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Chad Smith Hears Thirty Seconds To Mars For The First Time

  • Опубліковано 27 лис 2023
  • Take a sneak peek into the mind of Chad Smith! Watch as he listens to "The Kill" by Thirty Seconds To Mars for the very first time and attempts to play along. What is he listening for? How does he immediately craft an appropriate drum part? Tune in and find out!
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    ⚠️ WARNING: This video includes explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.
    00:00 - Intro
    00:22 - Lesson Overview
    01:18 - One Take
    05:05 - Guessing The Band
    05:48 - Listening To The Original Song
    07:18 - Performance Analysis
    07:36 - Outro
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КОМЕНТАРІ • 16 тис.

  • Drumeo
    Drumeo  2 місяці тому +5954

    You can tell we were as surpised as you were! 🙈 Chad, thank you for exceeding expectations in this challenge!
    You can now play along to this song and Chad's most iconic RHCP songs inside Drumeo (with note-for-note sheet music AND drum-less versions of each song). Click the link to get your 7-Day Free Trial! www.Drumeo.com/trial

    • Craig Chapman
      Craig Chapman 2 місяці тому +84

      Chad is a wildly underrated drummer. He is a humble guy but can really get after it.

    • Sean de Dios
      Sean de Dios 2 місяці тому +81

      He totally killed it

    • Амиров Альберт
      Амиров Альберт 2 місяці тому +32

      Я правильно понял, что Чад сыграл песню сходу? Прямо в момент первого прослушивания? Если так, то это невероятно 😮

    • Drumeo Students
      Drumeo Students 2 місяці тому +11

      @Craig Chapman It's crazy!

    • Drumeo Students
      Drumeo Students 2 місяці тому +9

      I see what you did there @Sean de Dios

    DENYZEE Місяць тому +6075

    This man is a LEGEND! 🎉

    • Rush NoRush
      Rush NoRush Місяць тому +12

      Heisenberg: You're Goddamn Right!

    • sandmanrrr
      sandmanrrr Місяць тому

      Thats the word.

    • Damon
      Damon Місяць тому +11

      He absolutely fucking nailed that. It honestly just....blew my mind. He was right!

    • Tired of it
      Tired of it Місяць тому +5

      I’m just so amazed by his talent -I’ve watched this many times.

    • Torwächter
      Torwächter Місяць тому +6

      Actually, he is a Chad.

  • 505Hockey
    505Hockey День тому +35

    Lots of people praise Chad's "instincts" but don't realize how long it takes to develop that feel and knowledge base. Lots of respect for a musician that really knows what he's doing.

  • keef chi
    keef chi 5 днів тому +291

    I'm sorry, but NO ONE will top this "first time hearing"... this is the peak. Chad is a legend.

    • GrooveLife
      GrooveLife 3 дні тому +6

      This was absolutely the peak of this series. Chad delivered everything. The technical ability, power, he served the song, and he played it with the confidence that the audience needs to see.

    • Matthew Amoroso
      Matthew Amoroso 12 годин тому +4

      Oh, a bridge out of nowhere.... cool, no problem.

  • nrwinner
    nrwinner 13 днів тому +1519

    Dude didn’t even need the whole song, took like 30 seconds of it and played a faithful set with his own flavors mixed in. What a legend.

    • The Chris & Phaedrus show
      The Chris & Phaedrus show 13 днів тому +133

      That's what the band should be named..."30 seconds to learn"

    • Kris P Bacon
      Kris P Bacon 11 днів тому +1

      @The Chris & Phaedrus show Not hard to pick up any song, there's tons of streamers who hear the first parts of songs and jam to them no matter what band

    • Megaalith
      Megaalith 11 днів тому +1

      @The Chris & Phaedrus show Pretty much exactly how long it takes to figure out their songs on guitar

    • The Chris & Phaedrus show
      The Chris & Phaedrus show 10 днів тому

      @Megaalith They took a lesson from Green Day!

    • Coheed2113
      Coheed2113 9 днів тому +1

      ​@The Chris & Phaedrus show 😂😂😂😂😂. Comment of the year

  • LazarWolf
    LazarWolf 3 дні тому +186

    Gained mad respect and appreciation for Chad Smith in less than 10 minutes. That was bad ass and Chad seems like a super rad fella.

