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Haiden Deegan's First Pro Supercross Race!!

  • Опубліковано 5 лют 2023
  • The moment we all have been waiting for is here!! Houston Supercross was the perfect redemption from the previous weekend's Futures race- giving Haiden Deegan the much-needed exposure to the Pro Ranks of @SupercrossLive. Going in with a mindset of learning was expected, but we weren't expecting Haiden to get FOURTH on his @MonsterEnergy Star Racing Yamaha! Stick around to see it all unfold, in this one heck of an action-packed stepping-stone of a night!
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  • GavLive
    GavLive Місяць тому +1876

    Hope everyone enjoyed the video and the new race intro! We wanted to put something special together for Haiden and his debut!

    • Kellie and Tommy
      Kellie and Tommy 28 днів тому

      Awesome !!! Good luck buddy !!!

    • Lifeskux76 #1312 #ftp
      Lifeskux76 #1312 #ftp 28 днів тому

      Love the intro. Destroy ain't the word 🤣

    • Kontra Bida
      Kontra Bida Місяць тому

      Thanks for the video! It's like we were there the whole time! love the editing as well!

    • Manny Perry
      Manny Perry Місяць тому

      got me fired up

    • Derrick Crocker
      Derrick Crocker Місяць тому

      That intro was soooo badass

  • Justin Mann
    Justin Mann Місяць тому +141

    He’s quiet, focused, and works hard. A lot of people say he’s been spoon fed. This kid will earn his championship because of how hard he works. He put the spoon away and has his knife and fork ready to eat some steak! Keep ripping dude! Your dad is an awesome mentor and humble! God bless y’all!!

    • Storm Junkies
      Storm Junkies Місяць тому +1

      for real, you dont get where hes at by NOT putting in 1000s of hours of hardwork and training

    • Marksoutta10
      Marksoutta10 Місяць тому +1

      Agreed, he might be lucky to have been born into a great family but he still has to have the hunger and do the work

    • AzDailyLife
      AzDailyLife Місяць тому +1

      I agree ☝️

    • Another day in the life!
      Another day in the life! Місяць тому +3

      Seriously though! I would love to have the opportunity this family has but that kid has put in the work. The dude was an absolute beast out there looked comfortable af even when getting squirrely

  • Lina Dicktator
    Lina Dicktator Місяць тому +95

    I've been following Haiden for a while now, since he was on 85s. As a father whose kid raced motocross, I'm really impressed with how Brian doesn't push Haiden too fast, lets him learn, and just lets him enjoy the entire experience! I've seen plenty of parents get so uptight when their kids don't finish first, or has a bad race. Kudos Brian! I'm so proud of Haiden! So proud that you'd think he was MY kid out there racing! Keep up the hard work, and stay safe!

  • Milokitty
    Milokitty Місяць тому +113

    I was so stoked to see how great he did! His cornering speed it literally unreal. I’ve never seen ANYONE get through corners like that on a Supercross track. This kid is the future. Stay humble and grounded Haiden and always listen to your father. He knows what he’s talking about.

    • Mark Wolfe
      Mark Wolfe Місяць тому +1

      Sexton corners like that, it's unreal the corner speed the kid carries though, looking forward to watching his career, screw the haters.

    • Gabe itch’s
      Gabe itch’s Місяць тому

      Kinda sound like my dad

    • Glen Wilkerson
      Glen Wilkerson Місяць тому +1

      DangerBoy-Sniper! Deegan! Man so Proud of him and his Family ! $$ is not what made him he works his ass off and has the hunger that’s relentless! So Proud and excited For Star Racing Program / what a stable of talent!

    • Crouse_22
      Crouse_22 Місяць тому +7

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone corner like that, it was insane

    • A A
      A A Місяць тому +12

      kid was nearly scraping his elbow. shit was nuts

  • Crazy_trucker34
    Crazy_trucker34 Місяць тому

    There’s no one out there that I can say they didn’t put in the work. Period from watching Brian race to do freestyle to watch his kids grow up it’s just epic. I look forward to seeing great things out of all of them

  • ChillDaddyDustin
    ChillDaddyDustin Місяць тому +15

    Have to give credit where credit is due...this young man is out there smashing big goals already!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for Haiden. The Next Best Thing In Supercross!!

