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  • @iamlivingmybestlife

    What I find so funny is that people are there for Coach Prime but they don't realize how important Shedeur will be. They don't understand that how important and big Shedeur will be for the program. Shedeur won 3 state champions in Texas and 2 SWAC championships as a true freshman and soph. He was a 4-star quarterback coming out of the State of Texas and when he hits the Transfer portal to transfer to Colorado, he will be a 5-star quarterback. Colorado has 5 quarterbacks with 3 of them being 3-stars and other two not being ranked. I think Defense is what Coach Prime needs to focus on first because Shedeur can score. They need a 4-star or 5-star Running back out of the Transfer portal period. Okay going to bed now.

  • @mariesimon9164

    I can tell that Coach Prime's happy place is seeing his kids, love one's and friends happy. You can see it in his face. He just stand in the back watching them takes this moment in. I love it!

  • @Tee_LivingLife

    Having a Father in your life is deep....I remember seeing you kiddos in person at the dollar store on loop12 in Dallas. Kind and very respectful children. I acknowledged you guys from tv and y'all spoke back with honor. Dion,Pilar children..best wishes young man. Colorado is beautiful I lived there for a few seasons. Salute

  • @angelaw9476

    Absolutely loved the way Deion let the Colorado team know that Shedeur is the QB!

  • @1NavyLT
    @1NavyLT  +92

    Congratulations, young man! Coached by your Hall of Fame Father, you are on your way! I see you continuing to do great things on Sundays. May you all continue to be blessed!

  • @Abriel_Lott

    Legendary man💯 Our new Colorado QB. Happy for you Shedeur🎉👌🔥

  • @kccain4011

    I am SO proud of you all! Keep striving for greatness!! You are destined for it! I'm team Sanders all the way!💪🏾🖤

  • @pameladunbar9209

    I love how Shedeur is always by his father's side. You can tell Coach Prime loves his children!! So Happy for Coach Prime and can't wait to see him take on this challenge!! 💯❤💋🏈

  • @Niatate

    Prime adores his kids. The pride on his face says it all!! Best of luck to you all. Stay away from the bunnies (joke but not really)😂😂

  • @ChannelBLK

    That man went from an HBCU to being the only chocolate skittle in the pack 😂🙏🏾

  • @wellsaid7192

    Congrats, on the championship game. Great job!!!

  • @TeamofMe
    @TeamofMe  +11

    My team is in the SEC (GA Bulldogs), but since yall brought light to Jackson, I have become fan the bond yall have. I'm happy for the both of yall transitions. I'm use to seeing Coach Prime in the " Must be the Money" light and having "Next man Speed." He has a great future ahead of him in this coaching game. Show them boys how to throw a ball man!!! Respect !

  • @deemays12

    I wish these brothers much success.

  • @latriceberry1490

    Congratulations QB1. We appreciate you and your time at JSU. Do well wherever you go. See you in the league. Get some warm clothes. Love you JSU Alumni

  • @christinejones7902

    Go get 'em, Shedeur. Continue working hard. This puts you 1 step closer to NFL Draft Day in one or two years...

  • @vernitajones5743

    Congrats to the Sanders Family!


    Today was a bittersweet day - one in which we're happy for Coach Sanders (and his amazing son) and sad that Jackson State lost the best coach in the United States. Your father is an angel an absolute angel and he is loved in New Orleans.

  • @niseyb2870

    I am over the moon happy for Deion's accomplishments, glad to see he has finally been given the opportunity that he deserves.. all things happen in God's timing. Also, congratulations to Shedeur, I wish you well in your career, continue to do what you do as your father guide you through this next phase of life. I'm sure Jackson State will miss you all immensely, but I'm sure they are also just as proud of you all as everyone else. Also, will Bossy be coming along with u guys or staying with Jackson? And where is Shiloh?

  • @jazzief07

    I love the look on yalls faces. I can tell you all are truly happy 😊 can't wait to see you play

  • @awakeandhungry4334

    Imagine starting a new job and you show up to the first day and it's this...now imagine the pressure that comes with living up to the expectations. Very few can handle that but Coach Prime is THAT DUDE. Congratulations Coach Prime and Sanders family!