    • Budsport TV
      Budsport TV 20 годин тому +2

      Indeed. My perspective on The Peppers has changed lots of the years, kind of lost a little bit of love for them. But Chad is always top notch.

    • Derek Robinson
      Derek Robinson 51 хвилина тому

      He’s a great guy. This just shows how genius he is. Nobody else could’ve gotten that close to the original, never hearing it before

  • Smooth Arc Engineering
    Smooth Arc Engineering День тому +11

    Say what you will about chill peppers music, but there is absolutely no disputing the absolute genius that is chads drumming skills. His seriously one of the greatest, along with mick Fleetwood.

  • hlauterb2011
    hlauterb2011 2 місяці тому +20361

    As someone who absolutely loves this song, his version is scary accurate for someone who’s never heard the song before 😂

    • Turtles
      Turtles 2 місяці тому +888

      Honestly, I was taken back by how close it was until the very end. Pure skill and talent!

    • John D
      John D 2 місяці тому +561

      he does session work too, so he's used to it.. plus it's a pretty straightforward song

    • Ethan Rom
      Ethan Rom 2 місяці тому +456

      I could tell he was mainly listening to the bass and vocals for the actual groove. Very professional

    • E B
      E B 2 місяці тому +304

      he's one of the best EVER at feeling out how his drum part should fit in and benefit the song, so it's not surprising

    • CaptainPlanet
      CaptainPlanet 2 місяці тому +143

      Drummers are amazing and so fun to watch

  • Dream the producer
    Dream the producer 4 дні тому +199

    It’s unbelievably scary how accurate he played the chorus

  • Darth Porg
    Darth Porg 11 днів тому +323

    Im not a drummer, Im not a musician, but even I can recognise immense talent when its slaps me in the face.
    I loved it.

  • Aqua
    Aqua 12 днів тому +293

    Chad made it even better than it was in original. Truly a legend

    • absolutetuber
      absolutetuber 8 днів тому +1

      how can something be better than the very thing that inspired it? impossible.
      it can be great in and of itself but it will never eclipse the inspiration from which it was derived.

    • Aqua
      Aqua 8 днів тому +40

      @absolutetuber I'm sorry, inspired who by what? He played it for the first time and didn't hear the drum sounds so didn't have an "inspiration" source for his part

    • Pangolin
      Pangolin 6 днів тому +20

      @absolutetuber That's like saying evolution as a concept is impossible.

    • Indrayudha Maulana
      Indrayudha Maulana 3 дні тому +4

      Agree, found chad drums is more interesting. Now I'm start thinking that original drum was really slow and plain lols

    • DaveDexterMusic
      DaveDexterMusic День тому +1

      @absolutetuber how is it impossible? you're saying no cover, arrangement or reorchestration of any music could be better than the original, by anyone, in any context, for any reason... ever?

  • Roydean Smithwilliams
    Roydean Smithwilliams 2 дні тому +122

    Will Farrell is an amazing drummer.
    Chad might have been the best of this series I have seen. He is right there with Larnell

    • TJ Roberts
      TJ Roberts 21 годину тому

      Larnell is a legend but Chad is the only one so far who didn’t listen to the entire song first and take notes. It sets him apart

    • p_roduct
      p_roduct 11 годин тому

      ​@TJ Robertsthis is scary impressive. Not a musician but hope to get into drums one day.

  • Kadu Vlogs
    Kadu Vlogs 10 годин тому +3

    I've listened to this and watched this over a dozen times now because of just how flippin' amazing this is. He just slayed this song with so much skill. It was like he mentored the drummer as he wrote the song. Just... WOW!

  • Sergio Roldan
    Sergio Roldan 2 місяці тому +3562

    He literally felt the song and that's why he anticipated every part. It was a masterclass from a true musician

    • Luis Sanchez
      Luis Sanchez 2 місяці тому +87

      Just another example of a good rock drummer who has a good sense of timing and feel for his genre. Solid dude. Almost too solid at some point that I had slight doubt BUT seeing him mess up at certain parts that most drummers would mess up when trying to write your take to a pre-existing track. Loved watching it.

