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  • Опубліковано 4 лют 2023
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    Hey everyone, it's your friend / @thinknoodles and welcome to my UAclips channel! Join me, my dog Kopi and other friends on our adventures in gaming. Here, you can find all kinds of family-friendly gaming videos and shorts. I play lots of different games from Roblox, to Poppy Playtime and Huggy Wuggy. I also play mobile games, indie games and more!
    Noodle on, Noodlers!
    #doors #thinknoodles #roblox
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  • Haris
    Haris Місяць тому +1302

    Bro did the hardest challenge in this game. I can’t believe he would go to such lengths to complete every badge in the game. Most respect to you, Think.

    • Kasia Szpak
      Kasia Szpak 7 годин тому

      Can you do a pet simulator x video 😊

    • wCloudyy
      wCloudyy День тому

      Bruh... I beat it 2 times easily... also on my yt..

    • am1sha💋😻
      am1sha💋😻 2 дні тому


    • CrazyGamer
      CrazyGamer 5 днів тому

      @izzplays games and bee swarm well it means greatest of all times

    • Storms of Dragon
      Storms of Dragon 7 днів тому

      Yeah I know that

  • eilisha 😍
    eilisha 😍 Місяць тому +482

    tip for the rooms: if a-90 pops up whilst you can hear another entity coming (a-60, a-120) PRIORITISE A-90. don’t move, don’t try to hide in a closet, don’t do anything. not until a-90 leaves. a-90 actually freezes and delays all entities in the rooms for a couple seconds, including ones that might be coming after you whilst a-90 itself pops up to allow players afterwards to have time to hide once a-90 leaves.

    • Nicole Lawrence
      Nicole Lawrence 3 дні тому

      @Funmi Atandeyi Okay it might not be easy for other people like for me A-90 is not really easy for me

    • Nicole Lawrence
      Nicole Lawrence 3 дні тому

      @Blue fox and Gio Do u mean like the part where u get the room? Yes u can go to the rooms multiplayer and at 60 and 61 when u pull the lever go back to door 60 and there will be a cut of the wall amd u go in there there is a maze bur when u get past door 50 u need 2 lockpicks and a skeleton key back to 60 there will be a gate that will be opened and u go there get the 2 lockpicks then u will use the skeleton key and then boom

    • Jian
      Jian 3 дні тому +1


    • Kids Rule
      Kids Rule 4 дні тому

      Put the key in bobs head at an angle to make him mad you can also make goblino mad by hitting him with a lighter

  • Discolored
    Discolored Місяць тому +120

    Tip to use when doing rooms with friends : When playing rooms come up with different names for the entity’s. Me and my friends call them easy names that we can say quickly and that some others say as well. We call A-60 Rush, A-90 Halt, and A-120 Stomp. It helps a lot when we need to run to a locker.

    • ☻︎ahaan☻︎
      ☻︎ahaan☻︎ 2 дні тому

      @Asy Druna A-120 is the squiggly face.

    • Tenic Squid
      Tenic Squid 2 дні тому

      Same I put it on rift and beat the game it took nearly 3 hours

    • ultra gaming lol
      ultra gaming lol 4 дні тому

      We just call them 6, 9 and 12,
      For the normal entity's we use the minions as there names so seek is kevin, the 1st figure is Bob, and door 100 figure is Stuart

    • LucasGamer
      LucasGamer 6 днів тому

      @A-200 interabile room A-200?

      ERICK RIVERA 7 днів тому

      @looseno one cares if no one asked

  • William Hollingworth
    William Hollingworth 5 днів тому +9

    "I'm thinking 1000 likes?...wait no, that's not right, 100k." I'm sure you'll get it, I love your videos on doors since they're entertaining, and useful for me and lots of other people! Respect earned for going so far for us.

  • phia
    phia 25 днів тому +41

    it feels like forever since I've last watched one of your videos, but I just wanted to say, keep going, you've been a part of so many kid's lives including mine 💙

  • Ramiro de la Garza
    Ramiro de la Garza 2 дні тому +1

    great job! I wish I was that good. :) I haven’t gotten any of the badges , only the common ones :( I wish you luck on ur next runs!😊 hope u have a good morning/night/evening!

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Місяць тому +2335

    Great job Think!

