Quantum Ratio
      Quantum Ratio 2 роки тому +208

      maybe you became an extraordinary liar with special skills. xD

  • Tessa Acuna
    Tessa Acuna Рік тому +603

    I remember I was in an argument with a friend if mine and I crossed my arms. She instantly called me out on it and said if I'm being open and honest then why did I cross my arms. Thats a defensive stance. Later I found out that this was meant and a self sooth which I find more realistic. That situation was stressful for me so crossing my arms made sense I do that when I'm anxious or upset

    • M747HVY
      M747HVY Рік тому +20

      Not my case. I never fold my arms unless I want to show aggression. I do it deliberately as it accentuates large arm muscles and is a warning of what could potentially unfold. I have never in my life folded my arms outside of that situation. Body language is not an exact science at all...

    • Copriletto del Napoli
      Copriletto del Napoli 9 місяців тому +13

      @M747HVY because people are not equal

    • The Hanging Parsiple
      The Hanging Parsiple 5 місяців тому +6

      ​@M747HVY I think you'll find it's subconsciously done. Different thing

  • John Watkins
    John Watkins 3 місяці тому +35

    I like this guy. He's got very good energy and I love his relaxed but yet serious mood he's got going on. Also very intelligent and he definitely is a very confident dude. I don't know this guy but he's got my respect.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 3 місяці тому +37

    0:00: 🕵‍♂ Nonverbal communication is key in detecting deception and understanding people's thoughts.
    4:41: 👥 The importance of nonverbal communication in assessing individuals and their behavior.
    9:26: 🃏 The video discusses the importance of observing body language in poker games.
    14:08: 💬 Nonverbal communication is crucial in our communication with others.
    Recap by Tammy AI

  • Official Nolan LaValley
    Official Nolan LaValley 9 місяців тому +178

    I’d be interested to know how they analyze the activity and body language of blind people. I’m blind, so I would assume that my body language is nothing like a sighted persons, simply because I’ve never seen normal body language. How would that effect things?

    • Walter, the Cat
      Walter, the Cat 9 місяців тому +15

      How did you write that?

    • Official Nolan LaValley
      Official Nolan LaValley 9 місяців тому +68

      @Walter, the Cat people who have vision impairments have technology installed on their computers, phones, whatever technological devices they choose to use, which will then read the screen to them. So on my phone I can write by touching the screen just like you would it tells me the letter and then I give it a command to insert the letter. I can also write messages with a Bluetooth keyboard, or use dictate like the rest of you.

    • Movement Lifestyle
      Movement Lifestyle 9 місяців тому +9

      @Official Nolan LaValley What about Braille Keyboards, do you not use them? or have access to them? I wish you a great life, btw. :)

    • joyfuljaj
      joyfuljaj 8 місяців тому +8

      That analysis would be interesting, although I would think the differences may be due more to the fact that your interaction with the environment uses different senses and therefore may have different responses. It seems the self soothing type movements would be the same for all of us, not due to our observing them in others. I may be completely wrong.

    • Cody Ruchian
      Cody Ruchian 8 місяців тому +2

      Praying that God heals you and your blind eyes be made open in the name of Jesus! Amen! :)

  • misses elise
    misses elise 2 роки тому +13297

    i’m glad that he said that self soothing behaviors doesn’t necessarily mean someone is lying

    • yucky skunk
      yucky skunk 2 роки тому +321

      if we had absolute body language interpretations then nobody would ever even end up committing crimes

    • yokuku
      yokuku 2 роки тому +303

      I usually touch my nose or mouth or chin because I am socially very very awkward to remove my shyness a little bit I do that since it's covid time I no longer have to do this because I have mask now

    • Flyingtomato98
      Flyingtomato98 2 роки тому +24

      a lot of time it's to soothe people through lying though.

    • lulu
      lulu 2 роки тому +25

      @yokuku yeah I do the same, that's partly what he meant when saying those actions don't necessarily mean lying, but it's self soothing

    • LividMoodflow
      LividMoodflow 2 роки тому +62

      Same. I have issues with anxiety and I tend to do alot of these self soothing things, like touching my face, rubbing fingers, crossing arms and playing with my hair.

  • Electrite
    Electrite Рік тому +452

    The scary thing about body languages is once you master the reading
    you master your control over your own body language as well
    you will be able to manipulate people with ease by reading them like a book while hiding your true intentions and misguide those who can somewhat read body language by fully controlling your own body

    • CC'D
      CC'D Рік тому +58

      "You can't have a poker body."