    • Keith Woodcrest
      Keith Woodcrest 2 місяці тому +35

      ...or...maybe he actually knew the song lol. This song was massive and the RHCP and 30STM have headlined festivals together

    • Paddy Demps
      Paddy Demps 2 місяці тому +130

      @Keith WoodcrestYou think dudes from these bands at this age give a shit about watching other bands before or after they play a set. They’re sitting in their dressing room eating cucumber sammiches and getting a massage.

    • Paddy Demps
      Paddy Demps 2 місяці тому +14

      @Keith Woodcrestespecially if it’s 30 seconds to Mars 😂

    • dxnielastbury
      dxnielastbury 2 місяці тому +12

      @Keith Woodcrestalso with Chad smith he has been on the spot jamming for the last 30 years along with being a highly acclaimed studio drummer and he’s drummed on many songs you don’t know he did

  • Duckman
    Duckman 4 дні тому +63

    You can tell he loves what he does, the passion in his playing its incredible.

    • Romchikthelemon
      Romchikthelemon День тому

      Second chorus - and he is outta this world

  • shaggadelik
    shaggadelik День тому +3

    Pure, unadulterated love for this man! Legend.

  • Natalia Torraca
    Natalia Torraca 3 дні тому +1

    Queria tanto esse vídeo traduzido 🥺! Ele é simplesmente sensacional ❤

  • Kitchen Confidence
    Kitchen Confidence 2 дні тому +2

    This is by far my favorite "First Time" performance by far. I got to see Chad at a drum clinic decades ago and his energy and enthusiasm is so contagious! Thank you for sharing this with us all! A masterful performance by a legendary musician!

  • EveningCrow
    EveningCrow 18 годин тому +1

    Gotta agree with how close he was to the original!
    I think the biggest thing this shows is that both Shannon and Chad really understand what the song calls for, hence how they both go in the same direction. They're just there to serve the song.

  • shjobbi _
    shjobbi _ 2 місяці тому +9134

    I love how he nailed it after 30 seconds. No pun intended

    • Hamburgando
      Hamburgando 2 місяці тому +58

      Nice joke 🤣🤣🤣

    • Paulo C
      Paulo C 2 місяці тому +5


    • mark skilbeck
      mark skilbeck 2 місяці тому +116

      might even say he killed it

    • whiteee
      whiteee 2 місяці тому +14

      Damnit I came here to say that!!!

    • Victor Saldana
      Victor Saldana 2 місяці тому +13

      You sneaky bastard. I see what you did there.

  • Vibe Squad CITY
    Vibe Squad CITY 12 днів тому +93

    He played so well that you didn't even notice he broke a stick. Legend! 🙌

  • Raymond Aucoin
    Raymond Aucoin 3 дні тому +54

    I like the original version of this song, but really dig Chad’s version. He brought an energy and emotion to the piece not present in the original. Not better, per se, just different. If Shannon ever does get sick or needs a sub, they better call Chad because he just proved he could fill the seat no problem.

    • Paul Cox
      Paul Cox 2 дні тому +4

      I liked parts better and some parts less. Honestly overall, I like this one better and it was his literal first take at it. 😂

    • StatusNull
      StatusNull День тому

      chad could fit the seat on most bands. a true legend

  • Josh Rubinstein
    Josh Rubinstein 3 дні тому +3

    Witnessed a legend dude just sprang to life and the force flowed, incredible to watch

  • buzzclikverifyme
    buzzclikverifyme 12 годин тому

    Goosebumps, man. I've never even heard this original tune, but Chad's take sounded amazing.

  • Mark Wise Techno
    Mark Wise Techno 9 днів тому +65

    Holy shit! He jumps right in at the first chorus and absolutely crushes it without a full listen! Wow! The way he instinctively recognized the structure and nailed pretty much every transition perfectly in both the timing and the vibe that came next was unreal! Holy shit holy shit!!

    • Eau-de-pourhomme
      Eau-de-pourhomme 8 днів тому +2

      He probably figured the time signiture and all comes automatic.. what a talent

  • frethero19
    frethero19 Місяць тому +1831

    If you had never heard the original version, you would 100% believe this was the original drums for this song. He immediately got the vibe

    • geofreak75
      geofreak75 Місяць тому +10

      I agree!

