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How did humans come to be? | DW Documentary

  • Опубліковано 13 січ 2023
  • How did humans evolve? José Braga and his team are researching the missing link between apes and humans. In Kromdraai, South Africa, the paleoanthropologists discover important clues about our direct ancestors.
    Their findings provide fascinating insights into the lives of our ancestors and help shed light on crucial steps in our evolution. After all, exactly how humankind’s family tree developed is still a mystery. At the Kromdraai site, scientists are searching for new evidence. The South African region, also known as the "Cradle of Humankind," is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So far, however, no one has been able to provide direct evidence of how the transition from apes to humans was made. But Professor José Braga suspects that the key to understanding this evolutionary link lies in fossil finds of infants. Thanks to the arrangement of their teeth, they can clearly be seen as "human-like”.
    Although decades of excavations have thus far provided no proof of the existence of any "intermediate species”, Braga is not giving up. With the help of modern geology as well as sophisticated 3-D technology, his discoveries could change the way we think about human evolution.
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  • Gordon Chamberlain
    Gordon Chamberlain 2 місяці тому +251

    Thank you to those doing the incredible ground breaking research and the DW team who put this documentary together.

    • Marta Oconnor
      Marta Oconnor 7 днів тому

      ​@Icarus 877 .

    • Bo McGillacutty
      Bo McGillacutty Місяць тому

      From long time 'casual observer' view this field has really accelerated this century. So many new finds.

    • Chihiro Stargazer
      Chihiro Stargazer Місяць тому

      @Jack Jackal They left out the part where aliens came and tinkered around with our DNA. That's why humans have evolved in such a way.

    • A New Leaf
      A New Leaf Місяць тому

      Fine then don’t waste your time looking at these videos…no more gibberish to be bothered about!!

    • mihir shah
      mihir shah Місяць тому

      so bible n quran r not correct?

  • Gábor
    Gábor 2 місяці тому +81

    Very enjoyable documentary! It was good to see the work in progress, how different scientific field work together, the animations. Way to go.

  • MartinB
    MartinB 2 місяці тому +34

    I absolutely love these kinds of documentaries, keep em coming DW!

  • barbara seymour
    barbara seymour 2 місяці тому +73

    DW never disappoints. Thanks for producing this. Many questions, however, before any conclusions can be drawn re the appearance of the human we know today.

    • B Bodziak
      B Bodziak 2 місяці тому +3

      @Katya Flippinov Have you read his other comments for this video? If he's studying, he's definitely not retaining anything.

    • Katya Flippinov
      Katya Flippinov 2 місяці тому +6

      @Nick Maync-Matsumotomaybe you should school us as you are obviously applying yourself to study as opposed to perusing UAclips comments. I know I am in awe of your clearly superior mind!😉

    • Nick Maync-Matsumoto
      Nick Maync-Matsumoto 2 місяці тому

      Think again.

  • A. P.
    A. P. 2 місяці тому +27

    It's amazing how busy through millions of years that area was. I imagine each multiple generation probably found and seen some older fossils too. I wonder if they used some of the older fossils as tools?

    • William Dillard
      William Dillard Місяць тому +1

      Or medicine.

    • Cyril
      Cyril Місяць тому +1

      "That's a great observation! 🤔 I'm excited to see what further evidence is uncovered about this period!"

  • Sagar Rao
    Sagar Rao 2 місяці тому +67

    Really appreciate the good quality content produced by DW Documentaries 👍

    • Richard Bergh
      Richard Bergh Місяць тому +1

      Actually produced by Ex Nihilo. Shows how much you know about the content you are watching.

  • Joona Lukala
    Joona Lukala 2 місяці тому +37

    Great work DW ! Very interesting documentary and really well made ❤

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому +6

      Thank you for watching and taking the time to comment. Be sure to check out our channel for more content. :)

  • Joseph Rayle
    Joseph Rayle Місяць тому +5

    I haven’t learned much about human evolution since college. This was very interesting and worthwhile!

