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I Built a LEGO Train Around My CEILING!

  • Опубліковано 6 гру 2022


  • ThisUsernameWasn’tTakenSomehow
    ThisUsernameWasn’tTakenSomehow Місяць тому +3757

    I guess you could say this train track really *raises the roof* in terms of quality.

  • Mini Orionrobots
    Mini Orionrobots Місяць тому +60

    Woah, you make such cool things and with that charity water thing you are doing make so many other people happier, and their lives better! I watched this channel before it hit 1 mil, and it's still bonkers how you can keep up making such amazing projects to show! Also I want to live in a giant sized version of that crystal cave!!! It's so pretty!

  • LeafyBoi
    LeafyBoi Місяць тому +9

    This guy not only makes killer content, but does everything for a good cause. I look up to this guy

  • gamingshadow77
    gamingshadow77 Місяць тому +47

    you got to appreciate how well he did the charity water add

    STARRYZ Місяць тому +6

    Look at the first video this guy made and look at the videos he makes now, everything is so cool, respect for this man, the wait for his videos are very much worth it, keep up the work!

  • Argh JayEm
    Argh JayEm Місяць тому +2564

    One of the few 1 million + YT channels where I genuinely can believe it’s just you, your partner and a few cameras doing the work- instead of having an entire production team working behind the scenes helping you do everything just kept secret and concealed to maintain the “everyman” persona. But I could be wrong.

    • F. Card
      F. Card 12 днів тому

      @Half-Asleep Chris

    • Kelvin Yeo
      Kelvin Yeo 13 днів тому

      @Half-Asleep Chriswhat happens when he is fully awake

    • Ayaan Joshi
      Ayaan Joshi 17 днів тому

      @Oofy XD nope male can’t marry male

    • Oofy XD
      Oofy XD 18 днів тому

      @Highland Schleich marry him

    • Oofy XD
      Oofy XD 18 днів тому

      @Come Have Fun :) fav?

  • Kirstie Wood
    Kirstie Wood Місяць тому +11

    I knew immediately that it was gonna come off or at least ride around on its flanges when you said “now who wants to to see me do it at full speed” I was surprised it didn’t derail on the first corner

    • Kirstie Wood
      Kirstie Wood 19 днів тому

      @EeJayne LOH lol, all jokes aside tho I do feel rather sorry as given that it is Lego it most likely completely shattered and when I got my pair of class 20s (these are actuly moddels not Lego) due to a accident I turned the controller the wrong way and they jumped off the layout onto the floor being seriously damaged and this was on carpet not a hard floor so if a small fall from the layout board on my bed to a carpet floor damaged 2 model LIMA 20s a fall from almost the ceiling onto a hard floor must have absolutely annihilated a Lego engine, by the way don’t worry about the 20s, they have been repaired and are right next to me right now (I had to get them out to check what the company was that made them) and they do run still and they are repaired so well you can’t see the damage from that terrible incident.

    • EeJayne LOH
      EeJayne LOH 26 днів тому

      I laughing the moment I saw the train topple off track. It's the worst and best part of the whole video.

  • Brandee Sons
    Brandee Sons Місяць тому

    I like how creative you are with legit LEGOS! Like sheesh, you really like making stuff neat for legos.

  • Carlosjelly77 Mendoza
    Carlosjelly77 Mendoza Місяць тому +2

    This guy might be the most creative Lego builder I’ve ever seen

  • TheUnnamedGent
    TheUnnamedGent Місяць тому

    The crystal cave is amazing, but if i had those holes in that cupboard, I'd eant to put a siding in there. It would be amazing if you could have a different train come out of the tunnel than the one that went in.

  • Adam Seiler
    Adam Seiler Місяць тому +531

    Love how the biggest inconvenience turned into the coolest part of the build.