    • Tuneli
      Tuneli Місяць тому +66

      Even having heard the song many times, I don't think I'd notice the difference if it was just playing somewhere in the background. Unbelievable how he did that!

    • TheMrOrgasmatron
      TheMrOrgasmatron Місяць тому +25

      to be fair it is even better on some pats :s

    • Agustín Eduardo Vilches Ramos
      Agustín Eduardo Vilches Ramos Місяць тому +12

      yeah. never heard the original, heard this one first then the original... and i think im more into this drums

    • inspire
      inspire Місяць тому +6

      Chad’s better imo

  • forthegreater boob
    forthegreater boob 9 годин тому +1

    4:23 The fact that he breaks one of his drumsticks and still keeps the rhythm going flawlessly is truly impressive.

    • Alex
      Alex 7 годин тому

      Tbf that’s prolly happened to him hundreds of times over the years so he’s used to it 😂
      He has played live concerts for decades

  • Joe B.
    Joe B. 13 днів тому +74

    This drum remix still sends chills down my spine weeks later

    • Eddie Gutierrez
      Eddie Gutierrez 13 днів тому +2

      Idk why but I've watched this video well over 60+ times & just blown away on how he plays the drums so chilled

  • De la cruz Ernesto
    De la cruz Ernesto 14 днів тому +110

    Es normal que la versión de Chad me guste más que la original? 😂

    • Caderic
      Caderic 14 днів тому +7

      Chad did a better job, for sure.

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot 13 днів тому +1

      After 45 years of being in the industry as one of the most innovative drummers ever this was easy. You can feel his passion through this video.

  • m4ssee
    m4ssee 2 дні тому +39

    It's crazy how well he literally feels the energy of the song and its different parts. Would love to have this guy as my drummer.

    MIKE VADER 13 годин тому

    He is WAY better than I had ever thought he was! He grabbed the musicality like almost in real time

  • stupendousmagician
    stupendousmagician Місяць тому +3034

    As much as i love Anchorman, Chad Smith is one of Wil Ferrell's best roles. He did so amazing here. Love that he just went straight into it.

    • robert crowley
      robert crowley Місяць тому +22

      I did the same in my comment 😂

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight Місяць тому +21

      Comments like this never get old

    • William Smith
      William Smith Місяць тому +1

      Please tell me you're kidding....

    • robert crowley
      robert crowley Місяць тому +54

      @William Smith yeah they are kidding. There was a skit a few years ago where Will Ferrell and Chad Smith had a drum battle to see who the real Chad Smith was (they look very similar).

  • Kris
    Kris 4 дні тому +25

    I'm actually speechless. This man is a musical genius!

  • GrooveLife
    GrooveLife 3 дні тому +18

    This is the peak of the series from Drumeo and what a brilliant idea for a series it was. I am happy that this particular video turned so many new people on to Drumeo. What they do for the drum community in unmatched. I wonder how many people that are pondering learning an instrument ended up choosing drums by this one video alone?
    Chad is an absolute monster player. You can really hear the difference between the drummers that sat in conservatories their whole life fretting over miniscule, insignificant nuances in music, and those that got out there in the real world, played their asses off, and became legends in the process.

  • Brock Bumpstead
    Brock Bumpstead 3 дні тому +1

    What the hell…. As someone who legit loves this song, for someone who has never heard this other than 30-40 seconds to get the feel, I feel like he absolutely nailed this shit wtf!!??!

  • The Dom
    The Dom 10 днів тому +71

    Most drummers listened and took notes. this guy just found the groove like he'd played it a hundred times.

  • Joe Nagy
    Joe Nagy 2 дні тому +38

    I love how he feels out the song while playing. He's like "wait, that's not it. Ok this feels right". Effin awesome.

  • Patrick Scott
    Patrick Scott 2 місяці тому +3389

    I've already watched this video like 5 times. I want a whole series of Chad doing improv to songs.... That would be gold!

    • Sam Peters
      Sam Peters 2 місяці тому +84

      Drumeo, make it happen!

    • HardwareLust
      HardwareLust 2 місяці тому +34

      Yes, we need this!

    • Niko
      Niko 2 місяці тому +42

      It's actually a really good idea. A whole album of drum covers, even if they've heard it, just to hear what they would do with it. Make it for charity or something.

