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SAO Abridged Parody: Episode 16

  • Опубліковано 13 січ 2022
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    CAST (By order of appearance)
    LennonDrake: Suguha
    YamatoSFX: Kirito, Gleam Eyes Kirito
    TabsterBlaster: Lost Child
    MrBuddyVA: Animatronic Gandalf, Recon, Salamander DeezGunz
    redasatomato: Yui
    Hayden Daviau: Squeaker, additional voices
    Mezmoreeyez: Squeaker's Master, Salamander Mage Commander, additional voices
    Cole Jackson: Cazmer Crew
    Aaron Robert Parnell: Salamander Keith
    Jesse Inocalla: Cazmer
    Bread Breaderson: Princess Hime
    Coffinjockey: Sakuya
    Cat Protano: Eugene
    Logan Laidlaw: General PantySmasher, Santa, additional voices
    xbubblemunkyx: Asuna
    NiptoonVA: additional voices
    eagle8burger: additional voices
    CharlestonVO: Soldier
    Editor/Artist: YamatoSFX
    Writers: YamatoSFX, xbubblemunkyx, Hayabusa449
    Squaker Animation: Rachel Ray
    Nanatsu no Taizai OST: "Harlequin"
    Fairy Tail OST: "Momentary Peace", "Charles no Akumu"
    The Witcher 3 OST: "For Honor! For Toussaint!"
    SAO OST: "Quiet Strain", "In Time of Peace", "Taut Nerves", "A Strategy Meeting", "In the Cage",
    Made in Abyss OST: "Serphent Call"
    Your Lie in April OST: "Kyaaaaa", "My Truth ~Rondo Capriccioso~"
    Busou Renkin OST: "Semaru Kiki", "Kyouteki"
    Xenoblade Chronicles OST: "Thoughts to a Friend"
    Bravely Default OST: "His Name is?", "Cave of Darkness"
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra: "Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12_24"
    Darude: : "Sandstorm"
    Epidemic Sound: "Christmas Wonders"
    Some creepy, slowed-down, children: "Santa Claud is Coming"
    Cardi B: "WAP (8-Bit Ver.)"
    A Something Witty Production

КОМЕНТАРІ • 11 080

  • Shady Doorags

    As someone who plays DnD, my enjoyment for this episode had no limit.

  • Someone Named Tygget

    "I just wanted peace between the races!"

  • darryify

    The spriggans being a kirito cult that was wiped out is hilarious and a good explanation of why we never see another one and the gender swap on the syph king and general Eugene was a good twist my jaw drop when queen Sakuya's voice dropped

  • Konniptionz

    Honestly women playing muscular guys and men playing super effeminate women is the most " MMO " thing that happens.

  • NumbZkull

    "I can't believe you slept with her..."

  • Generic Name0042

    I feel bad for Kirito. People keep telling him "it's just a game" when not only was he trapped in SAO for 2 years, where it was literally life or death, but now Asuna's free will is at stake. For him, it hasn't been "just a game" for a LONG time.

  • Moonlight .Z

    "Yay, get them daddy!"

  • Ryuu15
    Ryuu15  +517

    I love so many lines in this episode, but my favorite is probably

  • Thomas Clark - Pingonaut

    The “Okay, but why did he explode?” brought back the fond memory of Vegeta being pounded into the ground and exploding, asking the same question in DBZA.

  • Recila Rotten

    God i love the nods to character development.

  • Dyneamaeus
    Dyneamaeus  +388

    I love how in character "Plan A and B" are for Asuna. It makes so much sense that her first impulse when she can't

  • its_leiraa


  • Connor Reddish

    The actual offense Kirito feels when Eugene says he's not pretty enough to play dumb was just perfect.

  • Ancient Guard


  • Avery Nathan

    Let's see, we have:

  • B East
    B East  +1

    I just love the fact that I’m pretty sure that Kirito’s smokescreen spells incantation is literally just, ‘yeah I’m gonna need a minute.’

  • DstarsDstar
    DstarsDstar 21 день тому +33

    “Eat employees until they are too scared to work on mind control” is probably the most terrifying line of the episode, considering it could be completely literal and we wouldn’t know

  • Andy KnightWarden

    Leafa: "Wait,

  • Random Person

    The reveal that the spriggans are all Kirito fanboys that took his name makes that scene where he picks the username even funnier now. Bravo SWE.

  • Furry Combat Wombat

    Wait a second... after Kirito wakes up from being a giant freaking goat demon, he says he tastes mayo. Does this mean that the salamanders tasted so bad that his taste buds have been restored? :D