Never Clean Your Car’s Engine

  • Опубліковано 22 кві 2019
  • Engine bay detailing and cleaning. Never Clean Your Car’s Engine, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. How to clean an engine. How to wash your car's engine without damaging electronics or plastic parts. Engine cleaning explained. Why you should never pressure wash your car's engine. Why super cleaning your engine is not necessary. Car detailing. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.
    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. Engine Degreaser:
    2. UV Leak Dye (Don't use in AC system):
    3. UV Glasses and light:
    4. Cleaning brush:
    5. Common Sense
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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer  5 місяців тому +121

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. Engine Degreaser:
    2. UV Leak Dye (Don't use in AC system):
    3. UV Glasses and light:
    4. Cleaning brush:
    5. Common Sense

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Cheap Scan Tool:
    3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
    4. Professional Socket Set:
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    • Carlos O. Amezcua
      Carlos O. Amezcua Місяць тому

      Thanks Scotty! This is exactly the information I was looking for. I appreciate you man.

    • Michael Olyer
      Michael Olyer 2 місяці тому

      What's your opinion on corrosion prevention coatings on your undercarriage or under the hood or anywhere else?

    • Ricardo Corona
      Ricardo Corona 2 місяці тому

      I’m having trouble with a 1996 Plymouth Voyager where I have no power to the ac control unit dashboard lights and radiator fans don’t turn on

    • Tflame Gladiator
      Tflame Gladiator 3 місяці тому

      I need to clean my engine, so I can rev up my engine!😄

    • Stephen Dufresne
      Stephen Dufresne 3 місяці тому

      There was a hood up in a parking lot so I went over to see if the ol guy needed help. A WOODCHUCK! Yeah it was dead, a little burnt, smelled bad. I didn't know if I should comfort him or laugh at the situation or offer to help. He said he'd just driven a half hour with it in there. Belt squealed at first. Slammed the hood and took off. Grit, grime, woodchucks. Just leave it I guess.

  • Nacho Pretzel
    Nacho Pretzel 13 годин тому

    Even Scotty brings the butt hurt. I'm guilty for cleaning my engine and bay. Now I'll just clean the radiator and wipe off engine parts.

  • Cash_NYC
    Cash_NYC День тому

    I respect u Scotty but I've been washing my engine while its running for years and no issues

  • David Posegate
    David Posegate День тому


  • M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution 3 дні тому +1

    I’ve been watching a guy spray his engine with cleaner and water and claims to have 26 years of doing it... I still wouldn’t do it

  • Akabearclaw
    Akabearclaw 4 дні тому +1

    I prefer to wash my Tesla with sandpaper

  • Gary Bond
    Gary Bond 4 дні тому

    Love your videos Scotty. They are helpful and practical but a lot of fun too. They always put a smile on my face 😀

  • Matthew Deedrick
    Matthew Deedrick 5 днів тому

    Detailed vehicles for 25 yrs, never had an issue. You just have to be smart about it. PurplePower+1500psi+short controlled bursts. Gotta remember the engine is outside the car, it's not like it doesn't get wet. Don't spray into holes or air intakes, you may have to bag if exposed filter or dist. cap. If you want to reek like solvents and everything to be greasy to the touch use this ZEP degreaser. If you like your engine to be clean the best thing to do is clean 1 good time and keep it that way using less water on the engine.

  • Dominic c. Flores
    Dominic c. Flores 5 днів тому

    too much talk

  • Morgan Ulrich
    Morgan Ulrich 5 днів тому

    This guy is so excited.

  • Futi Faarooq Abdul-Haq
    Futi Faarooq Abdul-Haq 7 днів тому +2

    a clean engine bay makes it easier for my mechanic to see if anything needs repair/replacing. Hard to see if hoses need replacing if it’s covered in grease.

  • XXMoonlit KarmaXX
    XXMoonlit KarmaXX 7 днів тому +1

    Thanks for the tips I was getting ready to have major repairs coming my way had I not seen this!

  • Rafiq JnS
    Rafiq JnS 7 днів тому

    Legend's Never Die🌚

  • Benito Soto
    Benito Soto 10 днів тому

    So I guess I’m late for the raffle?

  • Robert Klein
    Robert Klein 10 днів тому

    Pick me

  • Perry Luvr
    Perry Luvr 12 днів тому

    Love it! What are you taking to give you all of that continuous bursts of energy? Huge electrical shock in the past? Love it!

    • Perry Luvr
      Perry Luvr 12 днів тому

      Can I please get a case of engine de-greaser to use properly?