    • mike newbill
      mike newbill 2 місяці тому +13

      He could put out a double album vinyl .that would be bitchin

    • J Bac
      J Bac 2 місяці тому +15

      This shit is sick

  • Scooter Mcgee
    Scooter Mcgee 15 годин тому

    Music lover here, but know nothing about drumming nor thirty seconds to Mars and I was smiling the whole time. Chad killed it. I’m honestly in awe of great musicians and how seamless this they make this seem.

  • Peter Marschall
    Peter Marschall 3 дні тому +2

    I think writing that I was impressed is not enough
    what a legendary performance

  • David Palfreyman
    David Palfreyman День тому

    This is without doubt one of the finest videos on UAclips. Chad smith is an absolute legend. I love how he just thrusts straight into it. Finds the groove. Has a blast and his humour is the icing on top. Sensational

  • Natalia Torraca
    Natalia Torraca 3 дні тому +3

    A versão original é boa , mas a do Chad ficou simplesmente espetacular ❤️🇧🇷

    • bueno_nx
      bueno_nx День тому

      Mano, pqp eu pensei a mesma coisa, a versão dele sei lá, ficou muito espetacular.

  • Iqbal Fanani
    Iqbal Fanani 2 дні тому +4

    "That wasn't bad"
    Dude, you killed it...

  • Daniel Thrasher
    Daniel Thrasher Місяць тому +835

    This is CRAZY. On the first pass??

    • The Guy Over There
      The Guy Over There Місяць тому +9

      OMG Daniel hiiiiii 😊 but fr Chad is a legend

    • TencoGD
      TencoGD Місяць тому +12

      Never realized how talented he was.

    • Fer .GL
      Fer .GL Місяць тому +3

      had a lot of practice, and experience he can improbise

    • José Luis Merino
      José Luis Merino Місяць тому +1


    • Paul Morrison
      Paul Morrison Місяць тому +5

      I love seeing a true musician respond this way because I feel like they truly understand how insane this is...like at 3:57 ...it's obvious he's learning on the fly and just has that unwritten understanding that musicians have. Which the smiles that come from the booth also reaffirm!!

  • Bitterswheat
    Bitterswheat 12 днів тому +40

    Chad's a different kinda musical beast to just instinctively know where the song is going based just on feel in a genre he isn't all that familiar with. He really is an embodiment of the fun of music just like Dave Ghrol

  • Steve McCord
    Steve McCord 3 дні тому +2

    His ability to adapt on the fly is amazing.

  • Jimmie Pridmore
    Jimmie Pridmore 15 днів тому

    3:57 the sheer brilliance of this moment is breathtaking!

  • Matthew Weaver
    Matthew Weaver 2 дні тому +23

    This might be the best display of talent and creativity I have ever seen. It is truly inspiring to know this is what humans can create

  • Rake Bullet
    Rake Bullet 19 годин тому

    I've never heard this song either, but that drumming was insanely good and within such a short space of hearing the start to smashing it out of the park. So impressive!

  • Eithan Murray
    Eithan Murray 2 місяці тому +1850

    This is by no means the most challenging song you guys have given a drummer but it was for sure the most impressive. It's scary how quickly he picked up on it.

    • TTate
      TTate 2 місяці тому +42

      I'd say it equals Sugarfoot doing linkin park

    • Morgan St. Pierre
      Morgan St. Pierre 2 місяці тому +75

      Chad was a bit more spot on while staying original

    • Sean Crossey
      Sean Crossey 2 місяці тому +28

      The chorus has kind of weird timing to drum too which makes it a bit difficult imo

    • Jim Croasmun
      Jim Croasmun 2 місяці тому +11

      Why? Not denying his talent but the beat is obvious and the song is simple.

    • Paulo Henrique de Souza
      Paulo Henrique de Souza 2 місяці тому +11

      Just watch Domino playing Mastodon and that was great. I could feel her difficult cause I didn't know the song as well. This 30s to Mars is pretty obvious

  • Reviews with ash
    Reviews with ash Годину тому

    I love this so much the way he tried different things at the end. One of my favourite drummers ever

  • Oh!Darling.##
    Oh!Darling.## 10 днів тому +1

    Он слышал эту песню раньше отвечаю , хорошо сыграл ❤

  • Aaron13
    Aaron13 5 днів тому +14

    That gave me freaking goosebumps. I already loved this song and old 30 Seconds to Mars a lot, as well as adore Chad Smith. Now, I only ever want to hear the Chad Smith version from now on. Holy mother of cow. That was so freaking awesome.

