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The Insane Biology of: The Orca

  • Опубліковано 17 гру 2021
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    Narrator/Writer: Stephanie Sammann
    Editor: Dylan Hennessy (www.behance.net/dylanhennessy1)
    Illustrator/Animator: Kirtan Patel (kpatart.com/illustrations)
    Animator: Mike Ridolfi (www.moboxgraphics.com/)
    Sound: Graham Haerther (haerther.net)
    Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster ( forgottentowel)
    Producer: Brian McManus ( / realengineering )
    Imagery courtesy of Getty Images
    Timelapse by ANBR
    Unravel by Jon Gegelman
    iIsaac is Tripping by Spearfisher
    Two by Jameson Nathan Jones
    Fall Equinox by the Bows
    End of the Line by C.K. Martin
    Hope and Heisenberg by Spearfisher
    Additional Footage: Dreadfin Entertainment
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  • Littletweeter
    Littletweeter Рік тому +4241

    What a dream it would be to be able to actually communicate to orcas at some point. Communicating with other intelligent species is so huge

    • Ritesh Yeddu
      Ritesh Yeddu Рік тому +37


    • Mandred85
      Mandred85 Рік тому +196

      communicating with gorillas was such a big break through.

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken Рік тому +509

      "YES...I can understand you!" - human
      "Great...now can you guys get your shit together please?" - Orca

    • 90BayArea
      90BayArea Рік тому +45

      You obviously haven’t seen the documentary, Free Willy

  • KC
    KC 5 місяців тому +3789

    can you imagine the orcas talking to each other like "humans. we don't know what they're saying, but researchers believe..."

    • kagemuri
      kagemuri 5 місяців тому +103

      love that thought

    • Jen
      Jen 5 місяців тому +173

      I think they'd say "stay away from those parasites they're dangerous " in reference to us.

    • Michael Martin
      Michael Martin 5 місяців тому +124

      Not sure. I conpare then to like early human tribes around the world. Each orca "tribe" has their own language and own ways of doing things taught down by their elders. Sound familiar?

    • AlanTheBeast100
      AlanTheBeast100 5 місяців тому +80

      "So, we were reviewing the accounts, and it looks like someone is getting more fish for less work than ...."

    • The Dom
      The Dom 5 місяців тому +33

      I'm convinced they do. Sperm whales are believed to have language capacity as intricate or even more so than humans. They're hoping to create a translator one day.

  • Charles Justice
    Charles Justice 2 місяці тому +874

    I once paddled alone by a pod of transient orcas. A big male split off from the pod and swam up to me. He seemed to be looking me over. It was uncanny and very scary. After what seemed like a very long "minute" he turned and splashed me, and his aim was perfect, the jet of water hit me directly in my face. I got the distinct impression that he wanted me to leave the area. (I was told later by a Haida watchman that they were hunting seals.) I had to laugh, after I got splashed, I was so relieved that he just saw fit to splash me rather than something much worse. I really could tell by his body movements that he was not being friendly. That was the only time I've ever been in the power of a creature that could have eaten me for lunch, and he decided to warn me rather than harm me. It was an experience I will never forget.

    • hamalpov
      hamalpov 2 місяці тому +120

      I think it speaks to their intelligence that they have never been recorded in eating humans. This story is fascinating to me because he could have easily eaten you, but instead out of some strange perhaps respect or reverence for its long distant cousins decides to tell you to get out of the way/stop scaring the food. It’s a nice idea to entertain they have some very basic level of folklore/story telling they pass down. Probably deriving from a don’t eat this don’t eat that sort of perspective. A question also, did it look you in the eyes?

    • Charles Justice
      Charles Justice 2 місяці тому +99

      @hamalpov It really felt like he was looking me in the eye, because he stopped about twelve feet in front of me and was facing me for what seemed like a very long minute. He might have been using echo-location, but I couldn't hear anything, the silence seemed to make it worse, it was like he was coming to a decision. They are very intelligent. Sometimes I think they have come to an agreement not to harm humans because they know they would be persecuted if they did. Seventy years ago, it wasn't so rare that people would shoot them for fun! But there are cases of Orca ramming and sinking sailboats.

    • Funfair Ordnance
      Funfair Ordnance Місяць тому +51

      “Ey! Our seals… go away >:T”

    • Charles Justice
      Charles Justice Місяць тому +7

      @Funfair Ordnance Exactly!

    • dolekanteel
      dolekanteel Місяць тому +32

      @Charles Justice What's interesting to me is that unlike humans they never seem to act on impulse, you said that long ago humans used to shoot them for fun; while Orcas seem to have made up their minds to not attack humans and they mostly don't violate that decision (neither young or adult), even though they're known to be curious and playful.

  • Alessandro Borges
    Alessandro Borges 5 місяців тому +1870

    Keeping these beings captive is insanely unhuman

    • NOOB TV
      NOOB TV 5 місяців тому +77

      Most often , when an orca is in captivity its because it is disabled and un able to survive on their own.
      Not the case at marine land ofc .
      You you released these captive beings back into the wild, they’d be dead in 2 days tops.
      It would be the equivalent of throwing a disabled toddler into a suburban ghetto and expecting them to survive completely on their own.
      Unfortunately, in some circumstances it is 100% necessary to keep them captive, or they will die.
      Idk about you, but i rather live in a huge “tank” surrounded by nets several kilometres apart .
      Protected from poachers or possible predators and often don’t even realize they are captive . Unlike at aquariums, captivity isn’t the same.
      Also, more often than not
      These animals are born in captivity from their parents giving birth from being raised there and have NEVER. Been out in the actual wild
      Again, that would be like sending a chihuahua out to play with wolves.
      They’d stand ZERO chance.

    • Root_Test
      Root_Test 5 місяців тому +85

      I've spent my entire life around orcas in the Puget sound
      I have watched calves grow up. They come up to us when we fish.
      I can't imagine keeping them captive unless they have been injured

    • brian triplett
      brian triplett 5 місяців тому +2

      They are normally not able to live in the wild. Shows are cool tho.

    • Lisa
      Lisa 5 місяців тому +7

      @Root_Test that must be a beautiful thing to witness

  • Ben Yentz
    Ben Yentz 10 місяців тому +1041

    I love that seafaring mammals evolved out of the ocean, were unimpressed with the land, and just went back.

    • Judge Magister
      Judge Magister 9 місяців тому +11

      All life is made by the force.

    • sui generis
      sui generis 9 місяців тому +37

      Like she said, they’re smart af.

    • ChonchJohnch
      ChonchJohnch 8 місяців тому +49


    • ent
      ent 8 місяців тому +37

      If I'd the choice, I'd return there too ...

    • Marcus Vinicius
      Marcus Vinicius 8 місяців тому +16

      Funny thing some of them now hunting seals that are trying to go to land

  • Tristan Daries
    Tristan Daries 5 місяців тому +1383

    I love how many animals that are completely unrelated to each other, multiple times throughout life decided that if they scream loud enough, they can kind of see but not really

    • Grimble
      Grimble 5 місяців тому +51

      Too some degree, they can "see" better than us. If it didn't work really well, it wouldn't have happened so much.

    • TiaraGuy
      TiaraGuy 4 місяці тому +113

      @Grimble They just have better resolution, we got better refresh rate.

    • mybike1100
      mybike1100 4 місяці тому +7

      @tiaraguy7705 yeah, but anything over 60fps is wasted on our eyes anyway

    • Just a Dummy
      Just a Dummy 4 місяці тому +37

      @mybike1100 you don’t really need a refresh rate faster than that, 60fps is good enough to adequately react to stimuli, as far as all animals go, human eyesight is pretty strong, it’s only when you get to owls & hawks & other busted builds where the human eye can no longer keep up

    • saltypork101
      saltypork101 4 місяці тому +8

      @Just a Dummy builds 💀

  • Veryslowpoke
    Veryslowpoke Рік тому +4648

    the fact that whales/dolphins can legally just be kept at places like Seaworld is just insane given just the information in this video.

    • ghuff31
      ghuff31 Рік тому +531

      doesn't surprise me. there are humans kept in crates and small rooms for the pleasure and labor of other humans. of course we'd do that to another species....

    • Kentucky Mafia
      Kentucky Mafia 11 місяців тому +99

      It's because those places make money which is funneled sadly into politicians.

  • Trifa Rasuly
    Trifa Rasuly 5 місяців тому +540

    I will never get over the fact that baby whales babble just like human babies and end up learning the language of their pods

    • Jenny Oyster
      Jenny Oyster 5 місяців тому +21

      That’s really adorable….

    • Manny Fernandez
      Manny Fernandez Місяць тому +13

      Well I hope you can get over the fact that an orca once spent 17 days carrying her dead calf - a dramatic saga of apparent mourning - has become a mother once again. The orca, identified by researchers as J35 and also known as Tahlequah, became a symbol in 2018 of the plight of the Southern Resident whales, which were 88 in number when they were listed as endangered in 2005 and have dwindled further since then. The birth of the new orca, which was seen for the first time by researchers on Saturday, brings the population to 73.