    • Gio9058
      Gio9058 2 хвилини тому

      @YoPlayz true bonjour=hello/hi
      Caca=popo lol

    • W34K&
      W34K& 4 години тому


      VICTOR ODOH 8 годин тому


    • Gio9058
      Gio9058 11 годин тому

      @Rhea thx

    • Sophie Loves You
      Sophie Loves You 15 годин тому


  • ⌗🥛NYA-!
    ⌗🥛NYA-! 24 дні тому +5

    I cannot imagine how hard this could be for people, but think achieved it himself, I'm really impressed and I'm so happy you still do the same content! I watched you when I was young :), I remember the video of you playing evil kid, keep up the good work! 🍝

  • Cheeseblox
    Cheeseblox 17 днів тому +18

    holy. frick. this is your biggest achievement yet and im madly proud of you. ive got to A-1000 once but the badge glitched and 3 A-90s killed me at once. just before A-1000. this is probably the hardest badge to get on a modern roblox game. this video also got me working on the calculations for how rare certain parts of the video were, ill edit it in a bit when i finish all of the calulations.

  • 長崎ゲームテスター
    長崎ゲームテスター 4 дні тому +1

    Nice job! For me to reach A-1000 it took me 21 1/2 hours to reach it because of A-120 he is so quiet that I died from him. But yep it’s hard though.

  • GoldLemon
    GoldLemon 28 днів тому +16

    I don’t watch your videos anymore, but I just want to say congrats on how far you gotten! I remember watching your minion-mansion adventure episodes (forgot what they’re called) when I was a kid. Absolutely loved them! It’s crazy knowing you’re still posting to this day. Keep it up mate! :)

    • Pinky Xie
      Pinky Xie 10 днів тому +1

      Thinks lab

    • andrewmtgx
      andrewmtgx 17 днів тому

      u mean da minion mod reviews haha

    • Luan Berisa
      Luan Berisa 19 днів тому


  • Formyworrld
    Formyworrld 7 днів тому +2

    Good job Think. You taught me so much in doors that I actually got this badge. So thank you so much for teaching me.

  • Personal
    Personal Місяць тому +376

    I've been watching thinknoodles for years, just came back and I'm so happy to see he's still the same. Really love how he did this for us, thank you so much for being on youtube thinknoodles.

    • Belinda Fluker
      Belinda Fluker 9 днів тому

      I have subsribe for a year

    • im_FIGURE
      im_FIGURE 14 днів тому

      Think is the best yt-ber tbh I've always loved him

    • Melanie Davies
      Melanie Davies 21 день тому

      Yea I’m with noodles boy

    • Ebonykiss5
      Ebonykiss5 23 дні тому


    • Nezuko Kamado
      Nezuko Kamado 24 дні тому

      same. I left after fnaf world sim, since I got wrapped in some other stuff and I got into other youtubers.

  • SlugAnimatez
    SlugAnimatez 29 днів тому +1

    Hey, Think! Here is a tip I think you might find useful! :) When you open the switch for door 100 and you opened the electric room, go in there when figure is chasing you. Have a great day! 🙂

  • LittleZZ
    LittleZZ Місяць тому +10

    I love how he always does all of this, goes through all of this pressure just to make us all happy! :)

  • Joe Vibbard
    Joe Vibbard 6 днів тому +2

    What a 1000 looks like-
    It's a dark room with a bridge, white windows. It is small, and it has a scanner on the floor. There is one more door. As you walk through it, you get the a 1000 badge. Your welcome!

  • I can't think of an original name.
    I can't think of an original name. 20 днів тому +17

    I think to make the A-200 and A-1000 worth is making the gummy flashlight and tablet unlockable in the shop (you need their badges to unlock them respectively) and they'll cost a lot more knobs (gummy flashlight for badge + 150 knobs and tablet for badge + 300 knobs).
    It would make them permanent and very useful.

    • PizzaIn8K
      PizzaIn8K 6 днів тому

      @LucasGamer detour badge

    • LucasGamer
      LucasGamer 6 днів тому

      Good idea but what about gummy flashlight?