  • Adalberto Martins Da Silva
    Adalberto Martins Da Silva 17 годин тому

    Muito Top!! Toca com muita energia

  • Steve Aka Rynik05
    Steve Aka Rynik05 3 дні тому +1

    This was so fun to watch he absolutely killed it that was amazing!

  • Travis Gallant
    Travis Gallant Місяць тому +2183

    "That wasn't bad!". The man listened to a drum-less track for a whole 30 seconds and then played the rest of the song almost note for note. Absolutely insane.

    • Mike Oskam
      Mike Oskam Місяць тому +38

      not bad? This guy is a legend

    • L Estrada
      L Estrada Місяць тому +66

      He just didn't stick the end, but he didn't know it was coming so that's understandable!

    • Declan Kennard
      Declan Kennard Місяць тому +50

      Haha, 30 seconds.

    • D-Studio - productions
      D-Studio - productions Місяць тому +24

      ​@L Estrada
      Perhaps, though i loved how he succeded puting 4/4 rhytm into 3/4. That was SICK!

    • Theo Radestra
      Theo Radestra Місяць тому +9

      A whole 30 Seconds to Mars...

  • ThreadTap Whisperer
    ThreadTap Whisperer 14 годин тому

    Properly brings absolute tears of joy!
    Chad smith brought the groove feel, got the business on the hat and brought the full dynamic range throughout.
    Fuckin killer performance!

  • Leon
    Leon 8 днів тому +39

    Bro had 30 seconds and created an absolute masterpiece, Chad is truly a Chad

  • Eddie
    Eddie 4 дні тому +1

    Chad is such a badass haha This makes me wanna learn to play drums so bad

  • Juan Felipe Quitian
    Juan Felipe Quitian 22 години тому +1

    Desborda talento. Grande Chad

  • Sonofawil
    Sonofawil День тому

    Big shout out to whoever is mixing these sessions. It’s blended perfectly!

  • Brandon Toews
    Brandon Toews 2 місяці тому +7626

    You're all in for a treat. Thanks to Chad for accepting the challenge!

    • Cookin Coils
      Cookin Coils 2 місяці тому +52

      I'm surprised you found a song he's never heard

    • krusher74
      krusher74 2 місяці тому +33

      Its would be great if you extended each of these to a 3 song thing, getting more challenging and away from their normal playing each song. I know you did 2 with domino but they were both jst 4/4 rock songs. Lets make it more about what they would have played on a session for that song thatn trying to guess what the original drum track is. I actually suprised and pro drummers thy are so worried about getiing it "right" i'd rather hear what thier personality would have brought to the song.

    • Jeff
      Jeff 2 місяці тому +2

      That was fun! 🙏

    • Garrett Senters
      Garrett Senters 2 місяці тому +15

      He actually played that really well for not knowing the song...also drumeo editing gets better and better everyday! ❤

    • Craig Pfunder
      Craig Pfunder 2 місяці тому +1

      you should post the hardware used to record...

  • fishermanmitch1 Salzman
    fishermanmitch1 Salzman 10 годин тому

    Absolutely killed it. Loved his version.

  • PugCuber
    PugCuber 2 дні тому +1

    I love how once Brandon said the name of the band, Chad instantly remembered it was Jared Leto’s band, and that Jared’s brother Shannon was the drummer (neither of which I knew Jared had!)
    Chad sure does do his research.
    all that aside, it blows my mind just how good Chad’s rendition of this song is. I don’t really listen to this kind of music, so I went in completely blindly, but MAN did Chad deliver.
    absolutely incredible job, Chad!

  • kevin reid
    kevin reid 5 днів тому +13

    he is genuinely one of the most immense drummers ever....