    • Romantic Hippie
      Romantic Hippie 4 дні тому

      I love it so much lol

  • Ethan Kahrl
    Ethan Kahrl 10 місяців тому +1166

    I remember watching Black Fish and hearing one of the sailors sent to capture the first set of Orca calves remark about how when getting the calves in the boats the vocalizations they heard made them realize they were taking a baby and that its family was crying because of it. Really unnerving information for a college student aiming to become a scientist

    • Colin Northup
      Colin Northup 9 місяців тому +100

      Maybe look into bioethics then? When I was an undergrad some 20 years ago, I was horrified by the treatment of lab mice. All mammals are wired to care for their young, Orcas are no exception there.

    • Kyle Englot
      Kyle Englot 9 місяців тому +164

      It's pretty sad. It's basically kidnapping someone and removing them from their family. Orcas can certainly grieve. A few years ago an orca from the Southern Resident orca population who belonged to L pod lost her calf, and she carried it's body for 17 days, almost like she was distraught and displaying her grief in a bizarrely human way.

    • Spam Garbage
      Spam Garbage 9 місяців тому +135

      @Kyle Englot its not bizarre, feelings arent uniquely human. It helps quite a bit evolutionarily if a mother cares about her offspring, the more complex the creature the greater the depth of their feelings. You think humans are bestowed feeling like magic but the rush off hormones to a mothers brain to make her fall in love with her baby is pure raw evolution.

    • I pray to George Carlin
      I pray to George Carlin 7 місяців тому +21

      I saw Blackfish right when it was released and I am still broken after hearing that . utterly sad 😭

  • Ajay Empee
    Ajay Empee 8 місяців тому +517

    As a linguist I would like to compliment you on your tone of voice, pacing and articulation as well as an excellent script for the narration. The video ran smoothly from one point to the next and practically every sentence contained pertinent information that drove the narrative forward at a pace that was manageable for the listener. Will definitely subscribe for more!

    • jelt110
      jelt110 6 місяців тому +6

      Great comment, I'll study her delivery and practice.

    • KrithaG
      KrithaG 4 місяці тому +1

      Aside from the blatant mispronunciation of the scientific name of an orca within the first minute of the video……….

    • furthings
      furthings 4 місяці тому +12

      As a normal person, I honestly found their pace robotic, soulless, and empty of personality. I wonder if that's why.

    • Daniel Fox
      Daniel Fox 4 місяці тому +10

      But are you a cunning linguist?

    • Matthew Brightman
      Matthew Brightman 4 місяці тому +1

      @Daniel Fox 😂

  • Jenerix525
    Jenerix525 10 місяців тому +277

    I think there's always going to be a problem trying to translate Orca Language and it's a simple one: Orca Language, singular.
    If their vocalisations are learned and, as mentioned in the part about group identity, vary between pods, then is it really a singular language we can build a dictionary for?
    That might be something an AI can account for, but giving it samples of different Orca pods might make as much sense as giving it samples of English, Swahili and Mandarin and telling it to build a model of 'Human Language'.

    • Makel Grax
      Makel Grax 7 місяців тому +62

      Yup, the researchers probably know and account for this as well, it'd be weird if they don't.

    • Clown World
      Clown World 6 місяців тому +30

      It’s really not much more difficult than trying to translate between human languages and orca languages to begin with. The hardest part is even getting a foothold in translation, afterwards it becomes much easier with various dialects. We already have thousands of our own languages that vary by culture, time, and now even technology and already had to bridge that gap numerous times to translate (one of the most significant was learning how to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics). The real challenge is the fact that for the first time in human history, it’s a language from an entirely different species. There’s a chance it could actually be impossible for us to comprehend whale languages and vice versa due to the drastic biological differences. We’d have this same problem trying to communicate with an alien species. If there is little to no common ground between the species then it becomes an insane task

    • Jason Reed
      Jason Reed 4 місяці тому +6

      @Clown World the interspecies thing is a big deal indeed. With humans we can point at the same object and keep repeating words for it until we have a basis of shared words to build off of. But this runs into the issue of does the apple represent "round", "red", "apple", "fruit", or "food". Additionally concepts like hunting, time, compassion, and directions may not exist in both languages meaning some words may truly be untranslatable or just very hard to convey what you mean.
      Now, apply these difficulties to a 1 sided effort to learn 1 pod's language and it becomes way worse, what concepts do orcas have in their language that we don't, what do we have they don't. Can we explain the difference between "fish", "food", and "chinook salmon"? Are we even 100% they have a communication best described as a language at all vs something else? Assuming we can actually decode and talk to them, would they even be willing to talk back to us? Do we actually want to know what they will say to us? (They have every right to call us monsters)
      Overall i think the effort is worth it, but I'm sure that our first true interspecies language translation attempts will be very difficult. (I believe our closest feat is teaching other primates sign language, and more generally commands to other species. But i wouldn't consider this a translation effort, more of a teaching/training effort.)

    • observer42
      observer42 2 місяці тому +1

      I agree. It sounds as if each tribe has their own language.

    • Kidz Line
      Kidz Line Місяць тому +1

      I imagine it would be akin to stepping back to Neanderthal days and expecting to get one solid language from many different tribes of them that have never even met one another.

  • Adam
    Adam 6 місяців тому +99

    After learning about the part where they may be highly conscious it gave so much more meaning to the earlier bit about the young ones being scared of supporting their own weight on land. Like a human being scared to enter the water until their confident enough swimmers. This video was so remarkable, I was literally entranced. I need to go to sleep lol

  • Christian Keyes
    Christian Keyes Рік тому +9040

    The fact that baby orcas have to learn their language shows how intelligent these beings are

    • Persephone's Pomegranate
      Persephone's Pomegranate Рік тому +659

      They can learn other species' language. Captive orcas Shouka and Ulises learned bottlenose dolphin vocalizations. Wikie can copy a variety of human sounds on command. She can mimick words such as 'hello' and 'Amy,' and count to three.

    • Christian Keyes
      Christian Keyes Рік тому +151

      @Persephone's Pomegranate That’s fascinating!

    • Christian Keyes
      Christian Keyes Рік тому +36

      @Taxtro 😂

    • Persephone's Pomegranate
      Persephone's Pomegranate Рік тому +120

      @Jakub Grono Orcas are mammals, not fish.

  • Boremir
    Boremir 10 місяців тому +150

    The fact that we can start to use artificial intelligence to crack orca language is so incredibly interesting to me. AI could truly open up things we always thought were too difficult or hard to figure out.

    • James Bouchard
      James Bouchard 9 місяців тому +7

      I chuckled imagining this [artificial intelligence interpreting for its human programmers the "truth" about something with serious fact checking limitations].

    • Vihan Subramaniam
      Vihan Subramaniam 3 місяці тому +1

      ai is literally the key to the future. It's supergenius at your fingertips.

  • Persephone's Pomegranate
    Persephone's Pomegranate 9 місяців тому +379

    The Lummi Nation refer to the local orcas as Qwe 'lhol mechen, which means 'our relatives who live under the sea' or 'the people under the waves.' Orcas live in tight-knit families. In most cases, both males and females stay in their natal pod throughout their entire lives (this is especially true for Southern and Northern Residents). Orcas are incredibly intelligent and social. Their limbic system (the part of the brain that processes emotion) is incredibly developed and complex. Each pod uses a distinctive dialect to communicate. They're the only species, besides humans, pilot whales, beluga whales and narwhals, that go through menopause.
    Famous Southern Resident orcas (fish eaters) : Lolita, Granny, Ocean Sun, Tahlequah (who made worldwide headlines when she was spotted carrying her dead calf for 17 days), Moby Doll, Shamu, Luna (there's a documentary about Luna called The Whale)
    Famous Northern Resident orcas (fish eaters) : Namu, Corky, Tsitika, Eve, Sharky, Top Notch, Springer (the only orca to have been successfully re-integrated back into the wild)
    Famous Transient orcas (mammal-eaters) : Lonesome George, Fatfin, Chainsaw, Esperanza, Sidney and her children, Raksha and her five daughters

    • Kyle Englot
      Kyle Englot 9 місяців тому +17

      Do you believe there may be some truth to the stories and oral traditions of various indigenous people throughout the Pacific Northwest and their relationship and reverence for the orcas? I've loved orcas as young as 6 and studied every book, research article, and documentary I can think of. Learning how to two orca pods are the same, there's so much variance and diversity among the various populations. Like you mentioned the northern and southern residents. Typically found in larger pods than transients, have some physical characteristics that distinguish them to those who know of those differences. Shape of dorsal fins on females, residents tend to have open lines on the saddle patch that sits directly behind the dorsal fin. I remember reading a book featuring some indigenous stories, one in particular is Natsilane known by the Haida and Tlingit people. The end of the story is quite interesting when he seeks revenge by having the orca he carved to take them to the bottom of the sea. He tells the orca to never harm a human again... And it seem at least in the wild orcas have maintained this golden rule. Captive orcas are a sad situation, but I don't blame them for lashing out in aggression and frustration when they are reduced to what they are in those environments.