    • matt polsfut
      matt polsfut Місяць тому

      He just placed 4th in his first main even if Supercross?

  • MotoBroo
    MotoBroo Місяць тому +110


  • Gary Wheeler
    Gary Wheeler Місяць тому

    Hey guys, im from the UK and have followed the channel and Haiden since his 65 days. There was a certain race at Loretta's, where it absolutely chucked it with rain just before the moto started and he was just on rails, a league of his own. That was my first time of thinking this kid will be something special in the future. Huge congrats on your first pro supercross, great result and an even bigger well done for Tampa! That was some ride in the heat race and then in the main again! Nothing but respect for this family and how they've gone about things. Good luck for the future and that first podium.

  • Aaron Dunn
    Aaron Dunn Місяць тому

    I’ve watched this young man grow up throughout your videos for years and I’m so happy and so supportive of him and how far he’s came wish him the best luck and stay safe he’s got a bright future ahead this kid is amazing and is going to do amazing things

  • Hunter Tautfest
    Hunter Tautfest Місяць тому +29

    All of us haiden fans were off the rails at the end of that main event. So cool just seeing the guy do what he does. Probably the first ever supercross event I was so genuinely excited for. I made it a whole event like it was the superbowl. So sick to see that p4 finish. I was going to be excited for him even finishing the race. Much love ❤️

  • swifty
    swifty Місяць тому

    Was it just me that got emotional at the end when deegs and duff celebrated , I’m just so amped up for him like this dude is just a role model to the sport and the young kids coming up through and also so down to earth 😊 , I’ve followed him from the start and it’s just so awesome to see him now in the pro ranks , hopefully this will shut the haters up because this lad is the bollocks and I’m backing him all the way , mark my word 2025 super cross 250 champ !!!

  • Sausage Wallet
    Sausage Wallet Місяць тому +18

    Congratulations Haiden on amazing debut. Your family & team must be so proud.
    Shouout to your filmers and editors for this banger video.

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi Місяць тому +234

    I love the mechanic duff he is perfect fit for haiden. He’s gonna be a huge part of his success.

    • Steven Tumlin
      Steven Tumlin Місяць тому

      @The Deeganswhat bike is that

    • Israel Rodriguez
      Israel Rodriguez Місяць тому +4

      @The Deegans I love the fact that Duffe wanted to work with him for what he saw in him so proud of him

    • NZsnowsoljah
      NZsnowsoljah Місяць тому +3

      100% also probably doesn't have to be in front of the camera but always does it with a smile on his face and always gives great insight.

    • Big Boi
      Big Boi Місяць тому +3

      For sure mate. You can tell he really cares for haiden and knows how good he can be… and his experience is second to none

    • Suzuki Kawasaki
      Suzuki Kawasaki Місяць тому +3

      Ya you can tell he's a great guy. He has an Ora of calmess like a great doctor. IDK he's a special person for sure.

  • ImageX
    ImageX Місяць тому

    Grew up watching Brian’s rise and it is just awesome watching his kids do so well. Just a great family all the way around and it’s so cool that they share their life with us. Brian Deegan is America’s best dad….. no contest. Thank you, guys for another great video and good luck next round!

  • Justin Burrell
    Justin Burrell Місяць тому +10

    I almost shed a tear seeing how well he did in his debut. I been watching Haiden since he was on 65’s and to see where he is right now is surreal. I feel like a proud big brother lol. Can’t wait to watch him progress even more. Future Champ no doubt about it. Keep it going Deegan Family 🤟🏽

  • Jeremy Eubanks
    Jeremy Eubanks Місяць тому +5

    I'm super proud of you. Not only did you kill it .. but you handled yourself like a man during all your interviews. You remained humble and level. People are watching that from the top and I'm sure they notice. That attitude and your amazing talent will take you anywhere you want to go.
    So stoked for you haiden .
    Big fans here in North carolina

  • Scott Oglesby
    Scott Oglesby Місяць тому +9

    I can only imagine the hard work he has put in the 12 plus years for this moment! This young man is so possitive and has such a great head on his shoulders. I wish you all the success in your professional Career and in life youngster! Keep being a possitive roll model for everyone!

