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This Was SAVAGE! 😱🤯🤣

  • Опубліковано 5 бер 2022


  • @tomackerman4089

    It's like you're trying to kill your friend or get him seriously injured.

  • @_random_o.o2302

    "It's just a joke" energy💀 man's one step from death

  • @phased_d7171

    'You are sentenced to 25 years imprisoned for 3rd degree murder'

  • @samuraigaming1481

    When your trying to kill/injure your friend legally: “but sir he agreed.”

  • @user-wi8ql6yu4q

    “It’s just a prank bro”

  • @sanrio4328

    "So what did you do today?"

  • @rizzy7766

    *Puts a landmine at the end of the stairs*

  • @ghkim06
    @ghkim06  +168

    이거 장난아니야..선 넘었써..

  • @arielharvey2039

    Aw the look on his face at the end 🥺 I just wanna hug him, poor guy... 😢😭

  • @user-wr5xb1dy5l

    Bro what? I’m surprised you didn’t put oil on the first one so he would fall and snap his neck. Worst friend ever

  • @proplayerelitepg3d561

    “Puts a Nuke at the end of the stairs” bro it’s just a prank

  • @user-xo4kl1hh5b

    Alright guys, so in the next video, we’re gonna be putting him in a 18th century death trap, be sure to like and subscribe cause it’s gonna be a banger

  • @pineapplebuilds4811

    "The final step may look like there's nothing there, but we hired three snipers for an extra funny end to this prank."

  • @misosoup8726


  • @asharpiesniffer7553

    Hey guys wassup? Today we’re back at it again with an attempted murder on the stairs video!

  • @honeycrisppineapplegames7430

    "How dangerous do you want to make this-"

  • @TxroCat

    Y’all are such wholesome friends 💀

  • @snowcapmt

    “Hey siri”

  • @chickenscavenger6918

    Alternate title: trying to kill our friend for clout

  • @steveoku7047

    "yeah lets put fire at the end"