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How Are We So Good At This?! 😂🔉

  • Опубліковано 26 гру 2021


  • goshmanta

    Kleiny: doing really well

  • John Meixner

    Purple: Why am I here just to suffer 😔

  • Hilda Dweik

    Purple bell: I’m not here, I’m a hallucination.

  • Wasinton Sirait

    This is actually a good game, a people who memorize and able to recognize these bells like a piano should be able to do it easy, since this bells are lined up like a piano notes.


    Them: memorize the sound

  • dead cat 💀

    I could feel that “NOOOOOOO” was personal

  • I wanna be a editor

    Purple bell - why are we still here just to suffer

  • The_Official_Nyaa

    We gone talk bout how my guy in da background😭💀

  • Nat Rea
    Nat Rea  +16

    All I want in life is to know the the sound of that purple bell!!

  • thv
    thv  +871

    Kleiny was really doing so well 🤣

  • Ammar Ahmad

    One of the first Videos I saw from you Guys 😂💙

  • JaydaFigueroa
    JaydaFigueroa 14 годин тому +1

    The other colors gettin picked

  • Otakade
    Otakade  +364

    They really never gets boring!! I LOVE THEM!

  • F
    F 4 години тому


  • •ItsRiley•

    Me not even being able to memorize even tho the numbers are written-

  • peachtea
    peachtea  +67

    I remember having these in elementary school music class! The different colors making the different pitches... ah, good times

  • kaarunya
    kaarunya 9 годин тому

    Kleiny is so confidence tho 😂

  • The UGLY Truth of Life

    The UGLY truth is that its not as easy as you thought. It takes countless time, effort, sweat and frustration to perfect this routines. They only show us the finish product cause it will attract more reaction & engagement

  • Giovanny Flores

    Purple: why are we still here just to suffer

  • samantha mcdonald

    He was so confident lol