  • garry davies
    garry davies 2 місяці тому +46

    Thanks for the most magnificent piece of the world's history. I have never been so overwhelmed, in my 74 years of life.
    Totally magnificent!

    • Morgothra
      Morgothra Місяць тому

      @Eternal life through Jesus Christ. Stephen King's fiction has better, more believable plots. Bronze age fiction, while truly horrific, lacks narrative coherence. Modern horror tales are superior.

    • Pete'sPete
      Pete'sPete Місяць тому

      @Eternal life through Jesus Christ. So to be clear, you believe that just because you were born human, you have dominion over other animals, and all because another human wrote it in a book a few thousand years ago in a language that you don't understand.

    • B Bodziak
      B Bodziak 2 місяці тому +5

      @Eternal life through Jesus Christ. The only reason you believe all of that is because you're too afraid not to believe it.

  • Dokter Kattenbakvulling
    Dokter Kattenbakvulling Місяць тому +16

    Unbelievable that I can watch this for free, in HD. GREAT effort by the whole team. Thank you!

    • Raempftl
      Raempftl Місяць тому

      @Florian Strobel Exactly what I was thinking. But I consider this my tax payment well spent.

    • Florian Strobel
      Florian Strobel Місяць тому

      Well it's free if you don't pay taxes in Germany. You're welcome.

  • Tom Bailey
    Tom Bailey 2 місяці тому +98

    What is also fascinating to me is we think of all these creatures as primitive but in their time they were the leading edge of billions of years of evolution that had already occurred.

    • Ronnie Rowe
      Ronnie Rowe Місяць тому


    • Gold Tau
      Gold Tau Місяць тому

      @Daniel Paulson A.I. will look back us Neanderthals

    • Gabrielle Gueron
      Gabrielle Gueron Місяць тому

      @Ed Pearson
      Tell me you don’t t know how evolution works without telling me how evolution works…
      (Curiously enough, the people I’ve seen that say this don’t really want to understand how evolution across generation works, because it would interfere with their religious/ideological preferences, so nothing would be credible evidence for them. Since you bring up some BS about whom Darwin married -that would not have been relevant even if it were true-, I suspect you are in that camp).

    • Mit Seraffej
      Mit Seraffej Місяць тому +1

      @Ghilbz Vilgadz Your understanding of current scientific thinking of how the universe came about is very primitive. Whatever the actual mechanism less than 30% of the current human population believe the Biblical account.

  • Front Facing Flash
    Front Facing Flash 2 місяці тому +48

    Fantastic documentary about such a (literally) ground breaking work!!! A must watch for all humans 👏

  • HomoBlogicus
    HomoBlogicus 2 місяці тому +15

    Thank you to DW for such high quality and free documentaries.

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому +1

      Thank you for watching! Glad you like our content. :)

  • Pinki Sohal
    Pinki Sohal Місяць тому +2

    Thanks a lot DW for letting us know how we evolved ,great documentary
    As a biology person such discoveries always amaze me.
    Well done all the persons/researchera for doing such a great

  • Já All
    Já All 2 місяці тому +66

    Great documentary. Congratulations for the DW team!

  • Larry Paris
    Larry Paris 2 місяці тому +101

    This is an excellent documentary in so many ways. The landscape photography, the cave shots, the reconstructions of the surface and cave systems, the animations of Homo and Paranthropus on the landscapes, Black Women in Science, the data-rich presentation, and more. Many thanks - this is a high-quality production.

    • dirtsky
      dirtsky Місяць тому

      @Larry Paris it doesnt matter, ghilbz, you, science, nobody knows or will know this answer until death

    • Pete'sPete
      Pete'sPete Місяць тому

      @Ghilbz Vilgadz You seem to contradict yourself. when you have a brain for the purpose of discovering, why do you favor notions that were spread thousands of years ago. Your understanding of "the Almighty Creator" should be so much more advanced than those ancient folk. You should appreciate that you have access to more indepth and complex evidence. The people who wrote the bible and seemingly shaped your understanding expressed creation in context and in a way that made sense to them. What's your excuse?

