Former CEO of YG Entertainment appeared before police over gambling and pimping charges

  • Опубліковано 29 сер 2019
  • The ex-CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyunk-suk appeared for police investigation today at 10:00am for violations of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act.
    The former CEO is being investigated for illegal gamling overseas at the Las Vegas MGM Hotel and Casino.
    In the meantime, Seungri, a former member of the K-pop boy band Big Bang returned home yesterday after about 12 hours of interrogation at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.
    Both Yang Hyunk-suk and Seungri are suspected of obtaining gambling funds locally using an unregistered foreign exchange transaction.
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  • Ali B
    Ali B 6 днів тому

    If they are guilty, then they need to pay the price. That is IF>>> The scary thing is, if YH was pimping... Who were the poor girls he was using? If this bit is true, he needs to fry like bacon. But innocent until proven guilty. It sure does take Korea a long time to gather this stuff though. Maybe they need Dispatch on the payroll? They would have already had this thing solved by now. Kidding/not kidding.

  • jeongi geomi전기 거미
    jeongi geomi전기 거미 17 днів тому

    YG has a good side and a bad side what’s wrong with YG entertainment today

  • Krystal
    Krystal 22 дні тому

    2014 Damn that's when 2ne1 and Bigbang were still working in YG just a thought here but if this happens when doors are barley opened or because someone finds out so imagine what the fuck doesn't go on behind closed doors I honestly feel bad for every YG including 2ne1 or any other artist that disband Bcuz you never know what hardships they went through.

  • nine or none
    nine or none 23 дні тому

    YG without his stupid cap

  • Lisas forehead
    Lisas forehead 27 днів тому

    Fuck yg I only care for blackpink and IKON what on earth is gonna happen to them

    • Soru7
      Soru7 24 дні тому

      If you shit on yg, you also shit on bp and ikon...
      You disgusting haters sure love to prove your endless stupidity all the time...

  • Herleen Valeriano
    Herleen Valeriano 29 днів тому +1

    September 20 2019 report that yang hyun suk is not guilty and it is proven

  • Aamirr Hhhzz
    Aamirr Hhhzz Місяць тому

    I mean you can legally gambling right..why did you do the illegal one

  • ThePeaceweapon
    ThePeaceweapon Місяць тому

    After all those times YG told Seungri not to do stupid shit, turns out he was just copying YG, literally crime for crime.

  • deathpearl360
    deathpearl360 Місяць тому

    Wow its been like almost a year and we are still at this same "yg and seungri scandal" shit. How are the police not finding anything by now!? They arrested that douche jang something with a month or so but seungri and yg are still ongoing. Either arrest them now or say they innocent.....i never seen such a slow investigation as this before geez.

  • Mohdakmal.1019 BLACKPINK
    Mohdakmal.1019 BLACKPINK Місяць тому

    Omg yg and Seungri is scandal

  • iiVKoriXii
    iiVKoriXii Місяць тому

    I like BP,
    But YG Entertainment itself,
    I hate it.

    • ThePeaceweapon
      ThePeaceweapon Місяць тому

      @Soru7 Wow, someone needs attention.

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      Thats how low worthless piece of shits nowadays sink, just for some attention...
      Attacking people just because others do it, without even trying to know about the truth, as long as others do something, braindamaged trash seriously believe, it must be some cool trend...
      Same reason why you pretend to like bp...

  • Meerab Zaidi
    Meerab Zaidi Місяць тому

    All of this could become a K-drama actually

  • May Ann Rabaya
    May Ann Rabaya Місяць тому

    If you go to the other country a lot of Korean Chinese who play gambling.. this year there’s a Korean national was stop in emigration in the Philippines coz his travel bag a lot of money that he won in gambling in macuo..and why??? It’s not a big deal for them if gambling it’s really not acceptable in Korea.. or only those celebrities that they like to damage the reputation...

  • Esther Rokhum
    Esther Rokhum Місяць тому

    Now Gambling in overseas with your own money become illegal in Korea.. LMAO!! COme on!! Korean Media is there any legit news to flash in your country.. not this kind of blah3 story .. or You just want to destroy YG and keep on jumping to one another to let them down.. Or Did Korea Media has been bribe by one of a powerful man to let YG fall.. Why did you keep brain washing the people .... your just a lil'bunch of people living in a dramatic world... LOL YOU!!

