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  • Опубліковано 25 вер 2022
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  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +381

    Beau and Cam are so cute

  • Julie Frantz

    I love all the commentary. You guys don't put on a show, you invite us into your dialog and your lives. My favorite UAclipsrs!

  • Larry Baker

    After all the years I've been watching you guys, I still love the melody music at the end of each video. Don't ever change it its so beautiful.

  • Donna Mullins

    Children growing up so fast. Cam and Beau are so cute.

  • reddog543211

    I'm glad you guys can be more relaxed now ....everything isn't "do or die" anymore....the Littles are growing fast !.... thanks for sharing this with us

  • Bob Ailanjian

    When she lined up for her last shot...I knew a "bong" was coming. Still my favorite weekly update site. These guys rock.

  • David Littlefield

    You should pour a slab for your container, buy a second container and place it on a slab 16-20 feet away from the first container and then roof the area in between the containers to create a new more secure barn

  • scouter9933

    Just an idea - as someone else said - a slab big enough for 2 containers with a parking porch between them, and add an outdoor porch on the other side for a picnic table, grill or area with a roof to work under. With the unpredictable weather, at least your equipment and cars can be protected, and your things can be safely stored in something waterproof/snow/ice proof.

  • Steven David

    You are jugging along on your list of things to do and getting them done without all the stress to meeting deadlines. The important unimportant stuff gives you a chance to enjoy yourself and do fun stuff too. Beau and Cam are growing like weeds. Soon Cam will be running all over the place and talking a mile. Beau will have a real play mate to do things with. Can't wait to see and find out how long the aerator took to get the pond water clear, but those water/land snakes gotta go. Your videos really make my day. Stay healthy and be safe in these uncertain times.

  • chicagolowe

    Awesome from the beginning to the end. That sunset and good looking children is wonderful to see. Mr.Spencer's a craftsman genius. He's all in no matter what. You both balance each other so well. Golfing was comically fun to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  • ʻĀina Bear Farm

    Mimosa trees are fast growing nitrogen fixing trees but they don’t typically live long. The good news is they are easy to grow (invasive in many areas). 🤙❤️

  • Doody Streams

    Ok, 2 kids, no indoor plumbing for 3 yrs.. and Mckenzie still has a rocking body

  • mikeestarke

    It’s so nice to be able to take your time and have some fun during these post-house projects!

  • Kimberly Clark

    Put mothballs around the battery and the pump. It will keep the ants out!! My dad was a water well guy before he passed and had his clients put mothballs in their pump house to keep ants and other bugs out. It was one of his tricks that worked wonderfully!!!

  • Joshua
    Joshua  +18

    The b roll shots on this channel are what set it ahead on my list. For example the shot from the ground looking up towards the house right when it started raining was so good 👍. It wasn't anything spectacular but it was a nicely placed shot. Things like that show you are really putting your time and effort into this

  • John Martinez

    Can't wait to see the pond cleared up!

  • bocoy noiu

    Those babies are so big! Spensor is so humble! Great job reorganing the tool container! Looks great!

  • Wendy Reveyoso

    I love how Beau is gonna be out there with mom and dad just working and getting dirty and loving every minute of it, but doing every bit of it in her tiara and sparkles... perfect mixture and the baby is just too cute. 🤩🦄🦋🪲🕸🌲🍄🚜🎥🪛🪚☮️♥️

  • Clarence Lewis

    When are we getting a full house tour/walk-through?

  • Bill Jones

    Your son is growing so fast. Amazing. Looking forward to what can be done with the pond.