  • powpow514
    powpow514 12 днів тому

    Is alternator water proof?

  • Khalid Hasan
    Khalid Hasan 13 днів тому

    Hello boss,how r u, my honda city's oil pan has damaged and has a very very minor blade cut type of whole in it,can it be repaired or to be replaced

  • Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer
    Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer 14 днів тому

    Hey There Scotty My Man. DID YOU BUY your bikes used too? If not. Why? Also. Wow. That's an European bike. So. You prefer European Bikes but for cars you rather go Japanese?

  • Chris Kelleher
    Chris Kelleher 14 днів тому

    Thanks for blind😱ing me with that Blue 💡 light.

  • PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte
    PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte 14 днів тому

    no water under the hood, eh?? My daughter drove her Toyota up & down the Cajon Pass (High Desert, CA) in the pouring rain. Toy. never missed a beat despite wet, WET, W-E-T conditions. I asked my ex-wife about driving in rain & wet conditions cuz that beyaut ch KNOWS everything ~~!!

  • A. Jennings
    A. Jennings 15 днів тому

    Scotty says, "It doesn't matter if it's dirty." Well, it matters to me!

    • Ra Ra Sunny
      Ra Ra Sunny 14 днів тому

      A. Jennings why watch the video then dirty face!!??

  • xq39
    xq39 15 днів тому +3

    What about just wiping off the engine with a damp cloth?

    • xq39
      xq39 8 днів тому

      ​@Adeline J Karena-Fryer It usually ruins the cloth another trick is to let the degreaser drip down and pull down the sludge

    • Adeline J Karena-Fryer
      Adeline J Karena-Fryer 8 днів тому

      I spent hours today trying to clean my leaky engine with a damp cloth and did didnt work so well 😂 in fact my engines still dirty asf

    THE MEL 15 днів тому

    can i get a case please. 1st used car. I reaally want to take care of it.

  • Cake from State Farm
    Cake from State Farm 17 днів тому

    I hook up a 5-gallon drum of PB Blaster to an air compressor. Works great. Computers love PB Blaster. It lubricates the electricity.

  • Elena Villalba
    Elena Villalba 17 днів тому

    I used to cleaning because I thought it was necessary, but now I realize it is only esthetic. Thanks a lot I wont bother wasting my money on that, unless I were to sale my car.

  • GeorgeJansen
    GeorgeJansen 18 днів тому

    Geddy Lee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tunz909
    Tunz909 19 днів тому

    There's a guy on here that uses "Tire Foam" sprays it all over the engine and it works!! No scrubbing just a little wiping!!! The brand he uses is ArmorAll

  • M. R.
    M. R. 20 днів тому

    Great videos and advice!

  • Sammy Marquez
    Sammy Marquez 20 днів тому +1

    I always clean by hand. I soak a rag with degreaser

  • lamar chapman
    lamar chapman 21 день тому

    If you buy a used car they always steam clean the motors

  • Ahmad Qureshi
    Ahmad Qureshi 21 день тому

    Kilmer youre the BEST!!!!

  • N H
    N H 21 день тому +1

    What about going to an engine detailing place?

    DJROWDY 21 день тому

    Mr. Kilmer lost the crowd with this one, but we all still watched it, so I guess he wins!!! Lol

  • Ray Wright
    Ray Wright 22 дні тому

    I disagree with this one. I've always cleaned my car and truck engines and Neverbjad issues. It does serve a purpose it's not so dirty when you have to work on it and it makes me fill good to take care of Every areas of my car. People always complement me on my vehicles engines. I get upset when I see a dirty engine I can't stand it. It's part of my OCD I'm a neat and clean freak with practically everything. My co workers love me because I keep the work place so organized and clean just like my vehicles and my house.

  • Indiana Joe
    Indiana Joe 22 дні тому

    Just take a damp rag and wipe it down. I got tired of getting crap all over me any time I popped the hood.

  • Jeff Okriya
    Jeff Okriya 22 дні тому

    you don´t clean an engine because it´s cooled by air . . rather because cleanliness is nice and safer . . all that oily grime is bad, it covers up oil leaks, you can´t see it etc

  • John Mar
    John Mar 24 дні тому

    thanks Scott. Ok, only clean the radiator and intercoolers only.

