6 Taylor Swift Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

  • Опубліковано 9 жов 2019
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    Annie - anniecamilla
    Aleisha - aleisha.is.a.unicorn
    Scott - nicoleandscotty
    Kevin - kevintnguyenz
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КОМЕНТАРІ • 13 505

  • Kaysha Rayne
    Kaysha Rayne 3 години тому

    how am I always so good at predicting who the mole is? Every time I'm right damn I need to be on one of these

  • Fiona Guo
    Fiona Guo 9 годин тому

    i havent finished the video yet and i think its fallon

  • Bruh
    Bruh 13 годин тому

    This is annoying

  • · Ø l g a ·
    · Ø l g a · 13 годин тому

    I knew the moment it's Aleisha by the way she saying "I am a Taylor Swift fan"

  • CJ K
    CJ K 13 годин тому

    AHHH!!! I love Taylor Swift!!!!!
    I got so excited when the mentioned Haunted! I freaking love that one! And Ours is also in my head rn!!!! Fearless is also good, and Treacherous!!! Speak Now and Fearless are top twoo!!!!
    Speak Now

    But Taylor Swift is QUEEENNN!!!!!

    LBS PLAYS 16 годин тому

    Annie made this video 100 times better

  • triggered krab
    triggered krab 16 годин тому

    "I didn't know the name of one cat, that's it!"
    *Wait, she has cats?*

  • loveonly x
    loveonly x 17 годин тому

    Lowkey thought it was gonna be Annie she just seemed to like overfangirl

  • Acacia Yoon
    Acacia Yoon 18 годин тому +1


  • Kieran Vreeland
    Kieran Vreeland 18 годин тому

    I kinda stopped stanning Taylor after Reputation came out, but as soon as she did a song with Brendon Urie, I started stanning again.

  • alexander bobo
    alexander bobo 18 годин тому

    I think it was kind obvious all along, I mean she wasn't saying anything until she knew it was safe to and when she thought no one else would vote her out so she started to talk and get more comfortable.

  • princess emily
    princess emily 19 годин тому

    I literally thought it was Fallon the whole time she was being too sus lmaooo

  • princess emily
    princess emily 19 годин тому

    Alesha reminds me of that girl from catfish

  • sophia waninger
    sophia waninger 20 годин тому

    aleisha literally said she loved delicate on reputation like girl there are much better songs (and less overplayed) than that one. obviously she was the mole.

  • Celeste Marrs
    Celeste Marrs 21 годину тому

    I love this series but this was so cringy 😂 but that’s probably because I’m not a Taylor Swift fan

  • Baby Blunt
    Baby Blunt 21 годину тому

    Do one with kids

  • Ridzuan Bin Tajuddin
    Ridzuan Bin Tajuddin 23 години тому

    There should be "6 Cardi B fans vs 1 Nicki Minaj Fan"

  • raddom tutorials
    raddom tutorials 23 години тому

    My man Scott has a bread loaf glued on his head

  • Teeni Anjam
    Teeni Anjam День тому +1

    Someone tell me why it's pitch black in the background

  • Fani Fani
    Fani Fani День тому

    6 no lifers and one normal person

  • jolinnn n
    jolinnn n День тому

    Okay but Aleisha looks like a psychopath. She, i-

  • pantelope
    pantelope День тому


  • Miss et skylar
    Miss et skylar День тому +1

    You should do a
    BTS ARMY and 1 BTS hater
    Or the inverse

  • chloe broadbent
    chloe broadbent День тому

    i loved annie omg. that’s all i have to say

  • Rui Mendonça
    Rui Mendonça День тому

    I knWe iT!!!

  • Ethan Varga
    Ethan Varga День тому

    Annie at the end: I knew it was Aleisha
    Also Annie in every single round but the last: Doesn't vote for Aleisha

  • Jenna Horn
    Jenna Horn День тому

    You should do an episode where there are 6 One Direction fans and 1 hater. Directioners can get really heated when it comes to the members. It’d be entertaining.

  • charlie rain
    charlie rain День тому

    My suspect was Annie.