    • fitveganathlete IntegratedAthleticSystems
      fitveganathlete IntegratedAthleticSystems Місяць тому

      @Nick Maync-Matsumoto simpleton silliness. Find a comic book.

    • Mattie Brantley
      Mattie Brantley Місяць тому +2

      @Ghilbz Vilgadz ​ How do you explain the stalagmite uranium-lead dating?
      How do you explain the gradual transition of features the deeper you go, not just in humans but all other species?
      Why do 99% of scientists in the field believe in an old earth, including even most Christian scientists who embrace theistic evolution?

  • Bruno Smith
    Bruno Smith 2 місяці тому +69

    DW is proving to be a superior channel for quality productions. This superb documentary is captivating - perhaps because I used to live in Johannesburg and visited Sterkfontein - but also because the work of Dr Braga has been clearly explained. This production is therefore far more than just a report on Braga's findings, but is an engaging story of his exciting journey of discovery. Well done to all on the DW team who put this lovely programme together. I intend to watch it several times so as to not miss any valuable detail.

    • dirtsky
      dirtsky Місяць тому

      @Bruno Smith once again falling short , the losing attitude solidifies your ignorance on the matter , there’s much for you to learn and starting out like this is only slowing you down

    • Bruno Smith
      Bruno Smith Місяць тому

      @dirtsky When you say something that is worth paying attentin to, I will pay attention to it.

    • dirtsky
      dirtsky Місяць тому

      @Bruno Smith you haven’t researched what I literally just said and it shows , the soul moves on , do your homework

    • Bruno Smith
      Bruno Smith Місяць тому

      @dirtsky Nothing happens to us when we die, other than we rot away and our chemistry goes back into nature. Nothing complicated here - cut a tree down and set fire to the wood. That may help you understand.

    • dirtsky
      dirtsky Місяць тому

      @Bruno Smith I ENCOURAGE you to read up on NDE's, the closest we will ever come to knowing whats what after we die

  • MrKiwifruit
    MrKiwifruit 2 місяці тому +27

    Wow what an incredible documentary. The science and the specialized expertise of the scientists blows my mind.

  • CJ_Fetz
    CJ_Fetz 2 місяці тому +47

    You never fail to amaze me DW. As an educator in history, I always enjoy your thought provoking educational content. Kudos!

    • Dwane Dexter
      Dwane Dexter Місяць тому +1

      Yep, this is where humans evolved from and my ancestors and myself are just lucky to make their way back to the motherland. So all you people abroad better bow your heads before me when you come on vacation

    • alex julien
      alex julien Місяць тому +1

      @Chris Collins indeed, For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But the wise will seek for the truth and shall find righteousness and peace of mind...

    • Chris Collins
      Chris Collins Місяць тому

      Some will do anything for money,the love of it is the route of all evil. Follow the money,follow the money follow the money.

    • alex julien
      alex julien 2 місяці тому

      you got it! keep feeding yourself on brawndo Sir!! kids need it too!

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому +6

      Thank you for watching and for the positive feedback! We're glad you like our content. :)

  • AN Q
    AN Q Місяць тому +1

    Thank you DW for this thought-provoking documentary.keep it up 👍

  • Simon Gardiner
    Simon Gardiner 2 місяці тому +7

    Interesting to relate behaviour and development of the young , to classical anthropology, very well presented in this video. The requirement for much greater parental care and group co-operation, is indeed the key to understanding human evolution. ( as I discovered in 1965! ) Human behaviour is also characterised by intra - group bonding and pair bonding.
    Why did the human forerunners', the immediate ancestors of the Pithicines and the Hominines 'descend from the trees'? Climate change reduced the area of the ancestral, Central African rainforest. Competition for habitat space produced much quicker evolutionary change. It is here that the biggest change in human evolution took place - the behavioural development of group intraspecic bonding that produced virulently competitive groups of which only the most competitive survived. These groups - quite distinct from any other arboreal anthropoids - invaded the Savannah. Thats where you were digging. It required increased behavioural development to be able to survive in the Savannah - against large, fast moving carnivores, and to able to eat the protein rich meat of fast moving heavily armed herbivores. We celebrate this evolutionary success in 'Bullfighting'!
    Behaviour is at least as important as anatomy in evolutionary biology.

