By the way, What If The Same Day REPEATED Over and Over? (ft. Puffin Forest)

  • Опубліковано 20 кві 2019
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    Guest: Puffin Forest (Ben) -
    Main Animator: 'Bell Boy' Bella - Hourglass34_
    Assisted Color: 'Front desk' Pau - suzukiPCArt
    So today we put ourselves in a time-loop scenario where we repeat the same day over and over again. We can't seem to escape this day and our mission is to survive and escape. This groundhog's day is joined by our dope friend Ben (Puffin Forest), go give him some love!
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  • TheKiller HotDog
    TheKiller HotDog 44 хвилини тому

    If thst happened I’ll figure out every outcome that could happen and pick my favorite and do it over and over.

  • Adnan Redzepovic
    Adnan Redzepovic Годину тому


  • Baby Whale
    Baby Whale Годину тому

    Wait wtf i just realised that the guy that got the heart attack was jay and the other dude was jo

  • shuwuichii
    shuwuichii Годину тому

    Hosuh is baby boi, he’s so innocent uwu.

  • pessimistic rat
    pessimistic rat 2 години тому +1

    “sir this is not that kind of service...”

  • Greva Barcelo
    Greva Barcelo 2 години тому

    It just ends at happy???????

  • Username 606
    Username 606 3 години тому

    Stephen, would you please, *please* , let them investigate before you kill the guy?

  • coolcoolcool 95
    coolcoolcool 95 3 години тому

    Part two?

  • *•Bees•*
    *•Bees•* 3 години тому

    Am I the only one thinks that the Thumbnail looks like the baby person looks like its eating the fire?

  • Bella Gordon
    Bella Gordon 4 години тому

    A boy with a mohawk why do you like knife so much

  • Puppet gamer Georgia and Friends
    Puppet gamer Georgia and Friends 5 годин тому

    U GUYZ R SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

  • kayzo 121
    kayzo 121 5 годин тому

    Lol HAHAHAAHAHHA "tag your it"🤣🤣

  • Dark Luke
    Dark Luke 5 годин тому

    That poor bell boy

  • Patryk Playz And More!
    Patryk Playz And More! 6 годин тому

    Daniel reminds me of a dungeon master in d&d

  • miathebrave 4
    miathebrave 4 6 годин тому

    Wah hosuh I love you....and you too Stephan, you knife lover

  • miathebrave 4
    miathebrave 4 6 годин тому

    Damn i love the art where hosuh gets shot, beautiful scene of him. Not saying that hosuh dying is beautiful 😂

  • Spades
    Spades 6 годин тому

    *S A U S A G E & T O A S T*

  • Psychotic Waffle
    Psychotic Waffle 7 годин тому

    Bellboy: happy Monday

    Stephen: ok can I stab the bellboy

  • fries_are potatoes
    fries_are potatoes 8 годин тому +1

    Stephen: I’m gonna STAB Hosuh

    me: touch any of them and i swear to friggin gawd i will murder you ÙwÚ

  • polybius 223
    polybius 223 9 годин тому +1

    *I G O T Y O U B A B E*

  • John Kim
    John Kim 10 годин тому


  • lolexguy 1000
    lolexguy 1000 11 годин тому

    Husoh:'"locks the door"
    Bell boy: wait this is not that kind of service

  • Aitor Azpurua
    Aitor Azpurua 11 годин тому

    7:16 this guy looks like deck kinda
    👈oh wait

  • PixelGamer YT
    PixelGamer YT 12 годин тому

    It does but we just forget it but I rember piece of it because I'm always like "I saw that before"

  • eRrOr_Gaming
    eRrOr_Gaming 12 годин тому

    Guys, if you die, your life starts over, but you remember everything!!! Lol

  • Puppet
    Puppet 13 годин тому +1


  • King Ghidorah
    King Ghidorah 13 годин тому

    *save points be like:*

  • Take The Leap
    Take The Leap 14 годин тому +1

    *sir this is not that kind of service*

  • just some artists :3
    just some artists :3 14 годин тому

    7:55 Jay and jocat

  • gacha potato
    gacha potato 14 годин тому


  • Pirate Penguin
    Pirate Penguin 14 годин тому

    Morning routine
    1. Wake up
    2. Make bed
    3. Stab Hosah

    I'm sorry I probably spelled it wrong

  • Vlabstavag
    Vlabstavag 14 годин тому

    Stephen: *Constantly kills Hosuh.*
    Puffin: Can I just have my sausage and toast?