  • alyssa marie
    alyssa marie Місяць тому

    After they disband 2ne1, look what happen.? Karma.?? 🤣

    • alyssa marie
      alyssa marie 29 днів тому

      @Soru7 myghaaad... whos here too much acting and crazy ?? I dnt want ur attention man, So i make laugh only at u.. because ur a pathetic person, still too much talking..blah..blah.. blah...So Why u still here??? trying to be famous???? To be recognize??? Ohhhh mercy man..😭 Im talking only yg ceo but ur topic is out of this my comment... Nonsense 👎 by the way nxt time fix ur english , i cant understad... u using google translate but still nonsense..Trying hard..wasting human.. 🤮

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      @alyssa marie so no link to an official report and another desperate attack to make yourself seem cool and funny...

      so thanks for admitting it yourself pathetic human waste...

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      @alyssa marie and what google results are you using?trash kpop sites like allkpop, kpopjunkie, kpopalypse, who are known for defaming innocent celebrities just for some traffic on their sites and are known to have the worst trash of the kpop fanbase there...just like you...
      But youre welcome to prove me wrong and show me an official report stating something else.
      If you cant do that, you will admit yourself to be a disgusting piece of shit who jumps on any hate bandwagon just for some attention...

    • alyssa marie
      alyssa marie Місяць тому

      Plss shut up..if u dnt know everything about yg.. Use google useless man 🤣

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      @alyssa marie trying to make fun of a fact that youre trying to deny, only makes you look even more pathetic...
      and seeing how you dont know what else to say, when confronted with the truth, is just another way of proving the truth, that i just mentioned.

  • Sidney tep
    Sidney tep Місяць тому


    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      @Sidney tep cute how hard you want to sound so nice and worried about others, while shitting on innocent celebrities just for some attention, that you dont get in your worthless life...
      And if you would stick to facts and official reports, you would know that seungri was never part of that groupchat. Sbs fun e has admitted a long time ago that they have edited evidence and only made it look like he was part of it, when he never was.
      Seungri gave his phone to the prosecution and they didnt find anything in any of his chats...
      But its ok, you already outed yourself as such a disgusting and worthless human waste, who jumps on any hate bandwagon just for some attention...
      You showing who you are, only made it worse for yourself, now everyone can see who this worthless scum is, who attacks innocent celebrities, just because others do it too...
      While even if i dont show my pic here, i still dont have to fear anything, because nothing i said was wrong, one small research will show you, that everything i said are facts.

    • Sidney tep
      Sidney tep Місяць тому

      then again i wouldn’t expect someone who hides behind an account without a profile picture to have any sort of empathy or compassion 😄

    • Sidney tep
      Sidney tep Місяць тому

      defending someone who was apart of a group chat full of videos of women being drugged and violated is disgusting... if that’s who u stan more power to you... i said what i said.

    • Sidney tep
      Sidney tep Місяць тому

      it’s not hard to brush up on current topics... i might be trash but you’re clearly an idiot 💅🏽

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      thanks for introducing yourself trash...but the moment you attack innocent celebrities, just for some attention, you show what you are anyway...

  • sheetal uniyal
    sheetal uniyal Місяць тому

    As a part of yg fam I just pray that everything goes back to normal...

  • Rifka Choudhury
    Rifka Choudhury Місяць тому

    Host /writer. JESSICA JUNG

  • Ker Lor
    Ker Lor Місяць тому

    So with this going on ..... I wonder how long Blinks will have to wait for their Idol Comebacks....

  • Ridz
    Ridz Місяць тому +1

    Host/Writer : Jessica Jung 😲

  • Su Goi
    Su Goi Місяць тому

    What even happened to the JJY case now? Is Roy Kim even in jail yet when everyone already knows he raped someone?!?!?!?! Let’s focus on a rape case first not a gambling thing. Is all this YG thing to distract the south korean citizens from what happened to the south korean actress used by entertainment agencies? How she was murdered & didn’t commit suicide...

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      thats how it is in this huge mediaplay. they buried jjy, so now they still need to divert the attention away from the sopa case, where the really powerful people are involved, and the only reason why this scandal even started and why its still about them with their unimportant, financial accusations, while shitting on a case with actual victims...

      and the problem is, as you can see all the disgusting piece of shits here also dont care about them and just care about this hate bandwagon against bigbang and yg, just for some attention they hate on them and seriously believe, its some cool trend to do so...

