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Polish Pierogi - Potato & Cheese Pierogi - See how to make piroshki.

  • Опубліковано 17 чер 2013
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    Jenny's Polish pierogi are filled with a delicious mashed potato mixture with browned onions and cream cheese. "Pierogi can be made with various fillings like sauerkraut & mushroom, meat, and even fruit but these were my family's favorite."
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  • Jenny Can Cook
    Jenny Can Cook  8 років тому +99

    +Ben Morphet - These are raw dumplings and must be boiled first. After that, you can saute them in a pan for browning or even deep fry them if you want, although deep frying is not traditional.

      SAMANTHA HOPE SY 3 роки тому

      Yes and boiled is healthier

    • renee korabiak
      renee korabiak 3 роки тому

      @Marie Czarnecki lol, my great grandma had a big dupa🤣😂

    • Carmen Dawn Allan
      Carmen Dawn Allan 4 роки тому

      Thanks Jenny. ♡

    • Roze S
      Roze S 4 роки тому

      Yes! That's the way we've always served them.

    • Joanne Cohen
      Joanne Cohen 4 роки тому

      I love your recipes. My Family will love it too.

  • April T
    April T 3 роки тому +273

    Why hasn’t someone started a cooking show for her on TV? She’s terrific

    • Marie Czarnecki
      Marie Czarnecki Місяць тому +1

      Right, or are they racists and don't like Polish Cooks!! I love her!!! Also I am "POLISH-AMERICAN" AND PROUD!!!

    • Babeena_Gt _
      Babeena_Gt _ Місяць тому

      @L true

    • L
      L Місяць тому +1

      @Babeena_Gt _ I noticed that too but my opinion is that she is cooking for herself and possibly loved ones AND there is such a thing as editing videos..she probably washed her hands. You never taste as you go when cooking?

    • Aunt Duddie
      Aunt Duddie 3 місяці тому

      @Linda W108 nope, that was Sandra Lee.

    • S B
      S B 8 місяців тому +1

      @ArthriticBabe me too 68. & widowed & married for 40 + yrs @ 18…forced into retirement following surgery…can never work again but love to cook JENNYS GOODS …SHES THE BEST

  • Chrissy P
    Chrissy P 5 років тому +13

    Your pierogies have become part of my familys Christmas tradition. My sisters ask me to make them now & say they are their favorite pierogies. We're polish and grew up eating this food & now I'm so glad to have a recipe that I can use! Thanks Jenny!

    • Marie Czarnecki
      Marie Czarnecki Місяць тому


  • Kathy’s Crazy Life
    Kathy’s Crazy Life 10 місяців тому +5

    I love her colorful kitchen, her soothing voice, and her food!

  • A. Visitor
    A. Visitor Рік тому +2

    Again, my wife loves your Polish videos. She makes authentic Hungarian goulash too. You showed her your version of stuffed cabbage.

  • Боря Дюпон
    Боря Дюпон 6 років тому +33

    I knew the Russian version but I'm going to try this one too cause it looks delicious. Thank you for all the recipes you put online and the way you do it, I really appreciate it, you're one of a kind!

  • cjguy50
    cjguy50 7 років тому +46

    OMG this is Jenny Jones!!!!! I used to LOVE her show. I'd watch it whenever I was home from school. Feel like I grew up watching her. love, love, LOVE HER!

    • Taricus
      Taricus Рік тому

      Me too! ^~^ She's awesome!

  • Splash Damage
    Splash Damage 2 роки тому +12

    Found another great video on her channel! These are just like my mum used to make. The golabki video was in my recommended list and now I've got to binge watch some of her other stuff.
    So sad, it looks like she doesn't make videos any more 😞

    • misty1 one
      misty1 one Рік тому +5

      It doesn't look like she's been on for a very long time. It would be nice to see her again..

  • Bradley Radziewicz
    Bradley Radziewicz 6 років тому +571

    Every Christmas we have homemade pierogis and we always put an olive in one pierogi and whoever gets the one with the olive has to do the dishes. XD

    • Heart 💜 Less 2023
      Heart 💜 Less 2023 Рік тому

      Cool idea !