    • chumbo
      chumbo Рік тому +16

      That's the dream right there

    • Ella
      Ella Рік тому +19

      @chumbo okay edge-lord

    • chumbo
      chumbo Рік тому +26

      @Ella yeah, I've never heard of sarcasm either

    • 𖤐𝓶𝓸𝔁𝔁𝓲𝓮𖤐
      𖤐𝓶𝓸𝔁𝔁𝓲𝓮𖤐 Рік тому +1

      Shhhh :3

  • Anthony Pierce
    Anthony Pierce Рік тому +167

    my dad was a Drill Sargent in the Army, he had the ability to read people's behavior like this..it was unnerving to have him explain my behavior to me

    • Gram
      Gram 9 місяців тому +1


    • Patrick Parson
      Patrick Parson 9 місяців тому +7

      You can't read people's behavior. It's a fantasy.

    • Anthony Pierce
      Anthony Pierce 9 місяців тому +4

      maybe you can't, but there are some who can..

    • Ricky Anderson
      Ricky Anderson 2 місяці тому

      ​@Patrick Parsonlet's call it energy

  • Seeing Ginger
    Seeing Ginger 9 місяців тому +127

    This is especially interesting to me as an autistic person with CPTSD. I had to research neurotypical body language for years in order to mask effectively, because when I'm unmasked, most people interpret my body language as indicative of my behavior being avoidant, uninterested, or dishonest, and as a result I've noticed that usually people treat me better when I am actively masking. It takes so much energy on a day to day basis just to keep up this behavior, and I've become very introverted because of it. Solitude is a relief. I love how Mr. Navarro breaks down behaviors as self-soothing, not necessarily a tell of dishonesty. I wonder how other neurodivergent people feel about this.

    • Infisphere
      Infisphere 9 місяців тому +14

      I was just about to comment something similar… you said it so beautifully. I am in agreement! I prefer only unmasking around my close circle who knows my sincerity despite my contradictory facial expressions/body language. I’ve tried otherwise and have just continually confused people. Given how fleeting most interactions are on a day to day I find it best to utilize a bridging, which is to say, to speak “their language” and mask. I do try to find a balance, where I’m not forcing joy when not feeling it, but I am for instance, more subtly expressing my eyes and lips and tone, so it’s clear enough what I’m intending. 🤍 I hear you, it takes a lot of energy. I have to be sure to make a lot of space to myself to recharge

    • jackjackum
      jackjackum 8 місяців тому +5

      yeah you might want to tone the masking down thats going to damage your health

    • Bilbo Floggins
      Bilbo Floggins 8 місяців тому +2

      ​@jackjackum it's a balance. However it's better to foster a good self esteem and self value to where if people don't like you for being you it's seen as a good thing because there are so many people and you'd rather have authentic people in your circle. Stim or be stimmed by the muggles.

    • Mama Doom
      Mama Doom 8 місяців тому +4

      I’m glad you brought this up because I’m autistic and I had the same thoughts as you

    • Maria Nunes
      Maria Nunes 8 місяців тому +3

      Hang on there, you are not alone!

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell Рік тому +113

    Watching this vid, it makes me wonder how much of the time is taken up with him being consciously aware of the way he sits before the camera and the image he projects? That's a whole 'nother level of discipline and body language reading right there! And a good question to ask yourself: How does a reader of body language choose to sit? There's nothing casual, accidental or subconscious about it. They must be so aware of there own mannerisms at all times.

    • ananananananananananananananananananananananananan
      ananananananananananananananananananananananananan 7 місяців тому

      i mean, i don’t think he’d need to consciously do too much. as long as his body language isn’t giving away any unwanted information, there’s no issue with it. he’s making open hand gestures, speaking calmly, and not slouching or showing any other specific emotion. pretty much the same thing as any businessman.

    • Dija Charoliya
      Dija Charoliya 7 місяців тому +4

      I am naturally good at reading body language,so that makes me so conscious of my own body language,it's exhausting

  • The Consultant
    The Consultant 5 днів тому

    The man, the myth the Joe Navarro! Love his books, such an interesting man.

  • David
    David 4 роки тому +180734

    Dude, this is confidential.

    • Satendra_Sharma
      Satendra_Sharma 4 роки тому +10329

      Please return my loli manga.. please....

    • bub777
      bub777 4 роки тому +5939

      YOU'RE confidential!

    • Brittany Tessier
      Brittany Tessier 4 роки тому +3304

      When can I join 🖤

    • Jeo
      Jeo 4 роки тому +2982

      We've compromised.

    • Musnahkan Tahi Lembu!!!
      Musnahkan Tahi Lembu!!! 4 роки тому +1891

      No more russians

  • Fletcher Norwood
    Fletcher Norwood Рік тому +25

    Absolutely love this video.and,of course i was watching his body language as he's both exposing common myths and explaining body language.

  • Blessings Of Paradise
    Blessings Of Paradise Рік тому +44

    14:09 I took several interpersonal plus non - verbal communication courses at SFSU and utilize such knowledge gained daily. It really helps out when encountering crooks/thieves.

