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Sadistic Beast or Sex Beast? What kind of freak was Melvin Rees? Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

  • Опубліковано 22 січ 2023


  • Bailey Sarian
    Bailey Sarian  14 днів тому +402

    CASETiFY's Clear Cases are available at

  • Naomi Greco
    Naomi Greco 14 днів тому +12

    we need merch that says 'I'm laughing because I'm uncomfortable'

  • Di-Lav
    Di-Lav День тому +490

    I love it when Bailey is just herself and talks to us like we are friends hanging out. It’s so much better than when things are scripted.

  • Nico Marvelle
    Nico Marvelle День тому +945

    "I don't want to stereotype men but they never ask any follow-up questions to things"

  • Megan Evans
    Megan Evans День тому +579

    Fun fact Bailey has more subscribers than the population of the entire state of Maryland!!! 👏👏👏

  • Rae Di
    Rae Di День тому +790

    Does anyone else listen to Bailey's uploads as a way to relax before bed, then rewatch them the nextday, because you fell asleep...kinda like a messed up bedtime story! I don't know weather I'm not right in the head or is this normal, either way should I go see a doctor?🤔😂

  • Silvia StarkRogers
    Silvia StarkRogers 19 годин тому +64

    'Roy in a rural area' is the new 'Sally sells seashells' for Bailey

  • Cha Lambily
    Cha Lambily 14 днів тому +5

    Bailey, you might miss this comment. But I just wanna say that my dad was a huge fan of yours. He used to watch your videos religiously, and that's why Monday was his favorite day. Sadly, he passed away two months ago. Every time I see you upload a new video, I will always remember him singing along to your theme song. So, thank u, Bailey. For being one of the things that made him happy. Love u 💓

  • Michelle Mead
    Michelle Mead День тому +276

    The way Bailey says "horror" makes me so happy. Every time.

  • Kari Lecerf
    Kari Lecerf День тому +212

    “I hope they gave him like a gift basket or something” I almost spit my coffee out 😂😂

  • Debi Bennett
    Debi Bennett День тому +48

    Bailey you are my hero . . . I am a senior citizen now and want to improve my makeup skills. I notice women from the age of 30-60 never seem to update their makeup or hair! I LOVE that I can watch you anytime, LOVE your voice, antics and vocabulary. I always wanted to be Gilda Radner's' sister, Darby (joking)! The dark side. I was always know as Debi Downer! I had no sense of humor until retiring . . . I get to be whomever I want now and practice daily. My nature makeup skills have improved 100% in the last couple weeks. You R WONDERFUL . . . have a nice day😎

  • Makalah Davis
    Makalah Davis День тому +51

    Bailey: “A family known as the Jacksons”

  • Audrey Jacques
    Audrey Jacques 19 годин тому +21

    1.4 million views and half of y'all couldn't even leave a like for our queen 👑. She deserves way more than 60k likes and y'all know you watched the whole story.

  • Rey
    Rey 14 днів тому +1

    I’m so impressed with the fact that she introduces the victims first- it feels so much more respectful than most true crime youtubers.

  • melissa marchione
    melissa marchione День тому +123

    Three weeks in a row? I'm in heaven. Thank you Bailey.

  • Clarissa Vennerbeck
    Clarissa Vennerbeck День тому +118

    I know she's so busy as her channel is growing and I understand that but I'm so happy MMM is coming back more frequently. It's something I always look forward to.

  • Mavis_CatxX𝕎☿𝕝𝕗
    Mavis_CatxX𝕎☿𝕝𝕗 День тому +1

    I like this new Bailey. Seems more relaxed in her intro rather than like she’s hosting a tv show. It’s really hard to appear as happy as she was especially on days when you’re just not happy that day- cuz we’re human and that does happen. Proud of you Bailey

  • Ana Campos
    Ana Campos День тому +68

    “but he would probably like it” Bailey girl don’t ever change 😂!!

  • Allie Davis
    Allie Davis День тому +17

    “Sext beast sign me up” 😂😂😂😂 I love her!

  • shazamantha
    shazamantha 14 днів тому +2

    Hi! I had an interview today and accidentally said I have a kid and then said “I consider my cat my daughter” and I still got hired 💅