    • KittenBowl
      KittenBowl Рік тому

      There’s no word such as Pierogis…I mean Pierogi is already plural in Polish. And it’s not Russian but it’s a Polish dish. It’s like saying “yous” while you is already plural.

    • TubeRex
      TubeRex Рік тому

      We put 1 grosz inside and that means luck

    • Zippy
      Zippy Рік тому

      Black or green olive in the pierogi? gonna have to try it lol

    • Stan Wolenski
      Stan Wolenski 2 роки тому

      My Babchi, I don’t know the correct spelling, would make various kinds of pierogis some with, cheese, sauerkraut, prunes or the carb rich potato. She would then the fry them lightly in butter and cover them with sour cream, one could work the farm the rest of the day without a meal break.

  • Alexandra Turnwald
    Alexandra Turnwald 2 місяці тому +1

    dziękuję bardzo! I used to make them (the way your parents ate them) with my babcia some 50 years ago and now I needed just this reminder of how we made them, the times and little hints - it is the absolute favourite dish of the whole family, that's genetic! The variant with potatoe cheese filling was called pierogi russki in Krakow and where our family used to live

  • PTolai
    PTolai 3 роки тому +2

    I already follow the Polish Chef, but I subscribed for Jenny and her polish recipes as well. Love it. 2020 is the year I cook a lot of Polish dishes. Yummy!

  • Jakub Zaręba
    Jakub Zaręba 2 роки тому +1

    I'm proud to see pierogi from my country to be made by American people. We serve them with fried onion and sour cream like you said. Pierogi can be also filled with sauerkraut and mushrooms and this is also a paradise in your mouth or with strawberries, pieces of apple inside or blueberries. Pierogi with fruits are served with sweet cream and taste extremely good

  • Cécile Lemoine
    Cécile Lemoine 8 років тому +40

    i have tasted pierogis in kracow they were fabulous ! My grand mother is from Poland but because of the war she moved in Belgium when she was young. So now, thanks to you i can try to make pierogis for her! Greetings from Belgium ! :)

  • Cherie Cave
    Cherie Cave 5 років тому +49

    I love watching your videos! you're so down to earth and have a great sense of humor! very easy to follow your recipes, you speak like a regular person!!

    • Marie Czarnecki
      Marie Czarnecki 5 років тому +5


  • McKinley Cobb
    McKinley Cobb 5 років тому +24

    Pierogis are my favorite food. I could live off them 😂

    • KittenBowl
      KittenBowl Рік тому

      It’s not Pierogis, it’s Pierogi. Pierogi is already plural.

  • Reiko St
    Reiko St 6 років тому +92

    I like that you don't use crazy stuff. You just use "normal" ingredients.

    • Narciscynic
      Narciscynic Рік тому +3

      I agree. Too often you watch these recipe videos where they're like "Today we're going to be making a cake. All you need is holy water from the Vatican, six slices of goat's cheese churned by a Victorian milkmaid, freshly picked sugarcane and two drops of virgin blood"

    • ms operator
      ms operator Рік тому

      Her recipes are simple, easy to follow, and short. I enjoy her real homemade way about her.

    • dean sikora
      dean sikora 2 роки тому +11

      Poles never used many spices in their cooking, probably because they could not afford it. They had to use what was available to them. They used sour cream, caramelized onions, mushrooms, etc. for extra flavor. That's the reason why Polish food has a subtle taste. They also use a lot of poppy seeds, which Poland is the world's number one grower of.

  • Debra Titone
    Debra Titone Рік тому +3

    Just found this chef. Fabulous. I am also polish. My mom used to make these and stuffed cabbage. I just viewed that recipe too! Thanks Chef Jenny for bringing back fond memories of cooking with my Mom. Love to hear Polish spoken again

  • tiredofscammers
    tiredofscammers 3 роки тому +6

    I love this woman; she is so genuine and she knows what she is doing too! Great job!
    Dziękuję for your videos!

  • 5gorgeous
    5gorgeous 8 років тому +27

    In Ukraine we call them ''varéniki'' (our pirogi are a little different), it reminded me of my childhood :)
    By the way, awesome idea to freeze them!!! :)

  • Arctic Fox
    Arctic Fox 2 роки тому

    Jen! You’re so fabulous 🥰🥰👁💜watching your videos! I learn so much! Your kitchen is so great! Thank you, and I hope your doing well! Pandemic binge watching you, and getting my daughters to help me try some recipes we usually bought frozen from Costco! 😋

  • Zethanie
    Zethanie 4 роки тому

    This recipe is easy to replicate. The advice on how to handle the dough is so very helpful.