    • PizzaIn8K
      PizzaIn8K 7 днів тому

      @Demonic Grey Cat good idea

    • Demonic Grey Cat
      Demonic Grey Cat 7 днів тому

      ​@PizzaIn8K it's connected with the rooms, so it could say
      "The tablet feels lighter than normal..." or smth and it doesn't work if you don't have the badge

    • JoeMamaIsKing69
      JoeMamaIsKing69 7 днів тому

      @PizzaIn8K if that happens oh well but u still need to get to a-1000 for the achievement

  • theemeraldsword85
    theemeraldsword85 10 днів тому +2

    Just beat A-1000 today. I feel your deep breaths so hard at 42:12, I basically did the same once I reached door A-1000. GGs, Think! I'm never taking my tablet out of the rift xD.

  • Robin Bal
    Robin Bal Місяць тому +210

    Can we appreciate how long it took him to get that badge? This guy needs a medal

    • Henry lam
      Henry lam Місяць тому

      yes. He needs a medal

    • Green🍀
      Green🍀 Місяць тому

      @dbd main not only that, we are his medal by subscribing, watching, and liking his videos he did such a good job on this

    • ♧Sayu♧
      ♧Sayu♧ Місяць тому

      ​@baconhairman24 yeah dont

    • baconhairman24
      baconhairman24 Місяць тому +2

      do not question how long it took to edit it.

    • Tamer Abow
      Tamer Abow Місяць тому +2

      @tam nguyen yes

  • PaulDoesLeaks
    PaulDoesLeaks Місяць тому +3

    The reason why the crucifix and candle doesn’t work is because guiding light is not with you. What I’m saying is that the guiding light is inside the crucifix. If your in a dark room with the crucifix and the guiding light is highlighting the key, I can help you understand that: Guiding light can separate itself, meaning it is inside the crucifix and in other places to help you.

  • fortnite_fall_guy_038
    fortnite_fall_guy_038 Місяць тому +2

    Watching this makes me realise how hard it is to get to A-1000. And it makes me realise I'm never gonna make it to door A-1000, because you had to hide/stop for enemies over a 100 times. Congrats Think for getting to A-1000. 🙌🙌

    • CrazyPeople
      CrazyPeople 6 годин тому

      Just remember El Goblino’s words. Always go agane!

    • DuskLord
      DuskLord 25 днів тому +1

      put anything to your mind and you can do whatever you want

  • Leif
    Leif 7 днів тому

    I... Am honestly at a loss for words l. Oh sure, getting to A-1000 is challenging enough, but the fact that you beat the HOTEL TOO? That's something worth congratulations so... Congratulations. ... You think this is the hardest challenge yet? No.. no no. There will probably be an even harder challenge for Thinknoodles to overcome. I can only hope that he will be able to overcome that challenge... Until then Noodles.

  • 20 plays roblox
    20 plays roblox 28 днів тому

    For those who are relying on sound,
    Whenever A-60 or A-120 is coming, and A-90 gets his place, it will actually mute A-60 or A-120. Supposedly because sometimes he may not appear on your screen.

  • Aaron Pineda
    Aaron Pineda 10 днів тому

    I feel like think noodles should make a 2 hour documentary of explaining all entities all doors and rooms because he would be great at explaining things for new people to the experience

  • The Glitchologist
    The Glitchologist Місяць тому +1499

    The fact that the entire timelapse was literally 5 minutes long shows how long it took him to do it, Love you think! You'll do anything for the content, take a break man!

  • Frank Vlach
    Frank Vlach 25 днів тому +1

    Man, you must be REALLY dedicated to get to A-1000 and beat the rest of the run and find the hidden room in 100

  • Lucas Campbell
    Lucas Campbell Місяць тому +1

    Good job. I got this badge yesterday after dying in room A-924, and i was very demotivated to try again, but the next try, i got to A-1000 after 3 hours.