    • Persephone's Pomegranate
      Persephone's Pomegranate 9 місяців тому +14

      @Kyle Englot Yes, I believe it. Native Americans and Canadians continue to have strong ties to the local resident pods. It's mentioned in several books - Endangered Orcas : The Story of the Southern Residents by Monika Wieland Shields, Into Great Silence : A Memoir of Discovery and Loss Among Vanishing Orcas by Eva Saulitis and Listening To Whales : What the Orcas Have Taught Us by Alexandra Morton are a must-read. Listening to Whales is mostly about the orca Corky and her Northern Resident relatives.

    • Sherry D.
      Sherry D. 9 місяців тому +2

      @Kyle Englot Thank you, that was lovely.

    • Konformation07
      Konformation07 20 днів тому

      ​@Kyle Englot I think all cultures of yore basically use storytelling to describe what things that they couldn't put into more scientific words.
      So yes I think there is truth to them.

  • Sir Ridesalot
    Sir Ridesalot 5 місяців тому +270

    A woman, Judy, in New Zealand had an Orca adult, a juvenile and a calf swim alongside her for quite some time. You can find drone footage of it and also an interview with her about it, here on UAclips. Absolutely amazing creatures.

    • The Prince Of Tides
      The Prince Of Tides 4 місяці тому +7

      Yup, seen that. One of the most remarkable thing I've seen. Orcas love us. Free Willy.

    • saltypork101
      saltypork101 4 місяці тому +2

      That's terrifying.

    • Shane Jones
      Shane Jones 4 місяці тому

      @saltypork101 yup. Almost rather see a shark

    • Shane Jones
      Shane Jones 4 місяці тому +1

      @saltypork101 but at least you die quicker with orca. You get hit by a bus at 30 mph you break every bone real quick lmao. Their screams would make me shit myself though

    • Michael Rentiers
      Michael Rentiers 4 місяці тому +1

      @The Prince Of Tides they did free willy - you should read the book by the guy who ledthe effort to attempt to transition "willy" for the wild return. I won't spoil it but it is horrible. The name of the book is Killing Keiko (WIlly's actual name)

  • AzMetalScorpion
    AzMetalScorpion 10 місяців тому +175

    Wow. I always knew how incredible these animals were, but never actually realized they're intelligence. I can almost bet that they study us in their own way as much as we study them.

    • The Prince Of Tides
      The Prince Of Tides 9 місяців тому +24

      That would not surprise me. It's been known that pacific islanders have been hunting alongside Orcas for millennia and there's a famous story of a Pod of Orcas that is led by a giant Bull called Big Tom that cooperated and hunted with Whalers along time ago in Eden, Australia. They would come in and warned the Whalers that a baleen whales is coming and they actually would cruise alongside the whalers in their boat and would help them corral the baleen whales for the whalers to finish the big whales off. All they want is the tongue and then they R off lol. Orcas R awesome.

    • Shawn Robeck
      Shawn Robeck 6 місяців тому +2

      I mean, you be flat out wrong in saying this, but then you did quantify with "in their way" which means, probably no more than looking at other fish to kill them best. Then I'd say its accurate. I'd put Orcas as slightly more intelligent than wolves, but thats about it.

    • way2ez
      way2ez 2 місяці тому +1

      they needa study how to repopulate

  • barneyrebel0123
    barneyrebel0123 Місяць тому +21

    Something I've never seen anyone mention before, so I thought I'd throw it in. Since we've gotten more "In Tune" with these Orca for a very long time, and anytime one beaches themselves on accident, if there's a Human around, we usually always try to save it, and get it back in the water, where the rest of the family is waiting. The pod can see this a lot of the time. Not only that, but the stranded Orca can obviously tell, as more and more people come to rescue the Orca, that we are a family as well, and work together. In those cases, to help save their lives, and get them back home. Since they are so intelligent, I don't think it's far fetched to think that Orca, both the stranded, and the families of the stranded, communicate that the "Things" that move on 2 feet on land, just helped save a life, to not only each other, but other Orca as well. It's not crazy to think, that pods have communicated this with other pods, where one of them were also saved by humans. They also share "Spindle Cells" with us. There are only a few other animals on the planet that do. Elephants, Gorillas, and Whales I know for sure do. I think they are just as curious about us, as we are of them.

  • ryan
    ryan Рік тому +4274

    The fact that they actually practice that beaching thing is so crazy to me. I thought they just tested it themselves and if they died, they died.

    • mmarlaire
      mmarlaire Рік тому +715

      Yeah like holy fuck. Patiently teaching their babies years in advance step by step how to do it. That takes a serious level of abstract thinking.

    • M3lon
      M3lon Рік тому +441

      Just wait for an orca to do 360 no scope tail whip body slamming a fisherman boat

    • Krishna Kandury
      Krishna Kandury Рік тому +297

      Lol, Orca SATs for beaching. Degree programs and shit

    • Bk Jeong
      Bk Jeong Рік тому +191

      Different populations of orcas often hunt different prey and have hunting techniques that aren't found in any other population; they're extremely specialized and spend the first few years of their lives mastering very specific hunting techniques, and most populations are restricted to only a limited array of prey (sometimes just one species), save rare cases of dietary experimentation.

    • Afro Khan
      Afro Khan Рік тому +101

      They keep that hunting technique up for a couple million years (assuming earth isn’t destroyed) they’ll be walking or galloping on land.

  • GorillaGuerilla🇺🇦
    GorillaGuerilla🇺🇦 9 місяців тому +45

    I’ve always been incredibly impressed by Orcas!
    I love dolphins in general, but Orcas just have a very special place in my heart!
    They are so freaking AWESOME!

  • Creative Earthian
    Creative Earthian 6 місяців тому +96

    When I first saw Orcas hunting seal on the ice, I was in awe of realization that these creatures, beyond doubt, TALK TO EACH OTHER.
    There's just no other explanation for such highly coordinated behavior.
    Truly a majestic beings.

    • Shawn Robeck
      Shawn Robeck 6 місяців тому +3

      No different than a wolf pack grunting and howling out to each other when they hunt.

    • Paul Deddens
      Paul Deddens 6 місяців тому +8

      @Shawn Robeck Unless they are also using their sonar to not only hunt and send messages, but perhaps send images to each other?
      Maybe even complex 3 dimensional images that represent their location in physical space, alongside their podmates and prey?
      That could potentially even "animate" by being sent multiple visual messages?
      And when wolf packs grunt and howl, it only tells them their location on a flat plane. Wolves cant fly, and are only on the same level everything else on land is. Its alot different when they are suspended in water, and can coordinate attacks in motion.

    • Paul Deddens
      Paul Deddens 6 місяців тому +1

      @Shawn Robeck How do you know? What makes it impossible?
      We can send 3D images using radio waves, light waves, etc. Why cant they be sent using sound waves?
      And I dont know what makes you think the whistling and clicking they make isnt sonar. Its not like they can silently send messages.

    • Shawn Robeck
      Shawn Robeck 6 місяців тому +1

      @Paul Deddens I already explained why, dreamer dude. Go re-read until it sticks bruh

  • CaptainGoose
    CaptainGoose 3 місяці тому +10

    The idea that _maybe_ within my lifetime, it might be possible to actively communicate with an orca is astounding. I LOVE hearing about intelligent animals that aren't human. Orcas, crows, octopi, etc. Its so fascinating to me

    • Egakuro
      Egakuro 2 місяці тому

      Their "language" and intelligence is primitive. Its like trying to communicate with a dog. The video is making assumption that they are as intelligent as human, which is not even close. They simply don't have a need to have humanlike intelligence, so they don't have it

    • Satvik Vinod
      Satvik Vinod 28 днів тому +2

      @Egakuro it’s not like trying to communicate with a dog, dogs convey emotions to each other , they don’t have complex communications like orcas do.

  • RabidLenny
    RabidLenny 10 місяців тому +62

    One of the things that always amazed me about orcas is that they have distinct cultures not only from pod to pod, but also from region to region. Meaning that culture is sort of shared between pods.
    Behavior can range in extremes globally speaking, but they’ve never killed a person before, besides the fact that a person is probably an appropriately sized meal for them.
    I think this sort of shows the recognize what a human is when enoutered in their habitat, which is often a passerby, someone who is there observing, but not interfering in their goings on.
    Or maybe they recognize that humans are powerful and dangerous, maybe not in that moment, but overall.
    Either way, they’re clearly very intelligent. Shame, in a way, they don’t have the dexterity of humans. Maybe they really could have achieved a lot. Weird thought lol.

    • L. King
      L. King 7 місяців тому +5

      @RabbidLenny lets be real, they've achieved more than humans.