  • Sue h
    Sue h 3 роки тому

    Cooking them in a sauce pan with onions and dipping them into sour cream and/or salsa!! Sooo delicious! Thanks Jenny!

  • B Luv
    B Luv Місяць тому +1

    Jenny I've watched you cook before and don't remember if I saw your pierogi 🥟 recipe but your right Dziekuje bardzo because I think it's the closest to Babcia's potato and cheese recipe even the dough minus the sour cream. Can't wait to do a test batch!💕🙋🥟🇵🇱

  • The Real Raven
    The Real Raven Рік тому +1

    Your utensils look like a flower garden of color back there. Love your channel Jenny, you really can cook!

  • MrMegaFredZeppelin
    MrMegaFredZeppelin 8 років тому +15

    Back in the 1980's I had a friend who's family was from Poland. They would share Pierogi's with us neighbors. I will try this for sure. A "BIG" thumbs up. Right into my CULINARY playlist. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina Kelly
    Sabrina Kelly 2 роки тому +1

    The explaining is so perfect and easy to understand, full of helpful tips! She should have her own TV show ❤️👌🏻

  • Areeje Ayyash
    Areeje Ayyash 5 років тому +4

    They came out so good, I love all your recipes because they make my husband so happy. He said they taste like the ones his grandmother made. 😊

  • Diane Schuller
    Diane Schuller 4 роки тому

    I made these yesterday and they turned out great (but definitely used full fat sour cream.) I really like the dough. Oh and great tip about the bowl of flour for dipping our fingers. Our favourite way to eat pierogies is with browned onions in a generous amount of melted butter and a dollop of sour cream. For a protein we like either bacon, good home-baked ham, or even with breaded salmon patties.

    MyREDTAIL 3 роки тому +1

    Love a real Polish Woman that can cook real Polish recipes Thanks Jenny for sharing etc

  • Lesvia Vos
    Lesvia Vos 5 років тому

    I like it!It cooks easy meals and she makes it look effortless!

  • SuperSaltydog77
    SuperSaltydog77 7 років тому +16

    Simply one of the greatest foods ever invented.My girlfriend and I used to go to the Pierogi House in Parma. So many different choices.

  • Joanne from Manitoba
    Joanne from Manitoba 4 роки тому

    This is the first time ever I made these. You made it look so easy and it was, I even tried different fillings such as taco filling, left over filling from stuffed peppers. You have to try it. Love your videos.

  • Brenda Sandefur
    Brenda Sandefur 4 роки тому

    Jenny, You are such an inspirational woman. I hope your well and happy :) Thank you for your cooking shows. I love this one .

  • Linda Misurak
    Linda Misurak 3 роки тому

    I loved her talk show, now I love her cooking videos. Her recipes are delicious and she makes every recipe so explicit and easy.

  • Jeeptk
    Jeeptk Рік тому

    Having two polish grandmothers I have combined both recipes and they come out awesome. It’s a favorite with my family any time of the year.

  • Jenni Kolb
    Jenni Kolb 2 місяці тому

    "I don't think I cook anything without onions & garlic" Ohhhhh yes!! I was just telling my son's gf the same thing!! I wish I'd known more about UAclips and Polska recipes almost 20 years ago. I stayed with my Babcia and she would have LOVED for me to cook her more Polska food!! I knew only a few dishes. Polish Catholic Auschwitz survivor, my best friend, & the strongest woman I've ever known. Thank you for making these videos, I'd love to learn w my daughter and carry on the traditions. ❤️

  • Bill Mcbride
    Bill Mcbride 7 років тому +46

    I remember when I was a child when my Mother would have her three sisters and my grandmother over to the house and make pierogis. There would be flour and elbows everywhere as they stood around the kitchen table assembling them. My favorite are the sauerkraut filled ones. My wife (married thirty years this May) and I are going to make them this week. Potato and cheese and sauerkraut. Thank you for the refresher.

