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Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft.

  • Опубліковано 22 вер 2023
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  • CDawgVA
    CDawgVA  2 місяці тому +492

    Shout-out to Apari for sponsoring this video!

    • Jess Mc
      Jess Mc 2 місяці тому +1

      If the preorder hadn't closed Sept. 4th for that collection I would have gotten one, sad. ;___;

    • Samir S
      Samir S 2 місяці тому +3

      We need a twerk off competition

    • Ryana
      Ryana 2 місяці тому

      Trending video no.41?! Bro congratulations! I think it’s your first time your video got into trending videos right?

    • Obfirmo Viatorem
      Obfirmo Viatorem 2 місяці тому +2

      Bruh I read that as "Sponsored by Atari" and for a second was like
      Damn I didn't even know if they were still a company anymore

    • Avocado Weeb
      Avocado Weeb 2 місяці тому

      The pink gloomy bear you won is awesome!!

  • akechilovebot
    akechilovebot 2 місяці тому +11979

    Felix brought such an unhinged energy we haven't seen in this series and this duo made me laugh so much

    • Minh Quang
      Minh Quang 2 місяці тому +341

      No offense to the other guests but Felix's geniunely entertaining to watch. A lot of the other guests either try way too hard to be competitve or just plain boring to follow around. You can tell Connor has very little screen time in this one because of how fun is it to see Felix.

    • Neko Chan
      Neko Chan 2 місяці тому +156

      ​@Minh QuangI mean that's kinda expected tbh. He's big for a reason, his personality mostly.

    • Ostrich Head
      Ostrich Head 2 місяці тому +114

      Every Swede has been a little unhinged since we lost Norway.

    • Jorsk3n
      Jorsk3n 2 місяці тому +95

      @Ostrich Head skill issue, tbh.
      -Sincerely, a Norwegian

    • Ostrich Head
      Ostrich Head 2 місяці тому +30

      @Jorsk3n I do find it funny that you guys asked for independence and the government was all like: 👍

  • RuoK
    RuoK 2 місяці тому +2926

    I don't know who was the cameraman following Felix but he was a delight! Since Connor always goes with Maelin, he always has someone to bounce off of and be entertaining with, but the guests usually have to be entertaining on their own. Loved seeing someone bantering with Felix and enjoying his shenanigans, it totally elevated the whole video!

    • Amirol_XI
      Amirol_XI 2 місяці тому +336

      It's Paul. One of regular videographer for Abroad in Japan

    • wewebilll
      wewebilll 2 місяці тому +42

      Meylin is just weird sometimes

    • Victor Dumanyan
      Victor Dumanyan 2 місяці тому +54

      I loved their chemistry as well!

    • fletnia pana
      fletnia pana 2 місяці тому +64

      ​@wewebilllshe's amazing

    • MultiFandom Snek
      MultiFandom Snek 2 місяці тому +20

      I like her. She's funny. lol@wewebilll

  • ifqtimq
    ifqtimq 2 місяці тому +1539

    The fact Felix lost his coins/money multiple times throughout this video proves how chaotic he was jumping from machine to machine. Love the energy its so refreshing tbh
    11:42 - Forgetting the money
    17:53 - losing the money
    22:51 - Spilling all of his coins
    24:22 - Spending his OWN money

    • LatinaKamilla
      LatinaKamilla 2 місяці тому +26

      Lolll gotta love the time stamps 😂

  • Sam Peter
    Sam Peter 2 місяці тому +874

    The real winners are Marzia and Ironmouse after Felix and Connor bring them these gifts.😂

    • CNgotham
      CNgotham Місяць тому +37

      And Felix's dogs.

    • The HoodieGuy
      The HoodieGuy Місяць тому +10

      'You were gone for a monthhuh !! 😡😡😡
      - Ironmouse

  • Thabiso
    Thabiso 2 місяці тому +1097

    I used to think stories about Meilyne were overhyped by the boys but the more and more she’s on camera, the more I realize she’s exactly as strange and random as the stories portrayed

    • rapthor666
      rapthor666 2 місяці тому +18

      gourmetmei on that other streaming platform. Sometimes you don't watch for the cooking 😂😂

    • kactus
      kactus 2 місяці тому +22

      I’m gonna start ID’ing my dates

    • TP
      TP Місяць тому +7

      ​@kactusit's kind of privileged to be able to be more worried about being catfished like that or lied to instead of just simply being worried about making a good impression
      Or maybe she really had such negative experiences that she is justified in having so much mistrust in others

  • Zayne Ytem
    Zayne Ytem 2 місяці тому +875

    Pewds at 42:55 : "That's so many parts! How am I supposed to build this!?"
    Also Pewds: *builds Gundams with 999 parts for fun*

    • Red Crystal RC
      Red Crystal RC Місяць тому +3

      You do know he is being sarcastic about it...right?