  • Josh c
    Josh c День тому

    okay how can you hate taylor wth

  • Official Arianator
    Official Arianator День тому

    Can you do who is not a Ariana Grande fan

  • B3lLa j0Y
    B3lLa j0Y День тому

    I knew it was Aleisha!!!

  • Lola Bartlett
    Lola Bartlett День тому

    It’s me in the t swift hater

  • Alexis DIY
    Alexis DIY День тому

    Jeremy is an icon !! like look at those vans

  • Elise Patton
    Elise Patton День тому

    I wish they would do odd man out with kids it would be so funny

  • Go Beyond!
    Go Beyond! День тому +1

    Aleisha was so obvious man 💀 was she even trying


    Most cringe video
    Btw Beyoncé hae one of the best music videos of all time

  • Beanieboogirl 123
    Beanieboogirl 123 День тому

    I don’t understand why people have to be confused about people who smile all the time what if they are a happy person?

  • rembaby
    rembaby День тому


  • PrimeCarnage
    PrimeCarnage День тому +1

    I guessed Alicia from the beginning just by the way she said she a fan who else

  • Nothing Time
    Nothing Time День тому

    i knew it was her from the start she didnt really speak and smile idk?

  • ImJocose
    ImJocose День тому

    Do Tyler, The Creator next

  • Big Gary
    Big Gary 2 дні тому

    Plot twist: They all hate Taylor

  • Katherine Brooks
    Katherine Brooks 2 дні тому +1

    please do this with one direction fans

  • random person
    random person 2 дні тому


  • SINdrome
    SINdrome 2 дні тому

    listening to the word "SWIFTIES" gave me diarrhea

  • ۰۰NᎪᎢᎻᎪN۰۰ PG3D
    ۰۰NᎪᎢᎻᎪN۰۰ PG3D 2 дні тому

    They all say that they knew who it was at the end.
    Me: Well then why didn’t you vote for her every round?

  • Julianna Franklin
    Julianna Franklin 2 дні тому

    i honestly knew it...

  • Brandon Archuleta
    Brandon Archuleta 2 дні тому

    Do Ariana Grande fan

  • Felicity Lin
    Felicity Lin 2 дні тому

    "I didn't know that one cat's name"

  • Nicholas Rivera
    Nicholas Rivera 2 дні тому

    So I have a question how much money do they win

  • Dolledup.k
    Dolledup.k 2 дні тому

    Ik it was her she was looking odd

  • jazmin R
    jazmin R 2 дні тому

    Annie got on my nerves ...

  • Kyle Dianne Suaybaguio
    Kyle Dianne Suaybaguio 2 дні тому

    Mura pud ug gwapa ning Aleisha

  • Raaraa 111
    Raaraa 111 2 дні тому

    Aleisha was so obviously her body language and her facial expressions just pointed it out sm

  • ayohitmanbangtan !
    ayohitmanbangtan ! 2 дні тому

    The mole was literally being so obvious
    I could tell straight away that it was her
    Her facial expressions and it looked like she was trying to get on with the others too much
    She was also smiling and looking down a lot
    She's was literally just agreeing with everything anyone said by saying yah

  • Belle Elleb
    Belle Elleb 2 дні тому

    These people are nice! I like Annie the most. She seems like your High School good girl you want to be friends with!

  • RosaDiaz99
    RosaDiaz99 2 дні тому

    ~You go Glen coco! ~love that bit

  • Niamaya Rasmussen
    Niamaya Rasmussen 3 дні тому

    Aleisha was like so shy and annoiyng the whole time

  • S. Minor
    S. Minor 3 дні тому

    So wait...I'm confused I only see the 3 celebrating that they won the money. What about the other 2 that were voted off? Do they not get the money cause they got booted out before they found the mole? Or do they still win the money as well but choose not to be apart of the celebrating the win? Just asking I'm confused cause I noticed this same pattern with all the 1 Hater videos.

  • knohbuhdy
    knohbuhdy 3 дні тому

    Hol up she just said when they stop cumming to her she'll stop singing 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