    • Coach Fezz
      Coach Fezz Рік тому

      @FireDiamond Thanks Professor ! Dakujem

    • neckbreaker094
      neckbreaker094 2 роки тому +1

      Pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms are out of this world. Greetings from Poland!

    • FireDiamond
      FireDiamond 2 роки тому +3

      Just a heads up they are not called pierogis they are pierogi, pierogi is already plural, take this from a polish person.

    • Craig Petroskey
      Craig Petroskey 3 роки тому +3

      My mom and my aunts used to do the a same thing. And every one of them would end up taking back to their homes, dozens and dozens of pyrogies of different fillings packed in plastic bags to go into the chest style freezers they had at home. I miss home made pyrogies, as my mom and all my aunts are all passed away now.

    • Sister Shirley
      Sister Shirley 3 роки тому +2

      I also very much enjoy the sweet farmers cheese piorogi

  • Wedart Studio
    Wedart Studio 3 роки тому +26

    I remember it from Grandma's menu, it was very tasty and delicious! You remind me of childhood, thank you for that. Your recipe is easy to follow and I hope I can prepare
    this is for my friends in England! I hope they will love it!

  • Chrissy P
    Chrissy P 4 роки тому

    I've made your pierogies for my family the last 5 years or so at Christmastime. It has become part of my family's tradition to eat them. They absolutely love them and ask me if I'm making them each year. Thanks so much Jenny for posting this recipe. I watch it every year. My polish father would be proud of me for learning to make them :)

  • Marianne Sigman
    Marianne Sigman Рік тому +2

    I love that you count the kneads, that sooooo helpful!

  • Teresa Gray
    Teresa Gray 3 роки тому

    Love your recipes! You make it look so easy! Thank you

  • Enrico Lambrusco
    Enrico Lambrusco Рік тому

    Going to try this. I love your videos and the way you present everything in detail. I’ve also learned a few tricks too. Like pre-portioning the filling. I have shared your recipe for chicken pot pie to many people. Thanks so much.

  • The Bald Chef
    The Bald Chef 7 років тому +66

    Your potato and cheese pierogi recipe looks very good. Nice job!

  • michael martin
    michael martin 2 роки тому

    I never knew that she could cook like this ! I remember watching her talk show years ago !

  • djdan48
    djdan48 4 роки тому

    I have to applaud you. You make things so easy to do with your explicit directions and witty remarks that keep people's attention. I have learned so much about Polish cooking through your videos. I have made these pierogi often. You mentioned Farmer's cheese. I have found none in this area (central Florida). Cream cheese works fine for me. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • renee keong
    renee keong 3 роки тому +2

    Jenny, I really love your videos - steps are clearly shown and you made them so easy to understand. Really appreciate them.

  • Billy Krzemien
    Billy Krzemien День тому +1

    God bless you Jenny...this recipe (and others), takes me back to when I was a boy and my dear late Mamma would make all these delicious Polish and Ukrainian recipes. I have many fond memories of the great meals, festive occasions and of my dear parents now in Heaven. Love and hugs from British Columbia, Canada🥰❤

  • mary saw
    mary saw 6 років тому +4

    I have never tried making pierogi this way, but OMG they are so good. Thank you Jenny.

  • Valerie Von Boom
    Valerie Von Boom 9 років тому +91

    this woman needs a show on food network

    • Francis Arrieta
      Francis Arrieta 2 роки тому +1

      Perhaps she is done with network television companies. UAclips and word of mouth will get her viewers. Funny thing, when I first bumped into this UAclips channel I thought there was some familiarity. Her voice is distinct but I couldn’t exactly place it. Then reading a comment it finally dawned on me that this is Jenny Jones from Canadian TV. Reminiscing now of the 80s and 90s. She still has the same quirky energy and humour I use to remember. Awesome cooking channel.

    • o_0
      o_0 2 роки тому


    • Moving Forward
      Moving Forward 4 роки тому +9

      She's Jenny Jones from the 80s talk show.

    • Adeline Benavente
      Adeline Benavente 4 роки тому +4

      Cabbage rolls

  • Chop Happy
    Chop Happy 6 років тому +1

    OMG they look so good. I love pierogies and they are so versatile in what you make them with!

