Eating Everything on the McDonald's Menu!

  • Опубліковано 3 лип 2019
    Music by:
    Caskey - 55 M's
    Caskey - Mad Man
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  • Samuel Martinez
    Samuel Martinez 12 хвилин тому

    Real deal Mexican tacos challenge

  • Marsha Montgomery
    Marsha Montgomery 2 години тому

    You cannot do what? What the fuck was dude bitching about?

  • Draven Kressly
    Draven Kressly 14 годин тому

    Do a sushi challenge

  • Duran Marchand
    Duran Marchand 15 годин тому

    Mans has the funds for anything 😂

  • Aaron Schmucker
    Aaron Schmucker 18 годин тому

    come out to Indiana and party with the amish

  • Rhino Too White
    Rhino Too White 18 годин тому

    Caskey in the background, good taste my dude

  • JoeyJoey
    JoeyJoey 20 годин тому

    In b4 steve gets fat

  • savanna denesha
    savanna denesha 22 години тому

    Make the bong as dirty as you can then drink it

  • lowell oliva
    lowell oliva 23 години тому

    I’m a diabetic just watching this

  • Get paid Trippy
    Get paid Trippy День тому

    500 likes and Steve has to bring me a pound

  • Felix Foti
    Felix Foti 2 дні тому

    Bruh I’m tryna figure out why he put in a second hat😂 1:13

  • Official TBell.
    Official TBell. 2 дні тому

    The walking YOLO phrase

  • GG streaming
    GG streaming 4 дні тому

    What is the song on his outro

  • Gd Gf
    Gd Gf 5 днів тому

    Do it at McDonald’s

  • Chris Aranda
    Chris Aranda 5 днів тому

    this man can eattt

  • Alfredo Marines
    Alfredo Marines 6 днів тому +2

    Im watching this beacuse im 3:23am

  • Anon521
    Anon521 6 днів тому

    This man is like a mini gronk

  • I got fight vids on deck
    I got fight vids on deck 8 днів тому +3

    Steve,Matt stonie,furious Pete need to get the whole Taco Bell, McDonald’s,Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A menue

  • PlaneClouds
    PlaneClouds 9 днів тому

    Challenge, out smoke wiz or snoop

  • Based ChefMicah
    Based ChefMicah 9 днів тому

    steve x joogsquad

  • Noqten
    Noqten 10 днів тому

    how is steve like not dead yet his body goes thru so much shit fr fr

  • dayy dreaner
    dayy dreaner 10 днів тому

    Is 905 actually gay lmfao

  • d blurry
    d blurry 11 днів тому

    I eat one 5 dollar box from taco bell and I already feel death getting closer lol and Steve eat all that shit and still sends it

  • Lil Bryan
    Lil Bryan 13 днів тому +1

    we need a playlist of all the songs that be in your videos. no cap booty slap

  • Ozan Cermik
    Ozan Cermik 14 днів тому

    Do you get acid reflux?

  • Anel Kadiric
    Anel Kadiric 14 днів тому

    Do a Popeye’s chicken sandwich one lol

  • yoyo_master _goku
    yoyo_master _goku 15 днів тому

    rip to your toilet

  • arthur Morgan aka cj la
    arthur Morgan aka cj la 16 днів тому

    200pice of chiken legs on NFC

  • Tanner Swanson
    Tanner Swanson 18 днів тому

    Rail 20 different hookers in under 5 hours

  • Jovan Mendez
    Jovan Mendez 20 днів тому

    Professionally cooked edibles

  • Cole Ross
    Cole Ross 20 днів тому

    I’m from Altamonte springs, I went to lake Brantley and hung out with you at a tailgate for ucf but to hear you play casket is dope. Been with him since middle school