    • Brandon Pinto
      Brandon Pinto 6 місяців тому

      Can you point out to some resources/links/ books/videos/courses etc to learn this? I've been taken advantage of because of my gullibility and my general lack of judging ability. This will help me a lot.

  • Indigo Cheetah
    Indigo Cheetah 8 місяців тому +10

    I found his observation of the poker players fascinating . It would be interesting to show a longer segment on that .

    IC XC NIKA Рік тому +188

    The guy is giving a simplified summary for total beginners and people think it is an exact account if the methods they use. Agents have spoken with innocent and guilty people, their knew how to account for simple nerves and a guilty person. They know how to establish a baseline to account for individual traits. And most importantly, none of this can be used too convict you. They can't just say "yep he's the murderer, he is lying" and throw you in prison. It is just a tool to help then when interrogating so they can have an idea if when they are being lied too, or who they should focus on. They still need to investigate and find actual PROOFV to convict you. If you didn't do it, they can't convict you just because you seemed like you were lying.

    • °\ l•v•l /°
      °\ l•v•l /° Рік тому +8

      he forgot the part where people are constantly judged for their race gender and ethnicity, all these intricate details and the wrong people still end up behind bars with the blame for someone else’s actions

    • °\ l•v•l /°
      °\ l•v•l /° 8 місяців тому +1

      @Eden Frost it wouldn’t be relevant to the video if the way people are treated based on physical appearance didn’t impact their body language towards the people their talking to, and it does. so if you were to follow the steps in the video, you’re still prone to misinterpreting someone, its very relevant, and if it wasn’t innocent people wouldn’t be brought before the criminal justice system as often as they are. 2023 just started and you’re calling me a mut get your priorities straight and have a good year

  • Jumbo
    Jumbo Місяць тому +3

    Growing up in certain environments I can say that I do almost none of these. It’s crazy how much childhood experience can completely change everything about someone. My father is the passive aggressive type, who often guilt trips and then tries to brush it off and then tries to put something on you then brush it off and we’re always being sarcastic. theres mistrust in the relationship, constant lies and a rocky marriage. Picking up on his intentions and what he tries to do to me when he speaks. He uses vague language so I can never really hold something against him without sounding accusatory and angered. I haven’t figured out why, but I end up avoiding communication in every way. Im self aware of everything I say and do. This sounds like an edgy attention grabbing comment but it’s the truth. I don’t react when I find something to be repulsive, painful, hilarious, impressive, scary, or breathtaking. Its like my body is still, and I have to manually forge a reaction that fits what my thoughts were when I saw it so that people don’t think i’m ignoring them or that i’m just a rude person. The only behavior I notice myself doing is wiping sweats palms on my pants. This is all I have to say.

  • Jesus Salazar
    Jesus Salazar 2 роки тому +9027

    3:10 Imagine working years to get the American way, the perfect accent, the behavior, the way they act, to finally pass as a 100% American and in the end, flowers gave you away, wow.

    • Guppy Kid
      Guppy Kid 2 роки тому +678


    • Lucille M.
      Lucille M. 2 роки тому +436


    • loew
      loew 2 роки тому +566

      It's a european thing (not an eastern european thing). It's because of the water. You want the water in the petals not in the paper and so you have to use gravity.

    • Easy E Network
      Easy E Network 2 роки тому +365

      @loew Probably correct. Americans think in terms of they want the flowers to be showing, like you are showing them off even, something that goofy possibly. The Europeans probably don’t care because they want the flowers to be preserved.

    • R Cameron
      R Cameron 2 роки тому +148

      @loew I'm English and I hold flowers like they are a baby 🤱 or I hold them up right i would never hold them upside down. So idk

  • rhondamadgirl
    rhondamadgirl 3 місяці тому +6

    This guy gives me some comfort. I’m highly anxious and do a lot of the things some of the other body language people say indicate deception. It’s just my anxiety. I’m glad to see this guy looks at it differently.

  • Cynthia Thomas
    Cynthia Thomas 5 місяців тому +8

    People have no idea how great this guy is.

  • buli
    buli 8 місяців тому +4

    I have one specific question to ask. After all those 20 years of spying and reading people's behaviors, after he retired can he still look at people the same way he did before joining FBI?
    Can he talk with a random person he meets on street without subconsciously reading his behavior?

  • Someone
    Someone Рік тому +30

    I’ve always been interested in the study of body langue. In middle school it was really easy to read someone’s mood. For example, I would always know who liked who just because if their body language towards that person etc. Right now I’m in high school and it’s easy to read someone’s body language.

