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Are Special Elite Pokemon Boxes Worth It?

  • Опубліковано 25 тра 2023
  • In this Pokemon cards opening, I put Celebrations and Pokemon GO ETBs head-to-head to see which will give us the best pulls. Are they still worth buying?
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  • @robertwebb27

    My kids just finished their celebrations full set.

  • @danielpadrum5719

    Pulling a celebrations blastoise hooked me back in. Base set blastoise was the first card I ever got as a kid, gotta love Rev for always knowing what the people want !!

  • @blakepeterson1818

    Celebrations was such a fun set to open, the nostalgia from the old arts and the new arts look so good. Thanks for showing us rev

  • @charlie727harvey

    I’m really sad that I missed celebrations as I didn’t start collecting until December 2022 because it’s looks like such a cool set but I feel like I have my work cut out just trying to keep up with new sets let alone going back to previous ones

  • @OogaBooga0.2

    Celebrations is my favorite because of the reprints. It reminds me of the Pokémon I had when I was younger and now I and my son collect any box we can get and you have helped us to pick what box we need.

  • @Vervain2512

    Celebrations was what got me back into the TCG again (before dropping out again shortly after). It just hit that nostalgia note perfectly.

  • @pranavvaidya4191

    Great video Rev...Loving the content u r posting,Keep up the great work!!!❤

  • @deggers
    @deggers  +30

    Celebrations will never get too boring for me to open ❤

  • @scrd_vize

    I love the celebrations set. Just such an amazing set, brings much joy

  • @andrewtetris9450

    Celebrations looks so fun to open, wish I started a little earlier

  • @gabrieljacobsen769

    its always nice to see these sets be opened again

  • @griffinaraujo874

    The celebrations set is super cool and fun to open! Really fun to see the older cards and the dope sleeves!

  • @iMikeFraze

    Just got back into Pokemon again since Base/Jungle/Fossil and currently holding unopened Celebrations for 10 years minimum!

  • @erfff3108

    Celebrations was the set that got me back into the hobby after being away from it for almost 20 years. I'll never get tired of watching the set get opened!

  • @Silmapilon

    Celebrations is such an amazing set, I love how they did those reprints like that

  • @sebasgl99

    I think Celebrations is such an underrated set!

  • @NetKatie

    Watching you open these sets makes me hyped for this year’s special sets, especially the english version of 151. Can’t wait!

  • @vquiroz90

    Nice! Celebrations was a cool way to bring back some nostalgia, but personally i would've liked if the pull rates for the older cards was slightly better. The problem with this set for me was that I ended up with so many copies of Cosmog/Cosmoem and Reshiram/Kyogre. I don't think I ever actually finished it because i got frustrated trying to get the Charizard. It mightve just been bad luck on my behalf though 😢

  • @karter1221

    I loved both of these sets when they both released but the value you get in a Celebrations ETB is unmatched.

  • @meganhos5771

    I love all your videos and you got me back into collecting