  • Moto 346
    Moto 346 Місяць тому

    This almost made me cry. Been following since Haiden was on 65s ever since I seen that “kid rides dads 450” and shreds it at that age I truly believe from the second I saw him he has everything you want in the sport. Proud to of been following the journey & it’s just the beginning of a new Chapter.

  • Frank Evans
    Frank Evans Місяць тому +101

    I can only imagine the pride Brian and his wife feel watching their children. Congrats Haiden on a hell of a pro debut race! Your future is gonna be a fun one to watch. I don't think a podium or 2 this season is out of reach.

  • Andy Hee
    Andy Hee Місяць тому

    Many greetings from Germany , I’m now 34 years old , following Brian since I was teenager at x games ,have posters all over my child room. Now I’m feeling so with your whole family to push Haiden. Very very cool to see the small danger boy is getting big.
    I wish you all , all the best. I really enjoy the videos and sometimes I feel like it’s my son 😅 to see Brian push him at the track , that’s what it is. Many greetings 👍👍

  • Shuba Steve
    Shuba Steve Місяць тому

    What a exciting debut and very exciting to watch from us fans in Melbourne Australia.

  • Jack Bruce
    Jack Bruce Місяць тому

    Duuudeeee... his corner speed is next level.. congratulations haiden and to all involved... racing at a local level is hard work, I can only imagine of the amount of work haiden and all involved have put in.. top ride legend

  • steve obrien
    steve obrien Місяць тому

    the kid is just natural talent, you cant teach that you either got it or you dont simple as that, and i love the way brian and merissa operate, just because his name is deegan which is massive doesnt mean he gets a free ride hes gotta work for it, and brian and merissa make sure that hes working and he works as hard as anyone.
    haiden is gonna be huge very shortly gaurentee that. huge respect for the family. all the way from perth australia

  • kings17court
    kings17court Місяць тому

    I knew that last weeks Futures race did not represent where Haiden is at, and what he is capable of. This week was PERFECT. Realistically you couldn't expect anything more. He is off to a great, GREAT start. Finished ahead of all the rookies, and while all the other rookies moved backwards during the main, Haiden moved up.

  • Darryn Ruzicka
    Darryn Ruzicka Місяць тому +77

    Brian is just glowing and he should be. This is the culmination of 12 years of work and it looks like the hopes for Haiden are actually becoming reality.

    • didickcheeseburger
      didickcheeseburger Місяць тому +4

      you can see how excited they all were for his 4th place finish in the main. theyve worked hard for this for years and theyre proud of such a good debut in the pros

  • Ryan Llewellyn
    Ryan Llewellyn Місяць тому

    Absolute warrior
    The work he’s put in will pay off with out doubt a future sx world champ
    Keep grinding kid you’ve got the potential in abundance 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • George Scott
    George Scott Місяць тому

    Bro, as soon as he learns to get out of the gate fast consistently and gains a little more experience, it’s on! The bigger/stronger he gets will help tremendously too but just tweaking a few things right now will put him on the podium. Future is bright for Haiden! Congrats!

  • Eugene Sandrock
    Eugene Sandrock Місяць тому

    My dad was a sprint car mechanic for years and i used to get mechanics autographs all the time! Duffe is definitely at the top of his game! Takes a team. Glad you guys were able to team with an experienced mechanic to help Haiden get to where he wants to be!

  • mountjarvis
    mountjarvis Місяць тому

    Bless you Brian. Such a great mentor. I love how smooth Haiden rides and that he rocks a Nike at SX. Keeping it original and against the grain. His corner speed is unreal. Big respect

  • Featheredindian
    Featheredindian Місяць тому

    I could not be happier for yous as family,and for haiden himself. He rode a superb race, he kept his composure,and yous should all be extremely proud of the hard work and extreme dedication yous have put in.
    Team deegan ☘️☘️🇮🇪

  • Lucas Arriagada
    Lucas Arriagada Місяць тому +135

    Man its so sick to see this man progress and this channel, from 50's and 20k subs to almost podium and 1.2 mil subs. What a family and I hope the best for you guys. Deegan is a great role model and he couldn't have done it without his supporting family, good luck to everyone.