  • Seven Lights
    Seven Lights 2 місяці тому +1628

    Just the fact that Felix was at $45 when Connor had barely dipped below $300 is wild

    • Intelli-Gent
      Intelli-Gent 2 місяці тому +91

      Connor has lots of experience with crane games and asking the staff for help.😂

    • AMML
      AMML 5 днів тому


    • MoonlightStrider
      MoonlightStrider 3 дні тому

      ​@Intelli-GentConnor has that high Sumim-experience

  • Endmonaut
    Endmonaut 2 місяці тому +349

    I like how Connor merely exists in his own video here while Felix and the Paul are having an epic battle of wits and banter.

  • angelicad7
    angelicad7 2 місяці тому +390

    Paul’s shocked reaction when Felix decided to up the number of crane machines was hilarious. He had no idea how to handle the situation

  • Amyseni
    Amyseni 2 місяці тому +164

    The energy Felix brought to this was absolutely insane. Definitely the best episode so far.

  • TheFluffyBoii
    TheFluffyBoii 2 місяці тому +269

    To be honest, i've never watched PewDiePie before, but damn was he entertaining in this video, think this is the most i've laughed during one of these Crane Game videos.

    • Guichabanaano
      Guichabanaano 2 місяці тому +23

      Same, I never got into his content but this was a delight

    • He Who Must Not Be Gamed
      He Who Must Not Be Gamed 2 місяці тому +28

      Honestly, I didn't really watch any of his stuff other than his Minecraft series. I think he's in his peak content years, which is strange when you consider he's semi-retired. Between his life vlog type stuff, to the collabs he's done with like Connor, Chris, etc, it's actually been great for laughs as well as wholesome.

    • phxs
      phxs Місяць тому

      i think he beheaves very childish and tryhard

    • CNgotham
      CNgotham Місяць тому +18

      ​@phxsbruh there always has to be that one guy.

    • lilbananaman
      lilbananaman Місяць тому +14

      @phxsGod forbid a man get silly

  • Amílcar Trejo Mosquera
    Amílcar Trejo Mosquera 2 місяці тому +73

    I haven't laugh this much in one of these, when Felix says "this hurts, this is my money, I don't like it" I completely lost it

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 2 місяці тому +3785

    Connor is single-handedly funding Japan’s crane game industry at this point

    • Malachi Mustango
      Malachi Mustango 2 місяці тому +50

      I've dumped thousands into the arcade here in Japan. It's so bad 😅 edit let me clarify usd thousands. Not yen thousands.

    • Nicole Zawacki
      Nicole Zawacki 2 місяці тому +5

      Happiness for me would having a crane Game Center like this in the States 😂

    • RedOneMonster
      RedOneMonster 2 місяці тому +12

      @Malachi Mustango Same, wasted around 30k yen in total for crane games and gacha games. Next trip I'm straight up buying everything I want, since it so cheap anyways 😆

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B 2 місяці тому +68

    Connor won the challenge, but I respect Felix's insane strat.

  • prdprdprdprdprdel
    prdprdprdprdprdel 2 місяці тому +154

    Marzia: "You better be home early and help me with the baby"
    Felix: "gotchu, fam"

  • TheZakk219
    TheZakk219 Місяць тому +67

    This is the most chaotic video in this series. Love the energy Felix brought. It really broke up the formula.

  • Raihan Setiadi
    Raihan Setiadi 2 місяці тому +64

    Felix might be a dad now but he still has those 2010s pewds energy, what a legend

  • timickoo
    timickoo 2 місяці тому +119

    Felix breaking the rules and disregarding the status quo by doing multiple crane games at once and using HIS OWN MONEY after he spends everything Connor gave him is honestly the funniest shit I've seen all day. Gotta love that man.

  • Cuddle Muffin
    Cuddle Muffin 2 місяці тому +6707

    The manager of that store is sitting in his office, watching Felix use a whole row of machines and win nothing, laughing maniacally.

    • Minh Quang
      Minh Quang 2 місяці тому +489

      Him going on the radio telling all the staff to stay clear of the weird gaijin as Felix blows $200 and win one palm sized plushie.

