Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - Grand Final - Live Stream

  • Опубліковано 19 тра 2019
  • The day has come! After months of preparation and two Semi-Finals, acts from 26 countries will compete in the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. The result will be determined by a combination of expert juries and viewers from all 41 participating countries. The show will feature special guest performances from reigning Eurovision queen Netta, former winners Dana International, Conchita Wurst and Måns Zelmerlöw, as well as Eurovision icon Verka Serduchka. And... earlier this week we could also confirm that Madonna will perform as guest star during the show!
    The Grand Final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest is brought to you by the European Broadcasting Union and Israeli public broadcasting corporation KAN. The show will be hosted by Bar Refaeli, Erez Tal, Assi Azar and Lucy Ayoub, live from Expo Tel Aviv.
    Tonight's 26 competing acts
    Tonight's Grand Final will see acts from 26 countries compete for the title of 2019 Eurovision Song Contest winner. They represent the 10 countries with the highest points from each of the two Semi-Finals that took place earlier this week, along with the 'Big Five' - France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom - and host nation Israel.
    Tonight's acts are:
    Malta - Michela with Chameleon
    Albania - Jonida Maliqi with Ktheju tokës
    Czech Republic - Lake Malawi with Friend of a Friend
    Germany - S!sters with Sister
    Russia - Sergey Lazarev with Scream
    Denmark - Leonora with Love Is Forever
    San Marino - Serhat with Say Na Na Na
    North Macedonia - Tamara Todevska with Proud
    Sweden - John Lundvik with Too Late For Love
    Slovenia - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl with Sebi
    Cyprus - Tamta with Replay
    The Netherlands - Duncan Laurence with Arcade
    Greece - Katerine Duska with Better Love
    Israel - Kobi Marimi with Home
    Norway - KEiiNO with Spirit In The Sky
    United Kingdom - Michael Rice with Bigger Than Us
    Iceland - Hatari with Hatrið mun sigra
    Estonia - Victor Crone with Storm
    Belarus - ZENA with Like It
    Azerbaijan - Chingiz with Truth
    France - Bilal Hassani with Roi
    Italy - Mahmood with Soldi
    Serbia - Nevena Božović with Kruna
    Switzerland - Luca Hänni with She Got Me
    Australia - Kate Miller-Heidke with Zero Gravity
    Spain - Miki with La Venda
    You can vote for your favorite songs if you are in one of the 41 participating countries, regardless of whether your country made it through the Semi-Finals.
    The opening act
    After her victory last year, the honor of opening the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest falls to last year's winner Netta Barzilai. She will get the party started along with Israel's previous Eurovision winner, Dana International and Israel's first ever Eurovision representative, Ilanit.
    As has become a tradition since the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, the Grand Final will open with a flag parade to introduce the 26 competing entrants before the Eurovision Song Contest begins.
    The interval act
    Switch song
    As was already announced last month at the host broadcaster press conference, a special 'switch song' act is planned for the Grand Final featuring former Eurovision winners and runners up:
    Conchita will sing Måns Zelmerlöw's Heroes (Sweden 2015)
    Måns Zelmerlöw will sing Eleni Foureira's Fuego (Cyprus 2018)
    Eleni Foureira will sing Verka Serduchka's Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Ukraine 2007)
    Verka Serduchka will perform Netta's Toy (Israel 2018)
    At the end all four artists will join Gali Atari on stage to perform her 1979 winning song, Hallelujah.
    Netta goes bananas
    Just before time runs out on Netta's reign as Eurovision Queen, she will perform her new song Nana Banana. If you want to sing along, there's still time to learn the words in Netta's lyric video.
    Please give it up for... Madonna!
    International pop icon Madonna will perform 2 songs during the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on 18 May: Her 1989 smash hit 'Like A Prayer' and a world exclusive of brand-new single 'Future', which she will perform together with American rapper Quavo.
    Read all about the participants of the Grand Final here:
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    Italy 🤴

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    You slav fucks Shut up

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    Fucking islam, needs to be killed

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    NO Israhell should queval.

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    The hosts are so boring!!!

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    So happy for Duncan and Nederlands!

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    A lot of countries got robbed!!!

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    Reel winner Luca hanni.
    From Turkey. 🇹🇷

  • Fabio Oliveira
    Fabio Oliveira 2 дні тому

    Cyprus 3:28:34 : 12 points go to
    Arena: Greece
    Cyprus: Greece
    Arena: Boo

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  • Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With Metalheads

    I was "hooked" on Sergey Lazarev and Keiino and Hatari in may but in the end it is Duncan Laurence with Arcade!!!😁😄🥳😵

  • Никита Сочнев
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    С этого открытия мурашки аж...