    • The Deegans
      The Deegans  Місяць тому +14

      Thank you it’s been a ride 🤙🏻

  • Vlog Epicness
    Vlog Epicness Місяць тому +4

    The was a killer debut. Haiden was aggressive but not over his head. Nailed it 👌🏻

  • Miles Patch
    Miles Patch Місяць тому

    Congrats dude 4th place debut is just insane!!!! I've been watching the channel since you started on the 65 and you've been a huge inspiration and it's been sick watching you progress through the ranks!

  • Petenice
    Petenice Місяць тому

    This kid gives me the chills. watchn him get to this point is so fkn awesome

  • Uncle Randy
    Uncle Randy Місяць тому

    Haidens ability to carve turns and rail burms really is next level. considering hes pro now... next level is fucking nuts. So glad to see this career from the very beginning, and wish haiden the absolute best for his career! Hard working kid, with a badass support group of a family

  • Suzuki Kawasaki
    Suzuki Kawasaki Місяць тому

    Congratulations on your first SX race as a Pro. As someone who chased their own Moto dream racing Superbikes I can only imagine how great and proud of your son you must be.

  • ryan beck
    ryan beck Місяць тому +90

    The production level has gone waaaaaaaaaaay up. I thought I was watching this on TV. Kudos

    • ryan beck
      ryan beck Місяць тому +1

      @GavLive By TV I meant it felt like a Netflix production, a la Drive to Survive. Super legit

    • GavLive
      GavLive Місяць тому +6

      Thank you!!

    • 06Trdrew
      06Trdrew Місяць тому +6

      They had help from Gavin, the OG neighbor filmer from when he was a kid

  • Nathan Holway
    Nathan Holway Місяць тому

    Been following haiden for a while, crazy to see him go pro at such a young age. His career is gonna be awesome. Congrats Haiden!

  • Wesley Kamffer
    Wesley Kamffer Місяць тому

    You go boy. Give them hell! So so proud and can only imagine what Brian feels like seeing this. I almost broke into tears. Awesome stuff guys. LOVE THE INTRO

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Місяць тому

    Congrats to Haiden on the hard work paying off. You have a great team around you to support you through the highs and the lows. So good to see.

  • luke
    luke Місяць тому

    Unbelievable debut well done haiden 👌🏻

  • Lootcha
    Lootcha Місяць тому

    Been watching these Vlogs for 5 years and seeing haiden actually out there in a pro race made me tear up too.

  • 701_ben
    701_ben Місяць тому +190

    That corner speed from 14:00 is UNREAL !

    • jay Miller
      jay Miller Місяць тому

      💯💯💯💯 bang on 🤙🤙🤙

    • Cameron
      Cameron Місяць тому +2

      I had the same thought

    • Tango357
      Tango357 Місяць тому +4

      That's Haiden's bread and butter right there! The momentum he carries through the corners is insane!

    • saiyajinali
      saiyajinali Місяць тому +1

      railed that corner so hard until it could have bottomed out the suspension 🤯😳

    • Adam Hill
      Adam Hill Місяць тому


  • Ian Hickmott Disabled Wakeboarder - Waterskier

    This has been the best edit I’ve seen on channel my second one was when you back flipped when your 9 mate. Been so good watching you over the years especially the last 18mths progression mate well done. You’ll get a few podiums this year mate :)

  • Andre Blakely
    Andre Blakely Місяць тому

    Excellent Debut! Love how duffe is always so proud and pumped for Haiden!

  • Alan Wade
    Alan Wade Місяць тому

    Duff and Haiden make an awesome team! 4th place on debut has justified all the hours I've put into the Deegan videos over the past 5 years or so.

  • M Stack
    M Stack Місяць тому

    I like the fact that he was really humble and really downplayed his skills. That in itself was incredibly impressive! Great race Haiden, keep it on two wheels and just learn. Your time will definitely come. Great job dad (Brian) RLTW!

  • 101317 101317
    101317 101317 Місяць тому

    I had high expectations for him in his first pro race, top 10 no doubt. Top 5 was AWESOME!!! I love watching him race. Keep your head, log laps, continue to learn and the podiums will come. CONGRATULATIONS on your achievements

  • SlickT
    SlickT Місяць тому +55

    So lucky to have Duffe on your team. What a positive influence he is.