    • Kelvin Yeo
      Kelvin Yeo 13 днів тому

      @COOKIE CIA truly flabbergasting

    • Commander Joe
      Commander Joe Місяць тому

      “,”’,.kook I.:.I’m,k.ki.ki). :

    • Anna Macionczyk
      Anna Macionczyk Місяць тому

      inspiring truely

      COOKIE CIA Місяць тому +2

      His content is incredible

  • Paul E Powers
    Paul E Powers Місяць тому

    You know I've seen people do this once or twice where they take the lego creator crocodile locomotive and rebuild it into a steam train and it's really cool it seems like it might be able to fit through the cave but yes kind of a suggestion

  • Daniel Iglesias
    Daniel Iglesias Місяць тому

    Amazing build
    All that's left to do is figure out decorations for the rest of the ceiling, especially along the walls

  • LeggoMyJamesO
    LeggoMyJamesO Місяць тому

    This is great! I have a been working on my Lego ceiling train and release videos to help people build their own. I have to say this is done well and looks great 👍🏻 I will have to up my game

  • tukwila neighbor
    tukwila neighbor Місяць тому

    The Crystal Cave was amazing I love it and especially when you put the camera in it it was so cool

  • TheJumiFilm
    TheJumiFilm Місяць тому +269

    That cave ended up really cool, would be awesome to see a longer version of that, like a mountain

    • TranAvia X®️🛫
      TranAvia X®️🛫 12 днів тому

      broooo helo

    • Octagon
      Octagon 22 дні тому

      JUM 😳

    • XD Tech
      XD Tech Місяць тому +4

      Does this mean you’re going to build a Lego train going through a mountain

  • John Vanderbom
    John Vanderbom Місяць тому

    Thank you for uploading! I’ve been quite bored lately and this has helped a lot!

  • Evolution
    Evolution Місяць тому

    This just goes to show how true the saying "quality over quanitiy" is.
    Also in the cave you could add small stalagmites changing shape and size depending on what they look like.

  • A random Minecraft squid
    A random Minecraft squid Місяць тому

    You are amazing for doing this like this for us to enjoy. You just earned a new sub

  • Elijah Gonzalez
    Elijah Gonzalez Місяць тому

    This channel is awesome, I’ve been watching this the whole week I’ve been sick. This is awesome and a very engaging channel. Please continue this channel, as it’s the best.

  • fliparippa
    fliparippa Місяць тому +765

    As a cambodian myself, i am very thankful for you donating fresh clean water for our country 😌 and also this was such a great video!🇰🇭🇰🇭

    • vin cent
      vin cent 4 дні тому


      JELLY ƆΛT 14 днів тому

      My parents are Cambodian:)

      GRASGRAS 24 дні тому

      @Finlay Cleeve oh

    • Finlay Cleeve
      Finlay Cleeve 25 днів тому +1

      @GRASGRAS they are replying to somebody who deleted their comment, they arent saying they are a scammer they are questioning someone else saying that they are

      GRASGRAS 26 днів тому

      @fliparippa sorry i guess

  • Lego Cooking
    Lego Cooking 24 дні тому

    This is so unbelievably well done! I love it!

  • Da-Vids
    Da-Vids Місяць тому

    This was my childhood dream- thanks for proving it’s possible and still super cool! :)

  • Peast Fist
    Peast Fist Місяць тому

    My man here living the dream. I always want to have this in my room with a lego powered rail instead of the battery so it can loop as long as i want

  • orionskittles
    orionskittles Місяць тому

    At first I thought this meant a train hanging from the ceiling somehow.
    It took me until the end of the video to realize that gravity doesn't work like that.

    LONDON BRIDGE BRICKS Місяць тому +173

    Chris - what a brilliant idea on so many levels ! - a brilliant video with a brilliant track location and a brilliant message ❤

    • SwitchBox
      SwitchBox Місяць тому +1

      I see what you did...
      For those who don't,
      "so many LEVELS"

  • Goldaemon
    Goldaemon Місяць тому +1

    How he makes sponserships a part of the video is just amazing.😊😊

  • Ava Strong
    Ava Strong Місяць тому

    I loved this video so much! Genuinely brought a smile to my face! Have a blessed week everyone! God loves us all so much:)

  • Corvix
    Corvix Місяць тому

    It reminds me of a candy store I went to with a giant railway above everyone's heads. Really cool

  • Squib1219
    Squib1219 Місяць тому +69

    That cave is simply breathtaking. But the only thing I'd say the track needs is more personalization for the 'dry spells' between the corners. That's just what I'd add, though. It's really cool!