  • Troy
    Troy 2 місяці тому +66

    My mind has truly been blown 🤯🙏🏽 thanks to everyone who dedicated their existence to helping us understand more and more 🎉 🧠

    • Dwane Dexter
      Dwane Dexter Місяць тому

      Yep, this is where humans evolved from and my ancestors and myself are just lucky to make their way back to the motherland. So all you people abroad better bow your heads before me when you come on vacation

    • Ghilbz Vilgadz
      Ghilbz Vilgadz Місяць тому +1

      A large quantity of nothing (has there been a scientist who was able to quantify nothing??) decided to pack tightly together ( this so called nothing in unison pack tightly together without a cause??) ,--and then explode outward into hydrogen and helium ( the explosion now become a very orderly universe? Can an explosion produced a perfect and organize creation???)

    • not really
      not really Місяць тому +1

      @Alicianah only if you are seeking quick "answers"

    • Chris Collins
      Chris Collins Місяць тому

      @Miarian Yes and all sheep need a good shepherd, and HE'S meet all of his promises so far and I know they apply to everyone who has faith in HIM.

    • Miarian
      Miarian Місяць тому

      @Chris Collins says the sheep

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 2 місяці тому +18

    Imagine travelling back in time and communicate with our ancestors 😲

    • Terwillager Mcghee
      Terwillager Mcghee Місяць тому

      @Sol ade respect roots

    • Sol ade
      Sol ade Місяць тому

      In Africa we still communicate with our ancestors.

    • B Bodziak
      B Bodziak 2 місяці тому

      Wouldn't it, though!

    • karate
      karate 2 місяці тому

      Yes what delight, terror, curiosity, humour and so much more could come in waves, cycles, eruptions and emerging at speed, then retreat...important to find what is shared to built understanding, trust.

  • Breathwork and Meditation with Paulo Pacifici

    Those researchers are incredible beings. Claps to them all

  • Ziggy Belcher
    Ziggy Belcher Місяць тому +23

    Thank you all for bringing this brilliant learning video to us. I am floored at the patience and tenacity of these researchers. Please- MORE?

    • Larry Paris
      Larry Paris Місяць тому +1

      @SPARKY Hahaha! Edgar Cayce?!!!! You’ve got to be kidding.

    • SPARKY
      SPARKY Місяць тому +1

      Edgar Cayce Reading 294-202 "The appearance of man - of his consciousness in this world - was in five different places, as the five different races, at the same time. The white race appeared in the Carpathian basin, the yellow in Tibet, the red in Atlantiis. the brown in Lemuria, the black in Africa."

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  Місяць тому +1

      Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment!

  • Richard Park
    Richard Park 2 місяці тому +3

    Wow! Amazing work, thanks for presenting! But, there is a story not told here: a child died. He/she had parents and likely siblings, and a family struggling to survive. A brief mention of the human tragedy would be nice.

  • Craigh Jonas
    Craigh Jonas 2 місяці тому +10

    Thank you for this documentary.👌I thoroughly enjoyed it.👍

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому +2

      Thank you for watching and taking the time to comment!

  • Dhivya Kirupa
    Dhivya Kirupa Місяць тому +1

    Dear DW.... U ppl hit the truth with ground breaking reality... Exceptional research.
    Definitely all your team's work with depth effort- should be applauded valued and treasured.
    Bravo guy's. 🤝🏻

  • Akshat Tewari
    Akshat Tewari Місяць тому +4

    Wow! Amazing ! I would have paid ₹1000 to watch this documentary! Heartfelt thanks are in order , for producing such a high quality documentary and making it freely available.

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  Місяць тому +1

      Thanks a lot for watching and for your positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and
      are glad you like our content!

  • Mohammad Tayeb
    Mohammad Tayeb 2 місяці тому +22

    It was really wonderful for me, and two years ago I read a book about it, thank you for the documentary.

