The Haunting of Loey Lane

  • Опубліковано 18 жов 2019
  • The guys make another house call- this time there may be more than spirits waiting for them.
    Thanks so much to Loey Lane for inviting us- watch her here: and follow her: @loeybug
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    • Ann Chikhladze
      Ann Chikhladze 5 годин тому

      The Dyatlov Pass plsss!!

    • Sheng Loong Tan
      Sheng Loong Tan 26 днів тому

      @Людмила Шестакова what I think, I mean no disrespect but her dad died couple years back, hallucinations, anxiety, sleep paralysis, possibly major depression with psychotic symptoms

    • Sofia Hernandez
      Sofia Hernandez Місяць тому

      Um.. in 18:11 in the video I don’t know if it’s just me but it looks like there is a ghost face or it could just be the light reflection or something I just wanted to point that out tell me what you think.

    • Cintia Horvath
      Cintia Horvath Місяць тому

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network 22:28 is that your shadow in the background or not?

    • Psycho Paul's Life
      Psycho Paul's Life Місяць тому

      Two part question. Do you think that someone has the capability to manifest energy into their own world? Would you be willing to have subscribers to join you on these investigations? #postmortem

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  • Anastasia SantAmour-Bernas
    Anastasia SantAmour-Bernas Годину тому

    Wow so disrespectful...

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy Годину тому

    It said want me to come in listen carefully
    It said wndjjsnsnc come in
    But if you listen carefully you can hear want me to come in

  • Holmyjr17
    Holmyjr17 Годину тому

    Here Shane with paranormal experience and joking around but on the shows every one is just serous and scared

  • L L
    L L Годину тому

    The demon literally did all the flashlight things and SPOKE to them like why is this unsolved

  • The Chosen Jeff
    The Chosen Jeff 2 години тому

    Ryan knows how to cross dem legs

  • the Roman
    the Roman 3 години тому

    Ryan:what you're name
    Bob Ross music:plays
    Me:oh no

    • the Roman
      the Roman 3 години тому

      Near 28:23

  • Manar Khalid
    Manar Khalid 5 годин тому

    I was rewatching the video and I remembered in Islam if you smell a burning in your house that means that your house or any area of your house is hunted

  • Godzilla _Lover
    Godzilla _Lover 5 годин тому

    Shayne be looking like shaggy from scoobydoo with the same taste of food but less cowardly

  • Rue In Love
    Rue In Love 7 годин тому +1

    "L-Like zoinks, Ryan!"

  • sunshine and rain
    sunshine and rain 8 годин тому

    25:57 it sounded like it said “listen to me” not “come in”

  • bicthboi
    bicthboi 11 годин тому

    25:13 I dont believe in ghost but for loey that last voice box one was clear af

  • bicthboi
    bicthboi 11 годин тому

    22:28 ryan truly is falling to the shane side

  • bicthboi
    bicthboi 11 годин тому

    you think ghost have a check list and they go through like "mhm glass falls off leveled counter, whispers over shoulder yep OH open drawers that ones kinda extra"

  • Kira Castillo
    Kira Castillo 16 годин тому

    I literally got chills when the demon said “I want you to drink” and then it cuts to Shane and Ryan 😂😂

  • Alondra Jaramillo
    Alondra Jaramillo 17 годин тому +1

    Lmfaooooo Shane never takes anything serious 😂😂😂

  • _ Hider_
    _ Hider_ 17 годин тому

    Shane is dressed like Shaggy throughout this episode

  • Katy Esparza
    Katy Esparza 18 годин тому

    ya know who needs to do this... DAISY MARQUEZ

  • Snipin Noobanators
    Snipin Noobanators 19 годин тому

    She just wants attention smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Marvel Lover Rachel
    Marvel Lover Rachel 19 годин тому

    when she was in the bathroom ahd the ghost sad ___ come in, i think it said can i come in like in the dream

  • M Ø
    M Ø 19 годин тому

    Ryan: If there's anything here that in fact wants to hurt us, do that right now
    Demons: *responds through flashlights*
    Ryan:gOod..uH.. GOod jOb

  • M Ø
    M Ø 19 годин тому

    Shane: Now's your opportunity to enter my soul
    Demons: We already have tho 💁

  • Wolę Nie
    Wolę Nie 19 годин тому

    shane straight up went and devoured the demon

  • loggymarieturtle _
    loggymarieturtle _ 21 годину тому

    no but i dont like that shane is dressed different than his usual grandpa style. its disconcerting

  • loggymarieturtle _
    loggymarieturtle _ 21 годину тому

    shaggy looking headass

  • Gwen Raziq
    Gwen Raziq 22 години тому +1

    anyone see the person in the background at 22:29

  • J. Frost
    J. Frost 23 години тому

    Mrs Butterworth and the spabookie baghouls. Yeah, ok. LOOL

  • Taniscia Roulhac
    Taniscia Roulhac День тому +1

    Did anyone see a black shadow fly across from right to left @ 16:08?