  • Coolzled Being
    Coolzled Being 5 днів тому

    I think that the entity who caused the scratches is el goblino, as he's the only entity with three claws, and one of his messages does say something about how he likes to knock and scratch the walls (explaining the various thumping noises we hear through the journey) so possibly, he went a bit to hard

  • [OCHR] Gen
    [OCHR] Gen Місяць тому +3

    a couple tips that have helped me to get to A-700
    -try to stay calm, since whenever you have A-60/120 and have A-90 at the same time, if you aren't calm, you might mess up
    -do not do this late at night since you are more tired than any other time
    -don't buy the gummy flashlight, it's basically useless if you have a flashlight, so only buy it if you forget to get it in the lobby/jeff
    -Entities are more likely to spawn whenever you reach their room (A-60 when you reach A-60 for example)
    -A-90 will stop entities for a second or two
    -If A-90 comes do not move your camera, since moving your camera also counts as moving
    -Always be prepared to stop whenever you hear A-90, i've seen videos of A-90 spawning in A-1000
    -whenever you enter a room wait a second or two to see if you hear anything, only A-90 can spawn in the middle of a room
    -before entering a room try looking around for closets in case A-60/120 comes (alternatively, you could memorize each room's closet spawns), which will help you if you can't find any immediate closets)
    -always tip Jeff and vibe to his music for sanity restoration
    -BRING VITAMINS, they may no longer give you some health but it'll still make you go pretty fast, which is helpful if you have to run to a closet (or if you wanna go faster, not recommended)
    -try playing it with a friend (you both can carry twice the items, which if somebody dies, the others can obtain the items)
    -do not purchase a crucifix unless you wish to place the item (if you get it) in the rift, you will most likely need the knobs for future runs (if you don't succeed)
    Edit: two more tips
    -A-60 can only spawn in rooms that have lockers
    -A-120 can only spawn if the room before the one you enter has lockers
    I'll be making my way to A-1000 tomorrow (or at least try)

    • Phyomin Thu
      Phyomin Thu 9 днів тому

      Is it me or A-60 brings A-90 with me every time he comes

  • Phyomin Thu
    Phyomin Thu 9 днів тому

    I woke up early at 6:16 AM to get to A-1000 and I was just 15 minutes away from going to my art class so I had to speedrun rooms like 2 hours and 45 minutes including going to door 100 and completing the game so I can relate to the stress lol

  • WalmartBag
    WalmartBag Місяць тому +100

    The amount of determination this man has is surreal. I would’ve raged on attempt 2 or 3 but he lasted 5 attempts (7 total) and I think that’s just extraordinary how he also had the courage to go through all 1k of those doors including the two broken rounds and the 5 other failed attempts, and finish doors afterward. Truly amazing courage and dedication Think.

    • Glimmer Glob
      Glimmer Glob 4 дні тому

      Watching think go to A-1000 fills you with determination

    • Kathy Greer
      Kathy Greer 6 днів тому

      32:40 voice crack

    • Canadian Edits
      Canadian Edits 8 днів тому

      @WalmartBag CORRECTION - Accuse / accused means you blame someone / someone blamed you for something you did not do.
      Hope this helps!

    • random gamer
      random gamer 9 днів тому


    • Luke’s gaming
      Luke’s gaming 12 днів тому


  • James Zhao
    James Zhao Місяць тому +4

    Ive found out when a-90 spawns it literally freezes time. Entities can't move (I've determined this by the fact that the sound for the entities don't get louder when a-90 comes. In fact, the sounds dissapear entierly.)
    This could just be me.
    Edit: Skeleton key has a small chance to spawn in drawers and such. in theory if you get lucky the infirmiry will spawn a couple doors after the "a" room. With that room not being unloaded, you could grab the plant and grab another skeleton key.

  • Stickman Studios
    Stickman Studios 27 днів тому

    Holy macaroni… I’d love to do this, but I can’t get past the Greenhouse. Hopefully when I finish the Rooms, I’ll be able to do so. Congrats, Thinknoodles!

  • Tyler
    Tyler 6 днів тому

    I have been trying to get A-1000 for a a month now I only got to A-681 before I died to a double A-90 attack and A-60 attack but props to think for doing it for me but I will still push to get to A-1000 so I can join think and all the others on having A-1000

  • I can't think of an original name.
    I can't think of an original name. 20 днів тому

    Fun fact : Bob used to work at the rooms, so sometimes there's those offices with the name of the workers, and one of the names that can appear is Bob.
    An another proof? If you're lucky enough, while talking to El Goblino, sometimes he can say that Bob saw a light that is yellow instead of blue, which is clearly a reference to the guiding light and curious light.