    • RabidLenny
      RabidLenny 7 місяців тому

      @L. King lol

    • Makel Grax
      Makel Grax 7 місяців тому +8

      @L. King Meh, if we were to compare human and orcas ~10k years ago then it's a resounding *"yes, we're equal",* but right now technology has advanced too much to be able to say that both species have accomplished the same.
      This not to say orcas aren't totally awesome (they are), it's just that the agricultural and subsequent industrial revolution were/are just crazy.

    • Makel Grax
      Makel Grax 6 місяців тому

      @bibbr Exactly!

  • R H'rr
    R H'rr 10 місяців тому +42

    That was beautiful ! Beautifully written and beautifully narrated !😊

  • Nicholas Wozniak
    Nicholas Wozniak 11 місяців тому +3611

    One of the coolest things to me about orcas that the video doesn’t mention is that there has never been a recorded human death from a wild orca. But orcas have been recorded and seen leading humans towards pods of whales to hunt. They might see humans as a potential symbiotic relationship since they’re known to eat human leftovers from whaling or snag stray fish when fishermen use nets. Just super cool that they easily could attack and kill humans but seemingly have no interest in doing so

    • Nicholas Wozniak
      Nicholas Wozniak 11 місяців тому +1081

      Obviously this doesn’t include orcas that have been held in captivity. There have been multiple trainers killed by orcas. But that isn’t much of a shock considering the damage a lifetime of solitude and imprisonment can do to an intelligent creature’s psyche

    • VitaeLibra
      VitaeLibra 10 місяців тому +480

      @Nicholas Wozniakfair warning, haven't watched the video yet so might just be repeating stuff. Just wanted to dump a lot of information that I've heard. Some of it might not even be true so take it with a grain of salt
      An orca in captivity is basically the real life equivalent of the indominous rex in jurssaic world. Both are apex predators, both are smart enough that humans can't help but underestimate them even if we think they're smart, both would eat a smaller sibling if kept in captivity and if free willy is anything to go by, both would find a way to trick humans into letting them escape. Kill em with kindness as they say
      Also from what I've heard, one of the reasons orcas don't attack humans is because they teach their younger ones that humans will repay their "kindness" doublefold. Like it's not just that they don't like human meat (although they probably don't like it anyways. But a hungry predator is a hungry predator). It's not instinct either. They KNOW not to attack humans because of the consequences. The only other race to do that is humans. Think about it. If you went into a gorilla (or whichever is the smartest monkey) enclosure or met one in the wild and the gorilla decided to attack you then it wouldn't know not to do that because of the consequences. If it has decided to attack you then it would do that. Orcas can go through all their checkmarks of whether they should kill a human and then still be smart enough to show restraint. Some animals know to save food for the winter but other than that there isn't really much care for the future. Most animals just live in the present. Even humans struggle with calculating future consequences of their actions. But Orcas haven't attacked humans once is what you said? My guess is there was probably an Orca attack or a few of them long before we kept track of them which resulted in almost the entire Orca pod being killed by humans and since then they have managed to pass down the knowledge of why not to do that. That's just my theory though
      There's also the fact that Orcas will tackle whales for hours by jumping out of the water and landing on them to push them under the water and drown them. The scary thing isn't that they do something like that. The scary part is that they will even attempt to drown one in the first place since that implies it's worked for them before
      Orcas are also endangered I think and there's apparently a law that says you have to turn off your boats motor when they're nearby. That means if a seal or something tries to escape by jumping onto the boat the Orcas don't even have to try to push it off, which they can as they can create waves by swimming in unison, they can just wait as the boat isn't going anywhere. And they know they can just wait
      I mean, they're so efficient killers that when they kill a shark they only eat... the liver? Because it's the most nutritious. They just leave the rest since it's not as efficient. There were some guys who were doing an experiment down by mexico or something (I think). They were tracking a great white, the supposed "apex predator" of the sea. They got a call from some other research facility tracking another shark 2000(?) Kilometes away that their shark had been attacked by an Orca. Before they could even finish the call, the shark they were tracking dove to the bottom of the ocean and swam to hawaii
      Orcas, whales and dolphins have a sonar. Much like a bat they can see through sound and echoes. This was probably mentioned in the video. Bats aren't big enough that you'll even notice it, dolphins sonar is something you've probably heard before (it's that squeaky clicking sound you always hear in documentaries), whales are big enough that their sonar which they use to communicate with other whales will vibrate you to death if you're too close (some studies suggest whales will actually stop using sonars if humans are nearby as they don't want to kill them), and orcas are at just the size and peak of evolution that their sonar will knock you unconscious if they point at you (I think). They use it to hunt groups of fish by paralyzing them and just gulping them down
      If anyone's curious about Orcas I recommend the video by Fact Fiend with karl smallwood. That's where I got half of these small bits of knowledgr from. Also Tierzoo but you likely know that one already

    • Larrymh07
      Larrymh07 10 місяців тому +39

      Thank you for that comment. That is a topic I have been curious about.

    • Drew Carter
      Drew Carter 10 місяців тому +168

      Same reason sharks attacks happen 99.999% near the shoreline. We are terrible.. nutritionally speaking "sorry Edward kemp" 🤮 we have a very low fat content, comparatively speaking, plus Orcas are even picky about what kind of SALMON they like 🤣 they're not a species that likes to try ~new foods 😳 lmao

  • Lilia Wheeler
    Lilia Wheeler 9 місяців тому +18

    I remember watching Blackfish with some friends and they all were terrified of orcas and said they were monsters and I was just like:" what do you think what humans are?"
    I love orcas. They are smart and i believe just as intelligent as humans.

  • Paul Deddens
    Paul Deddens 6 місяців тому +12

    I will always be fascinated by the sonar, and the potential of it being actual telekinesis.
    It really comes down to how do they register sonar? Is it like someone feeling around a dark room, or objects in a bag, where your brain assembles an image mentally, but not visually?
    Or are their brains actually projecting mental images into their vision? Because if its the latter, I think that perfectly explains their intelligence and coordination. They are just beaming complex 3D diagrams of movement to each others heads, projecting exactly what they are thinking. They could probably even animate such images!
    It would explain their strangely wrinkled brains. If they have seemingly similar speech and culture to us, they would only need marginally more brain power to calculate moving in three dimensions. But that doesnt line up with the extreme increase from our wrinkles to their wrinkles. Unless all of that extra brain is dedicated to parsing and producing images to send with sonar.
    Its such an alien but strangely familiar concept that would make them remarkably similar to us. It would turn them from vocal social creatures, to visual social creatures.
    Could you imagine using microphones to attempt to decode 3D images from sonar, or potentially speakers that can send images back to them? We would be able to communicate such complex messages to them. They could communicate back to us. It would be the start of potentially civilizing such a creature!
    Although they no doubt already have existing culture, and creates the messy dilemma of animal rights, and if they should be considered similar as human. And what that means about ocean drilling, shipping, fishing, and plastics. But ignoring logistical issues, its incredibly fascinating.

    • observer42
      observer42 2 місяці тому

      Civilizing them? I suspect that they would be civilizing us. Lol.

  • mrconcept
    mrconcept 9 місяців тому +15

    I'm generally terrified of the sea and everything in it but for some reason Orcas and Dolphins don't scare me.Has been that way since 5 years old. Great video, you have a brilliant narrators voice.

  • dogmom86
    dogmom86 10 місяців тому +19

    Orcas are so incredible and impressive! I am really enjoying this channel and will be referencing these videos as teaching tools for my students.

  • Kartik T.S
    Kartik T.S 7 місяців тому +6

    This video is so incredibly well produced. The copy is engaging, the subject is interesting, and the visuals are desciptive.

  • Christopher Sine
    Christopher Sine 11 місяців тому +1307

    I've thought about the brain wrinkling. These animals HAVE to think in three dimensions all the time. Most mammals exist on a plane, of 2.5 dimensions at best. We place ourselves on the ground, and really only have to be aware of what's around us on the same plane, or ground. Whales and dolphins, have to be aware of what's around them and above and below them at all times. They are placing themselves in a constant three dimensional world. The spacial awareness is probably off the charts

    • pnut3844able
      pnut3844able 7 місяців тому +34

      Hmmm interesting

    • YSL
      YSL 7 місяців тому +133

      Truly amazing to think about it. Thanks for the enlightenment. No wonder these creatures have naturally evolved sonar systems in their heads. I mean how much of complex stages of evolution does one have to go through for you to develop a fully functional natural sonar system in your head. Amazing creatures this video made me fall in love with them even more

    • Bryanna Prouty
      Bryanna Prouty 7 місяців тому +52

      @YSL The freakier thing is that they are technically hooved mammals, having evolved from an ungulate. This puts them in the same major mammal group as aardvarks, elephants, pigs, giraffes, antelope, wildebeest, sheep, goats, deer, camels, moose, horses ect. It's just too flipping creepy.

