A Doctor's Error Almost Killed Me

  • Опубліковано 9 жов 2018
  • Type 1 diabetes affects millions of people all over the world; most being children. Type 1 diabetes is when our blood sugar levels are too high from low levels of insulin. In short, insulin helps the cells in your body absorb the glucose (sugar). Without it, your blood will be overrun with high blood sugar levels leading to heart, eyes, kidneys, nerve, and gum damage because your blood is too acidic. This is known as Diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA and if left untreated, it could be life-threatening. Your body begins destroying itself from the inside out. This is what happened to this person due to a misdiagnosis at the hospital.
    At 10 years old, you don't really think much about your body. In fact, we all think our bodies are invincible at that age jumping off the playground, scraping our knees and brushing it off as if it was a small paper cut. But for her, she knew instantly that she was not well. Dehydration, thirst, frequent urination (peeing), and headaches are just some of the symptoms she felt all at once. When visiting the hospital, the doctors took her symptoms as a virus and told her to rest at home. But the reality was, her blood was growing more acidic by the minute because her body was no longer producing insulin. As she got worse her quick thinking mother grabbed a glucose meter and knew instantly her daughter was in danger of dying within hours.
    Rushing to the hospital doctors hooked her up on machines and rushing to control her acidic blood levels. Luckily, they were able to control it and she survived, but not with a catch. For the rest of her life, life all type 1 diabetics, she would have to monitor and inject herself every few hours a day. On top of this weight fluctuations, headaches, and tiredness will be with her for the rest of life and at random times.
    For most Type 1 diabetics, your life revolves around the needle and glucose meter, but it doesn't have to. You don't have to hide behind the needle and screen anymore. You can proudly say you have this disease and that's fine because you will rise above it. Don't let a disease (or any) take advantage of who you are, what you're capable of, and what you want to accomplish in life. You may have to walk an extra 10 steps than the person next to you, but those extra steps will only make you stronger and make you appreciate every step more. Don't think of it as the end to your life but the beginning of a new challenge that you will overcome.
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  • Buckey_B
    Buckey_B 13 хвилин тому +1

    Oh my gosh!!! Praise the Lord that you are alive!!

  • Shari Frazee
    Shari Frazee 2 години тому

    Diabetes is a hard thing to have

  • Anime_ Lover
    Anime_ Lover 5 годин тому

    Your mother is so hard working...
    She is fighting for her life to keep her daughter safe and healthy, and also, she had cancer...
    She's lucky she lived...

  • Cloudy Chan
    Cloudy Chan 6 годин тому

    my dad has type 1 diabetes

  • The Genderless Medic
    The Genderless Medic 7 годин тому

    Lol just stop having high blood sugar

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku 2 години тому

      You can't completely control it

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku 2 години тому

      Uhm you can't

  • Basit Umair
    Basit Umair 11 годин тому +1

    1 like is 1 thanks for the guy with the broken leg

  • Velvet Red
    Velvet Red 12 годин тому

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺☹️🙁😭😢😥 😔 Awwwwww! So sad...

  • Da Lobster Girl
    Da Lobster Girl 12 годин тому

    My brother and dad both have it its hard im glad u got through it
    (btw did u get a pump my brother has one it really helps him)

    DEFAULTY BOII 13 годин тому

    I got a diabetes ad

  • Dragon Lover123
    Dragon Lover123 14 годин тому

    Who else cried while watching this.

  • UltimateDogeMaster9
    UltimateDogeMaster9 14 годин тому

    *that wheelchair dude is a f*cking legend*

  • Chris Vazquez
    Chris Vazquez 14 годин тому

    Sad but doctors are not always right

  • Cynthia Ferrie
    Cynthia Ferrie 15 годин тому

    Is your mom alive?

  • Wolfie Playz
    Wolfie Playz 16 годин тому

    Wheelchair guy is a hero, a legend

  • Wolfie Playz
    Wolfie Playz 16 годин тому +1

    Should I do one of those about me?

  • dat boi
    dat boi 19 годин тому

    Glad you're fine, I have asthma and it's embarrassing to use the pump in public

  • SharPΔssasIanツ
    SharPΔssasIanツ 20 годин тому

    The grim reaper was knocking on the door...

