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Easily 3 Star the Goblin Queen Challenge (Clash of Clans)

  • Опубліковано 31 тра 2023
  • 3 Star Guide for the Goblin Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming shares the best attack strategy to 3 Star this New CoC Event. The Challenge showcases the New Goblin Queen Hero Skin for the June 2023 Gold Pass. There is also the Books of Clash Statue in the Season Pass and the Books of Clash Scenery coming soon. This challenge was designed by Galadon and he did a great job, I really enjoyed it. Clash On!
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  • @Beiconqueso02

    I cannot stress this enough, but Judo, you are a real G. The work, effort and quality of this channel is unprecedented. Thank you, man

  • @HeisenbergFam

    Judo's ability to immediately upload the 3 star guide the moment it goes up is a talent

  • @AJVP_07
    @AJVP_07  +41

    Not even 3 minutes that update drops and Judo is already delivering the goods! 🎉

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    can we appreciate judo always brings the best videos?

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    I have been watching you for a while judo and i love to seeing the channel growing more and more.The upload time of these videos and the effort you put in them are impeccable and impressive.Thank you for uploading these awesome videos and have a great day judo👍

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    I cant finish the challenge without watching you 😂. Thank you always. I will always support you judo .

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    Judo is my favorite youtuber because he always helps us when we need help

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    Thanks judo for helping us in all the challenges 💞😊.You are one of the best youtuber I watched your every videos and just loved all.😁

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    How do you always help me do this first try 😂 you’re actually too good

  • @joshuaspeshock4636

    Definitely a big fan of your work! Super fun educational and entertaining content! Living legend and can’t express how happy I am to have been a fan of your channel. Definitely use your videos to get better at clash and thank you for keeping me motivated to play!

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    You’re the man Judo! We support you, keep it up 👊🏼

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    Thank you so much for this kind of help judo I am really thankful for you making it easier for other players to play the game love you ❤ (not in a weird way)

  • @maximusmcbride6099

    Thank you so much Judo for the tutorial of the Goblin Queen Challenge,It helped me alot 3 star the base,took me couples of try's because i played the troops wrong or had bad timing so, Appreciate the time and effort to post the video 😎🥳


    Thanks judo for this tutorial i've been suffering so much to 3 star the challenge but if it wasn't for this tutorial i would not have 3 star the challenge thank you so much judo for this tutorial god bless you Judo ❤

  • @danielstriet6843

    Thank you so much for another awesome video! Always amazing quality content...much appreciated! Been supporting you last 2 gold passes. Kudos and keep up the great work 👍

  • @johnwick-ic8zh

    Thanks judo for the tutorial love your videos as always ❤

  • @coolscorpion.2234

    thanks Judo you've been a huge help for all these challenges and I like your content

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    half of the time I watch your tutorials I beat the new challenge in my first try while watching the video. thanks for these 🙏

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    thanks a bunch for the tutorials judo! keep it up! u r one of the best gaming channels imo. i discovered ur channel last september and hasn't missed a video since then.