    • Amrel Archer
      Amrel Archer 2 місяці тому +160

      the best customer he ever had

    • Bryan Christian Abrigo
      Bryan Christian Abrigo 2 місяці тому +99

      I actually thought Felix was gonna be reprimanded by the management bc they don't like a single customer winning multiple items from different machines like what they did to Daidus. Can someone explain to me or was it just a different place? Sorry

    • jheno cross
      jheno cross 2 місяці тому +61

      Not all store enforce that policy.. also some store only have that policy on certain high value crane machine

    • exia 0616
      exia 0616 2 місяці тому +54

      ​@Bryan Christian Abrigoconnor and daidus went to a different store. Afaik it was toast who got reprimanded.

  • 눈_눈
    눈_눈 2 місяці тому +88

    Gonna be completely honest here, I watch these videos for the interactions between camerapersons and Connor and guests. It’s especially great when Meilyne is one of them

  • OigoMiEggo
    OigoMiEggo 2 місяці тому +44

    Felix: “I don’t have an addictive personality.”
    *Felix doing the equivalent of chain smoking crane games by doing multiple games at once*

  • lil beias
    lil beias 2 місяці тому +32

    I appreciate felix’s friends posting content with him on very rare occasions. It’s so nice to see him having real friends which i can only imagine how difficult it can be once you’re the biggest youtuber

  • Triple _tubers
    Triple _tubers 2 місяці тому +32

    Pewds playing 10 games at once and Paul trying so hard to tell him that it's a terrible idea was fuckin hilarious LOLL

  • I'm a rock.
    I'm a rock. Місяць тому +5

    This was easily the most entertaining crane game video yet.
    The energy was high, and funny af

  • Merelin Villada
    Merelin Villada 2 місяці тому +3718

    Felix sprinting behind Connor while looking at him without Paul was so random and funny, had me laughing so hard. Love his energy so much 😂

    • Pentti Koivuniemi
      Pentti Koivuniemi 2 місяці тому +85

      That was definitely him just chuckling to himself about having put in some extra money out of his own pocket and seeing if Connor had noticed.

    • UltiMaxKom
      UltiMaxKom 2 місяці тому +3

      Btw wtf on some frames at 45:30

    • Rawr Dragon
      Rawr Dragon 2 місяці тому


    • Meaw
      Meaw 2 місяці тому +4

      at 29:58

  • Jade Santos
    Jade Santos 2 місяці тому +484

    Honestly, as a woman, Meilyne's question about asking for ID is completely VALID. There are a LOT OF CREEPS out there. Better be safe than sorry.

    • Extremepyro
      Extremepyro 2 місяці тому +48

      How does showing their ID prove that they are a creep or not?

    • Epi Start er
      Epi Start er 2 місяці тому +97

      I thought it was to make sure they're actually over 18

    • Wout4Roy
      Wout4Roy 2 місяці тому +21

      @Extremepyro yeah that makes no sense lmao

    • McSireson
      McSireson 2 місяці тому +2

      @Extremepyro I mean, i see what she means

  • Danieltopia
    Danieltopia Місяць тому +13

    Kudos to Connor for putting a spotlight on a smaller creator like PewDiePie. I'm sure he'll appreciate the bump.

  • SamLazer
    SamLazer 2 місяці тому +19

    Felix and Paul goofin' around is absolute comedy gold! The intensity due chaotic competing only amplifies the dry peepeepoopoo humor 😂

  • PapiPeanuts
    PapiPeanuts 2 місяці тому +1737

    Felix blasting the water gun into his face and it being a mist, then at conner and it being a fire hose was priceless.

    • Livv Mellick
      Livv Mellick 2 місяці тому +57


    • Kristin
      Kristin 2 місяці тому +32

      @Livv Mellick I'm legit crying too, I thought it was part of the editing at first and then realized it was real 😂 Felix doesn't know his own strength! 🤣

    • Threebs
      Threebs 2 місяці тому +6

      The fact i crylaughed at that means i’d be choking for breath from laughing if i was actually there LOL

    • Rose Wood Flowers
      Rose Wood Flowers 2 місяці тому +2

      The Gamer God's protected Felix is why 🤣

    • AMML
      AMML 5 днів тому


  • rufusdrumknott
    rufusdrumknott 2 місяці тому +71

    Absolutely adorable how Connor kept using his own money and Felix chipped in for the long Cinamoroll. The Mouse tax must be paid 💕
    Edit: Love how they both started the review with something they got for someone else, flexing their friendships lol

  • Phil Srobeighn
    Phil Srobeighn 2 місяці тому +43

    25:20 has got to be the most insane moment in the history of crane games.

  • Aidan Reykdal
    Aidan Reykdal 2 місяці тому +11

    Its been so long since I've watched any of Felix's content and now I realize that I actually miss it. Thoroughly enjoyed this video

    • Sandy Holmes
      Sandy Holmes 2 місяці тому

      After I read this, you made me realise it too.