  • Risa Lockwood
    Risa Lockwood 20 годин тому

    thank god there are medical malpractice attorneys right?

  • Evil Gummy Bear
    Evil Gummy Bear 20 годин тому


  • You Got No Jams
    You Got No Jams 21 годину тому

    My gram told me I could get breast cancer I am hoping I don't, but she survived it twice! She is my idle

  • XjakeX ok
    XjakeX ok 21 годину тому +1

    I wish u died

  • brea gamer
    brea gamer 22 години тому

    Is all of that real if it is I feel so bad for you😭😭😭😭😭🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Sheyla Morales
    Sheyla Morales 23 години тому

    This really got me in my feels

  • Just Watch Me
    Just Watch Me День тому +1

    Ayyye I'm also diabetic!!!

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku 23 години тому

      +Just Watch Me I don't have FB🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Just Watch Me
      Just Watch Me 23 години тому

      +Rey of Jakku I'm about to sleep now what's Ur messenger or FB IL add u and let's talk

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku День тому

      I've had it for about 2 and a half year now

    • Just Watch Me
      Just Watch Me День тому

      +Rey of Jakku when I was 11 actually like grade 6

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku День тому

      +Just Watch Me for how long have you had it?

  • Yas Toonz
    Yas Toonz День тому +1

    I swear this stuff always pops up at night time

  • Un kown
    Un kown День тому

    This happend to my Friend Jack the age of 18 He got diabetes and cancer(thats how u spell it?) So He used to love playing in the dirty thing in the world.I remeber his dog trying to bark to tell him he had problems with his health(btw his dog got 1st in the dog saver) His parnets notice and rush him to the doctor and found that he has 24 hours to live he was lucky in 1st day but..the story didnt end.. He died..after 2 days ago ..I miss him to much...that make me tear out.
    (Anyways dont be Hater because u will have the same reason to say and if u have a bad day or having to be in a bad area..dont forget to trust god.and dont blame him something because one day u will have it after)

  • animihaly
    animihaly День тому

    your a BIG FATR you cod bai

  • Rhomez
    Rhomez День тому

    This is why you shouldn't trust doctors

  • e g g
    e g g День тому

    The guy in a wheelchair is a god!

  • Jessica Wheeler
    Jessica Wheeler День тому

    Poor you that must of been scary and sad 😢 i glad you okay

  • Richard Boele
    Richard Boele День тому

    Go for it girl

  • Oliver Schmidt
    Oliver Schmidt День тому

    I have diabetes type1 i have had it for 6 years

  • Hannah_Unicorn Girl
    Hannah_Unicorn Girl День тому

    My grandma has type 1 too.

  • Rachell toys and more Rachell toys

    I was crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😢😭

  • Annette Moxley
    Annette Moxley День тому

    Stay strong girl and fit to the ind

  • Htee Aung
    Htee Aung День тому

    Your mom is a superhero shes helping u and fighting for her life

  • Lina Sarkisian
    Lina Sarkisian День тому

    I’m glad your ok

  • Julie Munsey
    Julie Munsey День тому

    Oh no in feel sad for you so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tiana Mitchell
    Tiana Mitchell День тому

    Whoevever disliked this comment this and tell me why! Because your crazy cuz this girl and her mom are very sick!

  • xy Ammo
    xy Ammo День тому


  • xy Ammo
    xy Ammo День тому


  • xy Ammo
    xy Ammo День тому


  • Hax3521
    Hax3521 День тому

    *and no one is talking about the doctor that almost killed her*

  • Violet Woodley
    Violet Woodley 2 дні тому

    Stupid doctor! He almost killed you just because he was so ignorant!

  • Emeliamay Coates
    Emeliamay Coates 2 дні тому

    I'm glad you r safe and om

  • Emeliamay Coates
    Emeliamay Coates 2 дні тому


  • markel kiser
    markel kiser 2 дні тому

    Dear diary on yt? Not do diary now..