  • Aaron mettler
    Aaron mettler Місяць тому

    The speed, consistency and control is insane. Ive said it before and ill say it again, you are going to do great things! I look forward to watching you progress and being the best you can be.

  • Randy Hopgood
    Randy Hopgood Місяць тому

    This kid or should I say Grown Man now is a inspiration to everyone! You inspire me and I’m 29 years old thank you! 4th first pro race oh boy they are in troubleeeee! The future is here. Keep up the hard work

  • dropbassnetwork
    dropbassnetwork Місяць тому

    the intro to this video was great! the whole thing was amazing. watching this journey for all these years to get to THIS point. incredible. so proud of dude. he looked great out there and was ripping the corners. couldn't be any happier for the whole Deegan family. you guys have earned this. enjoy and good luck all season.

  • Twe3ze T
    Twe3ze T 20 днів тому

    I think the coolest part about this is after the heat race. There’s ONE camera and just the family shooting it and dads the iron horse for wisdom. Brian your approach to haidens career is impeccable. Love it man. Family that race together stays together. Awesome job this past weekend in Daytona as well. "Do everything without grumbling and arguing so that you may be blameless and pure, innocent children of God surrounded by people
    who are crooked and corrupt. Among these people you
    shine like stars in the world." PHILIPPIANS 2:14-15

  • channeljrs
    channeljrs Місяць тому

    As always Haiden, you and the family never disappoint! 😁 You are an amazing rider, athlete, person and the combination of your family and support teams make watching you kill it totally worthwhile! Keep doing what you do! Much love to the entire Deegan clan! ❤️

  • dtsviper
    dtsviper Місяць тому +64

    So cool to watch Haiden’s professional career taking off, in real time! So many years in the making! Ride the wave and enjoy it!

    • The Deegans
      The Deegans  Місяць тому +7

      Thank you for coming along for the journey🤟🏼

  • B. Nelson
    B. Nelson Місяць тому +8

    I just wanted to thank you guys for taking us along for the ride. My family has watched Haiden ever since his first race at Loretta's. It's actually what got my boys into racing. We wanted to say Congrats to Haiden and your whole family for helping him achieve one of his dreams. It was great to hear the GOAT say Haiden reminded him of himself when he was just starting.

  • Tim B
    Tim B Місяць тому

    Portugal time zone is killing me- watched a few times and the Haiden / Duff combo is clutch! Dad coming strong with the racer / team owner perspective. Most importantly Haiden putting in work and executing the plan! Now I need to merch up and pay the custom’s tax.

  • david russell
    david russell Місяць тому

    Awesome job Haiden! Couldn’t ask for a better debut honestly! Looking forward to watching you the rest of the season!

  • Paull
    Paull Місяць тому +1

    so pumped for you haiden. Watched you from the beginning on the 50 and i knew you would get to this point so congrats man. hard work pays off

  • KD 5681
    KD 5681 Місяць тому +4

    So happy for Haiden !! And for Dad.....I know that feeling Brian, enjoy and walk proud !!!

  • Ray Ramey
    Ray Ramey Місяць тому +40

    cant see how anyone hates on this family, i dont know a single person in this family and i admire them soo much man, seeing how happy and full of energy and positive vibes they put out is really awesome. ROCK ON DEEGANS

  • Sin9ster Foley
    Sin9ster Foley Місяць тому

    All of those Motos and sprints really paid out. The stamina and endurance really sealed the deal. Huge props! Can't wait for your first podium finish!

  • Dan Sanderson
    Dan Sanderson Місяць тому +2

    Been watching haiden from the start of youtube that race brought a tear to my eye was absolutely amazing to see the years of hard work come together. Amazing family and amazing talent congrats haiden so glad we get to see so much more
    Big respect from the UK 🇬🇧

  • Having Fun
    Having Fun Місяць тому

    Man this was cool to see, I’m happy for Haiden I’ve been following him for a while and he always looked smooth and fast riding his bike. 4th in his first ever pro race is very impressive to say the least. I grew up in love with dirt bikes and was a fan of a Brain since he came on the racing scene and followed him when he stopped racing to be a pioneer in freestyle. Best of luck this year Haiden you’ve definitely got some eyes in you now.