    • Dija Charoliya
      Dija Charoliya 7 місяців тому

      Same here ,its gets exhausting Beng conscious of your own body language although mostly people hardly notice

  • Israel Duncan
    Israel Duncan 11 місяців тому +6

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      Like Trumps take away the guns first... then figure out if v they broke any laws!

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      And will
      Be used against you
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      You are confused. That has nothing to do with whether law enforcement will suspect you or investigate you, that solely has to do with the standards they need to use to convict you. Cops can proceed with an investigation on relatively minor suspicions, they don't need to know you are guilty. What would be the point of investigating if they already KNEW you were guilty? The entire point is to discover if there is any proof if your guilt. Then the standards for arresting you are also much lower than for convicting you, although they offer to make sure they can't get a conviction before they arrest, unless it is an emergency. But they cannot convict you of a crime just because it seems pretty likely that you are guilty, they need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty. In places like the UK, they can't arrest you on suspicion, and if you can't prove that you are innocent, you will be convicted. In the US they need to prove that you are guilty, it you must be acquitted. That is what it means. So you are apparently mistaken.

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    • Brandon Pinto
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      I read in a Subliminal psychology book that the directions your eyes point towards can mean different things. When your eyes point up and right it could mean you're trying to access a visual memory. When they point up and left it means you could be coming up with a lie or planning deceit.
      Downwards and left means you are hurt and downwards and right means you could be brooding over something or lost in thought.

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      Short summary: It's basically about a "private investigator" of sorts, who specialized in reading "micro expressions" and body language and detects lies, deception and all sorts of emotions with his techniques. May be something for you! :)

    • fakingdeep
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      Ragesquid The show “lie to me” is actually based on Paul Ekman’s research on body language (he’s a psychology professor at USC). Highly recommend checking out his books if you’re interested in that subject.

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    I was severely gaslighted , criticized, and insulted as a child, I was the victim of a raging verbally abusive mother. I struggle with feeling guilty all the time even for things I have nothing to do with. I believe I always look nervous and like I'm hiding something. It has hindered my jobs, because I look like I'm hiding something I did wrong. I always wondered if a professional body language interpreter could tell I was abused or would I just look guilty.

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    • ananananananananananananananananananananananananan
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      if you want to change something, i recommend focusing on the words you speak. they are easy to control and improving at using them will do you extreme good. i recommend “never split the difference” by chris voss as a first read and then the 22 negotiation books listed on the harvard law school website for a deeper dive.

    • wurpL$dOn
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  • LeCamp00
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    It's interesting to ask "are these universal?"
    Because, for example, scratching the back of your head usually means "I'm troubled" or some such in English standards, but in
    Japan it usually means "I'm embarrassed"
    I wonder what the boundary conditions are with body languages introduced here

    • Nayjer
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      "I'm troubled" and "I'm embarrassed" is very similar on a emotional level, right? I dont think you can draw a sharp line between such emotions, especially because you can be both at the same time.

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    There's a way to escape people reading you through body language: thinking with this line of thought when about to do anything: "What a drag..."
    Try to implement it in everything but still doing everything not because you must, but because you need to, and your body will automatically be relaxed by itself, while your way of talking will be fluid. And your face would almost be expressionless.

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  • Jax Novawind
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    As an autistic person (with ADHD as well), I wonder what would happen if he tried interpreting my movements because I do a lot of random nonverbal movements and don't do a lot of "those nonverbals that neurotypical people just do instinctively when talking to someone." whereas I don't even know they exist.

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      LOL... can relate

    • Mamoru
      Mamoru 3 роки тому +76

      I’m apart of the CIA. I have anxiety issues a bit of Depression and Autism. I find it hard to talk to people but I’m used to it and try not to f*ck up my job

    • Merciless Wall
      Merciless Wall 3 роки тому +371

      @Mamoru no offense but the first thing that tells me your not in the CIA is you saying you are in fact in the CIA, that's usually something people keep confidential when working in an intelligence agency

    • wholelottaleaks
      wholelottaleaks 3 роки тому +10

      @KK oh cool! You have reddit. Oh and by the way. The joke flew past you.

  • El Bozo
    El Bozo Рік тому +4

    you’d think an FBI agent should be smart enough to know that trying to read body language is about as helpful in determining guilt as spinning the bottle on suspects

  • Neil Spun
    Neil Spun Рік тому

    All this is true UNLESS the person is faking it, EVEN if they are left alone in a room. Military training taught me a lot about deception and lying.

  • Jana Tomala
    Jana Tomala Рік тому +6

    One time my narcissistic dad got mad at me because my arms were in the “self-soothing” position because he misunderstood what it meant. Which now speaks volumes to how uncomfortable I was around him.

  • John Tait
    John Tait Рік тому +1

    An interesting and informative video. Thank you. 😉