  • Dakota Rogers
    Dakota Rogers День тому

    Loey: WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Spirit: MM SPAGGETTвідео.html

  • Marissa Porter
    Marissa Porter День тому

    Why is shane dressed like shaggy from Scooby doo? Lol

  • Fadel Nugraha
    Fadel Nugraha День тому

    I am legit scared when see loey alone speaking to the ghost
    And next scene Shane and Ryan do the dance make me feel home

  • Nicola Walton
    Nicola Walton День тому

    The ghost hunting team from a parallel universe is trying to bless/smudge the apartment - that's what the burning smell, chanting and the request to be allowed entry is all about.

  • Marceline Claire
    Marceline Claire День тому

    I swear to God, Shane makes me worry for his own wellbeing, but also he eases the creepiness SO much.

  • evie magkou
    evie magkou День тому

    13:58 just think of trish

  • Tate
    Tate День тому +1

    Shane looked like shaggy from scooby doo

  • Drake Broderick
    Drake Broderick День тому

    Thos theings or something that you can't make up.

  • Muckly
    Muckly День тому

    When Shane was talking to loey when Ryan was inside, he sounded salty as hell....and I'm sure it was because of the inside jokes about pickles 😂

    SO RANDOM День тому

    Women voice "may i come in" if i heard it right man! That so creepy.

  • Belle Maria
    Belle Maria День тому

    Idiots the boys are idiots but we gotta love them!!!

  • sammy hahn
    sammy hahn День тому +1

    haven't watched unsolved in awhile, but this is not the episode i need to be watching at 12:30AM in the dark

  • Emillia Hemming
    Emillia Hemming День тому

    Can you do another investigation on her house??? And see if anything more happens

  • Sophie Daniels
    Sophie Daniels День тому +1

    I love how Loey is inside talking to the demon thing, terrified and Shane and Ryan are on the porch flossing😂
    If that’s not me I don’t know what is

  • Daniel Bice
    Daniel Bice День тому

    She seems like she is lying for attention, faked out Shane is right.

  • SisiLoveSing
    SisiLoveSing День тому

    Who else come here just to watch the boiyss flossing 😂😂 👍

  • leepsteek 420
    leepsteek 420 День тому +2

    choo choo pickle pie

  • Ana Cabral
    Ana Cabral День тому

    Loey-Talking to a demon
    Shane and Ryan- Doing fortnite dances

  • Nongmaithem Century
    Nongmaithem Century День тому

    come to India's Bhanghar Fort in Rajasthan, u will surely get some nice footage, I bet you on that

  • Haley Pritzlaff
    Haley Pritzlaff День тому

    Anyone wanna talk about the fact that Shane is dressed like Shaggy? 😂

  • Lucycatmeow87
    Lucycatmeow87 День тому

    Demon:throws the flashlight at shane.
    Shane:there's no demon here

  • Nathaniel Calderon
    Nathaniel Calderon День тому

    Plot twist something did enter Shane and just went along saying nothing happened

  • liv portellinha
    liv portellinha 2 дні тому

    "yOU gUyS HAVe INsIdE JoKES NoW?"

  • Aspen Frost
    Aspen Frost 2 дні тому

    I ship Ryan and Loey sooooo hard!

  • Jim
    Jim 2 дні тому

    Man... not a righty but buzzfeed is for betas im outz...

  • Rocky Aqua
    Rocky Aqua 2 дні тому

    Good lord, Ryan, beg harder to get laid.

  • OMIE 23
    OMIE 23 2 дні тому +10

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Shane: PuLl OuT mY tEeTh

  • The Loop
    The Loop 2 дні тому

    At 22:39 a white orb flys across the top of the screen just before he says he feels something

  • Amaiyah Phommaphat
    Amaiyah Phommaphat 2 дні тому

    Have you guys went to a real haunted house yet?? Still waiting! Lol! Like maybe.. haunting in Connecticut? Or.. i don’t know just some where where you know it’s really some ish going down? Lol

  • arkja singh
    arkja singh 2 дні тому +1

    Shane: now is your opportunity to enter my soul
    Demon: ok I have permission let’s do this
    Demon: what the hell !???

  • arkja singh
    arkja singh 2 дні тому +2

    At 16:01 I think it said iam a demon
    Mmmm can anyone verify?