  • Yoongi Bambamed Bobby's smile
    Yoongi Bambamed Bobby's smile Місяць тому +3

    I didn't even know he wasn't the CEO anymore. I shocked.

  • Sijan Grg
    Sijan Grg Місяць тому +6

    How do you gamble illegally overseas!?? Pretty sure both guys have enough money to gamble

  • iihxney Bee
    iihxney Bee Місяць тому +1


    • InfiniteSession
      InfiniteSession Місяць тому

      Lol bro neither of the two have been proven to be guilty and neither of them admitted to anything this is just something the media has been mistranslating. They said that they told the truth nothing more. It's also been almost 3 weeks since this interrogation happened and nothing has come out of it. Yet the CEO of CJ entertainment has been charged and set for trial for conviction for smuggling cocaine and marijuana. You'd think that since they can move that fast they would have already made a trial for YG and Seungri yet with 7 months of investigations and 3 months of being handed the results to prosecution and 100+ hours of interrogation they have nothing and have not done anything with them.

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay Місяць тому +12

    Dear government please investigate the entire kpop industry because its corrupted and full abusers 🔥🔥

    • sheetal uniyal
      sheetal uniyal 28 днів тому

      @ladehermine xx trueee

    • ladehermine xx
      ladehermine xx 28 днів тому

      The govt is corrupted itself lmao

    • sheetal uniyal
      sheetal uniyal Місяць тому +1


    • Filisianboy9
      Filisianboy9 Місяць тому +1

      Lona stay Agreed. It pisses me of that this year it was almost always YG being investigated, but not SM, JYP and Bighit. There are other big Kpop industries out there Korean government!

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay Місяць тому +1

    Seungry love attention 😂

  • Nina Ph
    Nina Ph Місяць тому

    I feel bad for YG artists. They are experiencing hiatus now. I hope that the next CEO will perform well. I stan YG eversince. Wishing for the best! Fighting!!

  • i saw Blackpink in Berlin
    i saw Blackpink in Berlin Місяць тому

    YG is my second family after SM my biggest one and seeing those legends in that situation makes me wanna cry 😭

  • Pain_23
    Pain_23 Місяць тому

    Blackpink need to quit YG. They don't deserve this.

  • Rosnita Aziz
    Rosnita Aziz Місяць тому


  • Bubble Tea 123
    Bubble Tea 123 Місяць тому +1

    I used to love YG ENTERTAINMENT...

  • IDK
    IDK Місяць тому

    host/writer is it Jessica Jung the singer

  • Jackie Trujillo
    Jackie Trujillo Місяць тому

    it makes me so uncomfortable seeing seungri's face

  • Good Night
    Good Night Місяць тому +1

    YG market is going down.....
    YG dungeon is getting bigger....
    BP first full album is close to impossible....
    No more YG family, it's only becomes YG entertainment, I don't even see and feel unity and love from the artist and management of YG unlike before.

    • InfiniteSession
      InfiniteSession Місяць тому

      @Good Night Bruh I said so far Korean Media has been reporting false information. Not to mention I never said YG being silent is the truth, I dont know where you ever got that from. YG employee? Bruh are you ok? Why would I work at YG and post stuff on youtube? Also why would you just assume that? And for the last time the Korean police can ask all they want it does not change the fact that Nevada is Not the one that provides that info 🙄. Korean media reported that the police may have recieved a tip which was that YG may have lost about $1.5M throughout the course of 11 years and Seungri almost $2M throughout the course of 3 years. Again this is just a reported tip it was never confirmed if it was true or not. Even so these crimes are a merely a fine that would have to be paid. Which once again I say it's a pretty stupid crime and hypocritical when alot of koreans play at MGM Nevada. They even have casino's in Korea that is available to foreigners but not koreans which once again is a stupid a hypocritical thing to accuse someone of. Last but not least you keep saying there are plenty of links proving that there is evidence they did that. Which links? More Media reports? How about giving factual statements from the police investigation team or prosecution team? They have not anounced if this tip was even true or not and yet you have media claiming it is and that the FBI and Nevada Gaming Comission were involved when that never happened. Wasnt it also the Media who reported that Seungri admitted to the allegations during the closed interrogation (which is impossible to get in an ongoing investigation as well as illegal). They also reported this news as he was leaving the police building after interrogation and asked him if he admitted to anything to which he responded, "I only told the truth" which they mistook for some reason as him admitting to the allegations lol. Bruh stop it with your claims because you are not making your arguments seem credible, especially after asking you multiple times to provide a link to your so called "evidence".