  • Kamil Kulaga
    Kamil Kulaga 6 днів тому

    You can tell this mans was stressing when we can see his little animoji shaking, good job on getting to A-1000!

  • JazzHouse
    JazzHouse Місяць тому +24

    Ya know, every now and then Think surprises me with his dedication to games, and going the extra mile for our entertainment. Kinda reminds me of FNAF 2, the 6th night video. He made it a long time ago, but he tried that night like a bazillion times until he got it.
    I tip my hat to you Thinknoodles.

  • PAN SEBA ☑
    PAN SEBA ☑ Місяць тому +4

    Most OP item isn't the tablet/scanner or however you call it. It's the Crucifix and Candle, both are powered by Guiding Light, Crucifix can stop Seek and Figure for a brief time and rest of mansters completly banish from the room, candle tells you whenever rush or ambush is coming, and scanner has only use at door 100 where it has wallhack that you see the switches

    • PAN SEBA ☑
      PAN SEBA ☑ День тому

      @Duane Potter there's theory of guiding light being God's sent angel to protect those who enter hotel.

    • Duane Potter
      Duane Potter День тому

      I agree because when you have crucifix God's on your side he can defeat anything

  • JustaloneGaming
    JustaloneGaming Місяць тому +12

    For the dupe rooms on 7:23 sometimes dupe will actually manipulate the guiding lights sometimes and so much of the time you might actually have to find the key if there is a key cause it tells you the correct door number also listen for the one that has a rain sound because dupe can’t imitate rain

    • Ian The Hedgehog
      Ian The Hedgehog 22 дні тому

      The right door's light is actually brighter than the others too!

    • JustaloneGaming
      JustaloneGaming 27 днів тому +1

      @orichal thanks for the advice I did that and there was a kind of groaning behind and they were all the wrong doors

    • orichal
      orichal Місяць тому +2

      dupe makes noise behind the doors, you’ll know what i mean

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo 8 днів тому

    This is for Think Noodles:
    If you feel discouraged by rooms entities, (A-90, etc) please remember this comment:
    You can do this, You are awesome, I’ve never seen someone so hard works just for entertainment for their fans!
    Never discourage yourself just by deaths, we’ve all been there!
    You try your best to entertain us, while suffering from deaths, pressure, and the failure!
    Please don’t stress yourself like that!
    You’re the first best doors YT! (Alongside with Linxy C:)

  • Summer_Tube
    Summer_Tube Місяць тому +1

    GG! I enjoyed watching this video, like all the others. You’re the first one I see making it.
    7:55 I think it’s El Globlino, because I saw a theorie he is the one making the knocking sounds
    And 1 time I was playing doors with friends and died to ambush without a warning. On door 5

  • My Kids
    My Kids 11 днів тому

    Even if you have a crucifix OR candle, they won't help you with rooms. Your crucifix does not effect your gameplay during rooms, because you're in another dimension. Your candle won't tell you if an entity is coming because again, you're in another dimension. Goodluck with ur other challenges!

  • Chx.Sophie.26
    Chx.Sophie.26 Місяць тому +73

    Let’s just appreciate that he took hours too get to A-1000! I don’t think I would be able to do that! Well done!

    • Daniel Jackson
      Daniel Jackson Місяць тому

      What was the tablet ending I think he lied about an ending for it

    • Nowshad
      Nowshad Місяць тому +1

      Door fact : greed is now anti cheat now

    • Nowshad
      Nowshad Місяць тому +1

      Greed join the chat

    • Visoth Roeung
      Visoth Roeung Місяць тому +2

      @kyle varney or just cheat couldn't be me😆

  • Nobody_Entries
    Nobody_Entries Місяць тому +6

    To be honest, I haven’t been watching Think for a long time, but I love his videos (so far) and he is actually good at games and not pretending to be bad!

  • Nobody
    Nobody Місяць тому

    I love guiding lights message at the beginning. Also congratulations on getting to A-1000 not even I could do that or will even attempt it.

  • purrplegirl
    purrplegirl 6 днів тому +2

    New sub man, you deserve it. After all, 3 hours for that is incredible...