    • Young Breadwinner
      Young Breadwinner 7 місяців тому +2

      Yes that's one of the biggest parts of their brains

    • Shawn Robeck
      Shawn Robeck 6 місяців тому +14

      At the same time, higher intellect in Orca brains suffers from having a dedication to 3D senses. 3D sense wouldnt benefit humans in modern society, so its far better to have more brain power dedicated to higher IQ.

  • Toby Slingerland
    Toby Slingerland 10 місяців тому +17

    Fantastic and really informative video! They are truly amazing creatures! The individual cultures and hunting techniques they have developed speaks to how truly incredible and intelligent they are! I didn't know that they are the second most widespread species next to us. Cage diving with great white sharks and watching the orcas beach themselves to capture sea lions are the two things on my bucket list.

  • Colorado Rhonda
    Colorado Rhonda 4 місяці тому +9

    I have always thought of Orcas as the most incredibly beautiful animal on earth. Blackfish made me cry hysterically. My children have been to Vancouver to see them in the wild, but will never be at Sea World. Instead of a Tiger Mom, I have always told my boys that I am an Orca mom! Black and White. Single mom. Fearless, protective and family obsessed! I love these animals so much! My spirit animal.

    • Lelia Dumitriu
      Lelia Dumitriu 4 місяці тому +2

      Humanity deserves to be offed only for this. They imprisoned and separated baby orcas from family. They are animals with twice as much affective capacity as humans. It means much more grief, depressions and loneliness. In a space barely twice their size. Well, no wander went ballistic on their trainers and caretakers. They have the self-awareness to figure they were the show pieces of this people that kidnapped them from their society. How could a creature not go murderous??

  • Lorrie Lerette
    Lorrie Lerette 9 місяців тому +3

    Many are not aware of just how accurate the echolocation of the Orca really is. In addition to this, these mammals employ unique languages which appear to be semi-specific to their particular groups. These animals have surprisingly complex forms or cooperation, which seem to be primarily matriarchally orchestrated. They are highly adaptable with keen intelligence.

  • JeremyCuddles
    JeremyCuddles Місяць тому

    Every time I learn something new about Orcas, it blows my mind. Such incredible, beautiful creatures. It's so hard to justify keeping them in captivity. Their level of knowledge really feels unprecedented. I have a hard time justifying keeping any animals in captivity. Specifically for things like zoos. Pets are different, since they're more family than entertainment. Either way, orcas are very much my favorite animal. Incredible, incredible creatures.

  • Trevor Trollface
    Trevor Trollface 4 місяці тому +2

    i can't believe i didn't know these things earlier! the sheer human-ness of these animals continues to amaze me. they have culture, they use specific techniques for hunting and such that exceeds a primal instinct, literally teaching each other how to continue doing it like a tradition. they travel in different types of groups, and have such advanced brains. that's just their behavior though, their anatomy also amazes me. when you think of echolocation, most people would agree the animal that comes to mind is a bat. with their big ears, they can pick up the sounds they emit from their voice box. but an orca, an orca emits sounds from their forehead through a fatty hunk of flesh that concentrates and centers their sounds into a powerful noise?? it's literally incredible. not to mention how they pick up the sound again through another cavity in their chin, it's literally a biological sonar system

  • Demon Duck of Doom
    Demon Duck of Doom Рік тому +1332

    With such a strong cultural component to their existence (and, possibly, emotional consciousness), you can see why captivity is so damaging for these creatures. The thought of such a complex and communal creature circling alone in a glorified swimming pool is horrific.

    • Stefan Iverson
      Stefan Iverson Рік тому +58

      It truly is terrible. I often find myself feeling bad about going to sea world to see the show as a kid. Obviously I didn’t know anything about it being wrong and it was my grandparents who took me, but I still feel guilty for contributing to it.

    • Dakota
      Dakota Рік тому +1

      @Bradley Maggard ??? for eating food??

    • Bradley Maggard
      Bradley Maggard Рік тому +22

      @Dakota a whale stuck in a tank.

    • Cody Osborne
      Cody Osborne Рік тому +4

      I've never gone to see one. I would be thinking about what you said constantly and wouldn't enjoy it 😭

  • Leanne Marie
    Leanne Marie 6 місяців тому +7

    I love orcas so much. It’s always been my favorite animal and seeing just how intelligent these beautiful creatures are, makes me love them even more.
    My husband is actually going to take me on vacation to Washington state to see them in the wild as we canoe through the water! I’m so excited. ❤

  • Re
    Re День тому

    Amazingly, we came across a group while Whale Whatching in B.C. Canada and it was a group of 10 transit ocras. The naturalist were baffled as they had never seen these two groups together. Why were they? They were teaching the babies how to hold their breaths on deep dives! Amazingly rare opportunity.

  • SugaryPhoenixxx
    SugaryPhoenixxx 10 місяців тому +10

    This was a great short documentary! I feel like until now I never felt the need to get curiosity stream but if there is more stuff like this I might get it once I get back on my feet. Times are tough right now.

  • Zestric
    Zestric 9 місяців тому +4

    Having always been told to not call them killer whales because it unnecessarily paints them as agressive and now learning their proper scientific name basically amounts to "god of death" is an interesting case of things they got wrong in school.

  • Mugiwara Rufi
    Mugiwara Rufi 9 місяців тому +14

    I had absolutely zero interest in orcas before this video. After having watched it, I have such a deep fascination for them. Thank you for such a great well put video!

  • Tejas
    Tejas Рік тому +557

    Imagine being a mammal and ruling the seas. Orcas are absolute badasses.

    • Tridib Mondal
      Tridib Mondal Рік тому +35

      Imagine being a Mammal and ruling the Land.

    • Pål Mathisen
      Pål Mathisen Рік тому +32

      @Tridib Mondal Or basically ruling whatever we want,,,

    • bjboss 111
      bjboss 111 Рік тому +16

      Why did ruling the seas just trigger rule brittania to play in my head

    • m0skit0zindahouse
      m0skit0zindahouse Рік тому +23

      Mammals rule basically everything nowadays. Hair and boobs FTW!

    • Vít Salava
      Vít Salava 11 місяців тому +1

      @bjboss 111 The opening scene of POTC where captain Jack Sparrow "berths" his boat at Port Royal popped into my head, along with the score and everything. Rule Brittania is more accurate.

  • Celty
    Celty 4 місяці тому +6

    I find it amazing the elders teach the younger one techniques, training practice, and even props. I also find it sad the younger orcas can get trauma from the training.

  • John Becay
    John Becay 10 місяців тому +6

    i have read that bull sperm whales are a match for orcas, even a small pod. but apparently the whale is leery of orcas as well. the result is a truce between the 2 species. they mostly leave each other alone. i would love to know more about this.

  • Jermm218
    Jermm218 9 місяців тому +5

    orcas, dolphins, and parrots/corvids seem to be the species to be the most similar to humans considering their brains. Honestly really cool to see. Thanks for the information

    • Shawn Robeck
      Shawn Robeck 6 місяців тому

      You left out chimps, lions, and wolves since they hunt in packs and have high emotional intelligence as well.

    • TheAkwarium
      TheAkwarium 5 місяців тому

      honestly humans give themselves too much credit lol

  • L G
    L G 5 місяців тому +48

    I knew that Orcas beach themselves to hunt... but that they teach their young and practice on seaweed dummies is absolutely crazy!

    • Marduk
      Marduk Місяць тому

      They also teach their young to hunt stingrays without getting hurt.

  • black beauty
    black beauty 9 місяців тому +13

    The way the orca moves in front of the mirror is so fascinating and intriguing to watch its as if you can see the emotions cross their faces

  • Chris D
    Chris D Рік тому +1252

    I remember one of the Shark Week episodes on DIscovery from a few years ago. They were, of course, focused on the sharks, but part of the story was the arrival of dolphins to the hunting grounds in the waters of South Africa. The 2 groups largely left each other alone. One morning, the researchers observed the sharks AND the dolphins all heading out in the same direction. The researchers knew immediately what was causing it: the only thing that would make both groups, white sharks and dolphins, flee in the same direction is a pod of orcas.

    • LaDonna McKinney
      LaDonna McKinney Рік тому +29


    • grom
      grom Рік тому +23

      i really want to see this episode

    • Parengthony Castillo
      Parengthony Castillo Рік тому +169

      As far I remembered they were not a pod but a duo only. I believe their names were Port and Starboard. The two Orcas who only kill just for fun until all great white sharks of Cape town, South Africa got decimated.

    • Chris D
      Chris D Рік тому +16

      @Parengthony Castillo You might be right. It's been a while since I've seen it.

    • Evert de Vries
      Evert de Vries Рік тому +5

      The Sardine run, of course.

  • 0Black Lightning0
    0Black Lightning0 9 місяців тому +2

    Honestly something Ive noticed about Orcas that each new piece of information gives me more confirmation on.... Is Orcas are more like a government. The resident pods are always doing things, always receiving information, those Orcas that get kinda close but dont interact mame me think of them as nothing more than recievers that get just within range of the other Orcas to get information amd then they are off to their next destination, it all looks highly coordinated to me. Its almost like they are always trying to learn more about the world they live in.