  • Eliana
    Eliana 2 місяці тому +32

    I laughed so much my sides hurt. Felix was unhinged 😂

  • Niall Gleeson
    Niall Gleeson 2 місяці тому +1780

    Paul: Fun banter
    Meilyne: Unhinged, chaotic, intrusive thoughts

  • Koyuki Mizuno
    Koyuki Mizuno 2 місяці тому +48

    This video has so much Pewdiepie energy as the last 2 years of Felix hahahha
    I loved it! I love every kind of Pewds, but it's so nice to see the energy filled and hyper acting Pewds as well since a long time!!
    I think he won just by contributing on the energy level already in this video XD

  • KristianSou
    KristianSou 2 місяці тому +42

    Paul and Felix's banter was great!

  • Dugie555
    Dugie555 Місяць тому +17

    It was fun watching a Swedish and a Welsh man in a Japanese crane center having fun. 👏🤣

  • SBsam
    SBsam 2 місяці тому +21

    This was my favourite crane game video so far. Felix is such a character he always puts a smile on my face.

  • Ib2106
    Ib2106 2 місяці тому +23

    The staff must be shitting themselves watching Felix speedrunning crane game

  • Mayora 13
    Mayora 13 2 місяці тому +4479

    Connor: having a chill time and having a casual conversation with Meilyne
    Felix: Must. Speedrun. Must. Go. Fast. As. Possible.

    • lain iwakura
      lain iwakura 2 місяці тому +56

      Felix: Gotta go fast!

    • Thedragon lover95
      Thedragon lover95 2 місяці тому +51

      Honestly makes for an interesting video

    • First_Senpai
      First_Senpai 2 місяці тому +16

      "Casual conversation" huh

    • Uchiha Shinosou
      Uchiha Shinosou 2 місяці тому +5

      ​​@First_Senpaii think she's married. Just sayin

    • First_Senpai
      First_Senpai 2 місяці тому +13

      @Uchiha Shinosou ik... but those topics that she choose to discuss on are just bizzare to me, Am I the wrong one here??

  • CombustibleMeow
    CombustibleMeow Місяць тому +11

    Felix really went into full chaotic pewdiepie mode for this one 😂

  • Just Lore
    Just Lore Місяць тому +12

    LMAFO the cameraman at 27:04 stops following felix and starts showing his multi crane results is too funny

  • Lynnix
    Lynnix 2 місяці тому +159

    Meilyne: What If you did three?
    Connor: Okay, that's forbidden.
    Meanwhile Felix is doing a whole row of the crane machine.

  • ChaCha Yang
    ChaCha Yang Місяць тому +3

    By far my favorite one yet. I couldn't stop laughing when Felix crawled on the floor collecting his coins and when he shot Connor in the face with the watergun.

  • SeeKaysee
    SeeKaysee 2 місяці тому +14

    This episode had me dying. The chaotic energy was S tier 🤌🏽

  • Spider-JAAM
    Spider-JAAM 2 місяці тому +1619

    I can't imagine how hard it must've been to animate Felix's legs in CGI for this long video.

    • What is deez
      What is deez 2 місяці тому +51

      don't worry mappa been up it's cgi latelly

    • Fellow Stand User
      Fellow Stand User 2 місяці тому +21

      Thats why Mudans been practicing with cgi in his editing streams

    • yobel petra
      yobel petra 2 місяці тому +6

      Ikr , the budget of this video

    • MOAZZ
      MOAZZ 2 місяці тому +3

      Goddamn haven't see that one for quite awhile haha

    • Jim
      Jim Місяць тому

      Yeah, Connor definitely lost money making this vid

  • Acacia Vix
    Acacia Vix Місяць тому +16

    nice to see Connor teaming up with lesser known youtubers to help build up their channels

  • jinxgirl5
    jinxgirl5 2 місяці тому +15

    Felix's brand of chaos is unique XD I feel like he spent the money fastest of all the contestants!

  • CNgotham
    CNgotham Місяць тому +1

    Glad to see some old energy pewds. I like his relaxing chill new content but seeing this brought back that chaotic feel he had in some of his older content.

  • Lone Spartan
    Lone Spartan 13 днів тому

    God damn Felix is funny. The energy he brought to this one had me chuckling all the way through. Favourite crane game challenge yet

  • リサ pekoeji
    リサ pekoeji 2 місяці тому +11

    this might be my favorite one yet, the chaos of felix using 5+ machines at once and then dropping his coins everywhere LOL glad he could be a guest for this series and thank you for continuing it!!!

  • Elarene Peridot
    Elarene Peridot 2 місяці тому +3535

    I love Felix's chaos method of doing multiple machines at once.