    • J. Haven
      J. Haven Місяць тому +1

      I figure he’s going to add bits to it now and then as he gets inspiration :)

  • The B3
    The B3 Місяць тому +559

    I _immediately_ looked up at my own ceiling and started making measurements 😂
    Don't think something like this would fit at the moment... but that crystal cave is incredibly inspiring!

    • Were_weird_CHipmunks…
      Were_weird_CHipmunks… 17 днів тому

      I love your videos, I hope you never stop making them. Your my favorite so far!🫠🤭🤗🤩🥳🤪😜😝😋😛

    • Miles Dodson
      Miles Dodson Місяць тому

      Hi b3

    • Gamein Time
      Gamein Time Місяць тому

      hi the b3

    • Aquaticplayz
      Aquaticplayz Місяць тому

      @Rytis B i dont even know it tbh

    • Rytis B
      Rytis B Місяць тому

      @Aquaticplayz Oh well, I guess it is kinda old now.

  • the w
    the w Місяць тому

    you really are one of the most wholesome content creator 😁😁😁

  • b s
    b s Місяць тому

    I LOVE the cave! Bravo!

  • Paldean wooper
    Paldean wooper Місяць тому

    It’s amazing how you do this!

  • Dharmesh Patel
    Dharmesh Patel Місяць тому

    That looks beautiful Great job

  • SP Brick Studios
    SP Brick Studios Місяць тому +121

    This man never fails to come out with great ideas.

    • Coukouwi
      Coukouwi Місяць тому

      wdym ? Except the cave everything is ugly

    • lolsoina
      lolsoina Місяць тому +1


  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers 13 днів тому

    That cave looks so cool!

  • Cold buzzard6360
    Cold buzzard6360 Місяць тому

    That is so good🎉 how long did it take to build it?

  • Wallace
    Wallace Місяць тому

    maybe if you painted or put clouds at the top could be pretty neat. But overall this actually looks amazing!

  • Charlie
    Charlie Місяць тому +57

    You can tell Chris is such a genuine person the way the charity is presented

  • Eric Cond
    Eric Cond Місяць тому +112

    Chris, it would be cool to add something new to the railway every month, like some easter egg minifigs, a new little segment, upgrading old ones etc.
    Anyways great video, looking forward to the next one!

    • Rachel Hibbert
      Rachel Hibbert 23 дні тому

      @person it would be but it would be worth the effort

    • person
      person 23 дні тому

      it would be tiring but cool

    • Zane Vermillion
      Zane Vermillion Місяць тому


    • Rachel Hibbert
      Rachel Hibbert Місяць тому

      that would be really cool👍

  • Brett Abbott
    Brett Abbott Місяць тому

    I loved this one. The tunnel was amazing.

  • andyuehara
    andyuehara Місяць тому

    This idea will work incredibly well with Mario Kart Home Circuit.

  • Christina
    Christina Місяць тому

    I really love the part where it falls off The track lesson learned never ever let a train go full speed even if it’s a straight track it fell over that’s hilarious but great job I really want to do that 😂❤

  • douglas crain
    douglas crain Місяць тому

    Have sweep Chris you're doing something good for the people 😁🇰🇭🇰🇭

  • TramFan07
    TramFan07 Місяць тому +166

    I remember going to a restaurant and seeing a train going all the way around the ceiling. After seeing it, I always wanted something like it in my house. Now with this video, you made my dream come true :)

  • Elliot Birks
    Elliot Birks Місяць тому

    This man is the most innocent and selfless man on UAclips first he picks up so much rubbish then he does all this charity my god

  • BagelTheDoggo
    BagelTheDoggo Місяць тому

    You should add a small railing on the side of the track so that the train cannot fall off the track

  • Alae riia
    Alae riia Місяць тому

    Thank you for mentioning the greatest train chase in cinematic history.