  • Brandon Odinson
    Brandon Odinson 24 дні тому

    Now I do this on my Honda with very low pressure I’ve never had a problem

  • Jesse_sss
    Jesse_sss 26 днів тому

    Thanks alot SCOTTY! YOUR THE MAN! 😎🤘🏻

  • secretninjawarrior
    secretninjawarrior 26 днів тому

    Good advise, very conservative. I heat up the engine only a bit, then disconnect battery and then spray cleaner. I also don't worry about the electronics like you do, because all the connectors are actually splash proof. So far, I never had any electronics or computer problems using cleaner and hose the entire engine. I just don't spray cleaner directly into alternator. Yes, I have done this to many cars, including customers....just let it drip dry before reconnecting the battery and starting it back up....

  • HSJ 671
    HSJ 671 26 днів тому

    as always, great videos and very informative.... thumbs up.

  • Jake Colbert
    Jake Colbert 28 днів тому

    I will attest to not washing your engine at a car wash bay. Mainly because it's rare that you parked there long enough to cool the engine before you take the hose to it. I once washed the engine bay but hadnt waited until everything cooled down and managed to cause a sudden pop noise and sizzling sound turned out the cold water fell onto the front catalytic converter causing the metal to contract and caused it to leak as a result.

  • Michael Farley
    Michael Farley 29 днів тому

    I would like a case of it

  • chevecrazy454ss
    chevecrazy454ss 29 днів тому

    The 💩 I see sometimes 🤦‍♂️😅 it's perfectly fine to wash your engine bay as long as you do it gently and not with a gas power washer that's about to tear up vacuum lines wiring and stuff like that lol back when scotty was a young mechanic things where very different carburetor engines are a whole different ballpark from now this is more for older engines then anything lol

  • Khenyon Aliben
    Khenyon Aliben 29 днів тому +1

    Make some video on how to clean a messy garage heheheheh

  • Antheny Ibarra
    Antheny Ibarra Місяць тому

    Thanks .... very timely .... prevented me from over doing the cleaning.

  • Farrell Nusz Jr
    Farrell Nusz Jr Місяць тому

    Nice video

  • Diet Pie Diaries
    Diet Pie Diaries Місяць тому

    OMG UV leak dye!!!! Can I find leaks in roof of car using this too? Any reason why I can’t? Your uV and glass link doesn’t send me there.

  • Rana Gulraiz Hassan
    Rana Gulraiz Hassan Місяць тому +1

    3:28 ..i was waiting for this 😂😂😂

  • William Fairchild
    William Fairchild Місяць тому

    In the used car business we always detailed the car and engine. Take a dirty car and make it like new. Never had a problem cleaning under the hood

  • Johnny Fiver
    Johnny Fiver Місяць тому

    Oil is not a good conductor of electricity Scottie, so it cant short any electronics. Just my 2 cents.

  • Sum spicy Boiz
    Sum spicy Boiz Місяць тому

    this video made me lose ALL CREDIBILITY FOR THIS DOPE!!!!

    • Sum spicy Boiz
      Sum spicy Boiz Місяць тому

      next video: “NEVER DRIVE YOUR CAR”

  • Bige Revo
    Bige Revo Місяць тому

    Is it a good Idea to clean your exhaust pipes ?

  • Ismael Forester
    Ismael Forester Місяць тому

    I clean the engine of my Subaru once in awhile .. just make sure to cover alternator, air box, battery and some little electronics, and never put water directly to the engine..

  • brandon marlowe
    brandon marlowe Місяць тому

    Man I love your videos Scotty 👌🏻👌🏻

  • My Name is Gladiator
    My Name is Gladiator Місяць тому +1

    "Never Clean Your Car’s Engine" -> Cleans the engine.

  • neo217041
    neo217041 Місяць тому +1

    Never take a shower just let the air handle the smell.

  • Ashlynn Nichole
    Ashlynn Nichole Місяць тому

    @ScottyKilmer would you please stop posting content where you don’t know what you are talking about!!!! As a mechanic a clean engine is appreciated it makes our jobs easier and faster as well as cleaner, you said don’t clean it unless you are trying to find a leak ? If the engine is kept clean it will make it easier to see leaks without having to waste time using leak finder and a light that’s just common sense. It’s like saying oh don’t clean your butt crack nobody’s gonna see it anyway, it’s just gonna get filthy again once you take another dump. Freaking stupid if one does their research and properly cleans their engine bay then there will be no problems but just as you prove on this video people don’t always do their research

    • Ashlynn Nichole
      Ashlynn Nichole Місяць тому

      Instead they say oh no don’t clean your engine bay it’s a waste of time you’ll mess something up 😂😂

  • PlanetRockJesus
    PlanetRockJesus Місяць тому

    I love this guy, and this video is great, as are most of his!