    • Loki Electro
      Loki Electro 2 місяці тому +34

      i know in just a speed run the crap of the games ahaha and he didn even tell conor about he using his money

    • Joey T
      Joey T 2 місяці тому +37

      This guy should start a UAclips channel.

    • Blake Visser
      Blake Visser 2 місяці тому +7

      I know his camera man didnt lmao

    • Jordan Jose
      Jordan Jose 2 місяці тому +16

      @Loki Electro do you really think conor cares about how much Pewdiepie is spending? They're millionaires and friends. Theyre also playing games that cost like dollar per play so I dont see the issue? Conor has complained that these videos take hours to finish because they go so slowly so if anything Pewdiepie is doing a nice thing

    • Loki Electro
      Loki Electro 2 місяці тому +8

      @Jordan Jose ohh yeah they take like several hours to film like 4 they say in the video, but i dint mean it like connor sayin anything to felix but laught at the fact he spend it soo fast

  • AlexStrolls
    AlexStrolls 2 місяці тому +6

    It's impossible to be bored in Felix's company, he is full of energy and just too funny!

  • TheGinGear
    TheGinGear 23 дні тому +3

    Can we just acknowledge the absolute chad at 14:25 ? They walk up to the machine, immediately gets it in one, didn't even need the prize and casually gives it away while walking off. Didn't even break a sweat

    • TheKrakin
      TheKrakin 22 дні тому +1

      -wins in one turn
      -doesnt even celebrate that much
      -gives it away to a 32 year old man
      -refuses to elaborate

  • Anjani Mishra
    Anjani Mishra 2 місяці тому +6

    Pewds and Paul were so funny together I loved Pewds' chaotic energy !

  • Ronmanvici
    Ronmanvici 2 місяці тому +23

    46:50 the laughter was genuine😂😂😂

  • Gurema Manaba
    Gurema Manaba Місяць тому +2

    Dang I never watched this yet, and this video is a month ago!!! Oh man!!! I watched this today, Oct. 27, 2023
    Brofist 👊 for Pewds! And of course to Marzia and Pewds' son, also Edgar🐶 and Maya🐶
    Best moments:
    Cdawgva, Emirichu, Daidus and gang: Play normal and play at least one crane game at a time
    PewDiePie: Hold my beer! 26:07 and 30:55

  • Koji
    Koji 2 місяці тому +4837

    Pewds: "Marzia just zones in on one of the plushies, and she's like 'I want it', so I have to keep going."
    Connor: *PTSD flashbacks to the countless Cinnamorolls he's had to fight for*

    • KTOWNPUNK jr.
      KTOWNPUNK jr. 2 місяці тому +285

      Or chris's descent into madness for the curios george!

    • Borja Slamic
      Borja Slamic 2 місяці тому +18

      You can see by the rest of the episode why Pewds would complain about that.

    • Diego Santos
      Diego Santos 2 місяці тому +3

      im about to ruin pewdipies whole career but i forgot what i posted about roasting him and i dont want to put in the work to see it and post it back here

    • Lotie The Bunny
      Lotie The Bunny 2 місяці тому +1

      Ahh dang😊

    • Xajiru
      Xajiru 2 місяці тому +40

      ​@Diego Santoswhat is bro yappin about ☠️

  • eggwoe
    eggwoe Місяць тому +1

    pewds shouldve gotten the cameraman to do a second pass on the buttons so their grip is stronger 😂

  • Maurice Wattebled
    Maurice Wattebled 2 місяці тому +5

    it has been a while since felix has made me laugh like this. He was so chaotic i love it.

  • Merlin kim
    Merlin kim Місяць тому +1

    man i couldnt stop laughing whenever felix kept using his unhinged strat. couldnt full explain why it was so funny, just that it hit a good funny bone that had me dying, let me tell ya XD

  • Rupert Miller
    Rupert Miller 2 місяці тому +6

    27:15 "Am I winning?" asks/begs Felix as he speed runs losing his own money. Top tier content, Connor and Mel, top tier.

  • Scott Lang
    Scott Lang Місяць тому +1

    The Pewdiepie energy was strong with this one. I still watch him nowadays, but I can't say I don't miss his old videos and wild reactions. Laughing all the way through this one!! 😂 Great to see some wild Pewds for once

  • HouseMDaddict
    HouseMDaddict 2 місяці тому +1518

    The fact that paul and Meilyne both asked super odd questions around the same time is hilarious

    • SmilePlease
      SmilePlease 2 місяці тому +127

      I'm glad the camera crew is getting more comfortable and starting up interesting conversations on their own. It really makes this whole series way more interesting.

    • Tako latte
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      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
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