  • Stanley Pretorius
    Stanley Pretorius Місяць тому +33

    I live very close to the Cradle of Human Kind, Kromdraai. It is quite special to see the site where some of our ancestors comes from.

    TOWORK 2 місяці тому +22

    And yet so many has to be discovered, much love Mother Nature.

  • Alireza Shardi
    Alireza Shardi 2 місяці тому +8

    DW is making these incredible documentaries faster than we can watch them. Brothers and sisters, we are blessed !

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому +1

      Thanks a lot for watching and for your positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and
      are glad you like our content!

  • Mohammed Says Rashid
    Mohammed Says Rashid 2 місяці тому +7

    Most wonderful documentary coverage about scientific issues belongs to humans' evolution steps before 100 000 years ..DW always introduces important issues documentaries

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому

      Thank you for watching and commenting. :)

  • Malibongwe Nkunkuma
    Malibongwe Nkunkuma 2 місяці тому +37

    Research in South Africa is world class! It is necessary for the world to give research in Africa the credit it deserves!

  • June Byrne
    June Byrne Місяць тому +1

    I am amazed by the many different kinds of specialists working in anthropology. They do not mention here that there are people working on teeth who can identify the species of a single tooth.

    STEALTHSHAPE BUILDERS 2 місяці тому +6

    Previously I was very fanatical about this kind of technique about how to trace the history of our ancestral roots. But today as youtube knowledge increases and probabilities techniques they call experts it seems incredible to me.

  • Johanna M
    Johanna M 2 місяці тому +10

    Knowing how nourishing and immunity-building a mothers breast milk can be, I am not surprised that longer lactation was the key factor for homo sapiens to develop. Truly powerful nutrition.

  • Elaine Lindsey Rampertab
    Elaine Lindsey Rampertab 2 місяці тому +3

    When you visit sterkfortein caves are amazing you feel a different type of presence when you visit. I visited more than 20 years ago. Love to visit it again. South africa, Brazil, India and Australia are all on different continent now but is amazing how they actually share there Archeon Eon history. India broke of and smashed into euroasia and the Himalayas were formed from impact and brazil and Australia also drifted away

    • Elaine Lindsey Rampertab
      Elaine Lindsey Rampertab Місяць тому +1

      @john webber yeah I know humans came afterwards but in types of fauna and flora there are so much similarities. If you take india for example they have lions, rhino, elephants, crocodile etc that that countries like China and Arabian countries don't have they also have baobab trees and the same kind of bamboo found in south africa. In the past people believed that african animals walked all the way to india but I'm sure that happened because it was once connected. One thing is for sure The more we learn about creation and evolution the questions we have.

    • Chris Collins
      Chris Collins Місяць тому +1

      Most probably a very worldly experience

    • john webber
      john webber 2 місяці тому +3

      Interesting points you made, Elaine. However, the separation of South africa, Brazil, India and Australia occurred on a very different timescale (tens, hundreds and maybe even thousands of millions of years ago) compared to the period of human development (well within the last ten million years). By that time they are all about where they are now. Just to give a perspective. But yes, deep time is very difficult to comprehend. If only we have a time machine!

  • Chris Stuart
    Chris Stuart 2 місяці тому +7

    I stay in The Cradle and its always nice and refreshing to see what is being found in the area

    OK MOMAND 2 місяці тому +1

    Much an informative documentary I love it very extensively it showed up the reality of humankind and its history.

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому

      Thanks a lot for watching and taking the time to comment. Make sure to check out our channel!

  • Stephi Varjan
    Stephi Varjan Місяць тому +4

    Thrilling and heart warming. Thank you.

    • Stephi Varjan
      Stephi Varjan Місяць тому

      @Shawn J. Perry Thank you.

    • Stephi Varjan
      Stephi Varjan Місяць тому

      @Shawn J. Perry Thank you.🙃

    • Shawn J. Perry
      Shawn J. Perry Місяць тому +1

      Hello, how are how you doing?...you have a wonderful comment and i really enjoy that too

  • cj432T
    cj432T 2 місяці тому +25

    The best documentaries always. Thank you DW.