  • LuckyDinosauur101
    LuckyDinosauur101 Місяць тому

    if you are to skip the door 200 exit and make it all the way to door 1000, would you get both the "And back again" and "A-1000" achievements? I would not believe so, but if it is possible then I know what I will be spending my free time doing

  • Mateo Garcia
    Mateo Garcia 13 днів тому

    Nice! I want to beat it with you so whenever there is a key I know where it is

  • Abbi Absolute
    Abbi Absolute Місяць тому +129

    Let’s just appreciate how he spent so long to get the badge and to show us all what happens when you do. He deserves more credit

  • Danilo anime Love
    Danilo anime Love 29 днів тому +4

    Damn i forgot how much i loved watching you when i was 7 years old

  • Midnight exe
    Midnight exe 20 днів тому

    i can see why you would get killed the mosy by A-90 cause its so hard to just completely stop moving
    Edit: oh and, just a quick edit here...the further you go in the rooms, the more common the rooms entities begin appearing

  • Orangewheel2
    Orangewheel2 12 днів тому

    Also why does Think need a crucifix for Rooms? You can't use one in the Rooms because it says "Your crucifix feels lighter than normal". Candle doesn't work either.

  • peaf
    peaf Місяць тому +1

    i feel like they should add the tablet as an item you can buy at the start of a run after you reach a-1000 because imagine getting it and then like dying to ambush or something i would end it all right there

  • Jane Kitick
    Jane Kitick День тому

    After all of the doors i play, this is the most successful run I ever saw!

  • Salema Khatun
    Salema Khatun Місяць тому

    There's a sad thing the secret item don't work after you put it in interconnected and take it out and dev just give that item for trolling so that's why use it after a update when it gets updated

  • Asif Iftikhar
    Asif Iftikhar 14 днів тому +9

    a couple tips that have helped me to get to A-700
    -try to stay calm, since whenever you have A-60/120 and have A-90 at the same time, if you aren't calm, you might mess up
    -do not do this late at night since you are more tired than any other time
    -don't buy the gummy flashlight, it's basically useless if you have a flashlight, so only buy it if you forget to get it in the lobby/jeff
    -Entities are more likely to spawn whenever you reach their room (A-60 when you reach A-60 for example)
    -A-90 will stop entities for a second or two
    -If A-90 comes do not move your camera, since moving your camera also counts as moving
    -Always be prepared to stop whenever you hear A-90, i've seen videos of A-90 spawning in A-1000
    -whenever you enter a room wait a second or two to see if you hear anything, only A-90 can spawn in the middle of a room
    -before entering a room try looking around for closets in case A-60/120 comes (alternatively, you could memorize each room's closet spawns), which will help you if you can't find any immediate closets)
    -always tip Jeff and vibe to his music for sanity restoration
    -BRING VITAMINS, they may no longer give you some health but it'll still make you go pretty fast, which is helpful if you have to run to a closet (or if you wanna go faster, not recommended)
    -try playing it with a friend (you both can carry twice the items, which if somebody dies, the others can obtain the items)
    -do not purchase a crucifix unless you wish to place the item (if you get it) in the rift, you will most likely need the knobs for future runs (if you don't succeed)
    Edit: two more tips
    -A-60 can only spawn in rooms that have lockers
    -A-120 can only spawn if the room before the one you enter has lockers
    I'll be making my way to A-1000 tomorrow (or at least try)

  • Krazy K9
    Krazy K9 3 дні тому

    I was playing rooms yesterday and got A-90 and A-60 in the same room. I was in a locker when A-90 showed up. It was weird because I looked it up and doors wiki said A-90 can only spawn on A-90 or up

    • Krazy K9
      Krazy K9 3 дні тому

      By the way how do you record your videos?

  • Yossra Abo Ghanima
    Yossra Abo Ghanima Місяць тому

    Congrats! you are the G.O.A.T! But why didn't you put the A-000 Flashlight or whatever ya wanna call it, in the thingy that u can put the stuff in and then get back next time you play? You could've also put the rest of your items. Anyways, Congrats Think, you earned.