  • Wayne Corbett
    Wayne Corbett Місяць тому

    This is a World champion in the making, he is exceptional at taking the inside line and blasting out of the corner to overtake one or more riders at a time.

  • one Mx Jader lopes #1
    one Mx Jader lopes #1 Місяць тому

    É isso aí muleque doido, parabéns cresci vendo o seu pai andando e muitas vezes me identifiquei com seu estilo, e tenho te acompanhado desde novo e me inspiro muito em vc tbm 💪 ✊🔥🇧🇷

  • Bryant Schott
    Bryant Schott Місяць тому +61

    Bro I was going absolute nuts!! You killed it buddy and like I said the other day, if your a true haiden fan we are super proud my guy!! Keep it up brother💪💪💪 congrats kid you deserve it!

    • Bryant Schott
      Bryant Schott Місяць тому

      Big fan of you guys always have been and always will be. Much love!

    • The Deegans
      The Deegans  Місяць тому +2

      Thank you 🙏🏼

    • Joel Gibbs
      Joel Gibbs Місяць тому +1


  • Courtney
    Courtney Місяць тому +6

    Just look at the riders he beat tonight 😮 he was quicker than some legit champs. So glad he got to come out and show his hard work

  • lilcory69
    lilcory69 Місяць тому

    I love how duffe is just so pumped and upbeat for him!! Def a huge Duffe fan!!

  • Josh Hollifield
    Josh Hollifield Місяць тому

    I've been waiting on this video to see Haiden and family's reaction on his result. So awesome and amazing!!!! Love everything about it!!!

  • Keith Hudson
    Keith Hudson Місяць тому +5

    How could you be more proud as a father to have two professional competing kids. Congratulations Bryan. Hell of job brother.

  • Brian Rosato
    Brian Rosato Місяць тому

    Beyond proud of you kiddo I told everybody at my house Saturday afternoon I had you for a top-five overall finish never doubted you 1 bit you handled the pressure like a true Rockstar congrats to your entire family and team!!

  •  Saint Laurent
    Saint Laurent Місяць тому +75

    I love Haiden's riding style he has so much swag and makes everything look so effortless. He's going to be a superstar if he stays healthy.

    • Rick Visser
      Rick Visser Місяць тому +1

      If you have watched C. Pourcel... everything else looks hard work. But yeah his style is cool. Out of the corners a bit like RV2

  • Mitchell Beaver
    Mitchell Beaver Місяць тому

    Its been so much fun watching Haiden come up. The kid is a natural, and has such a good attitude. Throw in the great teacher of Brian in the mix... Goodness.. Skys the limit.

  • David Nusz
    David Nusz Місяць тому

    I can't stop smiling watching this, ive watched you for years grow up and put the work in, now we're all going to watch it pay off! 💪

  • Thatonegt
    Thatonegt Місяць тому

    Brian must be so proud, I can't even imagine the feeling he had watching his son race his first professional race. Wow, this is a dream come true.

  • RMATRO22
    RMATRO22 Місяць тому +1

    What a great ride by Haiden! His corner speed is AMAZING! Haiden is definitely one of the future stars for both SX and MX. Looking forward to watching his progression in the coming years. Very proud parent moment and shows you all the hard work and the sacrifices that Haiden and the family has made is paying off. Good luck to the rest of your season!

  • Pvt. Thor
    Pvt. Thor Місяць тому

    dude i was so exited and happy for haiden that i started tearing up lol, so happy for haiden and the whole deegan family, love you guys

  • Chevy Life
    Chevy Life Місяць тому +43

    It's pretty crazy that I feel like a proud dad😂 Been watch Haiden since he was so young , cool to see it all come together

    • Omar Khury
      Omar Khury Місяць тому +1

      i feel the same😋

  • DOC Ohm
    DOC Ohm Місяць тому

    THAT was awesome Haiden! Only so many people can achieve that on their first race. You have to train like an Olympian and have the skill sets to be fast. Obviously you put in the hard work and your family is right there with you as your team. God bless and best wishes for you 🙏

  • Junior Teixeira
    Junior Teixeira Місяць тому +3

    Foi uma grande estreia no Ama Supercross, parabéns pela 4° colocação 🤘.
    Estou na torcida pelo Enzo Lopes 56 na Costa Oeste e Haiden Deegan 238 na Costa Leste.

