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Unforgivable Food Opinions (ft.

  • Опубліковано 27 тра 2023
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    Thumbnail Art: Rirumato rirumato.carrd.co/


  • @Emirichu

    So I gave myself less than two weeks to complete this video from start to finish (which is why there was no time to color ;w;) and wow I am never attempting that tight of a timeframe ever again because it is way too strenuous BUT it was fun to try and challenge myself and I'm proud of how much faster I've gotten! 2 UPLOADS IN ONE MONTH LETS GOOOOOOOO! Next video will be fully colored, I promise!! (This one just had too many drawings/people T_T)

  • @Awoken777

    It's crazy how Emirichu is the only person that can have the complete opposite food taste to me and i still find a way to agree with her.

  • @TheAnimeMan

    I can feel the veins on my forehead thickening from the second wave rage.

  • @octokidandrew8560


  • @retataida2642


  • @boomgirlbucko

    “I would rather eat instant ramen than any other”

  • @TurboSamus

    Ok but, Emi calling Daidus “Honey” ☺️

  • @moniquejohnson469

    The animation of Connor yelling at Daidus actually kills me 😂😂😂😂

  • @gigguk
    @gigguk  +20

    I will never forgive you for that Ramen take.

  • @TheOrangePick

    I will defend Daidus's love of Panda Express Orange Chicken for all eternity.

  • @Matha_U35

    I love how the counter arguments to some of Emily’s food takes were just telling her to order it how she wants

  • @homesweetsc

    I feel like I always have to vouch for southern food - when people say American food they think of McDonald’s and dominos, but southern food like BBQ, Beaufort stew, shrimp and grits, pimento chz, it’s S tier. Best food on this earth

  • @danygreen3507

    I love how she keeps drawing Dairus with his favorite color and the rest of them are just black hahaha 💖

  • @ActuallyRea


  • @satrn_amp

    ngl emirichu went into her villian arc the moment she said she prefered instant ramen over actual ramen 💀

  • @ayeshashahbaz563

    I love how Emily drew daidus in his signature blue ♡

  • @TonyToad22

    We need Uncle Roger's reacting to Emily's take on regular ramen v instant ramen because she has distrubuted all Asian ancestry's eternal slumber with that one.

  • @a_n_m_w
    @a_n_m_w  +28

    The chemistry of this friend Group is off the chart.