  • jessepitt
    jessepitt 15 днів тому +1

    I grew up on Stuart Island in the San Juan Islands. The clip at 10:28 has Spiden Island in the background. It’s a privately owned island that my grandparents were caretakers of during the nineties. The orcas in the shot are head straight north towards my island. My father’s house is on the waterfront of the south side of the island so the orcas frequently hunted fish along the shore in front. I love watching them from the cliffs there, you can see them underwater and get a real sense of their power and speed.

  • Brett Alexander
    Brett Alexander 9 місяців тому +2

    Their pelvic bones are by no means vestigial. They are anchor points for muscles and other important reproductive parts. And the bones in their flippers are also very useful. They were and are engineered marvels.

  • TMX 2099
    TMX 2099 5 місяців тому +11

    Imagine if they talk to each other and each pod has their own language like English ,Hindi,Chinese etc that'd be so freaking cool

  • jelt110
    jelt110 6 місяців тому +8

    Orcas and dolphins can interpret intelligence in other species, as humans do. They understand we bring pets and children with us swimming and boating. They understand we have our own culture.
    To communicate with an Orca, assume you are dealing with a sentient aquatic tribal alien. Be interesting, but not intrusive. Show humor. They will appreciate the attempt to interact.
    Great video, you can tell by the intellect of the comments: it promotes thoughtful speculation and personal insights. Best of the year.

  • damnwereinatightspot
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    This channel really is the definition of quality over quantity

    • TheGaming Hobo
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      Honestly this and it’s brothers channel real engineering is truly amazing.

    • Dylan thomas
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    • Dylan thomas
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      Ya but I still really like more quantity

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      Kurzegasagt is also one of them

  • James McVeigh
    James McVeigh 10 місяців тому

    This was as well made as any science documentary I've seen in some time. Nothing totally new for me in terms of how orcas behave, as I'm a voracious consumer of material like this. But how it was put together and the conclusions it presents were just outstanding. 25 minutes that just blew me away. Well done!

    • L. King
      L. King 7 місяців тому

      I'm really glad you clarified you didn't learn anything, just so no random passerby will think James McVeigh is an orca noob.

  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez Місяць тому

    This must be one of the best orcas documentaries I have ever watched. I love this animal. We should do more to protect them and not keeping them on small pools for entertainment. They are amazing

  • Sage
    Sage 5 місяців тому +52

    Beautiful, fascinating, and terrifying creatures.

  • LULberserk
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    This was a beautiful, informative, well spoken, master piece. A chefs kiss ! 🤌 REALLY REALLY LOVED THIS VIDEO! THANK YOU for such great content!

  • L.D.P.
    L.D.P. 2 місяці тому

    I love them. Great story tellers and very childlike in their mannerisms especially when excited about telling their stories to those who will listen.

  • Omuerta
    Omuerta Рік тому +1242

    I always hear "There is no recorded Killer whale attacks on humans in the wild". Then I wonder how many insane people have actually just leapt off a boat into the water to swim with them.

    • joguipo
      joguipo Рік тому +374

      Quite a few reports of them actually saving humans... Living free, off course.
      Around the planet and over the centuries.
      Sometimes you find yourself in the water unwillingly.
      Big love from Spain

    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass Рік тому +425

      Swimming with Orca is a heck of a lot safer than swimming with most other sea life

    • Nick Dibble-Kahn
      Nick Dibble-Kahn Рік тому +294

      That’s cause they’ve never left a survivor

    • 12time12
      12time12 Рік тому +489

      There are videos of them swimming with people including a crazy encounter in New Zealand. Orca in Alaska have also tried to feed humans they’re friends with by giving them shark leftovers. They see us and know we are like them, it’s too bad some humans can’t do the same.

  • Jim of Aotearoa
    Jim of Aotearoa 9 місяців тому +4

    I'm sure Sea World was great in its day but time to find a way to get by without Cretaceans of any kind. One of the best experiences of my life was one day being out on a small commercial fishing boat when we were joined by a pod of 20 dolphins...and they formed a V around the boat and got a free ride in the wake. They were like a cycling team who would swap position every so often so everyone got a shot at the best spot up front which gave a 100% free ride... after a while we sighted another larger pod off to our east and we commented that it would be awesome if they too came and joined us for the day. To my everlasting joy they did and we had an even bigger V of dolphins. To my amazement they doubled up on all the positions in the V...where we once had the cycling team we now had a mirror of it as well. Where there was one dolphin there were now two, with one swimming upright and the other swimming upside down so still occupying the same spot in the boats wake. The very front spot which gave 100% free ride was now occupied by a dolphin and his mirror image. The water was so clear that day that it really did look like there was a mirror just below the dolphins in the sea reflecting their mirror image. They all left as one group after an hour or so but we saw them split back into two groups again - although it did appear the smaller group had gained a few members so who knows what really went down in dolphin world that day. Looked cool.

  • 4cett5
    4cett5 8 місяців тому +3

    I would like to be an Orca for 1 day to feel the power, love, passion of these beautiful animals.

  • MythicMars
    MythicMars 9 місяців тому

    I love how similar the processes that happen in living creatures can be to technology

  • Sam Barrett
    Sam Barrett 6 місяців тому +1

    It's a shame the navy isn't assisting in this the amount of underwater listening devices we have is insane. Extremely precise and accurate perfect for this to bad all of that stuff is under at least a secret classification

  • MGP
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    I’m honestly mind blown. These creatures are so fascinating.

  • ToroidalX
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    Such an amazing animal, the fact that they can be like us makes me feel so sad for the orcas locked up in places like Sea World. This is an awesome video, I hope more people realizes that we are not the only emotional and inteligent creatures out there

    • Nuclear Grizzly
      Nuclear Grizzly Рік тому +10

      Do a search for the "Orca's of Eden Australia".

    • 12time12
      12time12 Рік тому +72

      Miami Seaquarium is even worse with a tiny pen. They had two orcas and one committed suicide out of despair. Greatly despise the owner who should just close it and put her to rest, but his family only cares about money.

    • ashley
      ashley Рік тому +13

      @12time12 yea.. heartbreaking

    • Star Nutron
      Star Nutron Рік тому +2

      @ashley lol you can say we are locked up in land sea area is 3 times larger than land

    • 12time12
      12time12 Рік тому +39

      @Star Nutron they can swim 100 miles in a day, that’s what southern resident orcas do traveling on the coasts of California. Orca actually need the space.

  • Uzma Saqib
    Uzma Saqib 7 місяців тому +4

    OMG! this documentary is sooooo awesome. I have learnt soooooo much about orcas in this amazing video. I love orcas and thank you narrator, you told me so fluently and informatively, I am really happy about that. 😃

  • Buffalo Cars
    Buffalo Cars 10 місяців тому +4

    The fact that people trained these things and put them in tanks being the apex predator of the ocean is insane

  • Apples
    Apples 2 місяці тому +1

    Fun Fact: Flocks of wild parrots have also been found to speak different languages. Flocks that live near each other speak different dialects of the same language, and flocks from different areas speak completely different languages, despite being the same species.
    Animals have always been talking to each other. We just need to learn to listen.

  • 🌹Paifu™🌹
    🌹Paifu™🌹 9 місяців тому +1

    I wish you had expanded on them attacking sharks and only eating their livers more. Orcas are actually so scary it's insane.

  • Patricia Gaylard
    Patricia Gaylard 7 місяців тому

    Thanks for the research learning about the Orcas is fascinating 🙌🏼

  • Sepnyte
    Sepnyte Рік тому +1754

    13:13 This is probably why Keiko wasn't able to reconnect properly with any wild orcas. He was captured as a two year old calf, thus, he had the vocabulary equivilent to a two year old human baby. They couldn't understand him and thus wanted nothing to do with him.

    • nikkole
      nikkole Рік тому +127

      that’s so sad

    • Samuel Jennings
      Samuel Jennings Рік тому +9


    • Shhhhhhhhhh
      Shhhhhhhhhh Рік тому +200

      Yeah… in human terms it was a “what’s the password”
      And he was like … “what?”
      So they closed the door and left him stranded.

    • Indy RAWR
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      Bless him, poor baby 🥺

    • Angela Atwood
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      Oh fuck.

  • Innomen
    Innomen 10 місяців тому +1

    This video completely changed me. I am absolutely convinced they are as conscious as we are. The real test would be to look at their problems, look at an orca as if they were fish shaped people, and figure out what kind of tools we could build on land to further empower orcas in the ocean, and then simply delivery the tools to them, and see if they make use of them.
    In short, we should bridge the gap and give orcas the advantages of being tool using land dwellers, so that we can in future get them to give us the advantages of sea faring specialists that see primarily with sound. True collaboration is clearly possible. This is an incredible opportunity.