  • Vinyl Horror
    Vinyl Horror 2 дні тому +1

    Just knew this one was going to be fantastic and it does not disappoint 🔥

  • Andreas Otto Hansen
    Andreas Otto Hansen 10 днів тому

    After having seen everyone else listen to the song in full, write down some notes, and then kill it, it is fucking WILD to see Chad listen to like 20 seconds of a song, and then utterly slay it on the drums to it.

  • Rob Dowsett Tuition
    Rob Dowsett Tuition 2 місяці тому +886

    That was astonishing, Chad's instinct for musical direction and feel is off the charts

  • Czarr the Noble
    Czarr the Noble 3 дні тому +8

    This brings me to tears and gives me so much joy ❤
    I love music so much and seeing these ultra talented musicians express themselves so flawlessly has me in awe!
    I’ve never picked up an instrument before 💔

  • dark saint
    dark saint 16 годин тому

    This is so on point omg one of my all time favorite drummers. Well done Chad 🎉

  • Joshua Cobb
    Joshua Cobb 12 днів тому

    4:47 gets me everytime. He kicks it up and notch, just vibing... then realizes it's mellowed out and corrects lol.

  • Human
    Human День тому

    I was so amazed when he started I screamed! I LOVE THIS!❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

  • Samuth Monychann
    Samuth Monychann 6 днів тому +1

    Ive seen this like 20 times and im still in awe!!!

  • Fabio Fernandes
    Fabio Fernandes Місяць тому +1428

    This is probably one of the most impressive drumming videos in internet history. Chad is a beast!

    • Sugerkat Burgess
      Sugerkat Burgess Місяць тому +14

      Did you watch the Killers one with Megadeath's drummer? Also mind-blowing.

    • Bence Duka
      Bence Duka Місяць тому +5

      Yeah, he is THE GigaChad.

    • Slendeeo
      Slendeeo  Місяць тому +1

      I was thinking the same, I've never seen something so good like this content

    • Whiz Pill
      Whiz Pill Місяць тому

      A « chad » if you will

    • Richard Alexander
      Richard Alexander Місяць тому

      Yup I agree truth is I can't stop watching it

  • Jeremy Smirnov
    Jeremy Smirnov 23 години тому +1

    Ok, I don’t really like RHCP, but this cat… first of all all, a TOTAL blast!!! Seems like such a fun dude! Doesn’t take himself too seriously, but sharp and on point, and FEELS music… He absolutely did nail it and felt every minute of it. I actually prefer what he played to the original (though I also never heard the original)

  • Keton ONeill
    Keton ONeill 13 днів тому +13

    As a musician, i can say that was amazing to watch this fella work. Awe inspiring

  • Behemoth
    Behemoth 13 днів тому +9

    That actually blew my mind how quick he picked it up, If I went to a live show and that's what I heard I would think the drummer was just having a fun night. Awesome.

  • -WILD-
    -WILD- 13 днів тому

    They should do a tracked out version of this , that only plays their rendition of the song.
    1 original from the video.
    And another with the drums mixed in a little lower. ❤

  • Ethan Schaner
    Ethan Schaner 6 днів тому +10

    I was smiling the whole time he was playing. So impressive on all levels.

  • datkinson1980
    datkinson1980 2 місяці тому +1206

    Chad's appearance needs to be at least a once a week occurrence! Puts a smile on my face everytime.

    • Nazrul Qayyum
      Nazrul Qayyum 2 місяці тому +6


    • masterarbi
      masterarbi 2 місяці тому +1


    • christopher smith
      christopher smith 2 місяці тому +1


    • Beau
      Beau 2 місяці тому +8

      Drumeo's gonna have to get a lot more subscribers to afford him that often 😅

    • Oskar Funes
      Oskar Funes 2 місяці тому +5

      Such a fun and cool dude, definitely one element of why RHCP are such a fun band

  • lost1nanger
    lost1nanger День тому

    The mark of a true skilled drummer, he picked up on timing, and the style, just by the bass lines and the crescendos from the vocals, guitars. He truly fucking nailed it. He was not that far off on verses, chorus, breakdowns, fills, or ending. holy fucking hell I would love to hear him live with the band ONCE. I could live happy with just the chance for ONE TIME.