  • Md Youhan Afridi
    Md Youhan Afridi 3 дні тому +1

    1) Malta 15:56
    2) Albania 19:57
    3) Czech Republic 24:02
    4) Germany 28:02
    5) Russia 31:59
    6) Denmark 37:08
    7) San Marino 41:09
    8) North Macedonia 45:07
    9) Sweden 52:00
    10) Slovenia 55:57
    11)Cyprus 59:56
    12) The Netherlands 1:03:53
    13) Greece 1:08:01
    14) Israel 1:12:44
    15) Norway 1:16:56
    16) United Kingdom 1:20:59
    17) Iceland 1:27:52
    18) Estonia 1:31:46
    19) Belarus 1:35:54
    20) Azerbaijan 1:39:56
    21) France 1:43:57
    22) Italy 1:47:53
    23) Serbia 1:52:03
    24) Switzerland 1:56:03
    25) Australia 2:00:03
    26) Spain 2:04:07

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    2:57:07 я для себя. Не обращайте внимание

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    Eurovision 2014 and 2015 are the best of best.

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      lol dazzling lights without control, on the screen. Into the face.and stuck with one color 2014/2015...

  • שאול שילו
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    Following ESC 2019, I recommend watching Ilanit at the 1973 and 1977 Eurovision Song Contest. Beauiful. I liked the performance at 1977 a little bit more

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    this is not a euro vision aaaaaa puffovision more like it cock suckers

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      @Lily Ami
      He got a day off from the dumpster.

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    Azerbaycanin xeritesinde Naxcivan verilmiyib sesvermede. Azerbaijan map was incomplete.

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    Someone October 2019?

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      Who else is also here for "epic performance" Madonna 😂😂 of course, I respect her, but... eurovision's like a prayer was sooo bad 😅😅

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      ooooooooooh that's cool

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      @Lina ESC lol

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      Toi & moi

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    Azerbaycan 🇦🇿

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    Where is Jury voting from POLAND, please, aahahahahah

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    The Netherlands: **performs**
    Crowd: **goes crazy**
    Greece: Well there i go next :/

  • Liam Baaijens
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    Iceland: *gets votes
    Iceland: *shows palestine
    Crowd: BOOOOOO
    France: Okay i’m next
    Crowd: Idec BOOOO
    France: Oh boi...

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      @76 Yarich cool but just to tell you:There aren't no hotels or Motels here :D,so good luck finding a place to stay lol.

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      @Andre Andre
      On my way:)

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      @76 Yarich you're always welcomed here in Macedonia!Btw come Visit Sveti Nikole,a small city with 10000 people I think,where I live,it's pretty cool!

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      @Andre Andre
      Definitely on my plans :)

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      @Andre Andre
      Love Macedonia! Gave us the 1998 victory!
      I'm just saying I won't visit a country where I feel there's a lot of hostility towards me.
      A few hundreds Kurds died today by the hands of the Turkish army. Will I hear an Icelandic cry over that? I guess not. But let's just leave it as it is.

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    Ils méritent tous de gagner bravo !

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    Албания, мощно!

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    I only came back to this broadcast because the televotes are not uploaded separately lol

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    Look. It has been months. But I will say it again:


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    Madonna !!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Thats why Hatari from Iceland are the bravest,
    brought out the truth thanks to the flag and their justice, great respect from Russia.

    • miri amichai
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      spiderman n 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 they has no respect!

  • spiderman n
    spiderman n 10 днів тому

    Thats why Hatari from Iceland are the bravest,
    brought out the truth thanks to the flag and their justice, great respect from Russia.

    • miri amichai
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      spiderman n 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • spiderman n
    spiderman n 10 днів тому

    Thats why Hatari from Iceland are the bravest,
    brought out the truth thanks to the flag and their justice, great respect from Russia.

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    4:00:51 "how MUCH points" wtf , hey dude how MANY lol

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    No Mahmood ca**o di poco epoi sono l'unico italiano qua?

  • ahmet tümer sezen
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    3:07:26 Galgodor

  • Шоу Я+R
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    I am very happy that our Russia is in third place in Eurovision.

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  • Okayest At Most
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    You know how some songs from ESC keep on being played at parties? I really want that with Spain's song haha

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  • Noa Martinez
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    LOVE❤SUIZA Y SPAIN😍😅😘😄👸👍👄💋❤💛💚💙💜💗💖💝💞💌

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    The Winner is The Netherlands 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱❤️❤️🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  • Big Brother
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    I'm sorry, zero points. 🇩🇪😂😂😂😂

  • Ig.mike13
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    She went from eating chicken to becoming a Vegetarian 🌱

  • Malbina Kaja
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    The winner should have been Sergey Lazarev from Russia 🇷🇺 💕

    • 76 Yarich
      76 Yarich 7 днів тому

      @Big Brother
      He's totally overrated and as usual enjoys the many Russians living all over eastern Europe

    • Big Brother
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      No, he's so overrated, just like in 2016

  • Klemen Orter
    Klemen Orter 15 днів тому +6

    Jon Ola : Jury voted correctly :)
    Belarus: BITCHH PLIZZZ 😂

  • ESC Bulgaria
    ESC Bulgaria 16 днів тому +4

    Germany and Denmark were very underrated 😢😢😢

    They deserved much more.