  • Milan Verhulst
    Milan Verhulst Місяць тому +1

    The ending of this video is just amazing haha 😆

  • How to eat grapes
    How to eat grapes Місяць тому +55

    I feel like Chris is that guy that doesn’t upload much but when he does UAclips goes crazy. Fantastic job, the only thing I would add would be some decor on the blank spaces between the areas

  • Brick Science
    Brick Science Місяць тому +1

    This is certifiably awesome!!

  • Hunter Fox
    Hunter Fox Місяць тому

    Please get into viviarium making, you'd make some amazing ones! Is a bit more restricted in materials if put in reptiles/frogs as need to be herp safe materials

  • TheunholyTashman
    TheunholyTashman Місяць тому +1

    It would be cool if he took the final results footage and looped it and posted it

  • Emma Bailey
    Emma Bailey Місяць тому +27

    This is incredible, on so many levels (figuratively as well as literally)!
    We’re all used to seeing UAclips videos with sponsorships (which is fine, if they’re handled well and aren’t either scammy or scummy!), but this is like an anti-sponsorship - you’re giving away thousands of pounds to charity instead of receiving funding yourself! Good on ya Chris - you’re a thoroughly good egg.
    I’ve just made my own little donation as a result of your video and campaign - just a drop in the bucket in comparison to yours, but it’s a drop of fresh water that wasn’t there before 😌

  • Faris Zakwan
    Faris Zakwan Місяць тому

    It's nice to relax watching train going on circle. If add camera can be improve view of which train pass through.

  • Raven
    Raven Місяць тому

    It's all fun in games until someone thinks the spider's are real. (Also you did an AMAZING job at this 👏)

    PLAINMAC 22 Місяць тому +1

    I like how your so kind and you make cool things my favourite is the cave have a good day 🇦🇺

  • The Wolf🐺
    The Wolf🐺 Місяць тому +1

    I have an idea for your next video You should make a Lego train going underwater And underneath the ground U could also add some of your own stuff but that would be cool and please help him see this!

  • Le Bad Boi
    Le Bad Boi Місяць тому +16

    Hey Half Asleep Chris! I’ve been really inspired by the message near the end of the video, so I’m going to go to my town’s Main Street and set up a stall and sell cupcakes to people and/or give free cupcakes to the homeless. I’m in secondary school and I’m in a position where I’m not without money. I’ll be donating at least 80% of what I earn to charity water, and save some for buying relatives Christmas presents. I hope others do the same, it’s a great cause. Thanks for your time.

  • S o m e o n e
    S o m e o n e Місяць тому

    Imagine someone rents this house 5 years later
    and there’s just two holes in their closet

  • Joshy Flores
    Joshy Flores Місяць тому

    The crystal cave looks like the cave from the magic train track

  • JDVShorts
    JDVShorts  Місяць тому

    I love how he says am I about to drill a hole through a wardrobe through Lego YES!

  • studguy
    studguy Місяць тому

    charity water is good, i wanna donate 100000% but the end actually got me laughing

  • Mitchell Keil
    Mitchell Keil Місяць тому +50

    This guy is a legend, someone give him a crown. What a great cause the money will be going to! It is good to see UAclipsrs around 1mil subs doing stuff like this. Keep it up 👍

  • Jayden
    Jayden Місяць тому +1


  • Loodachris253
    Loodachris253 Місяць тому

    I was waiting for Feathers Mc Graw to fall into a bottle. I love Wallace and Gromit!

  • MemeCreator
    MemeCreator Місяць тому +1

    This one is good than my real life scale lego robot!

  • NotableDasher
    NotableDasher Місяць тому

    I love it, especially the Wallace and Grommit inspiration.

  • MiloGSDog 2002
    MiloGSDog 2002 Місяць тому +10

    I've done this exact thing in my room. Going through a closet and all that fun stuff. Except, it was with an HO scale train. So much fun

  • lollillama 2011
    lollillama 2011 Місяць тому

    I wonder what the cave looks like from the inside of the closet haha

  • The Elfee show
    The Elfee show Місяць тому

    You work so hard to make these wow

  • TheKingOfCats27
    TheKingOfCats27 Місяць тому

    Now that there is some texture at the bottom it looks more like a mineshaft

  • Patricia&Pablo Eckhoff&Vizcaino
    Patricia&Pablo Eckhoff&Vizcaino Місяць тому

    Have a sleep Chris is such a good idea to give water to kids that don’t have been watching I love your Lego train it’s amazing

  • SacredBricks
    SacredBricks Місяць тому +6

    This is genuinely insanely well done!