  • East Got Heat
    East Got Heat Місяць тому

    Ive been watching the channel for a few years now and to see the progression and seeing him place P4 his first pro race..I was almost in tears and proud of him like he was my own son! 👏👏

  • Todd
    Todd Місяць тому +2

    I’ve been following you guys for a few years, watched Haiden mature and hone his skills. I’m so damn proud of that kid. Freaking 4th!!!! So proud!!

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott Місяць тому

    Last part of the video; I believe eye contact with us viewers would of been huge. When you can confidently look into the camera(the eyes of the viewer), you can draw in so much connection. This journey is huge for Haiden. God Bless

  • John Burchett
    John Burchett Місяць тому +15

    I’m calling podium sooner than most think, kid is gnarly and out here competing against the best in the world. I will forever be a fan of how hard he works and can not wait to see what the future holds for him. 238 🏁🏁

  • Aaron Campbell
    Aaron Campbell Місяць тому

    What a pro debut 👌 proved all the haters wrong and showed you got what it takes.. awesome job!!

  • Josh S
    Josh S Місяць тому +1

    You're the man been following you for about 5 years now and I prayed for you man and you did it. I guess my prayers worked out for the end of the whoops lol. Killed it bro love ya

  • Simon Källefjord
    Simon Källefjord Місяць тому

    i saw the race, but i still clenched my butt watching this. can't believe that ive followed his journey since his first backflip, and will continue to follow his journey for many more years

  • Kyle Sheldon
    Kyle Sheldon Місяць тому

    I tuned into qualifying and it was a sight to see. His corner speed is phenomenal.

  • Stephen Bates
    Stephen Bates Місяць тому

    All the hard work paying off well done Haiden and all the team 👏

  • Tufel Hunden 95
    Tufel Hunden 95 Місяць тому +21

    All’s I’m gonna say is, F Cookzy!! Anybody who’s been following Danger Boy knows what he’s done, is capable of and his determination. Yes it’s early, but when he gets over the initial jitters, it’s on! His competitors just got a glimpse of what fire breaths in him. Congrats 🤙🏻🇺🇸

    • Jack McKay
      Jack McKay Місяць тому

      And Cookzy called Brian Deegan a clown 🤡 hes far from that

    • didickcheeseburger
      didickcheeseburger Місяць тому

      yeah cooksey seemed to be underestimating [hating?] him a bit. theres no arguing that haidens got the talent. his lap times show hes reasonably in league with the better 250 riders already. i think his biggest potential problem now is hopefully he dont get overconfident because of such a surprisingly good result. i dont think he should change his mindset for this entire season. just a learning experience and dont get excited and start chasing podiums. when they hit tampa just log the laps and dont override the bike chasing new goals

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans Місяць тому

    it's crazy, i havent followed super cross since the days of james stewart, ricky carmichael etc, but watching haiden race is something special! watching him and your guys youtube channel over the last few years really made me fall back in love with the sport!

  • Project J
    Project J Місяць тому

    I’m so happy to see danger boy progressing man🦾

  • Ricky Graham
    Ricky Graham Місяць тому

    I don't think I could have been anymore proud of this young man.

  • J Law
    J Law Місяць тому

    The absolute best way to shut up your haters is to ride just like that. The entire Deegan family is a testament to how hard work = success. I look forward to seeing #238 on the podium soon!

  • Riterski
    Riterski Місяць тому

    Thank you Deegans for bringing us along on your crazy journeys.man i was praying for haden .god kept him safe and let him ride his ride.i was jumping up and down.woke up the house.so so sick.

  • 701_ben
    701_ben Місяць тому +50

    Congrats on the amazing debut Haiden!

  • Pete Bernhagen
    Pete Bernhagen Місяць тому

    Stay focused and be humble. Kid has serious skills and awesome to see his excitement level and his support team cheer him on. Nice job!

  • Lee Burke
    Lee Burke Місяць тому

    The whisky throttle save, the ride, the result... but best of all the reaction from Haiden, Team and family! SX at its best right there!

  • Aaron Zalkovsky
    Aaron Zalkovsky Місяць тому

    The love and support of this family and team is amazing!