    • Matie К
      Matie К 9 днів тому

      I like Denmark this time!

    • Big Brother
      Big Brother 12 днів тому +1

      I'm sorry, but Germany is definitely NOT underrated
      And I'm from Germany

  • cskillers1
    cskillers1 17 днів тому +9

    my own top which i made while listening carefully to grand finals (didn't watched other countries, sorry), also
    points i set based on the performance and background, do understand that everyone have their own preference,
    overall i'm happy about the winner since i would be happy with anyone starting from 7+ points
    1. Norway (10 points)
    2. Sweden (9 points)
    3. Serbia (9 points)
    4. Estonia (8 points)
    5. Azerbaijan (8 points)
    6. Israel (8 points)
    7. Switzerland (7 points)
    8. Spain (7 points)
    9. Albania (7 points)
    10. Russia (7 points)
    11. The Netherlands (7 points)
    12. Belarus (7 points)
    13. France (6 points)
    14. United Kingdom (6 points)
    15. Iceland (6 points)
    16. Australia (6 points)
    17. Czech Republic (5 points)
    18. Greece (5 points)
    19. Malta (4 points)
    20. Denmark (4 points)
    21. Germany (3 points)
    22. San Marino (3 points)
    23. Italy (3 points)
    24. Cyprus (2 points)
    25. North Macedonia (2 points)
    26. Slovenia (1 point)

    about Slovenia - sadly song and performance is not entertaining at all if person doesn't understand Slovenian language
    about North Macedonia - babies sure got the jury, but not me
    about Cyprus - i believe their outfits and staging in general made things much worse than they could be, song was also kinda replay-like ._.
    about Italy - not exactly my type of the song but performance was somewhat decent
    about San Marino - sounded way too much like all these 80's~90's and below music which i often hear on tv concerts
    about Germany - well, sisters, pretty much it, alright.
    about Denmark - it was pretty ok on words part
    about Malta - song sadly was kinda unbalanced
    about Greece - it was fine at most, but i gave extra for the background
    about Czech Republic - decent 80's~90's-like song but i understand the "7" from people's votes very well here
    about Australia - not exactly my type of song, but performance was very surprising and unique
    about Iceland - well, at first i was like wth is that, but then after a bit it got really entertaining, as well as the performance was nice
    about United Kingdom - was pretty ok generic song
    about France - showing babies is one thing(cough cough North Macedonia), bringing them on stage to actually perform is another, gj on that find, as well as the song was kinda catchy
    about Belarus - it was a nice combination of song and style of clothes, very decent
    about The Netherlands - such a song easily can be a hit on radios, that's what i thought before i found out about the winner, now for sure it will be.
    about Russia - the mirrors and background in general was really, really good, song itself was pretty ok
    about Albania - i liked the song but background was kinda basic, on top of that she even left circle of flame after ~mid of the song..
    about Spain - song was ok, i wanted to give them a 6 at first, but then they done that great walking performance around the stage. :)
    about Switzerland - song is really, really catchy
    about Israel - song was nice, and the guy tried his very, very best, i clearly saw that during, and after the song.
    about Azerbaijan - it's strange but i always tried to find the right words for why is it an 8 for me, like, it's good, but i just can't really find out "why"
    about Estonia - song and the background was really good, perhaps only downside is that song was somewhat selfish i guess?
    about Serbia - it got very intense at the end, both song and the background
    about Sweden - i don't know how but after 4 old ladies joined the stage the song only got better, and the guy tried his very best, too
    about Norway - song was way too good, that trio.. i was shocked when it was all the way there on the back during jury's votes, and was shocked that North Macedonia was #1 for a while, glad that it ended well in the end(for The Netherlands), Norway got a ton of well deserved points from people's votes, but it just was not enough.

  • cskillers1
    cskillers1 17 днів тому +1

    Finland jury's results announcer: Or as we say here in Finland...
    Super Rude Commentator: Whatever.

  • numis matico
    numis matico 18 днів тому +1

    Madonna 1000 points

  • Daltøxicø Dalto
    Daltøxicø Dalto 18 днів тому +1

    Madonna! Queen da porra toda!

  • Luca Sch.
    Luca Sch. 19 днів тому +1


  • dinopugliesedok
    dinopugliesedok 19 днів тому +8

    Stop to overrate Sweden!! 😡

  • Tomislav Bedekov
    Tomislav Bedekov 19 днів тому +2

    Does anyone have link of exact remix of 3:58 Tel Aviv - Omer Adam ft Arisa?

  • Peaceful Person
    Peaceful Person 20 днів тому

    Who have created this fucking point system ?