  • Deb Velmont
    Deb Velmont Рік тому

    Jenny you need a cooking show love ur recipes no fancy spices and easy to make thanks for sharing Ps I love love polish food!!

  • Sandra K
    Sandra K 2 роки тому

    I love pierogi! When I saw this video, I knew that I had to watch it! You make your food look sooo good! I am jealous!😁😁😁😁

  • paramjit Kaur
    paramjit Kaur 3 роки тому

    You are so entertaining Jenny and of course wonderful cook and instructor.
    Never cooked/ate polish food and having watched 3 of your videos in a row I will definitely try cooking one of these recipes.

  • Heather Holidays
    Heather Holidays 3 роки тому

    Never have I seen someone make a whipped mashed potato with no milk 😳 I bet that is a good thing because you are using it as a filling Thanks Jenny 💖👍

  • Rhonda Ridley-Scott
    Rhonda Ridley-Scott 7 років тому +6

    Absolutely love cooking with Jenny :) she is so sweet and my perogies turned out great , thanks pretty lady XOX

  • Christopher Bark
    Christopher Bark 8 місяців тому

    Love Jenny's presentation. I have lots of Polish cookbooks, but it is not the same as seeing the process. My mom never taught me the specifics. Thank you Jenny.

  • monkeynumber nine
    monkeynumber nine 4 роки тому

    I can't get enough of watching Jenny cook 🙊😁

  • Ed Ku
    Ed Ku 3 роки тому

    Thank you so much for your shows. Great instruction, delivered clearly and competently.

  • Michael Welsh
    Michael Welsh 5 років тому

    Dziękuje bardzo Jenny....these were the bestest bestest pierogi and boy did we enjoy them! Made them for Polish Christmas.

  • CanadianUkiGal
    CanadianUkiGal 3 роки тому

    TFS! Love watching you cook and bake, have even made your recipe for homemade buns, turned out great. My parents immigrated from Ukraine to Montreal, where I was born. My mom made the most fantastic verenyky (Ukrainian for perogies) and the best homemade bread! 🇨🇦

  • Samantha Leighty Holbrook
    Samantha Leighty Holbrook 8 років тому +9

    Loved this tutorial! Being Polish and Hungarian... this is one of my most fave polish dishes along side Haluski (cabbage and noodles)

    • Adam 836
      Adam 836 3 роки тому +1


  • Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson Рік тому

    Love your simple recipes 🥰

  • Tom Sparks
    Tom Sparks 3 роки тому

    Your pierogi are like what my elders made -- not uniform, not SMALL.
    Dziękuję Ci

    MARGARET-MARY WHITE 3 роки тому

    I always thought these would be imtimidating to make, but you made it look so easy. Thank you.

  • Julia
    Julia 4 роки тому

    You have NO idea how thrilled I am to have found you! You were my favorite talk show host back in the day when I watched talk shows (and you hosted) and now you're here cooking polish food for me. Thanks for this recipe, I can't wait to try it, et al, at our next Christmas Eve Wigilia, my in-laws will be so impressed!
    P.S. 🏡I love your house!

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 2 роки тому +1

    OMG! I thought I recognized you Jenny! I just couldn't remember I thought and kept thinking but then someone said it's you Jenny Jones! Just so pretty and gracious as ever too! I had no idea that you could cook like a 5-star chef! Love the way you use colors in your beautiful kitchen and for bringing us these wonderful Polish recipes. Thank you Jenny!

  • Ran Tao
    Ran Tao 6 років тому +4

    Just discovered your channel. Love all your recipes and your style. Make me want to make some pierogis right now.

  • Nichole Delgado
    Nichole Delgado 2 роки тому

    Jenny! Omg! Thank you so much for this recipe ❤️ So efficient and straight to the point. So excited to make this for my family

  • pocketnunu
    pocketnunu 2 роки тому

    I love any filled "dumpling." Ravioli, pierogi, potstickers, ha gow and shu mai (steamed Chinese dim sum dumplings). Thanks for this, Jenny!