  • Derrick Hagen
    Derrick Hagen 21 день тому

    Eat 10gs of dried shrooms and sit in a dark room for 5 hours😂

  • Patrick Kane
    Patrick Kane 21 день тому

    I could never do this

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof 21 день тому

    Steve the man

  • Miguel Castro
    Miguel Castro 27 днів тому +1

    Steve do the spicy noodle challenge

  • SNT Threat
    SNT Threat 28 днів тому

    U prolly paint the boll so bad after

  • Lakiesha Blackwell
    Lakiesha Blackwell 29 днів тому +1

    bro stop causing for an hour an film it

  • GGS Logi
    GGS Logi 29 днів тому

    Steve is literally Tyler 1 but chill

  • Ewan Hamilton
    Ewan Hamilton 29 днів тому +1

    Anyone know what he went prison for ?

    • Seth Silverstein
      Seth Silverstein 14 днів тому

      @Adam Lands chill dude haha. He's never been to prison. He's been arrested twice though for possession of marijuana, driving with s suspended license. Every time he's had probation.

    • Seth Silverstein
      Seth Silverstein 14 днів тому

      He's never been to prison. He's been arrested twice though for possession of marijuana, driving with s suspended license. Every time he's had probation.

    • Adam Lands
      Adam Lands 29 днів тому

      My g you there?

    • Adam Lands
      Adam Lands 29 днів тому

      Your my g right?

    • Adam Lands
      Adam Lands 29 днів тому

      Ya my g i wanna know my g

  • Adrian V.
    Adrian V. Місяць тому +1

    You should do the MOSH PIT CHALLENGE, go to a sick ass metal show and don't stop pitting from start to finish see how you come out

  • Trippie Gang
    Trippie Gang Місяць тому

    At 6:20 they just bring in a whole steak like wtf and they pull it away

  • ThaSanMan
    ThaSanMan Місяць тому

    Put ur big boy pants on an chug a 5th of wild turkey 101 .. separate the men from the boys . Or see how many shots u can do in a

  • Christian Slowik
    Christian Slowik Місяць тому

    He didnt finish the whole food lol

  • Gergitit Etitit
    Gergitit Etitit Місяць тому

    Outro music?

  • Cut in half Official
    Cut in half Official Місяць тому


  • Jake Gunter
    Jake Gunter Місяць тому


  • King Aquarius
    King Aquarius Місяць тому

    Go get a health check up dude!

  • Zach Sorenson
    Zach Sorenson Місяць тому

    I get full after one meal from there he eats the whole fucking restaurant

  • Jake T.
    Jake T. Місяць тому

    How long to finish one juul pod challenge

  • legend killer
    legend killer Місяць тому

    Bro I’m pretty sure I had subscribed already lol the fuck?

  • mega hat
    mega hat Місяць тому +1

    Steve are you gay or bisexual cause you are Rubbing off that way🤔🤔

  • Cody Ballard
    Cody Ballard Місяць тому

    Order a 100 Blizzard from Dairy Queen👌

  • Mario Andrew
    Mario Andrew Місяць тому +5

    he’s mad cause he works there lmao

  • Nate Alvear
    Nate Alvear Місяць тому

    yo I'm fucking hungry ngl

  • Marleny Deleon
    Marleny Deleon Місяць тому

    This makes me drooolll.... Give me sum bitch

  • Isaac4thewin
    Isaac4thewin Місяць тому

    New/Old challenge, try and eat "the big one" from dominos pizza

  • Ignacio Cortes
    Ignacio Cortes Місяць тому

    A bunch of bread disappeared from the tray at 2:26.. lol you cheating bro 🤷‍♂️

  • Stockton 209
    Stockton 209 Місяць тому

    Why do y'all kick it with 9 0 hes fuckin lame and boring

  • Jake Thoden
    Jake Thoden Місяць тому

    do an eat and run challenge. eat a lot of food then run like a 5k, start the timer before your first bite and end it when you're done running

  • Tyler Straka
    Tyler Straka Місяць тому

    Has he ever drank Tito’s on this?