    • Good Night
      Good Night Місяць тому

      InfiniteSession so all the media are fake news and YG being silent is the truth? Lmao
      Are you YG or sungri or YG employee?
      Theirs a lot of link to prove what I'm saying, but you already said you don't believe on them, that's why said search in Google you can get a lot of link your asking! 🤣
      I never said that nevada give the Korean government a tip, I said Korean government ask nevada to send them the records of sungri and YG departure and money use in Vegas and theirs nothing wrong with that, Nevada will not investigate this case because they don't care about it.

    • InfiniteSession
      InfiniteSession Місяць тому

      @Good Night ok first off its JTBC. Also they reported that YG came with money over the course of 11 years that amounted to almost 2 million not all at once and same was said for seungri except it was over the course of 2-3 years. Idk why you just referred to google instead of providing a link yourself lol. You got nothing. Besides I already looked everything up before we even began this entire discussion especially when you keep insisting that Nevada Gaming Commision gave them that info to which I say again THEY don't do that and have NEVER dealt with monetary issues for cases, if you did your research or have at least been to MGM once you would know this as basic common sense. Also everything they have been interrogated for is again is all but speculation based on a tip they recieved from the media.

    • Good Night
      Good Night Місяць тому

      InfiniteSession link again, go to Google and search from it you will find a lot, like from JBTC news from Korea! they even explained what YG and sungri did in Vegas and the casino where sungri and YG played.
      But for me that's too much to believe, I don't even believe on all the things that media said. But the record that YG and sungri came to Vegas with a lot of money is already a common sense, what did you think they did in Vegas with almost 2M worth of money, fuck the bitches? 🤣
      And you believe YG instead?

    • InfiniteSession
      InfiniteSession Місяць тому

      @Good Night Again I'm am not a YG believer or biased because I believe in the justice system, not media news. You probably did not know this also but Sbs Fun E the one who reported the chats, also admitted to editing them to making seungri look like he was in the chats to the police and the Anti corruption Agency. Dude you really don't know anything.

  • Chocoffee _
    Chocoffee _ Місяць тому

    Soo it was just gambling.

  • Manoj Bandara
    Manoj Bandara Місяць тому +3

    I am not saying that YG is innocent or seungri or yg artists involved in scandals lately are , but honestly, I think every little bad thing is being linked to YG ent and its artists and it is ruining the artists image even without enough evidence. Even daesung’s building was said to house illegal activities. Like wth?! And also is there such a thing as illegal gambling in a well known casino??

  • Manoj Bandara
    Manoj Bandara Місяць тому

    YG ent. has a new CEO now so I hope the team will do better and avoid scandal in the future.
    That’s why I feel bad for the artists, YG ent. reputation is definitely destroyed:
    • BIGBANG would have to comeback without their maknae and face the damages of his scandal. They would have a hard time to adjust without a member, apologize to fans and being the spokesperson of YG and Seungri whenever they promote on TV.
    • WINNER barely have promotions and struggle to be as popular as their colleagues. With the company stokes market, I’m sure they will be the last one on the list of promotions / comeback cause they are not as profitable as the others.
    • iKON already have to deal with the lose of their leader / producer, they were finally recognized in the industry when they won their Daesang and their songs topping the charts. Now they are incomplete and would take a long time before coming back without B.I...
    • BLACKPINK are the biggest moneymaker but the bad reputation affected the group. There would be more rules to avoid scandal, and I think YG ent. will put all their resources in the girls. More comeback and target international audience, promotions overseas and limited their appearance on korean shows to avoid talking about the scandal. Focus on concerts to make money.
    • Treasure13 debut being push back, with trainees leaving the company... I pity them the most! It’s unfair to let them in doubt to debut, I understand if they wanted to leave but it would be hard. YG ent. don’t have the resources anymore to support another group.....

  • Manoj Bandara
    Manoj Bandara Місяць тому +14

    wooow now gambling in a foreign country where it is legal is the problem now

    • Ali B
      Ali B 6 днів тому

      Korean law follows Korean citizens. It is against the law for a Korean to gamble in ANY country whether it's legal in that country or not. They know their laws as citizens on SK. What is illegal for them doesn't go away when they step on foreign soil. Crazy, Right?