  • Nguyen Minh Duc
    Nguyen Minh Duc 10 місяців тому +2

    This is such helpful and interesting video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Victor Maneilly
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    So VERY WELL DONE! Fascinating. Please, keep it up, thank you.

  • Salome Liñan
    Salome Liñan 10 місяців тому +4

    still impress me, and gives me chills... so beautiful, so magestic and yet so deadly... that when u see orcas around, there's no other living this waiting around...

  • Trepan
    Trepan 9 місяців тому +1

    It's just crazy to think that the biggest, fastest, strongest, and smartest predator is truly top dog. Once they're fully grown nothing can really mess with them except another orca and they can hunt everything

  • Salimufari
    Salimufari Рік тому +1682

    22:20 The evidence missed on self & outward awareness I wanted to see here is the study of depression & emotional trauma around injured or dead calves. It's truly heart breaking watching a young mother carry around the body of it's dead calf for weeks. Eventually accepting & releasing it or not. Either case can still lead to starving to death in a deep depression or eventual but rarely full recovery by the mother. All the while the rest of the pod trying to support the young mother as best they can. If that network of family doesn't show a higher emotional development I don't know what does.

    • Lucas Kook
      Lucas Kook Рік тому +29

      good comment thx man :)

    • Ohmanzz
      Ohmanzz Рік тому +3

      what's your source?

    • Linus
      Linus Рік тому +74

      @Ohmanzz national geographic has covered this back in 2018

    • Mia Bernal
      Mia Bernal Рік тому +90

      Tahlequah, member of the J pod of Southern Resident killer whales, carried her dead calf for several weeks.

    • ForumLight
      ForumLight Рік тому +9

      It started out interesting then of course 3 minutes in they had to put their plug in for the science fiction of common descent evolution. Science is about the repeatable portion of reality, not things like common descent evolution that contradict repeatable reality, can only be believed in, and they call reasons to believe in it 'evidence'.
      The bottom line is the topic of the origin of all biological diversity is beyond the scope of science as beliefs, and reasons to believe in it, are all anyone can bring to the table.
      Here's what *is* science: A.k.a., well documented and published even in evolutionists' own papers (when they happen to include something that's actually observable, repeatable, verifiable biological, scientific fact when they're telling their common descent stories and why they believe in it) that demonstrates common descent from a first life form is anti-science. Science shows that it's observable, repeatable, verifiable scientific fact that, no matter how many generations go by,
      no matter how much "change in genetic composition during successive generations",
      no matter how much "change in allele frequencies",
      no matter how much "development of new species",
      no matter how much "natural selection acting on genetic variation among individuals",
      no matter how much "adaptation",
      no matter how much "mutation",
      no matter how much "speciation",
      no matter how much "migration",
      no matter how much "genetic drift",
      no matter how much "insert other claims here"
      no matter how many generations go by, ALL populations of:
      fish remain fish
      amphibians remain amphibians,
      canines remain canines,
      felines remain felines,
      reptiles remain reptiles,
      birds remain birds,
      viruses remain viruses,
      animals that never had lungs to breath air do not evolve lungs
      animals that never had hearts to pump blood do not evolve hearts
      animals that never had eyes to see do not evolve eyes
      animals that never had brains do not evolve brains
      animals that never had mouths do not evolve mouths
      living things that never had a reproductive system do not evolve a reproductive system
      animals that never had (insert organ here) remain living things without that organ, and so on.
      There are many more such groups.
      Science shows that the "common descent from a first life form" evolution (some call Darwinian evolution, some call theory of common descent) is anti-science.
      Evolutionist can never address these facts - many unfortunately just fall back on ad hominem, showing how they're seem to be really about deception that's contrary to actual science.
      ===== Part TWO =====
      Here are a few objections/claims they may bring up when they cannot address the above observable, repeatable and verifiable facts:
      *Evolutionists sometimes try to claim you're against science.*
      Science is fine and requires no belief.
      In the entire existence of the human race: Objects drop to the ground. Observable, repeatable, verifiable, no belief required.
      In the entire existence of the human race: Diseases spread. Observable, repeatable, verifiable, no belief required.
      In the entire existence of the human race: All populations of: canines remain canines, fish remain fish, reptiles remain reptiles, animals that never had hearts do not evolve hearts, animals that never had digestive systems do not evolve digestive systems (or brains, or eyes, or reproductive systems and many, many more cases like these). Observable, repeatable, verifiable, no belief required.
      *Evolutionists sometimes try to say they don't claim that populations of 'animals turn into other animals' over generations*
      Quite the opposite. Evolutionists claim the first life form was a single cell. They claim that it is the ancestor of all living things today. That's "animals turning into other animal" over generations of mythological proportions. They claim humans, apes, rats, banana plants (50% DNA similarity to human beings) are all related - that's again "species turning into other species" of mythological proportions, claiming all life is related.
      At some point reptiles did not exist in their worldview. That means they claim over generations some populations animals that were never reptiles 'evolved' over generations eventually into reptiles - That's "animals turning into other animals" over generations to mythological degrees.
      At some point no animals had brains. This means they claim over generations some populations of animals that never had brains 'evolved' brains over generations.
      Yet when called out on this some evolutionists even try to say "evolution doesn't say species turn into other species", which again is just not honest. It shows they not only know they're wrong, but they show their intent to push this falsehood anyway.
      *If you point out evolutionists "populations over generations" claims, and some will dishonestly pretend you're claiming evolutionists are saying that one kind of animal 'gives birth' to another kind".* Which again is clearly deception. Science shows *populations over generations* do not do what they claim.
      *Evolutionists typically imply making up reasons to believe in their common descent from a first life form belief system is the same as "observing" it,* which of course is false and is just circular reasoning. Making up beliefs ABOUT fossils or ABOUT DNA *that never happens* does not then make fossils or DNA 'evidence' or an 'observation of' of the belief you just made up about them.
      *Evolutionists also typically resort to the crime analogy.* For example, since you cannot "observe" a certain crime, but can look at "evidence" for a crime, that shows we can know things happened without observing it. But what they ignore: the thing called a "crime" is already observable, repeatable, verifiable reality, so now we can look for forensic 'evidence' of some *MORE* possible crimes that no one is left alive to have observed it. By sharp contrast, what evolutionists do would be the same as giving 'evidence' for some strange new crime that's never been observed even once by the human race, and yet claim that's also an observation of this crime that never happens actually happening (for example: a "crime" of turning someone into a tree).
      *Even some people factually observing something that's never happened is not science if it's not repeatable and also verifiable*. So for example, hundreds of people are witness to the fact Jesus Christ rose from the dead (or that He raised others from death), and they wrote about it. Direct observation. But it's still not science because it's *not repeatable* and not *verifiable.* There's also evidence He rose from the dead, and some have observed Him alive after the fact, but it's STILL not science that people can be raised from the dead, in spite of evidence, and in spite of it also being directly observed - because it's not *repeatable* and not *verifiable.* And so it goes with the belief of common descent from a first life form - not only is it not *repeatable,* not *verifiable,* it's not even *observable* either - which makes the resurrection far more likely to be called science before the belief of common descent from a first life form ever could. But neither of them can be called science of course.
      ===== Part Three =====
      *Evolutionists almost always are against Christ but are teaching their religion* that goes along with their belief of common descent from a first life form - the belief of 'nothing did it - it all just happened on it's own, including life - you're just another animal related to all animals - so live how you want and you'll rest in peace when you die". But they also pass this religion off 'you are god' off as science as well.
      That in mind, I implore people to re-read the gospels and forget what any church or any religion or anyone has claimed they say and sincerely consider yet again for ourselves. Judgment is coming for us all for our lifetime of sinning AND refusing God's offer to forgive and forget in the person of Jesus Christ. But religions also twist God's truth to make people think it's their religion and system of rules that makes them right with God when it's about a person: Jesus Christ, and choosing to have a relationship with Him, having a change of mind about living for ourselves and turning back towards God/ Jesus Christ to live for Him instead.
      John 3 : 14-21 *_"[Jesus said] And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up [i.e., on the cross]: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved [exposed]. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God."_*
      Live forever, friends!

  • Queazy
    Queazy 10 місяців тому +2

    As a fishermen we hated orcas because they'd treat our boat like a buffet line. So many times we'd be pulling up our fishing lines, and there would just be a fish head on the hook, or a fish with a huge bite taken out of it. The orcas would purposefully stick around our boat, hearing the hum of our engines, and screw us up for a week or two.

  • DiamonDust
    DiamonDust 9 місяців тому

    Amazing video, it felt so professional. Orcas are so interesting!

  • CHER
    CHER 2 місяці тому

    I can't wait for AI to be able to translate their languages so that we can communicate and they can finally tell us exactly how awful we really are, killing not only our terrestrial home, but their watery one as well. Excellent quick overview of Orcas 101; the narration is superb.

