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Study and Chill Lofi Beats to Help You Study & Work

  • Опубліковано 22 бер 2023
  • In this video, I'm sharing some study and chill beats to help you study and work. Jazzy, hiphop, and chillhop beats will help you focus and get into the studying groove.
    Sometimes it's tough to focus on the task at hand. Luckily, this music will help you relax and focus, which will help you achieve your goals. If you're looking for some mellow beats to help you study, this video is for you!
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  • Cook Saunders
    Cook Saunders 19 днів тому

    This song came in the right time to our lives ❤

  • Almeda Amerine
    Almeda Amerine 22 дні тому +1

    Thanks for this music. It's really relaxing. 🙂

    • Dr. Chill Lofi
      Dr. Chill Lofi  22 дні тому

      Thank you for listening! More relaxing beats to come soon

  • Jiří Švéda
    Jiří Švéda 18 днів тому

    Beautiful and peaceful to listen to this sound

  • teena gomez
    teena gomez 16 днів тому

    Great sounds! So cool!

  • Leola D.
    Leola D. 2 місяці тому +1

    Love it!

    DEEPROT 2 місяці тому +1