  • ꧁𝕻𝖚𝖗𝖕𝖑𝖊💜𝕷𝖑𝖚𝖛𝖎𝖆꧂

    I LOVE Jenny, oh, and Periogi! 😍😄Thank you soo much for sharing your easy, yet, wonderfully DELISHUS(yea, I know it's not spelled like that) recipes! Hugs and hope you safe during Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Maria Creager
    Maria Creager 3 роки тому

    I grew up with ... pierogi, but never made them. Now, found you! Will make them for Christmas! Smacznego! Greetings from Australia!

  • Zuziorable
    Zuziorable 3 роки тому

    I love that she's mostly American, but this is her second polish recipe that I watched, and it is exactly how it should be. In Poland we add more pepper, but not everybody likes that. Also my dad recommends to add smoked white cheese instead of regular white

  • kickthespike
    kickthespike 6 років тому +29

    I had them in Poland a few weeks ago, so now I'm going to make my own. Thanks!

  • Julie Hermes
    Julie Hermes 3 роки тому

    You are a very kind person ...
    I've already baked one of your great chocolat cakes !
    It tasted great !
    Thanks !!!

  • Sailor .Moon
    Sailor .Moon 5 років тому +1

    The best pierogi are with saurekraut & wild mushrooms. Always served at Christmas Eve dinner. Yuuuuuummmm

  • Mary Segura
    Mary Segura 8 місяців тому

    One of my favorite polish dishes 😍

  • Łukasz Żurowski
    Łukasz Żurowski 7 років тому +1

    I see that people likes Polish pierogi :D
    Im from Poland and i love pierogi so much... The best pierogi są pierogi z jagodami (Pierogi with blueberries) try them too. Your pierogi looks really good.

  • frenchie girl in the usa
    frenchie girl in the usa 3 роки тому

    I have to say this Jenny, but your kitchen is the most colorful and cheerful kitchen I have ever seen. Your kitchen gives me inspiration.

  • William Prah
    William Prah 5 років тому +26

    Enjoyed your recipe, and realized who you were in a few minutes! Nice to see you, you look terrific! Your kitchen looks so inviting as well.

  • dean sikora
    dean sikora 2 роки тому

    My favorite are the kapusta (sour kraut) pierogi and the farmer cheese pierogi. You can also fill them with pitted prunes. All traditional.

  • Starship Trooper
    Starship Trooper 3 роки тому +1

    Hi Jenny, it's so pleasant to watch your recipe videos! Your are absolutely amazing! thank you!

  • Marie Tisdell
    Marie Tisdell 3 роки тому +1

    Made these today! Thank you Jenny they came out awesome and I froze some for another day!

  • Adam Rhodes
    Adam Rhodes 5 років тому +1

    Jenny I love this recipe. I also appreciate your cooking videos. Your recipes are always great and interesting to watch. I can only imagine how much work and time you put into your videos. A big thank you from Connecticut!

  • Faten salah
    Faten salah 2 роки тому

    I wish there are newer videos...where did you go Jenny? Come back and teach us more of your amazing recipes!

  • James McNicol
    James McNicol 3 роки тому +35

    Always has been a classy & lovely woman. They don’t make em like this anymore.🌻

    • Barbara Nelson
      Barbara Nelson 3 роки тому

      I don’t know who Jenny Jones is. Enlighten me.

  • amateur EPICUREAN
    amateur EPICUREAN Рік тому

    Dziękuję bardzo moja droga! We tried this recipe today and it came out perfectly. I will confess that we didn't follow it precisely as we're in an Airbnb, but your demo is so comprehensive that it informed us how we could deviate and still have success!! So, thank you very much, my dear! On a side note, we miss your sunny disposition in the Chicago market. Do glad that we stumbled upon this channel!!

  • Gloria Gow
    Gloria Gow 2 роки тому

    You are so much fun to watch and good with instruction....Love your recipes!

  • SuperBetty Boop23
    SuperBetty Boop23 4 роки тому

    Wow never heard of this particular food looks and sounds delicious thanks for sharing! 💕💕

  • J F
    J F 3 роки тому

    Merry Christmas, Jenny! I am baking your recipes for family for gifts. ❤️

  • sherry muzyka ZEKE’s Travels
    sherry muzyka ZEKE’s Travels 4 роки тому

    Girl, you sho can cook! Yet another awesome polish dish which Ukrainians enjoy as well!!! I’m loving your channel!!!!’ My late husband and his family enjoyed the sauerkraut filled ones as well. We love them sautéed in butter, garlic and served with sour cream and polish sausage as well as stuffed cabbage!!! Ahh, such awesome memories!!!