    • MyBoys D
      MyBoys D 2 місяці тому

      Its going to be hilarious to hear them talk sh*t about us

  • Jeremy Allen
    Jeremy Allen 3 місяці тому +1

    I live in WA state and have gone out whale watching a few times. One time we went out to see a pod of orca whales and it was crazy. There was probably 5-10 orcas all around the boat. They were within 8 ft of the boat

  • Eyy Wannn
    Eyy Wannn 8 місяців тому +2

    I can probably attribute my love for Orcas from the game Feeding Frenzy.
    You initially start as a lowly bottom feeder fish but on the last stage, you start out as a baby orca that gets progressively bigger to the point you just eat great whites.

  • Exclamation
    Exclamation Рік тому +908

    When I was a kid, I was a given a plush orca that immediately became my best friend
    It wasn't until years later that I found out that orcas are actually fearsome beasts that sat at the top of the oceans' food chain
    and honestly I just fell in love with them even more

    • SomeIdiot
      SomeIdiot Рік тому +38

      It's odd to think of who we companion with. Whenever I see my dog chewing bones, I'm reminded of how one predator has domesticated another. Those same jaws crunch MY bones, yet there is no fear.

    • Deuce Almightee
      Deuce Almightee Рік тому +2

      Free willy

    • Leah Plummer
      Leah Plummer Рік тому +15

      Same! I fell in love with them as a child after my grandma gave me a stuffed Keiko. My mom showed me free Willy and I decided I wanted an orca themed bedroom. I’m 25 now and orcas are still my favorite animal. I’ve seen a pod in the wild before, brought tears to my eyes.

    • GoodDreams
      GoodDreams Рік тому +6

      a lot like me. I also has a plush orca. It was my favorite animal. I didn't know it was at the stop of the food chain, when i was aware of that fact when i was older, i thought the comment was joking or just typical just exaggerating their favorite animal. Turn out orca are really the most powerful in the ocean.

    • useyourimaginasean
      useyourimaginasean 11 місяців тому +3

      Hail fellow orca lover, well met

  • Nick McLeod
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    these documentaries are exceptional.. Thank you for this! It was so interesting and informative.

  • Mr Jean Deaux
    Mr Jean Deaux 6 місяців тому +2

    That orca teach their young the beaching technique with such care and patience indicates just how intelligent these majestic animals are.

  • 𝖒𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖊𝖑𝖋
    𝖒𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖊𝖑𝖋 5 місяців тому +1

    I wonder what they’d think about our fascination with them? Do they recognize us as a fellow intelligent species and discuss it with each other? I hope we can communicate with them someday!

  • Lisa Sternenkind
    Lisa Sternenkind 10 місяців тому

    If this world is hit by a wonder someday, then we might have a perfect world, in which sea mammals are related to as sea dwelling friends we care about and who we all learn from. Watching their profound parenting and loyalty, already today most people could actually learn from them.

  • TDZ
    TDZ 9 місяців тому +6

    Such beautiful animals. Unless I’m mistaken, there is no recorded incident of an orca attacking a human in the wild, correct? I’ve seen videos of orcas coming up to humans but in nothing more than a curious inquisitive nature.

    • Tyelpe
      Tyelpe 6 місяців тому +3

      Depends on what you count as an attack. Some orcas do sort of attack small boots at times and iirc there was at least one surfer who got bit by an orca (pretty sure there is a video of it, too) and required stitches for his wound. But as far as I know there are no known fatalities bc of orcas in the wild.
      But given how big and powerful they are and how easy it would be for them to kill us (be that by literally ripping us to shreds or simply drowning us) and seeing as they simply don't feel the need to do so, I'd say that one recorded bite of a human in the wild is negligible.

  • Wotter Melon
    Wotter Melon Рік тому +893

    We have resident pods here in the Puget Sound, and I have been lucky enough to see them on occasion. They are such beautiful, intelligent, and even compassionate animals. One female in J-Pod lost her calf and carried the body around for weeks. It was heartbreaking. She has since had another calf which to my knowledge is doing fine.

    • Mia Bernal
      Mia Bernal Рік тому +70

      I'd heard about Tahlequah. Such a sad story. I'm so jealous you get to see them in the wild. Lolita is the last surviving Southern Resident in captivity. She has been living in the smallest orca tank in the world since 1970. Her tank is only 22 feet deep, Lolita herself is 20 feet long. She is from the L pod. Her mother is L25 'Ocean Sun.' Lolita was captured during the infamous Puget Sound round ups. Corky is the oldest orca in captivity. She is the last surviving captive Northern Resident and member of the A5 pod, which consists of her sister, brother, niece and grand nephews. She is known as the sweetest orca in captivity. She lives at Seaworld San Diego. She has been a wonderful adoptive mother to many orphaned orcas such as Orkid (known as the most intelligent orca in captivity, she is mentioned in Blackfish), Splash, Keet, Makani and Tilikum's sons Sumar and Ikaika. There is a campaign to retire Lolita and Corky to a sea sanctuary.

    • ThePaulv12
      ThePaulv12 Рік тому +13

      Have you heard about this symbiotic relationship humans had with them from Eden on the east coast of Australia?:

    • Leira Acevedo-Fu
      Leira Acevedo-Fu Рік тому +4

      How often do you see them at Pugent Sound?

    • Kwaj32
      Kwaj32 Рік тому +10

      @Leira Acevedo-Fu I live on the water and it’s usually every few months. They just went by a week ago so probably won’t see them for awhile

    • This Guy
      This Guy Рік тому +3

      I would try and swim or kayak with them

  • Denzel
    Denzel 3 місяці тому +1

    My absolute favourite animal. What an incredible, intricate and calculated force of nature. Beautiful and remarkable.

  • wyskass
    wyskass 6 місяців тому

    It would be interesting to compare the resolution, distance and processing of their sonar to advanced military submarine sonars.

  • werdsmith23
    werdsmith23 10 місяців тому +1

    In what galaxy would we assume anything other than these animals are literally communicating and teaching their young ones??? I have 3 kids; the orcas are talking to each other in a different language. Very cool stuff.

  • The Drizzle
    The Drizzle 10 місяців тому

    Would really like another production on recent Orca aggression against boaters/humans in certain areas/waters. Knowing that we humans are competing for the same food sources within their world and reacting accordingly.

  • 0Black Lightning0
    0Black Lightning0 9 місяців тому

    Could it be something so simple as an actual imagery language? Think about it. Even for humans when we hear something it creates an image in our brain we are able to see. Thats how echo location works as well, different frequencies, pitches, tones, and outputs as well as time length of each create the specifics of the image which would provide an almost exact real time reaction and if they are all on the same page then its like they are just re enacting a movie they have already seen. This would also be able to explain why it's learned not inherited.

  • Scenic
    Scenic 11 місяців тому +841

    Orcas really are the humans of the sea. They're everywhere, eat anything, work in groups, have dialects, pass down skills over generations, and have great teamwork skills. If they were humans I would say they are in a sort of "tribal stage." It's only a matter of time before they become advanced one way or another.

    • Alblaka
      Alblaka 10 місяців тому +151

      Exactly my thoughts. They're essentially an aquatic counterpart to humans, who however don't have the ability to use tools, and probably won't master the use of fire, which were two key factors that allowed human civilization to progress beyond a primitive tribal stage.
      Yet, those human ancestors that started with those basic inventions are genetically still *very* similar to modern humans (one of the main factors that leads to us developing biological differences seems to be nutrition).
      So you could theorize that, if we were able to communicate with Orcas, and provide them technology to overcome their biological limitations in regards to tools, that they could possibly catch up to human civilization by virtue of already being 'biologically there' in terms of intelligence...

    • Gekk0 1618
      Gekk0 1618 10 місяців тому +172

      And they are cruel to other animals for no apparent reason. So yeah, they really are like humans

    • Edgy Anole
      Edgy Anole 10 місяців тому +10

      Actually they're endangered, according to some sources while others don't have enough data

    • sp00n
      sp00n 10 місяців тому +30

      @Alblaka Aquatic species don't discover electricity. And if they do, they won't be able to tell anyone. 😳

    ATOMICX 10 місяців тому

    Wow, just incredible! Id love for you to do a video on blue ring octopus, as they are also very inteligent.

  • Laird Michael Scott
    Laird Michael Scott 10 місяців тому

    It has to be significant that orcas won't hesitate to take, for example, a moose swimming between two islands, yet only a handful of attacks from wild orcas on humans have ever been documented and, upon examination, all of them seem to be very much accidental or cases of mistaken identity.

  • Haley Guthrie
    Haley Guthrie 8 місяців тому +1

    I'm from a small tribe in PNW. I didnt realize just how special they were until I left home. I thought everyone knew humans and orcas are bonded. Wolves as well. We don't have a religion per say. We don't worship anything. We don't have a hiarchy as we are all the same. Circle of life kind of thing. The most horrible sounds I have ever heard was a female orca mourning the loss of her calf. 💔
    We are closer to them in many ways and in many ways more in common with them than other great apes.