  • Nacho Business
    Nacho Business 2 дні тому

    I feel so bad for her

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 2 дні тому

    *Dear diary*

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 2 дні тому

    My mom has type 1 diabetes, I feel you...

  • Francisco Zapata
    Francisco Zapata 2 дні тому

    When I got diabetes it was almost exactly like this but I was 11 when I got it.

    XXBEASTYXX101 2 дні тому

    Im fighting asthma who else had asthma like if and comment if none

    MYLANI LATSON 2 дні тому

    That....was....touching! IM NOT CRYING! MY EYES ARE SWEATING!

  • Daniel Maus
    Daniel Maus 2 дні тому

    I had a virus 🦠 like that but it wasn’t the same

  • LaurenForRealz Gaming
    LaurenForRealz Gaming 2 дні тому +1

    I'm a type 1 diabetic to, had it since I was 7. Ik how it feels to have a crazy high blood sugar or go throw DKA. I was lucky that I got caught with T1D early. But when I was 7 I was so stress and weirded out that I never took good care of myself. I got DKA when I was 8. I never really understood what this was but my mom knew exactly what it was at 1 in the morning I was rushed to the hospital and I now (I'm 14) I can't really remember... But I do remember exactly how you felt, I was scared for my life, I thought I was gonna go too my sister (who sadly passed away before I was born) . I was 1 hour away from death, I was horrified and I hardly remember the crying of my poor mom outside the door of the room I'm in. When I fell asleep I got a dream of my sister and my grandmother just sitting on a couch in my house and watching tv. I asked them, " Am I really dead?" And they never spoke a word, my sister got up and touched me on her head, then she said, " you got much more to live for lauren, go." Then I woke up the next day feeling tired but much better, my number was 108 which the funny thing was, it was the exact time of my sister's death, 1:08 am. If you read till here ty for reading and as a Type 1 Diabetic I'm proud to help whoever I can and say "I survived". Now I sometimes go to schools with many diabetic kids in them and talk to them about my story and how it is to have T1D. I don't want likes nor subs, but it's appreciated if you do. Thank you and I hope everyone has a great life.

  • Allison Lopez
    Allison Lopez 2 дні тому +1

    So sad

  • Rosa Balala
    Rosa Balala 2 дні тому


    SUB TO ME PLZ 2 дні тому

    Be humble and like this for Ill ppl

  • Amy Tarbett
    Amy Tarbett 2 дні тому

    I’m also a t1d I would write a pharagrph cos I’m hypo

  • Love_candy_hot coco Marshmallows

    That so sad

  • Zoe Miles
    Zoe Miles 3 дні тому

    And I thought that having two operations was unlucky but all that you've been through is horrible I'm glad your ok and i wish you the best of life! ❤️😘🎉

  • Memes are Awesome
    Memes are Awesome 3 дні тому

    The guy in the wheelchair is a legend in a body

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime 3 дні тому

    Minute videos has zero videos that are a minute... Hmmmmmmm.

  • ruth powlison
    ruth powlison 3 дні тому

    Like my coment for my sister please

  • ruth powlison
    ruth powlison 3 дні тому

    I was sick for almost a full year i was only 6 years old and then my dad went to the hospetol and then my sister went last year she had a really bad coff she cood belery breath and now she is for ever going to have a bad coff

  • Sophiexx X
    Sophiexx X 3 дні тому

    I was diagnosed in 2008, both of my parents took me to see two different doctors at different surgeries, all four doctors told us I was sick with a common cold, a virus, and other common infections. The type one got worse for about two months. I continued to feel and look morbidly Ill, it took me years to stop wetting myself after being diagnosed, this disease, type one, it’s smart and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story and that you’re brave and courageous, remember to check your blood every night before bed. Best wishes.

  • Gaada And oskar
    Gaada And oskar 3 дні тому +1

    Sad story I have diabetes too

  • AirFluxPlayz
    AirFluxPlayz 3 дні тому

    Top 7 judges cry

    IN CINEMA 3 дні тому


  • Abimael Reyes
    Abimael Reyes 3 дні тому

    I do want to die

  • Achoo OoO
    Achoo OoO 3 дні тому

    I have something called Blunt disease I think, and I had to get surgery 2 times. My left leg is now 2 meters shorter than my right leg! So when I’m 13, i need to get surgery again to fix it’s height.