  • Tabassum
    Tabassum 6 днів тому +1

    I wish think would do DOORS or ROOMS with me cause he's literally inspired me to play doors like I've literally been watching him since he started to play piggy so he's really inspired me to play all these games and made me be able to play doors so I just want to say thank u to think thank you so much

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    Phase1 PixelGamer Місяць тому +40

    I litterally watched this whole video through with a family member and it was intense! Just watching you struggle through to the very last door A-1000 Was amazing, bravo, h totally earned that tablet trophy, I wanna give it a go TOO Cause lately ive not found any real good challenges for a long time so i think this will be a good refresher on timing and skills i guess! Awesome Job ThinkNoodles 👏 Liked you video! Been subscribed for a long time! Have a Awesome Day!

      THATNERDCLOWN Місяць тому

      All your family members play Roblox

  • JunPlayz
    JunPlayz Місяць тому

    Think Did you know that if you open the electrical room with a lockpick and when you open the lever you can go back to the electrical room figure won’t attack you hope this helps:(😅

  • Blue-fire Wolves In The Night
    Blue-fire Wolves In The Night Місяць тому

    And lightly hold your mouse. I think its helpful, because since your holding it lightly, its still harder to get A-90’s attention and you can still move your mouse.

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    • Howler
      Howler День тому

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    • Toby Freestone
      Toby Freestone 4 дні тому

      It's not an hour, in fact, it's 55 mins

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    Can't believe Think spent hours just to get to A-1000, I cannot be bothered to get the badge myself. Congratulations Think!
    Edit: I gave in and tried to get to A-1000 solo. I ended up getting to A-1000, and managed to store the tablet in the rift, haha. Glad I managed to get it.

  • Jecker [Jammer]
    Jecker [Jammer] 24 дні тому

    Fun fact; Chance of getting a shadow without the white flash is 1/2000 (1 in 2000) But a shadow with the white flash is 1/25000... Yep you're really lucky and getting ANY shadow in a dark rooms is really rare and it will make the dark room bright and screech can spawn anyways too lol

  • lassy401
    lassy401 Місяць тому +1

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    Sleepy Sounds 3 дні тому

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    Jovanni Manning 24 дні тому

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  • Smiley Productions
    Smiley Productions 8 днів тому +1

    A big pain that happened to me was I was almost on A-200 (I was on like A-196 or sum) and I heard A-60 come then A-90 popped on my scream and I already got hurt from A-90 before so I was screwed..

    • Stalker
      Stalker 8 днів тому

      you can avoid a90 while a60 is coming because a90 pauses the movement of other entities

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    Glenda Carlson Місяць тому

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    (edit: twice i died to a-60 the first time it spawned)

  • Diamond
    Diamond Місяць тому +6

    49:33 Screech despawns if you get into a closet, regardless of whether you caught him or not. This is useful in the greenhouse, because if rush is coming and you hear screech, just jump in the closet and it will take care of both entities.

    • Diamond
      Diamond 20 днів тому

      @KamiGG no no it's fine, you didn't do anything wrong. :)

    • KamiGG
      KamiGG 21 день тому

      @Diamond sry I just realized and watched vid ur right

    • Diamond
      Diamond 21 день тому

      @KamiGG i guess he dosen't in the update, or at least in the greenhouse, based on what's in the video

    • KamiGG
      KamiGG 23 дні тому

      this isn’t true screech still attacks you in a closet at least before the update

  • Pigeonsarecool
    Pigeonsarecool  12 днів тому

    I cant even make it to door A-200! You are amazing!