  • Daniel Urreta
    Daniel Urreta 12 днів тому +20

    Independientemente de si ya la conocía o no hizo un pedaso de trabajo. Eh visto el video unas 50 veces y eriza la piel. Pedaso de baterista

  • Sampopankki
    Sampopankki 13 днів тому

    He picked up on the energy almost immediately, holy shit that was great!
    What an absolute Chad

  • Kacper Glodek
    Kacper Glodek 14 днів тому

    Always a massive pleasure to watch a great musician at work

  • dfloriza
    dfloriza Місяць тому +1111

    Growing up, I never realized it, but it’s absolutely ridiculous how much individual talent is in each member of RHCP. Each one of them is iconic

    • Kelly Cachoeira
      Kelly Cachoeira Місяць тому +14

      Agree 100%

    • Paul Shanley
      Paul Shanley Місяць тому +10

      That was my exact thought after wataching this video. Crazy that they came together

    • D. R.
      D. R. Місяць тому +27

      Too bad they don't have a good singer

    • Virgilio Aponte
      Virgilio Aponte Місяць тому +10

      Not Anthony though

    • ShadowF-
      ShadowF- Місяць тому +3

      ​@D. R.Sure

  • Adam Martinez
    Adam Martinez 20 годин тому

    Toms right before the first chorus dropped sent chills. Legendary.

  • oscar garcia
    oscar garcia 6 днів тому +15

    i've watched this so many times still dosent get old...he killed it

  • JackyBoiNUFC
    JackyBoiNUFC 9 днів тому

    What a freaking amazingly talented drummer

  • darius rogers
    darius rogers 6 днів тому

    I love watching drum covers. This is one of my favorite songs in the drumming sense

  • Justin Hockstead
    Justin Hockstead 14 днів тому

    Something about his performance just makes this version sound so raw

  • Luther Jim
    Luther Jim 12 днів тому

    gives me chills every time I watch this

  • Dwain Cherry
    Dwain Cherry 13 днів тому +40

    Who knew Will Ferrell was a killer drummer!?! Wow! He just jumped right into a song he never heard before and killed it. Wow!

    • Joshua Day
      Joshua Day 12 днів тому

      everyone thats seen step bros

  • Mike S
    Mike S 6 днів тому +5

    I have been listening to the RHCP since the early 90's and have always respected their musical talent. I had never respected Chad and his amazing playing abilities until hearing how he responded to this challenge. He follows the music in a way that most cannot, and while it's not perfect because he cannot know where the song is going at all times. His ability to play this is nothing short of amazing. I have a newfound appreciation and great respect for Chad as a musician and he's right, he fucking nailed it.

  • BassGr00ve
    BassGr00ve 12 днів тому +1

    I watched this the first time, amazed. Watching this a second time, after weeks of Drumeo content...Absolutely floored!
    Being able to instantly identify the vibe of the song, and jumping right in is masterful. The similarities of the 2 performances hit just as hard as the deviations. They highlight the depth of drum theory, and made me realise how thought out a drumline is.

  • Canal CKR
    Canal CKR 9 днів тому +8

    ficou melhor que o original, eu não canso de vir aqui e ouvir s2

  • Norgan
    Norgan 2 місяці тому +898

    New level of respect, I've never heard a drummer pick up a track like that. Chad your the goat.

    • Cooper
      Cooper 2 місяці тому +27

      Go watch their video they did with the Megadeath drummer doing Mr. Brightside, you’ll love that one too!

    • Celestion321
      Celestion321 2 місяці тому +6

      It's rock n roll, just in 3/4. The tropes of how to do it are pretty well known, and if you listen to a song there's cues in the other instruments and singing to feel where you're headed.

    • Celestion321
      Celestion321 2 місяці тому +18

      @KurosawaStan everything's in 4/4 if you don't count it like a NERD.

    RAZOYANI 10 днів тому

    He's so good he made it look so easy
    What a boss!!

  • Alex
    Alex 9 днів тому

    Chads groves are just insane man, him and Hawkins and Peart were some of my all time favs

  • DM3
    DM3 11 годин тому

    This is just absolutely crazy how close to the original he can get 😂

  • Marbleshade
    Marbleshade 12 днів тому +2

    Ok I know people aren't always convinced these are really the first time the drummer has heard it, and I definitely understand that given how huge some of these songs were, but damn no hesitation once he got the feel for it he just went in. And what a damn good job he did, that was awesome!