  • AwesomeDoge [Official]
    AwesomeDoge [Official] 3 дні тому

    Is no one going to talk about the kind man in the wheelchair?

  • Erica Navarro
    Erica Navarro 3 дні тому

    Just hearing about this made me scared im eating a lot of Valentine's candy right now😟😟😟

    • Rey of Jakku
      Rey of Jakku День тому

      Candy is not going to give you diabetes. At least not this type

  • Shana-Lee Walker
    Shana-Lee Walker 3 дні тому +2

    Did you thank the Lord or God

  • YTP
    YTP 3 дні тому

    My Blister open up and I could almost see my flesh and also i have high fever and sezures When i wake up i see everything slow i felt like the sezure is attacking me I Cryed an told My mom We got to the doctors and the doctor gives is bitamina and yeah i almost see my flesh and it was soo much blood i mean dripping

  • Nuclear Destroyer
    Nuclear Destroyer 3 дні тому

    May God brighten your future and help you

  • Diet John Jhon Jon Johnson
    Diet John Jhon Jon Johnson 3 дні тому

    if i was her mom i would have left the room and let her die because im smarter than her mom

  • Exploration Donut
    Exploration Donut 4 дні тому

    There is a disease called bright side and I think this channel is infected.

  • areej Mu
    areej Mu 4 дні тому

    I'm crying now

  • zainaboii__
    zainaboii__ 4 дні тому +1

    I'm so proud of you!
    If I was you, I would give up...

    NINE-TAILED- FOX 4 дні тому

    When I heard the intro I thought I heard her said "Dear diarea"...

  • Susie H
    Susie H 4 дні тому

    I love how everyone is a great specialist in this comment section. 😑

  • Mike Luciano
    Mike Luciano 4 дні тому

    Sorry that happened

  • xIzzy_yahh
    xIzzy_yahh 4 дні тому

    This is so sad!! :'(

  • paris is my dream
    paris is my dream 4 дні тому

    you go kid

  • Ben Glasby
    Ben Glasby 4 дні тому

    Not calling for an ambulance is a stupid suggestion by a nurse

  • Sarah_Ngai
    Sarah_Ngai 4 дні тому

    Am I the only one who thought that during a surgery a doctor made an error that almost killed this poor girl?

  • Poisonous Origami Rose
    Poisonous Origami Rose 4 дні тому

    Aw that was sad

  • with the power of yay
    with the power of yay 4 дні тому

    srsly me when i dont take my medication

  • Jessi Cabrera
    Jessi Cabrera 4 дні тому

    i have diabetes too i was diagnosed at 4 and i felt the ecxact same i hope we can find a cure ☺😭

  • Lulu Watermelon
    Lulu Watermelon 4 дні тому

    I feel so sorry for her. And incredibly proud and amazed by the guy in the broken leg! Awesome action for a little girl struggling

  • JediKnightJoseph Plays
    JediKnightJoseph Plays 4 дні тому +1

    this was sad, glad u lived :)

  • SwaggyNadra0 AJ
    SwaggyNadra0 AJ 4 дні тому

    Im sorry! This is terrible, but your all okay now. So you keep the creative spirit up! With love, Swag.

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 4 дні тому

    All of these are fake, you know that right???

  • Night Cap
    Night Cap 4 дні тому

    You have an amazing mother. And I hope that guy in the wheelchair is able to walk again.

  • CMaster 12
    CMaster 12 4 дні тому

    This family has awful luck

  • It's Nicha
    It's Nicha 4 дні тому

    That was so scary but I'm glad that you are ok

  • Luna Fujoshi uwu
    Luna Fujoshi uwu 4 дні тому

    This make me cry...

  • Gatcha Vlogs
    Gatcha Vlogs 5 днів тому

    Awwwwwwwwwe...... My cat scratch my face and arm and I’m embarrassed to go to school. Because kids at my school bully me for no reasons. But my plan is to put on some makeup to maybe cover the scratches on my fore head

  • KenTDA
    KenTDA 5 днів тому