    • Ricky H-A
      Ricky H-A Місяць тому

      It’s sacred bricks😊

    • Francis
      Francis Місяць тому

      Hi SacredBricks

  • Xavier
    Xavier Місяць тому

    You should put some "power miners rock monsters" in the crystal cave.

  • Hope no one else has this name
    Hope no one else has this name Місяць тому

    Keep up the good, hard work you do and keep up the charity work

  • Outer Space and Timelapses
    Outer Space and Timelapses Місяць тому +1

    For a second I thought that train was gonna no-clip into the backrooms at the very end when it fell off

  • Book Mouse
    Book Mouse Місяць тому

    Now you need to make cat trails all over your house and ceiling as well!!!🐅🐯🐱🐈🐈‍⬛

  • Liz
    Liz Місяць тому +22

    My dad and I watch your videos together (I'm 30, so this is either less or more cute than you originally thought XD ) and your work always transports us back to our respective childhoods. We both audibly oohed and aahed when we saw the final result of that magical tunnel. Lovely video and lovely message 🥰

  • fish fish
    fish fish Місяць тому

    It would be very cool to find / make mini mural like I had when I was a kid to go around the top of your wall of scenery idk what it was called but it's a distinct memory I think mine was Fifi the flower tot or dora the explorer

  • Yiannis Kapsokavathis
    Yiannis Kapsokavathis Місяць тому

    imagine if this man has children THEY"D DESTORY EVERYTHING!!

  • Giga Chad, but with no lover, job and fatherless

    This guy just full filled one of my childhood dream

  • Ronan Lynch
    Ronan Lynch Місяць тому

    First, he builds 100 LEGO sets. Then, he builds the 10 Biggest LEGO sets. And then, he builds a LEGO Train Track around his ceiling.

  • Mekanic
    Mekanic  Місяць тому +13

    This is the kind of sponsorship people like, and want to see, and donate. It is an amazing message- just like your videos.

  • Tank The Mouse & Kyle Broflovski Club!

    The Ending Was hilarious! 😂

  • Memer 9000
    Memer 9000 Місяць тому +4

    7:00 happens to me all the time

  • Science in Engineering
    Science in Engineering Місяць тому

    You always have to fill 3 times.... 4 if it's deep

  • Arwen E. M. P.
    Arwen E. M. P. Місяць тому

    Oh my goodness, I love this video.

  • Joyce
    Joyce Місяць тому +10

    This was incredible to see. The sparkling gem cave is my favorite (and the sliders my least favorite, ha). The production and editing of your videos is always top-notch! Congratulations on the new space.

  • Heather Sargent
    Heather Sargent Місяць тому

    Could you list all of those trains i love lego trains i have all ways wanted one

  • Harshad's Corner
    Harshad's Corner Місяць тому +1

    Where did you get the train from and what is the name of that train you used around the ceiling

  • Guy from Reddit
    Guy from Reddit Місяць тому

    My man post once every month, has cats, a girlfriend to take care of and still has time to donate $8000 to charity

  • epic
    epic Місяць тому

    Imagine that a real spider sneaks in the trail of spiders💀

  • GamerSomebody_25
    GamerSomebody_25 Місяць тому +7

    When you decorate your office you should add a few hanging plants under the plant corner to add more green and integrate it with the room i think it would look really good!

  • IchBinsMichi
    IchBinsMichi Місяць тому

    Wow you are so a wonderful person! ❤️

  • Norman Nutbar
    Norman Nutbar Місяць тому

    I miss your cats.
    Please feature them again soon.


    This is the best train track ever!!!!

  • PhilledZone
    PhilledZone Місяць тому

    His goals really went through the roof

  • walter van der wolf
    walter van der wolf Місяць тому

    probably you could make a spiral downwards / upwards where the desk it so a part of it runs along your desk xD