  • keith hinkel
    keith hinkel 7 років тому +3

    TY Jenny you have the proper pronunciation! Congrats. I love em. However due to the time making them I do a "quikie" pierogi--whole grain egg noodles; cottage cheese & Philly cream cheese--both full fat--flavored with chives, parsley, pepper, dry mustard, Stevia, & basil. Mix all together, set aside. In large pot melt 1 pound butter or Smart Balance, add 3 large onions, 3 clove crushed garlic and lightly brown; add cooked egg noodles[full bag] to very low heat butter mix, pour cheese mix on top of noodles, cover pot, allow butter to climb up into noodles as the cheese melts down through noodles. I salt to taste per serving. Close taste but not as time consuming. Healthier than white bleached flour. Please try it it is good.

    • Marie Czarnecki
      Marie Czarnecki 5 років тому

      Missy Allen: YOU BOTH ARE LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MissyA
      MissyA 6 років тому +1

      keith hinkel .. me too my friend gave me the idea when i crave the pierogi and dont wanna do all the work..
      elbo noodles (cooked )
      Sautee onions in some butter
      and add cottage cheese
      not sure if this is your quick way but this way is perfect and yummy

  • jane kovaly
    jane kovaly 4 роки тому

    Oh My! Jennie !Thank You Thank You Thank You. These came out FABULOUSI gave out some to my friends in my apartment, and they said the same thing. One person, thinks their a hit. Mom went to the angels in 2013 and I forgot to get her receipe. Anyway, Your dough is the bomb. That mean Fabulous. I have tried 4 other you tube stations on dough for perioges and they came out horrible. I used a Restaurant style can of Lekeuv , that is prune in Slovak, I am Slovak. Mom and Dad meet each other in an article from the Daily News in the 50's my Grandpa work as a Manitence man in the boiler room, and my aunt saw the article and Dad meet mom at her house in the Bronx, 6 months later they got married. My aunt and other grandmother always made perioges. I didn't get their receipe either. I did make a cook book, when I was living in Martin County Fl. My mom and my recipes are in that cookbook. We put Stuffed Cabbage in it, and Stuffed Peppers. I'm in the process of doing a real cookbook with pictures, and another can't tell anyone about that one either, cause its a secret. I need a publisher, got any ideas . Anyway how about going back on the air. Maybe a radio talk show, if you don't want to be in front of the camera. I thought you were in your 50's. I'm 56 . Love Happiness and Sunshine. Come live on the EAST COAST. WE would love to have you come live here. Take Care Jenny My Love to You..Miss Jane.

  • 6stringgunner
    6stringgunner 2 роки тому

    I love the sauerkraut perogies. I never see anyone making them on YT. I make them for new years Eve parties. Also, deep fried sauerkraut balls, mashed potatoes and a pork loin stuffed with kraut.

  • Jody Perez
    Jody Perez 2 роки тому

    Thank you so much. I've always wanted to make these homemade! You cook so good.

  • Grace F
    Grace F 3 роки тому

    Hey Jenny, have you ever done blueberry pierogies? My childhood best friend's mum used to make them stuffed with various things; mushrooms, blueberries, etc. I loved Saturdays at her place!

  • Marie Tisdell
    Marie Tisdell 3 роки тому

    These will be a staple in our home! Thank you ❤️

  • Pink Poodle Crafts
    Pink Poodle Crafts 3 роки тому +7

    I love pirogi's deep fried... they are an amazing comfort food... very bad for you but omg so good!

  • Tadroid
    Tadroid 2 роки тому

    My family recipe is a little different, but I can't wait to try your dough recipe!! My Dad would get really creative with the fillings. Dzienkuje bardzo!

  • Muffin Top
    Muffin Top 3 роки тому

    Yummmmmm! Love your cooking Jenny 🥰

  • okonspruce
    okonspruce 3 роки тому

    Thank you very much! Remember my Ukrainian mother & grandmother making these but it all seemed so much work! Again, Jenny you make it so easy!