  • Vlabstavag
    Vlabstavag 14 годин тому

    Me, watching the sponsored advertising: Wait... Stephen is smiling... WHILE NEXT TO DAN?! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

    TAME MORTEM 15 годин тому

    that cliff hanger has me pissed

  • Your TypicalArtist
    Your TypicalArtist 16 годин тому

    Happy what?
    Happy what!
    *HAPPY WHAT!?*

  • Kadu Eduardo
    Kadu Eduardo 16 годин тому

    wait so if daniel is not the killer soooooooooooo who are the murder?

  • xXNêbułaMøønXx
    xXNêbułaMøønXx 17 годин тому


  • Abby Schocke
    Abby Schocke 17 годин тому

    dan your cute but steven is more cute

  • Elizabeth Espinoza
    Elizabeth Espinoza 18 годин тому

    H-happy what? Anzwer me Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That_anime_girl OwO
    That_anime_girl OwO 18 годин тому

    Me: *awaits them to say happy monday*
    Dan: “Room service, happy.....”
    *video ends*
    Me: “hsjsbdhjsksk.....WHY!?”

  • Paul & Maria Collins
    Paul & Maria Collins 18 годин тому

    Stephen has to be one of the legends in raid shadow legends if you know what i mean

  • Anime Gerl
    Anime Gerl 18 годин тому

    Is it normal that if dat happened to me I would kill everyone cuz... no consequences...🥴🙃🙃🙃

  • Monica Gillaspy
    Monica Gillaspy 18 годин тому

    Manager: HaVe A gOoD dAy! Stephen: WAIT WHAAAAAT?!?!?!? STEPHEN: *I STAB THE MANAGER!*

  • SuperBaken Gaming
    SuperBaken Gaming 18 годин тому

    its been months where is part 2

  • Jeaidi Madayag
    Jeaidi Madayag 19 годин тому

    The fact that he just predicted the sky diving without a parachute in the movie happy death day 2 you. 😆😮

  • Pennywise Clown
    Pennywise Clown 19 годин тому

    I would love if you would do a can you survive scp foundation

  • Bluton Animates
    Bluton Animates 19 годин тому

    ah typical Steven

  • Cute Cumber
    Cute Cumber 19 годин тому

    Then the next day Steve stabs Hosah!

  • HolsovanUltimate
    HolsovanUltimate 19 годин тому

    *R O O M S E R V I C E*

  • Brad Welsh
    Brad Welsh 19 годин тому

    This is the day that never ends it goes on and on my friends

  • Just another Army
    Just another Army 19 годин тому

    I really want a second part xD

  • The Hive Mind
    The Hive Mind 19 годин тому

    7:51 the book has jocat on it

    THE DUDE DOCTOR 19 годин тому

    if the blood is rainbow coloured then a guy in a tie dye shirt would be immediately admitted to hospital

  • King Treedede
    King Treedede 20 годин тому

    7:10 detective Clancy would’ve solved the case immediately

  • Elite Sasquatch
    Elite Sasquatch 20 годин тому

    Why are people trying to kill you all day

  • RealRhianRainbow
    RealRhianRainbow 20 годин тому

    RoOM SeRVICe

  • •v• Hewo I am oof
    •v• Hewo I am oof 20 годин тому


  • ChickenGod
    ChickenGod 20 годин тому

    “Room service happy m-“
    *vid ends*
    Me: wtf

    • ChickenGod
      ChickenGod 19 годин тому

      SkyMaster Albani it’s a freaking cliffhanger

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani 19 годин тому

      he never said m, he just ends it with happy, since it could be "happy tuesday" as in the day didn't reset after dan dies

  • Anupama Sharma
    Anupama Sharma 20 годин тому

    Bellboi -Room service , happy......
    Me - Om waila woi shoenderu !!!

  • Madd Hatter
    Madd Hatter 20 годин тому

    I know that it was the next day cuz when they showed all them sleep, Daniel was still dead (☞^o^) ☞