  • Yellow Pikmin
    Yellow Pikmin 29 днів тому +1

    It's very similar to Rush, though doesn't make any visual cues so you'll have to rely on your ears.
    A-60 will only spawn in when you open a door to a room that has lockers in it, A-60 CANNOT spawn in a room that doesn't have lockers.
    A-60 has a fake-out audio which is a 5 second long clip of the normal cue but it cuts out and he doesnt come.
    This can be figured out because the REAL A-60 can ONLY spawn in when you open the door to the next room (it must have lockers) and the fake-out can play any time, though the fakeout can still play when you open a door so it's not reliable but if you just entered a room and you hear it when you're walking through it is probably a fake, but best to not test your luck.
    A-90 is actually not bugged despite what you guys would think with it sometimes one shotting and sometimes not but I'll explain. A-90 does 90 damage for every tick you're moving after it puts the block on your screen, so if you barely stop moving in time it'll deal 90 damage but if you are moving for 2 ticks it'll kill you.
    A-90 can show up any time but it comes a lot more often with the other two entities so if they're coming prepare to stop.
    If A-90 shows up while another entity is coming, it has two effects. Against A-60, A-90 will slow it down permanently to allow for the players to dodged A-90's attack and still make it to a locker before A-60 shows up. For A-120 however, it completely pauses it for the duration of A-90's attack, but will not be slowed down like A-60 will.
    A-120 comes from the front of the room you're in and blocks the door ahead from being opened, you'll know it's coming when you hear faint drums.
    A-120 will only spawn in when you open a door like A-60, it has no fake out but due to it's quiet audio it's advised to pause for a second after opening a door to listen out.
    A-120 can ONLY spawn in rooms that have lockers in the room behind them. Like this: A-345: No Lockers | A-346: Lockers | A-347: No Lockers.
    In this situation, when you enter into A-346 you will have a chance to encounter A-60 since you have entered a room with lockers in it, though when you enter A-347 you have a chance to encounter A-120 since it is consecutive to a room that has lockers.

    • Yellow Pikmin
      Yellow Pikmin 29 днів тому

      @Mr. Dilen Jacks not a copy

    • Mr. Dilen Jacks
      Mr. Dilen Jacks 29 днів тому


    • Yellow Pikmin
      Yellow Pikmin 29 днів тому

      when think recorded this it was buggy but this is how it is now i've gotten to around 300 with this being consistently the case for me

  • Depth
    Depth 5 днів тому

    The scratches are made by El goblino, and the more you play the more frequently rooms with scratches appear.

  • Toothpaste
    Toothpaste Місяць тому +16

    Can we appreciate how much work think puts into his videos? I've been watching you since I was 6 and I just want to say thanks for all the cool videos! Keep it up!
    How did this get 10 likes in 1 day

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    koshu 28 днів тому

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  • choco playz
    choco playz 16 днів тому +1

    here is a tip that I learned it the hard way: a-60 and a-120 only spawn if there are lockers in the previous or the current room you are in.

    • Hanna Duff
      Hanna Duff 6 днів тому

      Oh okay thanks for the tip 🤗🤗🤗❤️‍🔥

  • LunaRR
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  • Karma Studio Presents
    Karma Studio Presents 18 днів тому

    You died to Seek 2 weeks ago for the 100 deaths vid, and ran into A-90 48 times during the A-1000 victory run. This took an hour and you are welcome 😅

  • Dude333
    Dude333 7 днів тому

    You can get a skeleton key before even encountering Seek for the first time in the run. it happened to me once. Its probably super rare though to get it outside of a chest before Seek

  • TheLord
    TheLord Місяць тому +11

    I'm not sure how many people know it, but when A-90 spawns and you stop, if there is another entity activated it stops too. So stopping for A-90 won't make it harder to go into the locker.

    • blah 161
      blah 161 Місяць тому +1

      @TheLord yeah it seems to pause the other entites when its on screen

    • TheLord
      TheLord Місяць тому

      @A random walnut 100% sure, tested it many many times.

    • A random walnut
      A random walnut Місяць тому +1

      Are you sure something like A-60 would stop when A-90 is on your screen? If so it makes it so much easier.

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    Wow cool think you just got the rarest achievements in doors that is very hard but you didn’t gave up well congratulations think hope you have a great weekend of getting more achievements in doors

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    *_I almost cried._*

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    Mel's Gaming Sessions 8 днів тому

    Hey Think, if you want there's a game called Rooms but Doors and you don't have to go through doors itself plus there's a free flashlight at the start and another entity, A-25

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    Vadhir Lopez 7 днів тому

    Here's a tip if you have a dupe with locked doors, it tells you the number on the key.

  • Hazmila Razali
    Hazmila Razali 15 днів тому

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    Let us all respect his dedication.
    Edit: Respect for getting all Badges in the Game, well except dying 100 times but still good job!

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    • Orangewheel2
      Orangewheel2 15 днів тому

      El Goblino actually has three fingers and they're sharp. Literally.

  • Caleb Faulkner
    Caleb Faulkner 13 днів тому +2

    You can get the back on track badge by leaving the rooms, even by going to A-1000 (also, yes I learned that the difficult way)

  • Leprechaun master
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