  • Gaileth
    Gaileth Місяць тому

    The system, is not doing it's job, end of. It'll all die down and be forgotten and they'll all get to continue their lives without having served the time in jail that they deserve, whilst their victims and those who are collateral damage live in shame and misery and fear without seeing justice done. It seems that trial by actual jury does very little and yet trial by social media is a virtual death sentence. The police and courts will continue to let people off, even when there is a mountain of evidence against them and social media will continue to crucify those who are innocent, just because someone says they did something, even if there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I'm at the point now where, like hearing constant reports of mass shootings in America and still nothing gets done to stop it, I'm saying, who cares? My heart goes out to all those victims who will suffer for the rest of their lives.

    • InfiniteSession
      InfiniteSession Місяць тому +1

      @Gaileth I was trying to just make a point that the entire case has been fishy and his case is in fact one of those which some one's life is ruined by mere rumors and hearsay. So far there has not been anything to prove he has done the things he was accused of which even if he did is not crimes that involved victims. I am glad you respect my opinion as I do yours.

    • Gaileth
      Gaileth Місяць тому

      @InfiniteSession I respect your opinion, but where did I mention anything about any particular case or story? In fact, I wasn't even thinking of the Burning Sun case when I wrote that comment. There are plenty of instances where guilty people (with plenty of damning evidence) have been let off, or given token fines or suspended sentences, whilst others who make a single (small in comparison) mistake, are hauled over the coals and have their reputations ruined with little or no evidence - the Korean public seems to pick and choose who they believe and/or support without nothing more than hearsay and rumour. Death by social media is rife everywhere, but it's particularly bad in Sth Korea. It seems that even people who have raped, beaten and left innocent children for dead, (referring to a particularly famous case), can get off. Please don't be so quick to make assumptions.

    • InfiniteSession
      InfiniteSession Місяць тому +1

      What evidence? What victims? Dude do you even know what's happening lol????? YG nor Seungri have any victims and it's been proven so. Seungri's case has been concluded and was handed to the prosecution almost 3 months ago, and yet nothing. Pretty sure they would've got him for something and set the trial date by now if they had any evidence. It's really hilarious that you even say they have all the evidence..... I mean have you even been paying attention? The only "evidence" is constant rumors spread by kmedia and edited chats that were proven to be edited and stated to be so by the publishers as well as the police. JJY and Lee Jong Hyun have been set for trial ready to face their convictions, and yet neither of them ever mentioned or shown that seungri was apart of their ordeal. It was proven twice that Seungri had nothing to do with burning sun. It was also proven and stated by police that there was no drugs or prostitution being done in BS. YG has had his full building searched for any hints of evidence and yet nothing. His prostitution charges haven't even been investigated because likely there is nothing there. Time and time again the police and truth are disproving the lies spread kmedia and yet you still believe them lol.

  • Bitchin'
    Bitchin' Місяць тому

    He s kinda cute tbh

  • Kunkun's SWAG _
    Kunkun's SWAG _ Місяць тому +11

    I doubt this is true people ( koreans mostly ) just hate yg entertainment because they're revolutionary they don't care about korean standards so when the news with seungri cane out they had a reason to put more charges to yg so they can close it down

    • kdywns
      kdywns Місяць тому +1

      Trueee! They focused on who's famous so that they can get views or what. But they don't focused on
      *whispers* politicians

  • T.O.P T.O.P
    T.O.P T.O.P Місяць тому +1

    So Seungri did something bad but not way too bad.

    • T.O.P T.O.P
      T.O.P T.O.P Місяць тому

      @Manoj Bandara so terrible uh why do they like this so much.

    • Manoj Bandara
      Manoj Bandara Місяць тому

      yep its just media stunts to get attention

  • T.O.P T.O.P
    T.O.P T.O.P Місяць тому +1

    This is a big mess..I hope this ends.

  • Emely Do
    Emely Do Місяць тому +1

    bruh this better not delay AKDONG MUSICIANS new album after a 2 year comeback.

  • toki yong
    toki yong Місяць тому

    🙄 bullsht. Illegal gambling but they have a casino in SK. Does that even make sense?

