Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had (Video)

  • Опубліковано 8 лип 2011
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    What goes around comes back around...
    There was a time
    I thought, that you did everything right
    No lies, no wrong
    Boy I must've been out of my mind
    So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
    You showed your ass and I, I saw the real you
    Thank God you blew it
    I thank God I dodged the bullet
    I'm so over you
    So baby good lookin' out
    I wanted you bad
    I'm so through with that
    'Cause honestly you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
    You turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
    And I'm gonna' always be the (best thing you never had)
    Oh yeah, I bet it sucks to be you right now

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  • Lemme C.
    Lemme C. 11 годин тому

    This song really been playing in my head for the past week

  • God
    God 13 годин тому

    Shut up lol I luv u

  • God
    God 13 годин тому

    O u ain't leaving me u stuck wit me booboo lol luv ya

  • Kübra Demir
    Kübra Demir 21 годину тому

    Wedding dress 👎😌

  • Arcanjo Miguel
    Arcanjo Miguel 22 години тому

    To anyone who doesnt know, this video has an alternate version :відео.html

  • Claude-Josephe BOUASS a
    Claude-Josephe BOUASS a 23 години тому

    2020 ?❤️

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B День тому

    Is anyone watching in 2020 lol

  • Kamal Virdi
    Kamal Virdi День тому

    The original 'men ain't shit' bop🙌

  • Makayla Smith
    Makayla Smith День тому

    She is so beautiful even in 2020

  • Victoria Tinsley
    Victoria Tinsley День тому

    Got my heart broken badly

  • Sandra Chinedum
    Sandra Chinedum День тому +2

    2020 who's here longing for the old days when song was song?

  • Jannie Poole
    Jannie Poole День тому

    2020 Still playing this

  • Amber Lorraine Tennant
    Amber Lorraine Tennant День тому


  • Life with Kennedy
    Life with Kennedy 2 дні тому

    2020 anyone

  • Aleeza Rahman
    Aleeza Rahman 2 дні тому +1

    2020 me singing this but still wants him 🥺😭🥺🥺

  • Yan Yan
    Yan Yan 2 дні тому

    I'm letting you go and
    it feels so good .
    Beyoncé got me so right with this song 💙

  • Penda Bah
    Penda Bah 2 дні тому +1

    She looks so beautiful in this video it’s unreal 🥺

  • Djarthoun Ahmed
    Djarthoun Ahmed 2 дні тому

    She's so gorgeous

  • VirtualSempai x3
    VirtualSempai x3 2 дні тому

    nearly 9 years old....😭👊

  • Vaniah Huling
    Vaniah Huling 3 дні тому +7

    *DO YOU EXPECT ME TO CARE*🙄😤🙅‍♀️💁‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Deanna Negrete
    Deanna Negrete 3 дні тому

    Season 3 of lemonade

  • Nan Nelarkyi
    Nan Nelarkyi 3 дні тому

    Missing somebody

  • Se Ce
    Se Ce 3 дні тому +1

    2020 nothing changed, stilllll listening

  • Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira 3 дні тому +1

    Nunca vi uma mulher como essa na rua 😍😍

  • David Pratt
    David Pratt 3 дні тому

    She has a boyfriend

  • Geise Santos
    Geise Santos 3 дні тому

    Minha música favorita simplesmente amooo de maisss

  • Tonette Drummer
    Tonette Drummer 4 дні тому

    Is it wrong for a real man to love this song,switch the man reference to of my favorite songs of all 🕙.

    • Tonette Drummer
      Tonette Drummer 4 дні тому

      Just found out im in my moms profile,like wow wtf.

  • Gleycianne Santos
    Gleycianne Santos 4 дні тому

    byonce star ❤👏👏👏

  • Terrence Floyd
    Terrence Floyd 4 дні тому

    I love this song

  • Chrystal Herron
    Chrystal Herron 4 дні тому

    *yawns* did you expect me to care??

  • Jane Souza
    Jane Souza 4 дні тому +1

    Por favor: alguém sabe quem é esse ator que faz o papel do noivo no clipe? Ele é simplesmente LINDO!

  • Custom print
    Custom print 5 днів тому

    You are so beautifull

  • Kiki Chérie
    Kiki Chérie 5 днів тому +1

    2020 ? 🥺

  • James Sampson
    James Sampson 5 днів тому


  • BeYou STARRz
    BeYou STARRz 6 днів тому

    Anyone in the beginning of the year?anyone?

  • Christabel Aaron
    Christabel Aaron 6 днів тому

    i want to be beyonce in this video in every single way

  • Hurette Varinka
    Hurette Varinka 6 днів тому

    2020...who is there?

  • Raeven Johnson
    Raeven Johnson 6 днів тому


  • Chelsea Vea
    Chelsea Vea 6 днів тому

    Imma be needing this song for the next few months. Motivation for a hopeful future with the right man

  • Ojo Oluwayemisi
    Ojo Oluwayemisi 6 днів тому

    Is Jay Z her husband in this video?

  • Caroline Mhlongo
    Caroline Mhlongo 6 днів тому

    Why do artist feel the need to be half-naked in public though? I don't get it.

  • Lutteo Sevilla 2
    Lutteo Sevilla 2 6 днів тому


  • true black nigga
    true black nigga 6 днів тому

    2020 im here

  • Egyptian Doll
    Egyptian Doll 6 днів тому

    Besttt think you never 🎶

  • Danex Obsioma
    Danex Obsioma 7 днів тому +1

    Bruh, It's 2020!

  • Food 4D Soul
    Food 4D Soul 7 днів тому +1

    I had the same experience. I thought she's going to be faithful after I forgive her on cheating once on me. But it turns out she would never. She just wants what's good for herself. She only thinks about herself. No us. Only she. I am mentally and emotionally abuse by her knowing I cannot let go of her. It is so traumatic experience 😭😢😥

  • Treah Boss
    Treah Boss 7 днів тому



    How come nobody is talking about how beautiful her dress is?😯😍
    Watching in January 2020😊

  • Michelle Wen
    Michelle Wen 7 днів тому +2

    This song is still on repeat since 2011, who's with me?

  • StankPussy K.
    StankPussy K. 7 днів тому

    Man this song bring back some real summer 2011 memories

  • Maiya Lam9
    Maiya Lam9 8 днів тому

    I'm going to cry

  • Maiya Lam9
    Maiya Lam9 8 днів тому

    Did this actually happen

  • Giselle McLean
    Giselle McLean 8 днів тому

    January 2020 Baby!!!

  • Guppy Male
    Guppy Male 8 днів тому

    some day u n ur family will have nothing,Top bigbang

  • Bella Ortega
    Bella Ortega 9 днів тому

    You did the right decisions baby girl follow your dreams baby girl I love you

  • random one
    random one 9 днів тому

    a queen.

  • KaideWeirdAF
    KaideWeirdAF 10 днів тому


  • babygirl .m_.
    babygirl .m_. 10 днів тому +1

    2020 we are here💃💃💃

  • Cindy-Leigh Brass
    Cindy-Leigh Brass 10 днів тому +1

    I’m so sad but still happy is it possible 🤭🤷‍♀️

  • Claudia Armah
    Claudia Armah 10 днів тому

    The guy who just left Beyonce on the dance floor all alone made Beyoncr think that he was not the right man to date.