    • Nick Maync-Matsumoto
      Nick Maync-Matsumoto 2 місяці тому +1

      You like what's on offer? Picked off the plate? Go and re-educate yourself, study!

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому +2

      Thank you for watching! We're glad you like our content. Kuddos!

  • ViViD
    ViViD Місяць тому +2

    This documentary is amazing, thank you DW

  • Miarian
    Miarian 2 місяці тому +28

    Good to see documentaries like this - the more we know and discover, the less we need myths and legends to explain things.

    • S Gloobal
      S Gloobal Місяць тому

      @Erin Carr answer the question

    • Erin Carr
      Erin Carr Місяць тому

      @S Gloobal OK troll.

    • S Gloobal
      S Gloobal Місяць тому

      @Erin Carr can you do science if your just a brain in a vat?

    • S Gloobal
      S Gloobal Місяць тому

      @Erin Carr can you do science if science has no foundation?

  • Wanderpike
    Wanderpike 2 місяці тому +6

    Incredible docu. ❤ but who really knows how long ago the first humans lived on earth.

    • Shawn J. Perry
      Shawn J. Perry Місяць тому

      Hello, how are how you doing?...you have a wonderful comment and i really enjoy that too

    • B Bodziak
      B Bodziak 2 місяці тому +1

      They have it narrowed down to a large period of time, but we'll never be able to come within a few thousand years because the transition happened over many, many years.

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому

      Thanks a lot for your feedback and taking the time to comment!

  • Alec Williams
    Alec Williams Місяць тому +1

    Well done, and well balanced.

  • John Ambro
    John Ambro Місяць тому

    Fascinating and thought provoking. Well done and very informative. Thank you and cheers.

  • Allan's Animals
    Allan's Animals 2 місяці тому +22

    So much mystery and wonder in life! Thank you for sharing!

  • Ellen B
    Ellen B Місяць тому

    I love the way this documentary veeeery carefully focuses on this particular branchpoint in the homo family tree and so as to avoid any mention of the spectacular Homo naledi site a few miles away, even though those discoveries raise challenging questions about how much one dares extrapolate from skulls without the rest of the skeleton.
    I knew as soon as this documentary started that Dr. Braga who heads the Kromraai excavation had to be associated with Dr Clarke, discover of Littlefoot, who had a major bone to pick (ahem) with Professor Berger of the Homo Naledi expedition. The latter revolutionized the study of paleontology by changing it from a "Great scientists discovers X with the help of minions" to a more collaborate team posting all data opensource.
    Thankfully it's not as ciutthroat as the Bone Wars of the 1800s.

  • Sipho M
    Sipho M 2 місяці тому +6

    Brilliant work as usually, learned a lot. Thanks

    • Big Dally C
      Big Dally C Місяць тому

      @Chris Collins What's not true?

    • Chris Collins
      Chris Collins Місяць тому

      But if it's not true what's the use,still going round in circles spiraling down,only the truth will get you going the otherwise...... just a suggestion.

  • 黄Daniel
    黄Daniel 2 місяці тому +12

    Long time no see everyone.
    First of all happy new year to DW TEAM, hope you all keep safe in 2023.
    Second, thanks for your 2022 high quality documentaries. ❤️❤️

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому

      Thank you for watching and Happy New Year to you too!

  • Monkey Movies
    Monkey Movies 2 місяці тому +3

    I was there a few years ago. Beautiful country.

  • BadBeezzy
    BadBeezzy 2 місяці тому +2

    Absolutely fascinating 💯

  • Gon Flank
    Gon Flank 2 місяці тому +5

    Extremely interesting!!! Well done DW!!! Thanks and go on!!!

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому +1

      Thanks a lot for watching and for your positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and
      are glad you like our content!

  • Reena
    Reena 2 місяці тому +7

    Love your documentary. It's very helpful n interesting.. Sending hugs from South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary  2 місяці тому +2

      Thanks a lot for watching and for your positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and are glad you like our content!

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