  • Ker Lay
    Ker Lay Місяць тому +12

    Damn they might as well investigate the whole industry

  • Niyati Araya
    Niyati Araya Місяць тому

    Ohh feel bad for their artists😥😥😥

  • Ayse B. Y
    Ayse B. Y Місяць тому +3

    So if I'm Korean and go to las vegas for vacation and play there and win money. Is this illegal in korea? I mean can't I use the money in korea? I don't get ir

    • Ayse B. Y
      Ayse B. Y Місяць тому

      Teddy Scohy wow this is the craziest thing i've heard in a while

    • Teddy Scohy
      Teddy Scohy Місяць тому +1

      It's illegal to participate in any gambling activity for Koreans inside and outside of the country

  • Tae Is a thick queen
    Tae Is a thick queen Місяць тому

    Did he surgery

  • KkBre Love
    KkBre Love Місяць тому


  • Sash Wool
    Sash Wool Місяць тому +1

    Omg YGentertainment is a mess right now like I wasnt expecting all this drama. I hope this stops

  • Sonia Nillinayo
    Sonia Nillinayo Місяць тому


  • shine.lalisa
    shine.lalisa Місяць тому

    If YG doesn’t get a proper CEO by my prom in 2 years then I’m going for the rich business woman who’s going to take over YG look 👀

  • Twice called me ugly Without looking at me

    I ain’t surprised
    YG be doing scandals for over 20 years now!!

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      @Twice called me ugly Without looking at me and yet youre crying hard, because you couldnt get anywhere with your disgusting lie...

    • Twice called me ugly Without looking at me
      Twice called me ugly Without looking at me Місяць тому

      Okay I guess...
      I mean what’s your point?
      If your trying to piss me off it’s not working lmao 😂

    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      @Twice called me ugly Without looking at me "hurr durr aM i CoOl nOw?"
      You can stop it with your desperate act to seem cool, you failed wirh your first comment...

    • Twice called me ugly Without looking at me
      Twice called me ugly Without looking at me Місяць тому


    • Soru7
      Soru7 Місяць тому

      @Twice called me ugly Without looking at me no, youre toxic because youre a jealous fake army...

  • lalisayah ITZY
    lalisayah ITZY Місяць тому +7

    YG and SEUNGRI looking good and feel so confident. Are this guy even feel guilty or just korean media making up rumours lol

    • Manoj Bandara
      Manoj Bandara Місяць тому


    • Kunkun's SWAG _
      Kunkun's SWAG _ Місяць тому +5

      lalisayah ITZY probably korean media , considering how yg never followed the korean standards id say the media

  • The Nonsense Channel
    The Nonsense Channel Місяць тому +2

    If YG gamble so what! HE IS PAYING HIS IDOLS THE WAY IT WAS.

    • InfiniteSession
      InfiniteSession Місяць тому +1

      @Rochelle Smith The prostitution thing also still has NOT been proven as well. Most likely they were just hired escorts to provide alcohol or accompanying businessmen as a partner. Its alot more common in Asia than you think.

    • InfiniteSession
      InfiniteSession Місяць тому +1

      @Rochelle Smith it was never confirmed if he did or didnt so don't say that he is. It was only rumored that he was using company funds. And even so it makes 0 sense for him to use company funds to gamble when he is already super rich.

    • Rochelle Smith
      Rochelle Smith Місяць тому

      lez Get'it he’s using company funds to gamble lol... koreans are only allowed to carry a maximum of 11 million krw (10k usd equivalent) when they go abroad
      Also he’s being charged with prostitution so this isn’t some small thing

  • Cy
    Cy Місяць тому

    I am not saying that YG is innocent or seungri or yg artists involved in scandals lately are , but honestly, I think every little bad thing is being linked to YG ent and its artists and it is ruining the artists image even without enough evidence. Even daesung’s building was said to house illegal activities. Like wth?! And also is there such a thing as illegal gambling in a well known casino??

  • Hazel Grace Yokokura
    Hazel Grace Yokokura Місяць тому +1

    Yes. Finally. YG deserves a new CEO 😌

  • Suchana paul
    Suchana paul Місяць тому

    This feel like I'm watching a real kdrama! 🙄

  • goddess
    goddess Місяць тому

    what i don’t understand is why everyone in the comments are like “blackpink must leave” “they are getting treated poorly” blackpink this and blackpink that... um y’all forgetting about other yg artists maybe such as oh idkkkk ikon ???